Radical Islam now major threat in Denmark

CBN reports that Radical Islam is causing major problems for Christians and Jews in the multicultural Denmark and in some cases they are having to flee neighborhoods because of the violence. One Christian pastor has had to go underground after his car was taken and torched. Another Christian man was arrested for hate speech because he cited the high incidences of sexual assault of women in the Islamic community in Denmark. A pro-Israel rally was protested by these Islamists with ‘kill the Jews’ chants and Hitler salutes.

And of course now Iran is funding the building of a new Mosque that many fear will do nothing but foster this radical element.

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25 thoughts on “Radical Islam now major threat in Denmark

  1. You are right – and for the moment they are teaming up with Islam. United in their hate towards USA and Israel.

    It is a very strange and critical time we are living in…is it G Soros NWO preparing a…or?

  2. Cultural Marxism is another term for Political Correctness. It is the RED menace. God, wake us up!

  3. (“Radical”) Islam is a world wide threat. It has no place in a civilized world and it its about time that we recognice that. It is about our surviveal.

    It is more or less like getting a fox in to your henhouse.

    1. How do you know which muslim is the “radical” and which one is the “moderate”?

      The “radical” muslim is the one who beheads people, the “moderate” is the one who bought him the sword.

  4. It’s not just ‘now’…and it is not just ‘Radical Islam’, that is a major threat in Denmark.
    The elitists there weren’t having enough children to keep their nanny state programs funded…so they threw open their doors to Muslim immigrants.
    Then they rammed the liberal idea of Multiculturalism down their citizens throats, in order to force them to accept how the Muslims weren’t blending into their Danish culture.

    They are reaping what they’ve sown.

    And we will too, if we don’t rise up against the scourge of ‘Multiculturalism’.

    1. The awful truth is that with the economy tanking in these European Countries, the Arab countries will be the ones to have wealth. Imagine if tomorrow the Japanese, in need to sell our bonds, could find no other but an Islamic radical country that is able even to do the trade. I know, I know it is a bit stretched, but remember they are in desperate need of reconstructing their country. The Arabs will be the only wealthiest countries in the world if we do not reverse course for our country and start drilling for oil locally. Right now, they have the money and we don’t.

      1. Yeah.
        I shudder to think about what will happen if and when our paper starts getting traded at a discount.
        It could start a cascade the likes of which the world has never seen.

    1. Now that’s there is an activist vacancy, maybe Obanana will appoint Whoppi Goldberg as Ambassador to Palestine. She’s shot off her mouth enough. Let her put up and make some sacrifices for her president and her cherished convictions.

      Thanks for the link,RR.

  5. We are witnessing the rise of the new Hitlers. They will make the original look like Charlie Sheen.

    The Survivors Club.

    In a crisis:
    10% will do the right thing.
    10% will do the wrong thing.
    80% will be clueless.

  6. Islam is for losers, it’s a downgrade. Many of it’s practioners are throwbacks from the 5th century, who want to convert the rest of the world to their backward religion. Allowing radical loony tunes islamists in mass numbers into a western nation is the perfect way to destroy that nation’s free speech, judeo-christian roots, and democracy. Hence, the leftwing anarchists, socialists, communists, marxists use the radical islam virus to undermine that nation’s existence.

  7. Imagine if they had elected an Islamist named Hussein as head of state. Then they’d really be in trouble…..

  8. Looks like a case where the irresistible force meets the moveable feast!

    Soft, nanny-state Danes having given up their religion, their family loyalty and their identity with their homeland have met their match. The English learned the same lesson in 1776 when 10% of the colonist who maintained their bellief, loyalties and faith stomped the British royal hind-end.

    You underestimate the determination of your enemies and you will wind up on your knees, on your own soil with your hind end in the air. So long Denmark. Thanks for your leadership in pornography through the years!

  9. “America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It, published in 2006”. Mark Steyn could see from his house the landscape of radical political Islam in Europe.

    1. I have this book. I read it in a day on a road trip. He speaks simple truths and adds a bit of humor in it to keep it from being dry. Simply put, the book sounds a well deserved warning cry that I fear is not being heard in large enough numbers and will result in Europe becoming, as Steyn put it, Eurabia.

  10. Somebody in this country better figure out a way to OUTLAW islam and the practice of islam within the borders of our territory. Freedom/America and islam absolutely cannot exist together. The ONLY reason we have “peaceful” muslims here now is because their numbers haven’t reached a critical mass.

    1. Sentiments like that are more likely to get Christendom banned in America, than peaceful islam. Islam is defended by fat slobs like O’Doughnuts, who completely ignores the fact that she’d’ve been burning in that pit with the other homosexuals, feature in the other RS story. Whoopi Goldberg (an idiot too ashamed to call herself by her real name, Caryn Elaine Johnson) is too idiotic to admit that they’d kill her, too, unless she converted and condemned her gay friends (and they’d still treat her badly for being black, and for being a dhimmi). They defend islam, because its the antithesis of Christ the homophobic, humorless, party pooper. What we really need is a nation-wide CRACKDOWN on the crimes they’re (muslims) associated with, such as “honor” killings, providing material support for terrorism, domestically and abroad, and using that stupid “hate” crimes legislation, for once, to hound those that hound Jews and target them for being who and what they are. Me, I’d prefer the elimination of “hate” crime laws, altogether, but I don’t know if that’ll happen anytime soon. It’d also be a good idea to have the US Treasury and DHS investigate all foreign money going into mosques, because if they come from governments, corporations or individuals known or suspected to have any ties to terror, whatsoever, then the funds should be seized, and a federal criminal probe opened into both giver and intended recipient(s).

      1. This is very funny!!! I couldn’t agree more but w/this administration they are giving Hamas and Hezbollah our money, actually supporting and encouraging them.

        “It’d also be a good idea to have the US Treasury and DHS investigate all foreign money going into mosques, because if they come from governments, corporations or individuals known or suspected to have any ties to terror, whatsoever, then the funds should be seized, and a federal criminal probe opened into both giver and intended recipient(s).”

      2. Sentiments like that are more likely to get Christendom banned in America, than peaceful islam…..I kinda think that is where we are headed anyway Virus. Is there any country on this planet that is not under assault and losing ground to islam?….China? Maybe Japan? Either by “peaceful” immigration followed by violence when the numbers are right or by straight up violent takeover. I haven’t seen many news stories or photos of villages of muslims where rampaging Christians macheted and burned the inhabitants or where some foaming at the mouth Christian ambushed some muslim school kids and beheaded them. And if that did happen don’t you think our media would shout about that until we did another Bosnia and bombed out the evil Christians?
        I think you are playing their game if you spend your time fighting this stuff legalistically. This isn’t about funding or really even terrorism. Those are just tools or symptoms of the real problem. Real Evil is on the move and spreading and I haven’t seen anyone with a plan to beat it back. We always say in my field that “Nature abhors a vacuum”. (I’m sure someone famous said that first). I think souls do as well. Everybody worships something. People like Whoopi or Barak and millions (or billions) of others will bow to whomever/whatever they need to to keep themselves in some sort of position of power.

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