Race Baiting – Harry Reid: 17 angry old white men trying to buy the election and GOP trying to protect them

Harry Reid took to the Senate floor today to do a little race baiting and, lamenting the flood of ‘outside money’ in politics after the Citizens United SCOTUS decision, said that if this flood of outside money continues that 17 angry old white men will wake up the day after the election and realize they’ve just bought the country. Of course he accused the GOP of trying to protect these 17 angry old white men because of their opposition to the DISCLOSE Act.

He then went on to berate Mitt Romney for not releasing his taxes and said “his penchant for secrecy make Americans wonder what’s he hiding?”

Watch below:

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68 thoughts on “Race Baiting – Harry Reid: 17 angry old white men trying to buy the election and GOP trying to protect them

  1. Okay Everybody this Fu%$head has finally jumped the shark … Get him a pair of huge shoes , and a fright wig … The whitest A-hole in America is race baiting now . I really couldn’t say anything funnier than he has !

  2. Wow! All that and not a mention of a lemon tree he needs to get back too, now harry who’s not being transparent. When life gives you lemons……

  3. When he said “his penchant for secrecy makes everyone wonder ‘what’s he hiding?'” I thought he was talking about Obama. He confused me there for a second.

  4. I didn’t want to listen to that POS. How anyone can listen to these scumbags and take them seriously is beyond me. They make the mafia look like children with Legos.

  5. Congratulations to the voters of Nevada! You re-elected a blithering, senile idiot. Morons!

    1. I can actually see why Reid was re-elected. He had union leaders threaten employees if they didn’t go out to vote for Reid. I can’t remember what the threat was, but some things were going to be taken away, I think.

  6. That old puke shouldn’t be calling anyone an ‘angry’ OLD white man. Does he thinks he’s Cinderella?

    1. The reference to “white man” shows just how racist these jackasses are. They make everything about race even when there’s no possible correlation to be drawn about race. Now it’s the angry, racist white men that are against Obama.

      How in the world does the Disclose Act have even an ounce of connection to ethnciity? It doesn’t matter, the libs will invent it.

      1. Exactly! What was the point of saying “old white men” thats racist, agist and gender discrimination dangit!! But in reality what does their race have to do with anything? Was Reid talking to the CBC? No one really watches CSPAN anyways so I don’t know what he was doing except describing himself. Idiot.

        1. I will be so glad to see him in the minority again. I wish Republicans would do to them what they did to the Republicans. Shut them out of the process entirely and keep asking them “how do you like being on the receiving end of your own practices?” Republicans have too much class for that, though. Dang it.

  7. Pure projection dinghy Harry. George Soros, the union communists, and the international bankers have you in their pockets already, as well as Obama and Miss bananas too. What are YOU HIDING Harry? YOU haven’t put forth a budget in 3 1/2years. You do not want voters to know what is being done with THEIR tax dollars. It is YOU who seems to be artfully HIDING something, Harry.

  8. I will continue to boycott Las Vegas, clark county who voted this old fool reid back in. Something wrong with those people.

    1. I resemble that remark but sure as heck didn’t vote for Harry Reid. Many of us screamed to high heaven that it was blatantly obvious that Reid stole the election. The GOP didn’t give a damn. You know why? They were scarred out of their wits by the Tea Party revolution of 2010 and grasped at Angles loss to show it was the fault of a Tea Party loony that Reid was re-elected. Blatant lie.

      I have beat my head against the wall on statements like yours since 2010 to no avail. If you do some research you will see what I am talking about. Rather than take up anymore space, I will at least post this statistical analysis:


      1. I remember reading that people were saying they pressed the button for Angle and it recorded it for Reid. He didn’t win. He stole that election.

  9. Coming from someone who held closed door meetings on Obamacare I think the Senator’s words lack gravity.

  10. The Senate has failed to advance legislation that would require independent groups to disclose the names of contributors who give more than $10,000 for use in political campaigns.

    The measure, known as the DISCLOSE Act, died in a 51 to 44 vote on a procedural motion. It needed 60 votes to move forward.

    Its failure was widely expected, but Democrats pushed for the vote, believing that Republicans will be politically damaged by their opposition to bringing new transparency to campaigns. The vote could also serve to energize the Democratic base, which has been exercised over the role they believe secret corporate donations are playing in the campaign.

    To press the point, bill sponsor Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), will lead Senate Democrats in a “midnight vigil” Monday night, with floor speeches scheduled into the early morning. The goal is to hammer Republicans for blocking the bill and push for another vote on the measure Tuesday.


  11. How on earth can he and other democratic hypocrites actually stand up and bloviate this crap without an ounce of shame?? I know that is it second nature, I know that they are snakes, I know this but I am always gobsmacked when they happily display it. It makes my blood boil!

    1. You think at some point they’d get embarrassed spouting these blatant lies. Guess it helps knowing they have the lamestream media on their side.

  12. Harry Reid and the Dems will be pounding Romney to disclose everything (while Obama discloses nothing). It is human nature to wonder what someone is “hiding” if they do not comply with even the most absurd demand (with the exception of Obama; the RINOs are content that he doesn’t disclose squat).

    With that said, I’ve been wondering why, if Romney signed SEC disclosure docs as Bain CEO up until 2002, what’s the big deal about saying he was CEO until 2002? Why is he so insistent about 1999. What did Bain do from 2000-2002? He must have had something to do with Bain as someone at least contracted him to sign the disclosure docs. Surely that person updated Romney on what Bain was doing. Romney does leave the impression he is hiding something. What will his tax records show about that period? Look for the Dems to focus on those years.

    1. Something was posted today that showed Bain’s annual report for 2000 and Romney’s name was not on it.

    2. Romney should disclose every year of his taxes that are required of all candidates or more for good measure. Delays make him look quilty. What’s to hide, the GOPe said he’s vetted and the only one to beat obama. Disclose everything and go to the convention with his head high or……….

  13. So here we have the ultra left wing angry old white guy complaining about people who disagree with him. I guess it is alright if the old angry white men, George Soros, buys the election for the democrats.
    Poor baby.

    1. James, Dodd/Frank opened a loophole for George Soros to avoid hedge fund regs. Georgie converted his fund into what’s called a “family office”. Of his 24 billion hedge fund he returned a little over a billion to investors which magically qualified him for the new status. He does not have to disclose his investors to the SEC like the other hedge funds now have to. Ever wonder who his clients are? Corzine is probably among them, along with Obama getting a cut for all the good things he’s done for the bottom line.

      1. I’m not really surprised that part of Dodd/Frank would benefit Soros. I wonder who made money off that deal?

  14. What exactly was the Senate business he was conducting at the expense of my taxes here? Was he introducing a bill to do anything? Aren’t campaign speeches on the Senate floor a flagrant misuse of Congressional time and money? Somebody owes me a refund. I’ll be waiting by the mailbox for the check.

    17 old white men ‘bought’ the country with 9 figures ($1, $3, $4, $7, $9, $10, $13, $16, & $19 = $82). Hmmm, that’s better than the $24 worth of beads it was originally sold for. And they say you can’t make money in Real Estate. Ha.

  15. I can’t watch. This man’s (I use the term loosely) voice is so creepy and repressed that I’m positive he’s hiding a horrific secret. He’s like a scary clown that preys on children. Sorry. He’ll get no ear time from me.

  16. Um correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t harry….White? So why is this white guy talking about white guys like he is not…white? He sure as hell isn’t Black so I ain’t claiming him, my people already got enough ding-dongs leading us off a cliff. Man the “stupid” is strong with this one!

    I use the word “white” to make a point not in a way to offend anyone on the board.

    1. Hey, I’m offended…as you can see by the post I posted at the same time you posted yours! 😉

      1. I yeah I know, I had a bout of political correctness wash over me like dirty water when I made that last comment, I should have suspected everyone would get where I was going with my comment 🙂

  17. If you added Pelosi’s IQ with Reid’s IQ and divided by two the average would still be single digits. Reid is the epitome of the angry white man and no more than a babbling fool. He is a perfect leader of the democratic Senate.

    1. (He is a perfect leader of the democratic Senate.) Made me think of democrat snake pit, a la one of those Temple of Doom movies Harrison Ford used to make. “I hate snakes”.

  18. Who is Dingy Harry Reid talking about? Does he even know where he is? Most of us doesn’t care about Romney’s taxes but I do care about Harry Reid’s taxes and particularly that real estate deal! What a hypocrite!

  19. His skinny white little butt doesn’t know first thing about what he’s talking about, because he’s clearly talking out of that end.


  21. Pass the budget and the House jobs bill Harry and stop running O’Bambi’s re-election campaign.

  22. As has been said before. Anything to distract attention from real issues, the economy, unemployment and the BO record.

  23. Shut up, Harry!!!!!!! You’re part of the problem with all the duds in Congress. You’re slinging mud for your dear leader and who knows what you’re hiding. I’m so digusted with the likes of you and nobama.

  24. YOu know what, not only an orange juice can, but I’d vote for that ponzi schemer guy what’s his name… oh yeah Bernard Madoff before Obama. Or perhaps someone slightly less evil then Zero like Khrushchev. At least he admitted what he was.

  25. Harry Reid always reminds me of an undertaker looking for fresh business. Well, if Obama get another term in office, he will make a few bucks burying the corpse of what used to be a great nation. The man is a jerk. And he never seems to mention all of the money rich fat celebrities give Obama, like Anna Wintour. With people like this speaking for Obama, the president will lose in November.

  26. Well dingy knows all about being an old angry white man. You stinking hyporcrite! You could care less about all the funding coming into the marxist democrat party by filthy rich hollywood elites, George Soros (what the he!! country does he have citizenship anyway?!) and half of wall street which you bastages love to bash.
    It’s a sad commentary dingy, when some wrinkled old hypocratic moron like you can fix elections so you can keep your power in Washington. To go after mittens, who the he!! cares about Bain anyway except you people, when dear leader has never released a dang thing from his college years, except a couple of books which were most likely written by his terrorist buddy Ayres anyway. Please just shut up and go away. You pathetic lying sacks of camel crap have done enough to this country already. GO AWAY!

    1. Darn you sister. Darn you to heck. You took the words what were teetering on my tongue. Dat ain’t sanitary!

      Ok, I forgive ya’. It’ a goody, and saved me some strokes 🙂


    2. …pathetic lying sacks of camel crap…‘ – Marshall Dillon (aka ABiC)

      Feisty – I likee. 🙂

    3. “power in Washington” — that’s the key. And the ONLY fix is to bring it back to the states where it belongs. How can this be done?, the only way is to repeal the 17th Amendment.

  27. Hahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!!

    “his penchant for secrecy makes Americans wonder what’s he hiding?”

    Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? Reid and Obama have had more closed door secret meetings… Obama has been the most secretive pResident EVER… the corruption is unbeliable in this imperialistic regime and the head goon, Obama’s right hand man, the blocker of American progress who holds his illegal pocket vetoes in his pocket… this hypocrite has the gall to say this? Someone ought to wash his mouth out with soap.

    He’s on the losing side of this argument and is using his black pulpit to try and aid his master’s campaign with lies and false accusations. This is a joke.

    Harry Reid is a prepuce…

  28. I’m sure that Dirty Harry , has never been on the receiving end of any Soros money . Or a cut of a special land deal . I’m not 1 to gossip , so you didn’t hear that from me .

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