READ MEAT – Mark Levin’s fantastic rant: “I am sick and tired of my country being attacked from within!”

Spurred by a caller trying to argue that America did something horrifically wrong in Iraq, Mark Levin goes on an awesome rant against people attacking this country from within, whether it be from “left-wing creeps” who hate this country or from pathetic Republicans who are too weak and foolish to bother defending it. In fact, Levin says the central question is this: “Is there nobody left in public office who will defend our way of life?” And you can hear that question echoed throughout his rant.

One of the more hot spots of his rant was when he slammed Obama today for trying to shame people into supporting ‘gun control’ legislation:

Obama today going on and on about gun control telling us it’s time to move on, we’ve waited long enough. Who the hell does he think he is? Is he more powerful than the Constitution itself? Is that what we’ve become, ladies and gentlemen? That 2nd amendment is there to protect us from him! That 2nd amendment is there to protect us from Dianne Feinstein! That 2nd amendment is there to protect us from the whole damn bunch of these bastards! That’s why that 2nd amendment is there! And all the rest of them! And they demand that we surrender to them.

Well where does it end? It doesn’t end of we don’t speak up!

Listen to the full audio below:

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135 thoughts on “READ MEAT – Mark Levin’s fantastic rant: “I am sick and tired of my country being attacked from within!”

  1. Really lets look at Benghazi- 4 Americans Died- Last Summer in Afghanistan 1.5 dead Americans- 12 wounded EVERY DAY from May 2-Oct 10th   10/10/2012: 10/04/2012: 10/03/2012: 09/05/2012: 08/28/2012: 08/21/2012: 08/20/2012: 08/20/2012: 08/17/2012: 08/16/2012: 08/13/2012: 08/11/2012: 08/09/2012: 08/09/2012: 08/09/2012: 08/03/2012: 08/02/2012: 07/30/2012: 07/30/2012: 07/30/2012: 07/25/2012: 07/24/2012: 07/22/2012: 07/21/2012: 07/20/2012:

  2. LeeDog-You almost have it, but my point is why are these “Talk Show Hosts” all concerned with these 4 deaths? A cover up? Really- We are at WAR, yet we look at one relatively small firefight in a WAR that has been going on over 11 years. Folks you are coming to the game late!! We were okay with sending our troops without proper Armor- Suicide Rates through the Roof- 50,000 plus Wounded- 7000 + dead- 400,000 with PTSD- and we are worried about ONE BATTLE?   That is my point, this ONE incident is a speck in the total of screw ups. Screw ups that started in the beginning and continue to this day.  This week we had 7 more deaths and NOT ONE of them mentioned any of those kids. You think maybe Help didn’t arrive on time for them- do you know, do you care? naaaa– Benghazi a CIA out post out shines those kids, they don’t even get a mention.  Do you know how any of them died? Do you know where they are from- where they went to school, if they had kids?  Nope    There isn’t a story to spin.  They don’t matter. Well folks like LEVIN- smart- politically connected- using the FREE AIRWAVES that belong to the people- he chooses to ignore them- I say that’s not my kind of Patriot- I say that’s just political. Report the News- quite the vaudeville act.

  3. First they were EX NAVY SEALS- NOT CURRENT MILITARY- But repeating their names as though their deaths are more important then the daily count of dead is not about their heroism but a political ploy to make the listening audience feel patriotic while all the while ignoring the daily losses.
    2nd- Since you are repeating Glenn Beck- Do you have proof we are running guns? No – so unless you do- YOU DON’T
    3rd Please don’t begin to lecture me on Gold Star Parents- you have no clue. They died not while serving in the military they died just like any civilian who ONCE served in the military- They died doing their HIGH PAID job of hired security. My point is whether they were Seals or Cooks in the Military- what they used to do isn’t the point of importance- their heroism is.  But parading them out with the now (Main Stream term for our elite) SEAL is just to sway the listener-  Hey two CIA Security Guards were killed just doesn’t have the same ZING
    4th GWB started the whole-” Hide THE BODIES- Act Like Nothing is Wrong- Go Shopping that’s how we Win” Well that has been the way ever since until- the Benghazi thing picked up by “school yard name callers”  like LEVIN – (remember he’s the guy that said “They Sodomized the Ambassador” and  dragged him through the streets.- Yet never corrected that with the truth we know that didn’t happen-)  Oh but he has repeated the names of those 4 Americans over and over-, yet didn’t mention once last week the 7 American Soldiers that died last week in Afghanistan and never once did Any of the other “Conservative Extremists on the Radio” mention them once as we lost them at a rate of 1.5 dead a day and 12 wounded EVERY DAY from May 2 2012- Oct 10th 2012. Not once so until they care first about those kids- you aren’t going to convince me they care about these 4 Americans.

    1. Fred John Boenig So is your point that both Bush AND Obama are responsible? If so, I agree with you. Bush got us in and Obama has kept us in. Why didn’t Obama get us out of there his first year in office? Both are wrong. Somehow though, I don’t think you feel that way. You seem to be saying that Bush is responsible and Obama is just an innocent bystander. Am I correct or have I read you wrong?

  4. Today’s unlucky numbers are 2215 and 18535 up from 2211 Dead and 18 480 wounded in Afghanistan on May 12th, that’s 4 dead and 55 wounded in 4 days that’s 1 dead and 13 wounded- every day Oh but we are still talking about Benghazi right? Maybe- if we focused on the WARS we already have we could focus a little less on 4 CIA agents killed 6 months ago?
    Oh wait- that’s why GWB kept Dover AFB closed to press- So thawouldn’t get in his way to be re elected- Seems like a bigger Deal then screwing up the talking points on a CIA operation now doesn’t it- Or that he NEVER ONCE went there to greet those coffins. Benghazi? Really it’s a Big deal? 4 dead in the past for days and 55 wounded and not a peep! Oh your a “Patriot”
    I almost forgot FRED BOENIG- (Gold Star Father)

    1. What is your point – everything that you mentioned is extremely important – are you saying we can’t be concerned and outraged on multiple fronts
      This Government is right in the thick of all of these

      1. DocBarry1 Except- I hear NOTHING on that front and Endless on Benghazi- a little Fair and Balanced would make me believe that its REAL concern about the people we are losing each day- But NO its totally about Hillary and Obama-  So really you aren’t going to convince me by saying they are sooooo concerned about these CIA agents.

    2. Hasn’t Nero Obama been running the war in Afghanistan for the last five years and running up many of those unlucky numbers you talk about including one for a Gold Star Father?
      Or was he off playing golf for the umpteenth gazillion time or partying hearty with Beyonce or on his 10 vacation of the year instead of being commander-in-chief like he was elected to be?
      And in between putts he was running another Fast and Furious operation out of Benghazi which was sending shoulder-fired missiles to the Muslim Brotherhood and its terrorists organizations throughout the Middle East and ultimately to Afghanistan to kill more good Americans like a Gold Star Father’s son or daughter.
      But of course it is only Bush’s fault good Americans are dying in Afghanistan to fight the terrorists we have to fight.  The terrorists are not quiting the fight.  The Boston Marathon bombers are evidence of that.
      John Craven – New Orleans

      1. JohnCraven Funny once again instead of seeing the soldiers lost- you choose to be political. That is my point, you are more concerned with putting in Zingers to the president then focusing on the dead Americans you like to drag out to show you “Patriotism” We all get you don’t like the president- but maybe care a little and truly be concerned about the young men and women we are lossing every day still when you bring up ad nauseum the only 4 names of people that were killed in the War on Terror- That would make me believe you actually care a tiny bit. That’s All.

        1. Sir, the following is most of what you first wrote:
          “Maybe- if we focused on the WARS we already have we could focus a little less on 4 CIA agents killed 6 months ago?
          Oh wait- that’s why GWB kept Dover AFB closed to press- So thawouldn’t get in his way to be re elected- Seems like a bigger Deal then screwing up the talking points on a CIA operation now doesn’t it- Or that he NEVER ONCE went there to greet those coffins. Benghazi? Really it’s a Big deal? 4 dead in the past for days and 55 wounded and not a peep! Oh your a “Patriot”
          I almost forgot FRED BOENIG- (Gold Star Father)”
          In that statement you were exceptionally political bringing up GWB as if he was responsible for all that is wrong in this world.
          But the worst aspect of your statement is that you belittled the ultimate sacrifice made by two Navy Seals in saving 30 people in Benghazi and trying to rescue our Ambassador and in so doing you belittled the sacrifices that their Gold Star Parents made for our nation as if it were somehow not as important as your sacrifice.  That’s unbecoming sir.  And that’s not funny.
          Why are you summarily dismissing the accusations of weapons running operations out of Benghazi by Obama through Turkey and into the hands of Muslim extremists who are killing and maiming people all over the world, including in Afghanistan and including today the machete death of a British soldier in London by more Muslim extremists like the ones who blew up the Boston Marathon?  That wasn’t 6 months ago.  That was today in London.
          John Craven – New Orleans

  5. Whatever you think of O’Reilly, he’s the so-called ‘culture crusader’. Bill O’Reilly is obsessed with mourning the loss of anti-pot laws in Colorado virtually every day on his program and has been for months, he’s more upset with that than Obama’s re-election. It is his priority to lament the legalization of marijuana which he’s done every day for MONTHS and it stands to reason he’s not very conservative and appears so annoying and clownish.

  6. Iraq is not a democracy, their culture doesn’t accommodate it, their government’s corrupt and their situation’s worse than before, the “spread democracy” bunk was repeated in the Arab Spring and we see also how that worked out.

    Bush got such low numbers for a reason. He’s the rotting carcass, the albatross a serious right will discard if it wants to win again. Not jump for the Bush era with Condi or others of it’s few defenders left like McCain (and there’s a reason for that).

    They need to go home now. His era was not conservative, neither was the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, the ‘spread democracy’ notion or his spending acts, his ‘architect’ wants conservatives out of the party, many on the right had the wool over their eyes in that era, and for pete’s sake we need to listen to new blood like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz, instead of histrionically defending the unpopular era liberals are constantly smudging our noses with.
    Mark is usually good about this. Iraq is over, dump the Bush era. Frankly support for it’s not a conservative issue.

  7. Drop “we were right to be in Iraq” from the right’s Bush era. Only McCain and the rest of the old guard feels passionately about that anymore long after it happened. We’re over Bush.

    1. Jim25 Amen Jim. Couldn’t agree more. We allowed the neo-cons to lead us into the wilderness. Time to put real Republicans back in charge.

      1. leeddog Jim25  
        It’s not a coincidence it’s the RINOs like McCain and Graham that are the most vocal defending the neocon legacy.  If that and freedom-shredding laws that trade freedom for “security” are the “right’s” position, it’s the one and only area they’re not only “far-right” but well to the “right” of the Tea Party and those who care about the Constitution!

  8. This guy is as deep as a spoon. Yes, we have enemies and yes, they want to destroy us. However, the neanderthals seem to have learned nothing from Nam. They are intent upon fighting today’s war using yesterday’s tactics. We went into Afghanistan not just to get bin Laden, but to “create a democracy” in a country where most people hate us, most people are uneducated and read or write. How in the world are people like that supposed to vote? Then, to top it off, we take our eyes off the ball and go into Iraq. Because of these two idiotic moves we have lost credibility around the world (remember the world-wide good will we were getting after 9/11), ruined our economy because we were unwilling to pay for these “wars”, lost valuable military assets (in terms of both personnel and munitions) and weakened our “National Guard” by making it international while ignoring our southern border security. We would have been much better off using the Israeli model after the Munich Massacre: keep your mouth shut, your ears open and use intelligence along with a number of highly mobile, highly deadly hit teams to find and destroy every leader worldwide who had anything to do with 9/11. But no, we had to act like it was 1941 all over again, as if the new enemies were uniformed combatants who we could actually recognize and fight using Marquis of Queensbury rules. Unfortunately, we are getting what our leadership deserves. We have had perhaps the most incompetent, unqualified presidents in Bush (the wrong one) and Obama in the history of our country at a time when we needed the best. Sad.

    1. leeddog Lewvins voice – “you just don’t seem to understand the new conservative, we are always right, everyone else is always wrong, GET WITH THE PROGRAM OR GET LOST YOU MORON,, we did everything right under Bush, Obama is doing everything wrong, that’s the way it is, end of story,, look pal, this is the way the game is played and I make a lot of money being a player in it,, SO KEEP YOUR LEFT WING SOCIALIST VIEWS TO YOURSELF OR STAY AWAY FROM MY FOLLOWERS”

      1. BobbyFontaine leeddog  Or else what?!..Get a clue “pal” continue to try make your fiat currency buddy see where that gets you. Let me know in a couple months how well that works out for you when our economy crashes idiot. YOU are apart of the problem. Sometimes it is wise to hold your tongue than to speak and, confirm how truly ignorant YOU are.

        1. yzwisey BobbyFontaine leeddog Only a simpleton thinks one party is always right. YOU have stolen my Republican Party. You may remember, Republicanism is belief in small government (from the bottom
          up), individual freedom, individual responsibility, fiscal responsibility,
          strong national defense (not offense) and the promotion of small businesses
          with which to build an economy that employs people who then pay taxes and buy
          products, which then promotes the hiring of more people to produce those
          products.  That is called building the
          middle class, which is what has made this country different (and better) than
          any other country in history.  It seems
          that the power-that-be in the current “Republican” party don’t believe in most
          of these things, and that has got to change. 
          Until it does, I, and apparently a significant number of others, will
          consider myself a free agent, waiting for someone to come along with a real
          plan to get this country back on track. 
          Someone who will get spending under control, get rid of unnecessary
          government programs, get rid of duplication, consolidate, privatize where
          appropriate and generally pare government down to a manageable size that can be
          run efficiently and do the jobs for the citizens that it is supposed to do.    We have had a 50 year War on Poverty that
          resulted in more poverty than when it started; a 50 year War on Drugs that
          resulted in more drugs than when it started; a Department of Energy that
          started 30+ years ago to end reliance on foreign oil and has resulted in more oil
          imported than when it started; a 
          Department of Education that started 30 years ago with no apparent
          improvement in a function that is not mentioned in the Constitution and is
          therefore a responsibility of each State, not the federal government.  The list goes on and on. What has the “establisment” nRepublican party done to correct this? NOTHING. They are bought and paid for, just like the dems. Wake up!

        2. leeddog yzwisey BobbyFontaine I think you all are dumber than dumb, none of you know anything about what’s really going on, all this shit started back in 1960. And if any of you had a clue you would do some research and see that this is all well orchestrated for years and a lot of people died trying to expose the real truths. So do yourselves a favor and stop mouthing off about things that you really have no real clue. Research my friends will put you in touch with reality, of course unless your to dumb to undrstand, which most people are these days. I do believe if you all knew the real truth you would all be friends and not calling each other names and such. I must tell you all that neither bush was any better than this skinny nigger that is a puppet for much higher powers than you can fathom. Reasearch the truth and the facts, you will be glad you did.

        3. thereisonlyoneway leeddog yzwisey BobbyFontaine I bet I know more about it than you, in fact I bet you don’t have a clue next to me,, but I would also bet you know more than those other two,, the thing is that Levin is way too smart to be an idiot, which makes him either a liar or simply a radio talk show host, which falls under the category of entertainer

      2. BobbyFontaineleeddog 
        “we did everything right under Bush, Obama is doing everything wrong, that’s the way it is, end of story”
        Karl Rove, is that you? You guys definitely can’t call yourselves the new conservatives.

      1. maynardb61 leeddog Nah, let’s just do everything in sound bites. That way no one will have to think or reason.

  9. Because opposing a government policy=hating the country’s people, amirite? I guess the conservatives who opposed Obamacare must be anti American if opposing the Iraq war is anti american. Being against the Russia’s invasion of George means you hate Russian people. Levin’s support for the idea that the state is the embodiment of the will of the people, and that opposing American foreign policy means you hate America because of this, shows that he is Stalinist, not a conservative.

    1. nwoscumcommunist You`re an idiot. Please, don`t ever speak in public again. You only make people laugh at how foolish you really are.

      1. ScottWilliamBiddulph nwoscumcommunist thanks, you summed up this goofball as well as it could be done

      2. ScottWilliamBiddulph nwoscumcommunist You think he’s an idiot only because your too stupid to understand what he is saying.

    2. nwoscumcommunist What are you talking about?…….you wrote opposing american foriegn policy means you hate america… think that is what mark levin says?…you should study the other reply to you very hard until you get it

    3. nwoscumcommunist  
      I would take Bush-era foreign policy skeptic conservative Rand Paul ANY day over their arch-defender RINO Lindsey Graham and guess what? I would prefer we listen to Pat Buchanan any day over RINO Bill Kristol and I would rather listen to what Ben Franklin said about the importance of our freedoms than what Alberto Gonzales or John Yoo say about them.

      It’s something the Bushies don’t get: real conservatives don’t have time for them and their moss-covered, outdated progressive ideology and we’re leaving them and their unpopular ‘compassionate’ era that most Americans reject in the dust. Even the hawkish Michael Savage think Iraq was a foolish war to get in.

  10. I agree with Mark Levin. He is a true American and he knows what is happening to our country and he does not like it. He is right to say we must not let this happen. This man is a organizer and gets elected as president and thinks he can change everything. God bless you Mark Levin I am with you all the way. Something has to be done to not let the democrats and the liberals ruin this country. Thanks Mark Levin keep it up. You Re so right with all you say.

  11. I will believe the left is serious about murdering sprees when Chicago’s murder rate decreases.  When nut-jobs like Loughner  can be institutionalized PRIOR to heinous crimes.  When the Dept of Ed’s SWAT team is disbanded.
    As for AUMF, amazing how HRC’s vote authorizing force ( and the rest of the democrats ) are forgotten down a memory hole.  Hmmm, has HRC evolved on marriage yet?

  12. (Part 5)  
    Why is it that a portion of the comments stated Mark Levin is a ‘scum bad’ and supports both parties; no he doesn’t if you were really to listen to his radio program. All things stated by Mr. Levin is based on the legal document of the Constitution. Some of you may want to read this document, it’s very powerful in what our forefathers invisioned for this great country. The post by Keyes is very good in explaining what occured during the Civil War and how the slaves were treat with respect, which is something severly lacking in todays society. A great portion of the people base their principals on what actors and sports players state as their views, well they can spout those views because they have lots of money and don’t have to worry about where the next paycheck will becoming to pay the doctor bill or to keep the electricity on in your house.
    Attention ‘OneThinDime’ you need to know the Democrats (Super 8) and Union bosses are the ones hammering out the policites for the illegals (11 million) in this country. So don’t be surprised that it looks and smells like ObamaCare.
    ObamaCare is a total joke and it’s just beginning….. This is long enough —- God Bless American / Shalom

    1. conservativefromdeath   The libbos are not smart eough to understand the constitution…..It’s way too deep for them…………They are nra educated and no one debugged them………………..

    2. conservativefromdeath You may want to read the part of the Constitution about declaring a war. Either get in to win or don’t get in at all. The Powell Doctrine was right-on, and ignored.

  13. (Part 4)   
    3) Not sure where some are getting their history of the slavery in the South; let this be an enlightenment to your growth. First, the slaves were actually sold into slavery by their own people in South Africa; then were shipped to Europe and then onto America. Many black celebratites who thought they might have white genes from being from a slave family, have actually found that their genes are European. The south thought they were getting away with cheap labor (they were); as today with the mexican’s. There were laws that had been passed that there would be no slave in the United States of America and look how that went with the majority of slave owners’ being Democrats.

  14. (Part 3)   I disgress, Mr Levin’s statement yesterday was spot on, he is a great Conservative who believes in what our forefathers wrote in the greatest legal document for the United States of America: Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.
    1) First of all, it was the Democrats that laid the foundation for the ‘welfare state’ entitlement programs and this was implemented by signing a bill during the presidency of LBJ (food stamps and welfare) to name a couple. Prior to that time the Black community were dedicated and loyal REPUBLICANS. Read the statement fron BobbyFontaine with his total transformation of history, which is not accurate.
    2) The majority of military personnel are Conservative and believe in country and duty, an to honor a Commander-in-Chief that continually lies and breaks promises does not have in mind the best intentions for the military. Serving in the military is a great honor, Obama has put an ugly stain on the history for which it stands.

    1. conservativefromdeath you’re supporting my argument without seeing it, I voiced my support for what I thought the point the caller was going to make last night, which I don’t think was meant to be partisan on his behalf,, I believe he was simply going to say that if we had made some kind of equitable reparation to former slaves rather than cutting the loose to be free with nothing and nowhere to go, we could have avoided the nanny state altogether,, that’s because when the left tried to initiate it, there would have been no demand for welfare or food stamps,, and I didn’t say that Republicans failed to make those reparations, just that as a matter of fact, if history was redone, things might have turned out differently today if it had been done that way, which we and the whole western world may look back a few decades from now at today and wish we had not abused the plight of those most vulnerable, not those who want the government to provide them a free ride  but those who want to work that get taken advantage of as a source of cheap labor

      1. BobbyFontaine conservativefromdeath — Point taken and after reviewing your statement, it would’ve been less stress on the total government and the American people…. Thanks for restating your point in a different way. Got it……..Bobby, thanks……

    1. conservativefromdeath I agree with everything you say, but, I think it is time to replace the words conservative to american,and,change liberals to anti-american…the word conservative has been demonized by the left for so long, there are too many people in this country that think conservative means BAD and liberal means good…when I look at the Left and or liberals in our government today, and look at world history , they have moved so far left they are ANTI- AMERICAN

      1. agas84363 conservativefromdeath  
        The word conservative usually has a neutral to positive meaning except in far-left circles. Gallup polls show most Americans identify as it.
        But the word liberal has negative meanings, which is why many liberals cowardishly (cowardishly is the verb right?) try transparently to hide from it.

  15. If I had one wish, it would be to come back in 100 years and see what has become of our Country. I would be looking for that shining city on the hill, and I would be praying it is still standing.

  16. Mark, we do love you and listen to you most days. YOU are so right that these guys in Washington are out to destroy this great nation.  WHY, I ask you? What is in it for them?  If our dollar collapses, then what? Chaos in the streets, many will die. I have never been afraid of our government, but I sure am today and have been for the last for and half years..I spent days and weeks trying to get Romney elected, however I think we all know this election was rigged. This President has NO honor, he is out to destroy each and all of us..Then what? If our Country is to burn I do hope it stars in Washington..I have tons of matches, anyone need them??? You get em Mark, we will help…

  17. Thank you Mark, bout time someone with some guts took a stand, we have way too many so called politicians, who haven’t got it to stand upto Obama’s socialist policies, which are taking us straight into Bankruptcy, which he really wants!  Strange he took an oath to defend the Constitution, he’s trying so hard to destroy! Go get em Mark, wish more newspeople did what you’re doing!

  18. There
    is a lot of passion on this thread about some very important issues. I did not
    listen to the Mark Levin Show, nor did I hear the caller that set him off. Mr.
    Levin made some valid points on a couple of issues, mainly the 1st and 2nd
    amendment. I will only speak to theses two issues and offer this for
    speculation. The 1st Amendment defends the rights of all Americans to speak
    their mind.  The most
    important part of free speech is and should always be TRUTH.
    (regardless if one of the parties is the government…especially the
    government) The 2nd amendment was specifically designed to allow the American
    citizenry to defend themselves from all people or groups that would violate
    their rights.  I will say that at least
    Mr. Levin called out not only Democrats, but Republicans as well. It doesn’t
    matter what party you belong to, nor what religion, race, creed or sex you
    belong to. Right is right and wrong is wrong. On this Mr. Levin is 100%

  19. I was listening last night you imbecile, he was getting ready to say how after the U.S. gave Iraq democracy, we helped families whose loved one we killed or injured get started building new lives with money for housing etc,, if you had left him alone, he would have gone on to point out how after WW II, we helped rebuild Japan and West Germany,, yet after our own Civil War when Blacks were set free, that’s all we gave them, freedom, no money, no property, not even rights to protect them from the racism they faced as the South, where most of them lived, blamed them for the war rather than Northern economic expansionism,, his point was how that this  laid the foundation for the welfare state that many Blacks are still dependent on today,, it all followed a comment you made about Blacks needing to be set free before they could find social justice,, his retort would have been that they could have had both at the same time if we had helped them after the Civil War the same way we have always done with all our actual enemies after we defeat them, that is if you had not cut him off and used your incoherent rant to mask over your true intent, which was to disallow a counter argument to the claim that the nanny state is the result of Blacks being too inept to compete on par with whites in a capitalist society,, and while we’re at it, if you search back to the beginning of the Iraq war, there was a bill that passed through the House as the news media was focused on the falling of Saddam that gave the oil industry a safe harbor from being sued for damages caused by a chemical additive to gasoline called MTBE,, I’m not going to educate a so called brilliant man like yourself on the details of it but the war was used as cover to drum up that legislation, like how the gay marriage issue was used this week to get the Monsanto Protection Act on the President’s desk and signed without anyone noticing, not that you would cover either one of those issues because (in your ranting voice) “you’re not a patriot, you’re just another hack”

    1. BobbyFontaine The Republicans tried to do more for the freed slaves but the LIBS wouldn’t allow it.  Just like Civil Rights…the Libs fought tooth and nail trying to defeat Kennedy and Johnson.  It was the Republicans that ended up helping the Dem Pres.’s to get it passed.  The Democratic Party has been the most racist party throughout history so make sure you get that point across when you decide to fill in the blanks!

      1. suzy000 BobbyFontaine Democrats or KKK which ever you prefer to call them are also responsible for every thing they touch going to hell. Chitcago, Detoilet, New Orleans, just a few examples.  Liberals are the scourge of the planet and American’s worst enemy. There should be a bounty on their heads.

      2. suzy000 BobbyFontaine there are two parties of scum bags in Washington, Levin supports them both by toting their lies and blocking truth, which I totally understand, like Limbaugh, Hannity, and the rest of them, their jobs are about servicing their employers demands to keep ratings high, that is all, anyone who believes otherwise is falling for a load of it,, I have no problem with his career choice but thought his cutting that call off as soon as he saw where he was going, then trying to make it out to be something it was not, went beyond the pail of disingenuous,, also his assertion that if a president lies to our troops in order to put them in harms way, since our solders put their lives on the line honorably, we owe it to them to honor the lie that put them there,, I see his repeated cutting off of  callers like that as a sign of the right’s new political correction movement that began after Bush failed them so miserably, which is just like the pattern the left followed after Jimmy Carter,, Bush left the right disillusioned to the point where a lot of their strongest supporters walked away from the Republican Party and politics altogether, which left a vacuum that was filled with weaker minds

        1. BobbyFontaine suzy000 When people point out that the American public has been “dumbed down” they are referring to people like you. You have been brainwashed to the point that you believe every word the scumbags tell you. Even when the real facts prove different you still swear that every word they say is gospel. I doubt that you realize that the Democraps have been in power now for seven years, 2 years before Bush left office. Democraps and their libtard and union friend are America’s worst enemy and I think there should be a bounty on their heads.

    2. BobbyFontaine You might want to look at the party affiliation of the Klan members and others who fought against civil rights for those of African descent.

    3. BobbyFontaine Bobby, we did help them after the Civil War. In 1854 the Republican party was formed in order to try to stop the spread of slavery into the Western territories.
      After the Civil War, the Northern troops stayed in the South to protect blacks. Blacks were doing VERY well. The Southern legislature was dominated by blacks (all Republicans). Some were even elected to congress in DC. We had a black speaker of the House shortly after the Civil War. ALL Republicans.
      Racists democrats formed the KKK to go after, not just blacks, but Republicans in particular. Over 3000 blacks were lynched, but did you know over 1000 whites were lynched? All Republicans.
      The KKK was part of the official democrat platform after the Civil War. The dems cheated in the presidential election in the aftermath of the Civil War and it got thrown into the House. The dems agreed to concede the election (they would have lost outright if they had not cheated) if the Union troops pulled out.
      The Union troops pulled out and the dems then cracked down on blacks….basically enslaving them all again.
      You should read the book, “SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT: AMERICAN HISTORY IN BLACK AND WHITE”. You will be amazed what blacks accomplished coming out of slavery. If democrats had just left blacks alone, we would never have needed the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s. Nor could the democrats herded blacks onto welfare like they did in the 60s because blacks would have been quite prosperous on their own.
      Also, it was the South that started the Civil War by firing on Ft. Sumter and a few months later they invaded Kentucky in two places. I am reading a book called “History of the United States” by John Fiske published in the late 1800’s. He told the truth, unlike the rewriting of the Civil War that has happened in the last 30 years by libertarians.
      You should check out the website WALLBUILDERS(dot)com. That is where you can get the “Setting the Record Straight” book as well. Read about how blacks fought side by side with us during the Revolutionary War and how a black man worked as a double agent for us and probably was the main reason we won the Revolutionary War.

      1. Keyes BobbyFontaine that’s a great answer Keyes, if Mark had given it instead of running like a sniveling liberal who can’t handle anyone having an opinion that’s not the same as his, we would not be having this conversation,, Mark did not even let the guy finish the sentence before he cut him off, then went on for 20 minutes finishing it for him when the guy hadn’t said enough to know what he was going to say,, but it sure sounded like he was going to point out how we helped out Iraqi families damaged by the war financially, so why couldn’t we have done it with Blacks after the Civil War, which was only an argument in opposition to Mark’s claim that Blacks needed to be freed before finding social justice,,
        the guy could have been a conservative who was only making a point of argument,, but quick draw trigger happy Levin never hastens to label anyone who doesn’t repeat what he says the way he says it a liberal, which in my book is the same as liberals did in the 80’s and 90’s,,
        I’m a conservative and I call tell you why a lot of us did not vote in 2012, it’s because we are fed up with not having a voice while always being politically corrected by morons like Levin,, he’s got this huge fan base that follows him around like he’s Beyonce telling him he’s the queen of pop and can do no wrong, which is fine, but when he lets that nonsense go to his head, I’m gonna call him on it,, the country needs more than primadonna right wingt radio talk show hosts who think the first amendment means the government can’t block the point of view of anyone it disagrees with but they can, that’s what liberal do, so that’s what Mark is, a flaming liberal

        1. Keyes BobbyFontaine yeah, and I bet if no one voted, we would have gotten some real candidates,, personally I don’t think an election that doesn’t draw out at least 80% of eligable voters should count, but that’s not 98gonna happen if people like you look at voting like a religion while failing to see that not voting can makes an equal or even more significant statement

      2. Keyes BobbyFontaine  Actually, the Civil War was started by the Democratic Congress in the 1830’s with the passage of the Sherman Tax Act. This as a piece of legislation that was the 1830’s equivalent to the Navigations, Molasses, and tea taxes in the mid 1700’s. Abolishment of slavery was simply a by-product of changing attitudes and the mechanization of the late 1800’s, but it was not a core issue for the initiation of hostilities. But it was a really good public face to sell the war on.

        1. MilspecSim Keyes BobbyFontaine Not true. It was all about slavery. You really should read old books from the 1800’s before the history was rewritten. It was ALL about slavery and tied to our westward expansion.

      3. KeyesBobbyFontaine
        ” probably was the main reason we won the Revolutionary War.” That sounds like politically correct history to me. I don’t have anything against blacks but I’m not going to twist myself into a pretzel changing history to be PC. George Washington won the war for us.

  20. I’m tired of hearing only rants. As much sense as they may make (Mark Levin), without rallying the people what good are they. We need to rally the patriotic citizens of this country together as one voice. I want new politicians in office who have a patriotic heart for this country and it’s Constitution and who know how to stand on their  own two feet to defend it. Nice guys are dumb, soft spoken guys are to be leery of, and egotistical  speakers must be listened to very carefully. Give me a man who is strong and speaks forcefully from his heart without apology of offending voters, give me a man who is willing to speak for the the rights of this country and for it’s citizens, one who is willing to stand up for the Constitution no matter what personal cost may be entailed, and we will see  a man  or woman who will gain the worlds attention. Give me a man who knows how to shout back, and I’ll show you a man who can refocus he eyes of low information voters. give me a man who speaks cogent arguments based in truth and honesty, and I’ll show you man who will lead this country back to the honor our founding fathers gave it.  Money is not the problem, trusting is. I won’t give money into the Republican party, I don’t trust them anymore to make right choices. The majority need replacing. So we have a few good names out there that are being thrown around, I’m not looking for a, ‘flash in the pan’ candidate, I’m looking for a Stonewall Jackson, so when _ _ _ _ hits the fan, he’s unmoved. He can have a pretty face or not, but integrity is a prerequisite.

    1. Dorineped  I agree but, til Americans get off their b***s and do something constructive, just be talk!



  23. Adam Lanza did NOT use an AR-14 at Sandy Hook, and I’m really tired of hearing liberals distort this fact. Lanza had a long gun…there is debate about whether it was an AR-14 or even just a shotgun. Either way, *it remained in the trunk of his car* during his rampage! Neither did he use any specifically “large-capacity” magazines. I wish liberals would find facts before they argue an issue. BTW, with the *sole exception of Gabby Gifford’s shooting*, ALL of the publicized shootings since Obama became prez took place within “Gun Free Zones.” This shows VERY clearly that gun laws don’t stop criminals. Also, I believe our misguided liberal friends have actually convinced themselves that stricter gun laws would keep criminals from obtaining and using guns. This is not so; there will always be ways to obtain guns, and criminals will do so even with a total ban upon guns. (I’ll retract that statement if anybody can show me EVEN ONE TIME in which a criminal has turned in a gun because a law said he had to.) Criminals are in the business of breaking the law, so such laws will change only one thing: only honest citizens would obey such a law, leaving them helpless against criminals who are still armed. D.C.’s and Chicago’s gun bans and and resulting increased crime are proof of this. In areas in which citizens are armed, crime rates diminish. Kennesaw, Ga., is proof of that.

    1. Chuckie49 Liberals know that gun laws don’t stop criminals. Their intention is to stop law abiding folks from being able to protect themselves from the feds.

      1. Keyes Chuckie49  
        That’s right, keep this in perspective: the ONLY person in California who’s allowed to own a gun is…Diane Feinstein.

  24. The worst part of this situation is how bad the so-called leadership of the republican party is.  Boehner has to be the worst republican in a leadership position in my lifetime and McConnell is almost as bad.  A perfect example is all these stories that have been coming out lately on how obamacare is going to drive up costs for everybody and there hasn’t been one comment from any of them on the impending disaster that this is going to be for the american people.  They should be talking about this every single day.  When Dr. Ben Carson made that speech a few weeks ago and everybody fawned all over him about how great that speech was perfectly illustrates how brain dead the republicans are.  People even talked about him running for President.  It was a great speech and he seems like a good guy but republicans should be making speeches like that every day.  It was just like Joe the Plumber during the McCain campaign – some random guy from Ohio makes a better case against obama then McCain who had been a senator for 20+ years.  Hopefully guys like Ted Cruz can rise through the ranks into leadership positions because right now the leadership is pathetic.

    1. rick2340 
      We all need someone who is right and who is a leader to believe in.
      I have high hopes for Ted Cruz. I’m still holding out for Allen West too… and I never lost hope in Sarah Palin. But Ted tops the list for me right njow. Good post.

  25. Funny, our family has 4 kids in the Military- well 3 now we lost our son Austin in 2010, while he served in the Air Force working with  Col Rehorn  the Special Forces Commander, we have a Son, Max who just got back to Italy from his second Deployment in Afghanistan, We have a Son, Sam, who is a weapons tech for the Marines in Yuma and a Daughter Anna, who is in the Navy Reserves- and a Son Search, who is a Union Roofer.  Mark, you have a lot of something, to say we don’t have SKIN in the GAME. Mark, you went off on Harry Reid for talking about those Marines killed in training.  Mark Last summer we lost 1.5 dead and 12 wounded EVERY DAY from March 30th until the first week in OCT, but you were too busy SCREAMING that they Killed 4 Americans in Bengahzi- Hey MARK- Funny the week the Marines got killed in training we lost 8 soldiers including a Navy Seal- Mark- how about YOU put some skin in the Game- Read the DOD News Releases each day and honor those kids you like to say you support! You can start TODAY  But you won’t because it doesn’t further your AGENDA to bash my kids BOSS!!  The one that opened Dover AFB to the Press his first day!

    1. ChanceAustin 
      As a veteran of Desert Storm and 20 years of military service, I appreciate your “kids” military service.
      But if you think Mark Levin is the problem and not Obama, then you’re completely insane. Obama is a monster – the great destroyer. You’re a fool if you think otherwise.

    2. ChanceAustin Listen lady…you’re allowed to be an idiot liberal…don’t attempt to use your sons sacrifice to make a political smear to Mark.  Your argument is retarded, all you did was tout your sons military service so no one will question you.  The fact is, I don’t even believe you because about half the people who claim they’re a vet or their sons are vets or whatever when they are making a bs point are lying.  So what…your point is that you want Mark to list casualty numbers daily?  You’re an idiot, the only reason they did that for Iraq was to put down Bush daily…not to honor the troops.  I like how you want mark to speak on the afghan casualties but not Benghazi…most likely because the Benghazi casualties are Obama’s fault and it makes him look bad.  You”re pathetic.  By the way, I’d like to see what your kids think about these issues………………I bet its a bit different than what you think.  By the way, don’t attempt to attack me for somehow bashing your kids service, i’ve been there, and done that…2 tours iraq and afghanistan as a grunt…Deal with it.

      1. SteveMiller3 ChanceAustin 
        Excellent. Make them prove they are who they say; and still if the argument is dumb it need to be called dumb.

      2. SteveMiller3 ChanceAustin Again Thank you for your service- My point is Mark only talks about our troops when it fits his agenda-  That what we did In Iraq and Afghanistan was BRILLIANT WONDERFUL and CERTAINLY the RIGHT THING- Well I’m sure our children gave all and did as they were asked, but being there in the first place is what I question.  That to make a broad statement like “Liberals have No Skin in the Game” is not only insulting but What Skin in the Game Do You Have Mark? What EVERY person in the Military is a Conservative? That you conservatives are the only people that have SKIN in the Game- SCREW YOU What opening DOVER would have EMBARRASSED  BUSH?  No it would have made EVERYONE have SKIN IN THE GAME- Act Like Nothing’s Wrong then we win? What did we win? 0ver 50,000 wounded kids- a Vet Suicide Rate of 1 every 65 minutes- What? But we hear him squawk like only Conservatives care- Really?  Funny Obama won by POPULAR VOTE why because more then 1/2 the country is tired of that bunch’s lies and distortions.

        1. ChanceAustin SteveMiller3 War is hell. Everyone who fought is to be honored; and our government should highly esteem their service with all the care our veterans need financially and medically. Our soldiers should be compensated  with dignity for the courage that governed their response to every command given them. All agreed to give the highest sacrifice they had to offer, all gave their lives for this country. Some have died and other survived the battles, but all were willing to put their lives in danger for our freedom  as well as the liberties of strangers. God bless our troops.

        2. Dorineped ChanceAustin SteveMiller3 And your point is different then mine? That saying Liberals don’t have “Skin in the Game” That if you don’t think the Iraq War was Good for this Country, That we used so much of our resources that could have been used to end the Afghan War earlier and save a ton of kids lives, that using an incident  that was a CIA screw up as a MAJOR NEWS STORY for months yet not mention the Daily loss of 1.5 kids a day and 12 wounded that went on for 6 months and NEVER mention it one time?That the fighting season is about to start and we will lose many more kids but they will go unmentioned unless Mark can spin their Death into a RANT about Obama,  That a suicide rate of 1 every 65 minutes most likely from the use of Mefloquine a drug created by Walter Reed Hospital is never mentioned, but OBAMA is the only topic- unless he can use a military loss for bashing OBAMA- Every ONe of these kids deserves our attention, to remind folks that are worried about nonsense that we are STILL at WAR and your I Support the Troops Decal on your SUV Mark isn’t cutting it. If you started reading those kids names out load- You’ll see what it’s like to Cry on the air, then you can say You Have Skin in the Game!

        3. ChanceAustin SteveMiller3 oh and there have been no lies and distortions under dear leader.  You are aware that dear leader has put our troops on the ground in more places, without congress approval? You are aware that more of our troops have died under his “watch” than under Bush right?  But yeah, don’t worry about it. They’re only bumps in the road. after all, what difference does it make.

  26. Obama disagrees with conservatives’ stance on so-called “assault riffles.” The caller disagreed with the Republicans’ stance circa 2002 on the Iraq War (and apparently Levin’s stance today–some Republicans have different views on the war today). Since when is expressing disagreement “an assault of the country” in America? The ability to express dissent is one of the very tenets of America. If disagreeing with the government is an attack on the country, then color the Tea Party treasonous. In reality, the Tea Party isn’t assaulting the country; they are patriotically dissenting.

    1. WaiGuoGuizi 
      Mark is pointing out the absurdity of this monsterous pResident. Of all the anti-American stances, policies, maneuvers by a lawless pResident.
      You’re comment doesn’t reflect valid commentary on what Mark said. I think you missed the point(s) completely.

      1. The Sentinel  WaiGuoGuizi Mark attacked the president for taking a different position than he did on so-called “assault riffles” and he attacked the caller for taking a different position on the Iraq War. He didn’t attack them for doing anything anti-American. Disagreeing about so-called “assault riffles” or about a war isn’t anti-American.

        1. WaiGuoGuizi The Sentinel  
          The pResident deserves all verbal attacks tossed his way. He’s an abomination.

  27. … Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses. ~Juvenal, Satire X  circa 100A.D. 
    Tyranny, Liberalism, Socialism, Statism,  a complete lack of personal responsibility… These are not new concepts by any means. The end of an Empire in this wise is the same whether the Empire is Rome, post-Imperial Russia, the modern Socialist states extant in Europe, or here in the United States. The People become decadent, fat, lazy, and apathetic…So do their leaders… Some group thinks “it would be great if the government would just give me stuff”… by which they mean “It would be great if the government took my neighbor’s stuff, and then gave it to me”. So they sell out their position of power, their birthright, a place in the sun in order to get a few freebies from any sleaze that made them a promise to get into office. The promises get bigger, the people in the social safety net are held up as sacred and inviolate, taking the focus off the other crowd lounging in the social hammock, the waste, the sectors of government that desperately need overhaul and deregulation back to representative government, the simple math that lets a small child know that we can’t afford it. The incentive to produce dies, the group producing becomes ever smaller as the group taking becomes ever larger. Government becomes the author and instrument of plunder, looting in the name of the common good. Then the big promises become unsustainably farcically laughably bloated, there isn’t enough of anything to support the promises traded for votes and allegiance. But, as long as the People believe in the Hope… of the Bread and the Circus…they question nothing. In the end, when the money is gone, the bread is gone, and the circus has grown blasé; the People will still demand while they are impoverished or starved out in the collapse, while straw man scapegoats are thrown to the lions to distract them from the fact that the Republic has died, tyranny holds sway, and the people in power over their own nation are the greatest threat to its security, prosperity, and survival. 
    My liberal friends…Vote your conscience, but at least make an informed decision. I’ll listen to you talk about The Audacity of Hope, Dreams from my Father, or any other Oprah Book Club offering you want to mention or the bright shiny promises you want. However, don’t get offended and demagogue me when I counter your reading list with informative classics like The Little Red Hen, 1984, The Gulag Archipelago, Animal Farm, Atlas Shrugged, and a canon of works from our Founding Fathers back to Cleisthenes… When I talk about sustainability, budgeting, and how absolutely meaningless social programs become when an economy fails under their weight. We must have Burke and Paine…a debate of ideas, a representation of arguments…not this totalitarian post-constitutional extra-legislative nonsense that is currently being foisted upon us. Thanks to Mr. Levin for standing up…now, where is everyone else?

    1. Bistro522 Excellent. Why don’t you write a book and title it something like this:

      Barack Obama:
      Second Edition (Second Chance) 2012: Correcting the Failures of Hope and Change
      (circa 2008).

  28. Their are many of us, Mark, in the TEA Parties and elsewhere, trying our best to stand against this onslaught against our republic both from without and form within, people in all walks of life from Talk Show Hosts like yourself to many union members like myself to neurosurgeons like Dr. Ben Carson.  And except for yourself and some others there is no encougagement from the Republican Party to stand and fight the totalitarians in the Democrat Party led by Nero Obama.
    Rush Limbaugh today says that the only way for the GOP to win is on the economy.  If that’s the case than we’ve lost since the Big Whigs of the GOP stand for nothing, fight for nothing, inspire nothing, and aspire to nothing on any issue, you name it, that matters or has any value for the future of our republic, including capitalism. 
    The problem is actually worse than capitulation by the GOP on every issue – it is the collusion and collaboration with the destruction of our republic and our Constitution by the Big Whigs of the GOP and their well-payed consultants as a 5th column of the Democrat Party and all for our tax money being stuffed in their pockets like so many pieces of silver to well-heeled Judas’!  Rush needs to factor in collusion and collaboration by the GOP in what’s happening to our country. When one does one has to see there is no taking the GOP back by conservatives.
    John Craven – New Orleans

    1. JohnCraven I’m not sure how to respond.  Right now I could careless about the GOP, but I leave hope for conservatives to survive; we are a group of intelligent, capable people.

      1. You are quite right Dorineped.  We are a group of intelligent, capable people and we need to show that once again as we did in 2010 and not necessarily through the GOP.  We are in the midst of the creation of a dictatorship by the “elites” in the halls of power in Washington, a dictatorship which all of our founders warned could arise if we are not careful as Dr. Carson noted in his book “America the Beautiful”.
        I  wish people would read just the chapter on “Are we a Judeo-Christian Nation or Not?” and in particular the section in that chapter entitled “Founding Father, Full of Faith” which was specifically about George Washington and in particular his survival of the battle on July 9, 1755, during the French and Indian Wars which was clearly a miracle which even the Indians recognized. 
        John Craven – New Orleans

      1. strngernfiction and Dorineped, if there is any hope for us as a nation, conservatives have to survive.  That doesn’t necessarily mean the survival of the GOP.
        Conservatives are smart people.  We can figure out what needs to be done, just as the original founders of the Republican Party figured out what needed to be done when the Whig Party did nothing about slavery.  We have all the social media at our disposal to create a conservative alternative to the GOP Big Whigs and the communists in the Democrat Party.  Let’s use it.
        And we have great conservative thinkers, like Dr. Ben Carson and Daneen Borelli who hosted for Hannity yesterday and Ted Cruz and many more to lead us in this fight.
        The only ones who seem to care about what happens to the GOP are Rush and Hannity and Mark Levin and the GOP isn’t listening to them.  I don’t think Rush, et al, want to see the handwriting on the wall but they will have to eventually.
        John Craven – New Orleans

  29. Oh God Bless you Mark Levin for standing up for our Troops!!!!  This is one of the most incredible rants I’ve heard from you and I’ve loved all of them- but this is the absolute best!! Thank you!!!

    1. AmericanborninCanada 
      I couldn’t agree more.
      I don’t know where all these progressive miscreants are coming from (see posts by ChanceAustin and questionable posts by WaiGuoGuizi) but this site is being invaded by liberal tards in record numbers. I’ve never seen more dissention and cloudy or subversive comments on the scale we are encountering here on this site today. The troll invasion has begun. I hope you and other moderators can remove these chumps and keep this the oasis of sanity that it has been in years past.
      Major hugs to you Duckie.

  30. Mark
    This is music to my ears. We need a lot more people talking like this in our country.
    We have turned into a bunch of wimps not wanting to fight for ourselves and our country.
    God Bless you.

  31. We must speak up against this and the EPA’s new gasoline rules obama is out of control – where r the Republicans hiding again

    1. DocBarry1 The GOP is working on amnesty for their illegals, didn’t you know that’s Obama’s latest edict

    1. shield1 he’s a liar and so you can’t blame the voters, besides, how do we know the election wasn’t rigged in the first place?

      1. TeriAnderson shield1 There was more than ample truthful information available, ObamaBots are lazy and want to continue the free handouts, they were raised as “entitlement brats” by entitlement parents.  Voter fraud, you bet but those that pulled the lever for him are responsible for their own actions and they need to learn the consequences of their behavior.

  32. Thank you sir for all you do for America. Maybe one day we will be free again from this little dictator.

  33. Day in and day out this guy is the best. We listen to his show daily and the family is engaged in conversation. Keep it up Great One.

  34. We feel your frustration Mark.  I think too many people are in a trance.  They have been watching for the past 4 years what’s becoming of our nation, and seeing even the Republican leaders sitting on their butts doing next to NOTHING about it.  We’re watching, listening, and praying to GOD that somebody who can do something will come to the rescue.  But, nothing.  It’s FRUSTRATING!

  35. How do think WE feel 
    How about you getting together with the other “heads” and start a rebellion?
    If I had your radio platform – I would be raising “He!!”

    1. YoJoe Did you even listen to this audio?  He IS raising hell!  He’s 1 one voice crying in the wilderness.  What more do you expect him to do?

      1. I love all these “guys” 
        I know he is VOCAL
        As I said before – much to the chagrin of Scoop and others 
        They are preaching to the choir 
        I want to see an organized movement to raise some “HE!!”
        Only “they” can do it – They have the platform
        Unless they do – we are screwed!

        1. YoJoe Glenn Beck passed on the opportunity.  He turned an excellent chance to make it known that we shall not submit and shall not accept thie leftist’s cram down of Obamacare and higher spending, and instead freaked out and decided to make it about peace love and understanding (or something).
          That’s why it’s known as the Great, 2010, Rally to Nowhere.
          Levin is one of the few talk radio guys who has decided to start naming names and taking on the Cotton Conservatives and Rockerfeller Republicans, and he even has a legal foundation that fights them and the left in the courts.

        2. K-Bob YoJoe  
          Back when he was on TV, Glenn Beck was our conservative hero. What happened to that?
          He was our voice, along with Sarah. He made the White House sweat and actually fire people.
          Anyhow, I’m glad Levin is exposing these RINOs and Rockefeller Republicans, but if we want to go back memory lane, Beck was doing it well before it caught on with Levin. Levin even told Beck to “stop dividing us” because he criticized the GOP establishment,  and also criticized him because he said both parties are working against us and called Bush a progressive!
          Beck has criticized the GOP establishment at least as much as Levin has, in fact Beck is probably more independent since he has no interest in the Bush era or promoting Cheney (YouTube).

        3. Back when he was on TV, Glenn Beck was our conservative hero. What happened to that in the matter of a few years? 
          He dislikes the parties probably more than any of the major radio hosts along with Savage.

          was our voice, remember? Along with Sarah. He made the White House
          sweat and actually fire people. I know he criticized Newt, but to be
          fair Mr. G (a guy disliked by many on this site only half a year before
          Beck got heat for criticizing him) is a fan of FDR. He wasn’t a Romney
          guy like Coulter, he was a Santorum guy (who had Malkin’s support too).
          I’m glad Levin is exposing these RINOs and Rockefeller Republicans, but
          if we want to go back memory lane, Beck was doing it well before it
          caught on with Levin. Levin even told Beck to “stop dividing us” because
          he criticized the GOP establishment,  and also criticized him because
          he said both parties are working against us and called Bush a
          progressive! I was reading this site (though not editing yet) when that
          one-sided feud was going on.
          Beck has criticized the GOP
          establishment at least as much as Levin has, in fact Beck is probably
          more independent since he has no interest in partisanship, the Bush era
          or promoting Cheney (YouTube).

          I appreciate that Levin’s doing what he is, but Beck brings a lot to the table and the record’s on his side. 
          Sorry, I have to double post because my last one’s time expired.

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