RED FLAG: Canadian Deputy PM says some powers SEIZED by Trudeau’s gov’t will be made PERMANENT

This is like Tyranny 101. First they call it an emergency. Then they seize emergency power and say it won’t be permanent it’s just necessary during these “extraordinary” times.

Then they say well okay SOME of it will be made permanent because it’s awesome and we love it. But not the rest though, all the rest is just for extraordinary times.

That’s what Chrystia Freeland says right now.

You know what comes next. Another temporary power becomes permanent. And then another, and then another and then all of them.

Freeland is a big Soros fan, by the way. She’s a Harvard grad where she studied Russia. She was a big MSM person and a managing director at Reuters. She’s held so many reins of power in Canada they call her the “Minister of Everything.” Oh, and her maternal grandfather was in propaganda. He worked for the Nazis as chief editor of a Ukrainian antisemitic newspaper. Just some facts that are factual, folks.

The crackdown on protesters is truly fascistic and tyrannical. It’s anti-speech, anti-freedom, and anti-democracy. And if it were happening to BLM there’d be international outrage. But it’s happening to the people the elites consider undesirables. So their rights are being aborted and people like Freeland are smiling while they wield the knife.

#TrudeauTyranny is what it’s called this weekend. In a few weeks it will be Western Tyranny.

And then, you know what comes next, it will be called patriotism and you’ll be required to support it. Or else.

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