Questions on Common Core? “Shut up,” they explained

In a meeting in Towson, MD, a man gets thrown out for asking questions about Common Core.

See, they allowed questions… as long as you wrote them down and they could select the ones they wanted to answer. But the questions people were most concerned about didn’t seem to get selected. One parent of grade schoolers in the community decided to stand up and ask his question anyway. Luckily people are starting to follow my advice and take their cameras to events. (Yes!! …Okay, I’m guessing other people have suggested this, too, but I’ve been a real noodge about it for years.)

Here’s how it played out:

So yeah, he didn’t follow the format. But the people running the meeting work for the community, do they not?

For his troubles, the man was arrested, and held until 3am.

(H/T Michelle Malkin, who has been on top of Common Core Corruption for a while now)

by K-Bob

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