Read the incredible details of the operation that rescued four Israeli hostages yesterday…

Here are the incredible details of the IDF and Shin Bet operation that rescued four Israeli hostages yesterday in Nuseirat Camp amidst a firefight with Hamas.

There’s a lot of Palestinian cry babies claiming that all the lives Palestinian lives lost isn’t worth the four hostages rescued. But that’s a bunch of garbage, primarily because the Hamas terrorists and any Palestinian civilians that might have been killed were working together to guard these hostages.

As you will read below, there was a big firefight with Hamas terrorists which necessitated the use of Apache helicopter gunships and anyone who got near the truck with the freed hostages was killed.

Here’s the full details as revealed by Raylan Givens:

This morning, Israeli YAMAM and Shabak counter-terrorist units carried out an absolutely daring hostage rescue mission in the Nuseirat camp, which is located in central Gaza. This operation was a success, and four Israeli hostages were rescued alive: Noa Argamani (26), Almog Meir (22), Andrei Kozlov (27), and Shlomi Ziv (41). All four of these hostages were kidnapped from the Nova music festival on 10/7. Unfortunately, a commander in the YAMAM, Commander Arnon Zamora Z”L was killed during the operation, and it is in his memory and honor that the operation is named.

This operation started around a month or two ago when the IDF began to receive intelligence that hostages were being held above ground in the Nuseirat camp. This lead was developed over many weeks, and it was eventually confirmed that Gazan families were indeed holding these four hostages in two separate buildings in the camp. Noa was being held alone in one building, and the three male hostages were being held together in a separate building. The IDF, Shabak, and the YAMAM immediately began preparing a hostage rescue mission that included full-scale mockups of the target buildings and countless rehearsals and training days. The operation was supposed to happen many times but kept being postponed for unknown reasons. Finally, this Thursday evening, operational intelligence was received, the plan was approved by PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and the green light was given.

The units entered the Nuseirat camp in broad daylight through unknown methods and proceeded to breach into both target buildings using classified technological means. The first force immediately freed Noa Argamani and rushed her to a waiting helicopter, where she was taken straight to Sheba Hospital in Israel. The second force, led by Commander Arnon Zamora Z”L, had a brutal firefight with armed individuals in and around the building, and Commander Zamora Z”L was killed after he was the first one through the door into the floor where the three male hostages were being held.

The three hostages were extracted in a vehicle by the force, but Hamas terrorists realized what was going on and immediately began converging on the force and the hostages. Dozens of terrorists engaged the car with the hostages in it with heavy machine guns and RPGs, as well as the assault force, and a massive street battle began, which would come to involve IDF quick reaction forces from Division 98 and Apache helicopter gunships who provided a “ring of fire” to cover the force evacuating the hostages. Anyone who came close to the hostage vehicle or the assault force was engaged with precision fire from the Apache’s. Dozens, if not over a hundred Hamas terrorists, were killed in the ensuing fight, and the three hostages were extracted safely to Israel with no further severe injuries to Israeli forces.

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