Ralph Peters: The US is weakest in the Middle East since 1945, Al Qaeda is stronger than ever

It’s been reported today that the jihadis have taken over Mosul, the 2nd largest city in Iraq. They’ve also taken over Tikrit and are on their way to Baghdad eventually.

Ralph Peters says that the Jihadis now have a country that spans from the middle of Syria all the way to the middle of Iraq. And he names ISIS as the dominant force in that area.

Peters argues if we had left a residual force in Iraq, things would be very different. But he says Obama never even tried to get a status of forces agreement and now the place is quickly going to Al Qaeda groups like ISIS.

He also blasts Obama for allowing Al Qaeda to rise to such strength, pointing out that Al Qaeda was actually broken in his first term in 2009. He says that now, Al Qaeda in their many forms are stronger than ever and that the US is the weakest it’s been in the Middle East since the birth of the modern Middle East.


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