Rally crowd taunts left with ’12 MORE YEARS’ chant as Trump SHREDS ‘Critical Race Theory’

At the first of Trump’s two rallies on Saturday, the President solicited a 12 More Years chant from the crowd to because it “really drives them crazy” before he tore into critical race theory and touted his quashing of that trash view from government contractors.

How can you not love the thought of the media pitching fits about this for the rest of tonight and into tomorrow? He says jump, they say “how high?” and think they’re “getting” him.

“Now you really drive ’em crazy if you say twelve more years,” said Trump. It was great. But even better was what followed:

He let Biden have it, trashed the flag burners and anti-American rioters who make up the Democrat base. “Biden will surrender our country to the mob,” he said.

Then he got after the “toxic leftwing propaganda in our schools” and talked about his 1776 Commission, and the executive order to prohibit teaching Critical Race Theory, which is a Marxist doctrine.

Watch above, a transcript won’t cut it.

Catch the full videos of the rallies here.

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