QUIET PART OUT LOUD: Don Lemon, John Berman, & Brianna Keilar explain why journalism is mainly about being a Democrat

CNN’s brand of journalism is to find things that Republicans say, make a big huge deal out of it, or find people bashing republicans and make them heroes no matter how questionable their character, find bad people doing bad things and attribute their motivation to republicans, and to never correct when they’re wrong. Then do it all over again.

But normally they don’t say that out loud. They don’t normally say that their job in journalism is explicitly to support Democrats and oppose Republicans. Well .. OTHER journalists don’t normally say that. CNN is pretty clear about it, especially New Day with Brianna Screechmoar and John “Mr. No Personality” Berman.

And ESPECIALLY Don Lemon. Who said it a bunch on his how this week and then explained it succinctly yesterday morning.

Lemon told his friends who are as much journalists as he is that “the only party now that is operating in reality is the Democratic party,” and that “the Republican party is obsolete,” and that Americans who care about “equity” should ditch it, before assuring his CNN cohorts and his fellow traveler audience that he is “not a political person.”

“I’m a person who lives in reality. I’m a journalist,” he said, explaining why he supports Democrats. BECAUSE HE’S A JOURNALIST.

Naturally, he used “but racism” as the starting point for his justification.

“Well, right now, the person who is in the white house is a Democrat. The people who are in charge of congress are Democrats. The people in the majority, slightly in the senate, are Democrats,” said Lemon. “The only party now that is operating in reality is the Democratic party. The Republican party is obsolete. The Republican party is not dealing and living in reality.”

“You cannot negotiate with a party that doesn’t operate on logic,” he said. “I don’t think the Republican party at this point is — I don’t think that they can be changed. I really don’t. I think that it has gone way too far and it’s just sad to see.”

“I’m not — listen, again, I’m not a political person,” he says, laughably. “I’m a person who lives in reality.”

“I’m a journalist. I can see and I can hear, and I can think,” he said even more laughably.

And Keilar’s approving little smirk right as Lemon said “the only party operating in reality is the Democratic party” was such perfectly timed smug self-satisfied agreement it could have been written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Hey maybe THAT’S the CNN style: self-parody!

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