RACIST MUCH? Woke Smithsonian museum of African American History and Culture is now explaining ‘white people’

The woke National Museum of African American History and Culture, managed by the Smithsonian, has decided it’s time to explain white people, and it reads like it’s written by a white supremacist:

Here’s the full chart York posted in his tweet:

Becket Adams at DC Examiner breaks this down for us:

The Smithsonian Institution-maintained organization has published information to help curious museumgoers better understand white people. But in trying to pigeonhole a specific race by listing the “aspects and assumptions” of their culture, the museum comes across sounding an awful lot like a white supremacist.

“Whiteness,” reads the headline to a museum webpage dedicated specifically to the organization’s efforts to explain white people. “Since white people in America hold most of the political, institutional, and economic power, they receive advantages that nonwhite groups do not.”

You know this does not get better from here, right?

The Smithsonian webpage, which is maintained by the federal government, includes an astonishingly racist graphic titled, “Aspects and assumptions of whiteness and white culture in the United States.”

Did a white supremacist design this graphic?

These “aspects and assumptions” include but are not limited to “rugged individualism,” respect for authority, being polite, and even punctuality. The graphic continues, claiming that white people place a premium on hard work, competitive drive, the “nuclear family,” objectivity, the “scientific method,” self-reliance, and hope.

The obvious implication here is that nonwhites (blacks, Latinos, Asians, and others) are monolithic, lawless, impolite, selfish, lazy, apathetic, irrational, backwards, dependent, and hopeless.

Wait — did a white supremacist design this graphic?

Indeed, the idea that the aforementioned “aspects and assumptions,” politeness, hard work, tradition, law-abiding, etc., are exclusive somehow to white people sounds an awful lot like something you would hear at a rally where David Duke is the keynote speaker.

Adams makes a great point here. Note that near the top of the infographic it says “And since white people still hold most of the institutional power in America, we have all internalized some aspects of white culture – including people of color.”

So I guess that’s supposed to mean that if you’re black and you’re hard working, polite, independent, Christian and you respect authority, then you got that from white people. How insulting!

I prefer to think of all these ‘aspects and assumptions’ not as ‘white culture’, but as American culture. Or even better, Christian culture. America is supposed to be a place that protects the God-given rights of people of all colors. America was founded on the judeo-Christian ethic, meaning that ideals we hold dear like the ‘nuclear family’, ‘work ethic’, ‘respect for authority’ and individual liberty are values that come from God, not from ‘white people.’ Anyone, no matter the race, can aspire to all of this and it’s ridiculous, if not racist, for this Smithsonian-managed museum to suggest otherwise.

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