Reformed Jihadist says GOP rhetoric on Syrian refugees IS JUST LIKE HITLER!! HITLER!!!!

Former Jihadist Mubin Shaikh is a frequent guest on news shows talking about Islam, but he kinda lost it on CNN today when he called GOP rhetoric on Syrian refugees “Hitler-like.”

Watch below:

I have no idea what this dude is talking about here. I don’t remember Hitler trying to keep refugees out of Germany, so the analogy makes absolutely no sense. In fact, Netanyahu just recently reminded us that it was a Muslim leader that helped persuade Hitler to murder the Jews!! So how the holy hell is it “Hitler-like” to want to keep refugees out of America?!?!?

And of course the dimwitted CNN host lets him get away with it because it helps damage Republicans. You can bet your sweet bippy* that anyone making such a claim on our side will get pushed on it and forced to explain it.

*The Right Scoop in no way endorses the gambling of your sweet bippies.
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