Rand Paul’s wife Kelley Paul DESTROYS CNN’s Brianna Keilar over idiotic comments about questioning Fauci

Of the many bloviators of misinformation on CNN, airhead Brianna Keilar is easily one of the worst, and without question has the most hilariously distorted self-image of any of them. She obviously thinks of herself as some sort of devastating wit and cunning intellect, a gargantuan misapprehension for the poor dullard.

Caught red-handed being disingenuous losers and UTTERLY WRONG about Fauic, Paul, and gain of function, Keilar actually tried to play it off on Twitter and still claim Sen. Rand Paul – the only person who ever pressed Fauci on the issue – was the one who was wrong.

It is the job of Senators conducting oversight of government agencies to ask questions like Dr. Rand Paul asked of Dr. Fauci. Literally THEIR JOB. It is ALSO the job of the media, who weren’t doing it. None of those facts were able to squeeze into the limited storage capacity at Keilar’s disposal when she vomited up her hilariously dumb response to being owned by the facts.

So when she tried to dunk on Rand Paul with the same laughable air of smug superiority she brings to every news story, the dumbass got her dumb ass handed to her by Sen. Paul’s wife.

It started when Mrs. Paul called out Keilar for her pathetic, biased, on-air snickering at Sen. Paul for even asking about this thing about which he’s now been proven right.

Being a class act and professional objective journalist Keilar decided to try to dunk on the Senator’s wife, thus writing her dumb thread.

LOL. “First some important points” is what libs on Twitter say EVERY SINGLE TIME they have to rationalize being wrong. I’ll spare you the middle parts, but if you want to yuk it up at the idiot’s expense by all means click on through.

Here’s where she ended her thread of wisdom.

And Kelley stepped in for a second kill shot.

And why not a third?

I have some advice for Brianna Keilar: Shut up, dumbo.

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