RACIST left wing Twitter mob on WARPATH against Blacks for Trump. MSNBC is, too.

Anyone watching the rally last night saw the message shirts behind Trump. This is the case at all of his rallies. There are always message shirts back there. It’s true at Democrat “rallies” too, when they aren’t being held by vehicle so as to avoid Biden or Harris needing to be charismatic.

Every rally has different shirts. Last night, several Black Trump voters were there wearing their Blacks for Trump t-shirts. And today, the libs are furious, as they always are at any minority voter who refuses to obey them. If there is one thing they can’t stand it’s minority voters exercising free will. Sorry, “agency” is the preferred term. They hate seeing minority voters with agency.

And today on that cesspool we are all stuck with (for now) known as Twitter, they are doing what they do.

No, that’s not a famous person, or a blue check. But look at those numbers of likes and retweets. That tells you what’s going on .

Here are some more.

The “crackheads” tweet gets over 200 likes? Real nice, Democrats.

This one is typical of the field.

Look at white Juliana.

But hey, about those blue checks. Here’s a former senior executive at NBC, according to his verified bio.


Oh and by the way? It was on MSNBC “with a smirk”, if you’re wondering about the surge.

Here ya go:

So, to be clear, MSNBC stirred up a racist Twitter mob. It started trending right after that aired.

The best response I saw by far to all of this is this one:

In case you’re wondering if there’s some depth the left won’t sink to, let me answer that for you: No.

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