Real Journalism Alert: Muslim Terrorists crossing the border in Arizona

We’ve always heard of the potential for terrorists to use our southern border against us, but WSBTV in Atlanta actually goes to the border and finds proof of this happening already. This report was filed May 5, 2010:

Talk about a reason for the Feds to step up and fix our border problem. I mean they have actually arrested people from Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. trying to cross the border illegally. It’s no doubt that many people feel that our real enemies are in Washington, because they hide the truth and refuse to do their job of protecting the American people.

Really though, can you imagine how much good will Obama would have with the American people if he actually fortified our border to protect us? But instead of actually doing real stuff on our behalf that the we can see and touch, they continue to lie about what they have done on our behalf with stuff that can’t be measured.

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