Red Eye Figures Out What Biden Was Grinning At During State Of The Union

Last nigth (or this morning, depending on whether you go by the Andy Levy clock or not), Fox News’ Red Eye showed exclusive footage revealing what was behind the mysterious “Joker Grin” flashed by Vice President Joe Biden during Tuesday’s State of the Union address.

It just figures doesn’t it? That Taylor Swift is everywhere these days.

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44 thoughts on “Red Eye Figures Out What Biden Was Grinning At During State Of The Union

  1. Regardless of collectivist attempts to confuse legitimate government functions with “socialism”, it is important to remember that they are not the same things.

  2. Ever notice when Obama lies he starts his stuttering. i-i-i-i-i-, they-they-they-. but when he starts with the Marxist speak or class war-fare is has perfect and highly passionate speech. what a phony.

    He will always be known as the “Great pretender” with a few expletives thrown in.

  3. “This is a big F’N deal”. Biden uses the F-word all the time apparently. It is a sign of bad manners and low intelligence.

  4. For Rent: Small storage space located between Bumbling Biden’s ears. Rental area moves frequently around the country. Cheap!

  5. What was behind Biden’s grin? that vapid, vacuous, vacant grin? That drooly, dopey, drizzly grin? Same thing that is behind his eyeroll eyes and the rest of his grimacing face.
    Absolutely Nothing.

    1. why do you think bammer picked him, you can have king bammer or him
      living proof you can survive without intelligence
      heard he sold his brain on ebay years before and got a lot of money he sold it as new and unused without original packaging

  6. Hahh.

    I was right behind her, and Duckie was next to me! hee hee Oh wait that was another concert. Never mind.

    1. Thanks for my laugh of the day! We’re going to have to ask Duckie to post an article about that other concert!

    2. HAHAHAHAHAA! That quacked me up. Definitely another concert. If we’d had been there, we would have followed Rep. Stockman out the door! 😉

      Good one Pol! lol! You rock sissy.

                1. She’s doing pretty good. Feeding our squirrels right now. Her favorite has 4 ears and lost his tail. We call her/him lucky. She went through surgery OK and will get a few weeks off from work. Thanks to you and all the scoop folks for your hugs and prayers.

                2. A 4 eared squirrel ?! lol, Lucky as in clover, or because he survived whatever took his tail?
                  That’s sweet. We have a few squirrels around here, but they get into our veggie garden and also eat the feed we have out for the chickens lol.

                  I’m glad she’s doing ok. You two are sweet and I’m glad you’re part of our Scoop family 🙂

                3. I have a vegetable garden and keep the squirrels out by sprinkling cayenne pepper around. They step in it, their paws get hot and they lick them to take the pain away. Then they say oops.

        1. I don’t do luck my friend, but you know I’ll be praying!! (((((())))))s to you both, I pray she will be in good hands, guided by our ultimate Physician, and that recovery will be whole and quickly.
          Please keep us updated americalsgt.

  7. I think Biden saw Rep. Stockman giving Obama the bird before walking out and being the moron he is, Biden thought he was saying “You’re #1” and got a thrill up his leg! 😉

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