Reince Priebus on with Mark Levin, says Sarah Palin was offered prime time spot at RNC

RNC Chair Reince Priebus was on the Mark Levin show tonight and said that Sarah Palin was offered a prime to spot to speak at the RNC, but seemed to indicate that it never got past negotiations to an actual time slot and date. He said it didn’t work out due to scheduling. Hmmm.

Here’s the full interview with Priebus where they discuss funding Bachmann’s campaign, funding Akin’s campaign, Ron Paul and his delegates and more:

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143 thoughts on “Reince Priebus on with Mark Levin, says Sarah Palin was offered prime time spot at RNC

  1. Let’s face it, with Palin on the ticket we lost the Southern vote which we always had, she may be influential in some areas, but she is very decisive in others. Her one liners are old, her message is shallow, and after all this time, she still has not learned much about the current affairs plaguing this nation. She needs to go back to Alaska and get out of the way. Paul Ryan is flying at 35,000 feet over her head.

    1. What? You are suffering cognitive dissonance?

      Palin rocks the South, as evidenced in her 75% successes in endorsements. Newt vanquished Romney in all counties during the South Carolina primaries after Sarah & Todd’ endorsement. No one has done more to get Tea Party Conservatives elected than she has over the last 4 years. No one….

      Palin draws the crowds like no other in the party
      VP Palin (AK) 30,000 – VP Ryan (WI) 10,000 in Wisconsin (3x’s)

      VP Palin (AK) 60,000 – VP Ryan (WI) 10,000 in Florida (6x’s)

      Congressman Ryan less popular than Governor Palin August Poll shows….

      Governor Palin still most popular figure in the GOP March 2012 Poll says…
      2012 Aug 22 – Conventions Still Draw Sizable Audience, Boost Campaign Interest – “…Palin’s speech highlight of 08 event…”

  2. Romney and Ryan have a right to put their own image on the Party. Palin is a force for good, but should continue her good work helping Congressional candidates, and accept Romney as the leader of the GOP.

    1. Sort of an arrogant attitude – little Sarah should stay in her place energizing the base but let Mr.Romney speak on high because this guy who only got the nomination because the rest of the GOP candidates sucked is now the chosen one? Remember for many of us he is ABO.

  3. Sarah Palin is the most influential conservative leader since the days of Dwight Eisenhower, the first President for whom I voted, even including Barry Goldwater who was a pretty decent chap. If the Romney crowd is trying to blow off Sarah and the Tea Party, they are making a terrible mistake, because the consequences would turn out to be terrible not only for us, but also for our great grandchildren!

    To get Obama out we’ll have to vote for the candidate that is running, even if he were a dog with a broken leg!

  4. Isaac Poses Potential Problems for RNC Reince Preibus

    ——————– This will give Evangelicals heart attacks 🙂

    Issac, SON of SARAH

    The entire base of Evangelicals is not with you 100%, you lost the entire south for a reason that seems to escape you. If you believe that “..oh they’ll come around, they have no choice..”, NO THEY WON’T, not in the numbers they would for a “genuine conservative”, they will stay at home.

    Andrea Saul, Romney campaign spokesman, who shilled against the “you killed my wife ad” with the slap in the Tea Party’s face that Romney Care would have solved that problem! PATHETIC

    What part of that “Come to Jesus Moment’ did you not understand presumptive nominee, Willard Mitt Romney? Politically tone deaf?

    Time to kiss that Palin ring, YOU BETCHA!

  5. For some reason, the RNC is desperately trying to prevent Ron Paul from being nominated at the convention next week. Today they attempted to change their own rule requiring a candidate to have a plurality of delegates in five states to ten states (but failed).

    What is the GOP so scared of? Just let RP be nominated, give his 15 minute speech, and wish him happy retirement.

  6. Why can’t she be there representing FOX?
    Call up that dude ROGER, he can spill it?

    Ever think about that?


    You know, she does not have to speak for me to be happy, but there are some
    who are going to cause a stink, and I am not going to slam them either !

    I still think it is all a RUSE, and she is asurprise to get thing EXCITING.

    I pitty R&R if they are cutting her out (makes them look small), for stupid reasons…MSM…
    She makes the MSM….goe nutty bananas…and that is a GOOD thing !

    NOT Chrissy Matthews, he is fulltime nutty dirt-bag (O-bu$$-sniffer)…all the time !

  7. Reince Preibus IS LYING, but that is not the first time…..

    Governor (3 fiscal yrs), Oil Regulator (1 yr), Mayor (6 fiscal yrs), City Councilwoman (4 fiscal yrs), and Small Business Owner (18 fiscal yrs), SARAH PALIN (C-AK)

    She is the GOLD STANDARD in the Conservative movement today where there is no match to her electric popularity and cogent, working Americans, argument for restoring our foundational principles now lost or challenged daily by Establishment Cronies on “both sides of the aisle”.

    Compare a “Genuine Conservative” … Sarah Palin

    Compare a “EuroTrash” Democrat ……like Barrack Obama

    Compare a “Blithering Idiot” Democrat … Joe Biden

  8. Coming together to take back America. That was the message of the Tea Party and the RNC since 2010. I suspect the RNC doesn’t appreciate the obvious lackluster praise Palin has offered up for Romney and Palin wasn’t offered a prime time slot.

    My friends and I haven’t been to a rally but we believe in the sentiment of the Tea Party. I suspect that will be the case in Nov.

    Leave the pettiness at the door, people, our children and grandchildren depend on it.

  9. Priebus is not credible. The guv is doing him and the GOPe a big favor by letting them off the hook. They do not deserve her, but she is the good soldier, as always, and knows this is not about her. Akin could learn something about leadership by observing how the guv always puts first things first.

  10. We will probably never know the details unless someone spills the negoitiations and I doubt that either side would comment further.

    It may well be that after seeing the uproar over her not being included they decided to offer her some early time – welll before any national exposure and something minor like introducing a speaker. I can’t believe that even that invite wouldn’t have come with restrictions about what she could say.

    Hard to see Palin seeing that type of invite as anything other than a diss and she probably wouldn’t willingly help the GOP diminish her.

  11. He sure hedged on that one. The networks will cover only 1-hour each night, from 10:00-11:00 pm EDT. He said she was offered some “prime-time” spot from 7-11 “when all the delegates would be there and attentive.” That doesn’t cut it. Unless Gov. Palin was given a speaking slot from 10-11 when all America would be watching, the offer was nonsense. I suspect that is exactly what happened, and she turned them down flat. I’m still furious at the Republicans and Romney for snubbing her, and I won’t watch any of it Super Yoni.

  12. Something does not add up here from what I have been reading on some of these sites. I believe I heard a comment by Sarah, that she had left a place in her schedule for a possible invite to speak at the GOP convention. Then I read on this site and a few others, that her supporters are angered because she has never received an invitation to speak at the Convention. Now I hear from the RNC Chairman, that she in fact, was invited to speak in prime time, but has declined to do so. What is really going on here?

    Quite frankly, I don’t like what I am hearing and I do believe Sarah needs to clarify what is going on. Supposedly, we are all in this fight to win and to save our Republic, but we now have a central figure with a large following, who is supposedly being left out of the Convention equation and creating quite a rift. If party supporters cannot be unified, there will be no GOP victory come November! One now wonders, who is misleading whom?

  13. So just because Preibus now says she was offerred a prime spot we’re supposed to figure she just blew the RNC off? Why should we believe him now? Why should we believe him now? Seems like this would have been the explanation back when all the uproar hit the fan – not now. If course he’d like this to put the issue to rest. But it’s hard to see why he would think passing the blame to Palin would somehow make her supporterrs less pissed.

  14. Why did Brother Mark tiptoe into asking the question? Old hard ass Levin fearful of Lil’ ole Reince?

  15. Reince sounds like a politician. He’s a vast improvement over Steele.

    It’s funny, Paul Ryan makes me feel like he’s honest and a straight shooter… this guy doesn’t leave me with a warm fuzzy at all.

    I hope he’s a stand up guy… I don’t trust Republicans anymore, and Reince isn’t alleviating my fears… not really.

  16. Oh pooh on Mike H! Entertainer yes, but motivator? Nah…I am an Arkie. I know. He has NEVER been a fan of Sarah, Rush, Mitt or any other politician he was competing against.

    I don’t dislike Mike, but he is NO conservative, and he is very much part of the establishment. Not a rino, but establishment. He is smoooooozer.

    I believe RNC chair. No reason to lie. Sarah is a tough negotiator and and she has been through the shredder with the ‘pub party. If there was a grammatical error she would not let it slip. No Sarah, is their problem….and remember, Mitt, Jeb, Sanford, Tpaw — right after the 08 election went of a sorta bus tour and they trashed Sarah. Especially Jeb and Tpaw. So I have no use for Jeb or Tpaw.

    It does not matter, hurricane is cause problems along with New Black Panthers. None of this matters. It is just a waste of time and money. What matters is to win the election! In all areas: house, senate, presidency! If that doesn’t happen…nothing matters.

    1. “”Atleast we will have Mike Huckabee to entertain us and motivate us.”” This comment was meant as sarcasm. Personally, I blame Akin partly on Huckabee. Huck still hasn’t spoken against Akin. Yet he will speak at the convention.

  17. I think there is more to this story. If Preibus is telling the truth, I suspect the issue may have been what Palin would say in her speech. I’m sure the GOP establishment and the Romney campaign would want her speech scripted their way. No doubt she would come across more presidential than Romney.

  18. Here is what I think happened. They were not going to invite her. They had Cheney be their trial balloon to see how negative they could be with her when not inviting her. Saw they could not publicly diss her like he did. So came up with whatever condition it would take to get Palin to decline. My guess is that they gave her the role of introducing Nicki Haley. Thats the ticket.

    Palin was the first female VP in Republican history. You don’t wait until two days after the new VP pick to negotiate, unless you were judging for reaction from conservatves about the new guy. They decided they didn’t need her and made their low ball offer.

    I believe that if they really wanted Palin there she would be speaking. She indicated she was eagerly awaiting the invitation to the dance. Then Priebus lied about not inviting anybody. The day after he said that President Bush announced he had been invited and had decided to turn it down.

    No big deal. We know the Republican establishment can’t stand her and want her to vanish. They at war with her.

    Atleast we will have Mike Huckabee to entertain us and motivate us.

  19. All I get from all this blabbing here is that none of you know a dang thing about Reince Priebus and exactly how far he’s been willing to severely tick off the establishment for the sake of the country. You really don’t.

  20. Sarah has other plans at the convention. What are they? I have no clue.

    It was reported back in Apris that SarahPAC had rented a booth somewhere near the convention site and a big fuss was made over the $3,500.00/night hotel room that was also secured by the same “group” that rented the booth. (The hotel room isn’t mentioned in this article – I can’t find that article.)

    After Sarah voted in Alaska’s primary she did an interview with CNN where she said “my plan is to be at that convention.” Here:

    Just a few days ago, in an interview on FOX News, SP said (when asked by Greta about the RNC): “I am so anxious to hear new voices; to see these new faces. What I said in ’08 still stands true today as I predicted what would happen when Barack Obama had opportunity to fulfill his promise to fundamentally transform America. And we see exactly what is happening. Those statements still stand true; those predictions (are) coming to fruition. So, my statement is the same as it was back in ’08 so now I want to hear these new voices.”

  21. Democrats would love to see her in prime time. Let’s not give them red meat. She’s wonderful for our party, but she does represent the past and a failed campaign. Not a good optic. We have fabulous speakers, including Artur Davis who will explain why he, as a black man, left the Democrat party. Let’s look to the great people we can showcase this year like Davis, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Christie, etc. – not Bush, not Cheney, not Palin. We love them all, but it’s a new day, and they will just energize the lunatic left and the media.

    1. She doesn’t represent any failed campaign because she DID NOT FAIL.

      It is John McCain and the republican clique that has failed and is destined to fail again.

    2. Wrong. Palin did not fail and more than any other individual she was the powerful symbol of recovery in 2010. It is the Bushes, the Roves, the Cheneys and the MCains who represent the past and represent failure. Palin represents resilliance and endurance. In these respects she has no peers. The can’t have her at the Convention bexause without even trying she will show up the likes of Romney and Christi for the dull mediocrities that they are. The Left and the Democrats of course know this well.

    3. And exactly how does Romney not represent past & failed campaigns? The man couldn’t even win the nomination last cycle.

    4. Sorry, but Christie is a social liberal. Davis needs to prove himself a Conservative. I do not jump on anyone’s band wagon just because they are the newest flavor of the month. Do you remember Scott Brown, our former Conservative savior? Sarah is the future, the real deal and the “new day” for Conservatism and is fearless. I really can not take the hand wringing and “let’s not get the left and the media angry at us!” “Let’s not give the Democrats red meat”. To heck with them! I am a Conservative Carnivore and I want people like Sarah and West that do not give a darn what the other side thinks and especially what some limp wristed independents think. I do not think you are really a fan of Sarah’s at all and certainly do not think you would admit it in mixed company. Lambfound you need to get your Lionfound.

  22. Kimmy Kimkim, here’s why Sarah Palin isn’t going to the convention: 1) She’ll instantly overshadow Romney and Ryan, which would not be good for the ticket, 2) Romney knows democrat enthusiasm is down, and the very sight of Gov. Palin would energize the looney libs, and 3) The corrupt, liberal media would mention ad nauseum how Romney was considered less qualified than Sarah in 2008, which McCain has said.
    I hope you can handle such logic, but I’m not holding my breath.

    1. Nice try. She’s not going because SHE WASN’T INVITED. Doesn’t matter what “reasons” you come up with. She’s the skanky girl hanging around outside the prom hoping for the leftovers.

  23. Sarah Palin WASN’T invited for the same reason BUSH wasn’t invited. They are BOTH failed politicians that the RNC considers an embarrassment. Sorry that none of you want to believe that, but its true.

    Oh, and what a “champion of women’s rights” Sarah is. Akin is shown to be the PIG he is and all she can say is “I told you so”?? Not a WORD about the horror & trauma of rape or its effect on a woman’s SOUL. Nope. Just her usual selfish, mean-spirited rhetoric. Didn’t her OWN DAUGHTER claim to be RAPED in a tent??? She could’ve used this opportunity to speak out for women’s dignity and instead she chose to be a vindictive shrew.

    Yeah, what a “grizzly mama” she turned out to be.

    1. You ludicrous leftist APE. Sarah has too much class to gloat over the demise of the sorry individual who is destined to self-distract anyway.

      Equally, she could destroy Romney within secends if she wanted, but her love for the country is greater than her obvious ambitions…

      Only brain dead monkey like yourself cannot see that.

  24. Reince, it sounds like you’re lying through your teeth.
    I thought I was listening to someone from the Obama campaign…with all the uh-uh’s.

  25. Sarah rents a spot in Tampa months in advance and as John_Frank points out she left 4 days open. Now Priebus says “she was invited to speak it just turns out her schedule and I think she was planning on staying up in Alaska anyway and it didn’t work out” LOL, really, that was the best you could do Reince.

    Everyone would love her to speak at the convention so where is the problem oh I forgot “she was planning on staying up in Alaska anyway” after renting space and leaving 4 days free.

    But what had me laughing was when Mark ask “a prime time slot?” and the reply “I don’t know what you mean by prime time” Mark: “when everyone’s watching t.v” that was funny.

  26. Why so flustered there Reince? You’re the one who organizes this whole shindig? You couldn’t point to a specific time when one of the most high profile speakers in the party that would no doubt bring the house down with her speech. You have NO CLUE when she woulda been speaking? Rigggghhhhttt. Someone doesn’t want her there? huckaboob of Rmoney??

    The RNC will never get one red dime from me. Not one! You elitest have screwed over the only woman who could unite the party. So good luck with the last of the losers!!

      1. Jealous of the truly successful woman, aren’t we?

        It is obvious that you are binging on your own poison.

        I can only imagine how UGLY you must be…

        P.S: Sarah has also a VERY handsome husband…

        Take it you moron…

  27. I still think there is a RUSE going on. I sent them a plan.


    No, Sarah is not BAT Woman, but she could sure “show up” and raise the roof, no?

    I suggested she walk out with the Chick-Fil-A girl who was so kind and sweet to the lefty jerk.

    That kid’s parents must be walking on air.

    How bettter can you show off your values and make women proud.

    At the very least PALIN could engage Biden in a debate and rough him up (verbally) and “chain” him to a the FLAG POLE.

      1. She has NEVER promised you troglodyte…

        And there was NOTHING to chicken out from because she has done to the conservative movement more than any other alive American.

        Why should she run for the leadership of the morally degenerate organisation that has no more courage than to keep stabbing her in the back.

        Even the people who owe her their political victories turned their backs on her.

        The GOP has invested more effort to damage Palin than to fight Obama and Democrats.

        So has Romney…

  28. Not sure if I believe this one…seems fishy to me…something is not right. She is not speaking so we move on on that note but I glad Mark asked him. I certainly like Sarah campaigning and she is a great mover. I wish they would work together to defeat the Marxist and other Dems….that objective must remain paramount!!

  29. Preibus said that the problem was scheduling.

    By that he meant, and he started to mumble, something about a problem with the Governor’s schedule and coming from Alaska.

    Well guess what. That is b.s. Why? Because in the email interview she had with Peter Boyer, which he reported upon in his article published July 16, he wrote:

    Palin is keeping the dates open in late August, just in case. In any event, she says, she plans to be politically active between now and November, starting with a Michigan Tea Party appearance, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. “No matter the Romney campaign strategy,” she says, “I intend to do all I can to join others in motivating the grassroots made up of independents and constitutional conservatives who can replace Barack Obama at the ballot box.”

    Also Preibus said in the interview that she was offered a prime time speaking slot.

    Well, according to a report published by Scott Conroy,on August 13, that is not true.

    The following morning, two Republican sources with knowledge of discussions between the Palin and Romney camps told RCP that Palin would not attend the convention after not receiving an invitation to speak in prime time.

    “They’ve got Ryan now, so they think they’ve got the Tea Party covered,” one of the sources said.

    Bottom line: IMHO Preibus is full of it and he is blowing smoke.

  30. Thank goodness we have “Reince Priebus” on the job.

    Earth to the Republican Party Leadership: It is a very short distance from anger at Obama to an anger at you. Don’t you ever forget it.

  31. I think I will take her at her word: she laid it all out at the last convention; let’s hear what the rest of ’em have to offer. I don’t think Chris Christie or any of the rest of them will come close to SP. She was electrifying, and scared the sh-t out of the Dems and the establishment Republicans.

  32. Doesn’t matter if he’s lying or not. What I get from this is that the RNC is feeling the heat of not having Palin there as a featured speaker. That bodes well.

  33. Why is everyone here jumping into conclusions? we heard his side of the story, lets hear what Sarah Has to say about it, believe me this guy is a better chairman than wasserman on the democratic side.

    1. Because we already know the Governor’s side of the story.

      Preibus said that the problem was scheduling.

      By that he meant, and he started to mumble, something about a problem with the Governor’s schedule and coming from Alaska.

      Well guess what. That is b.s. Why? Because in the email interview she had with Peter Boyer, which he reported upon in his article published July 16, he wrote:

      Palin is keeping the dates open in late August, just in case. In any event, she says, she plans to be politically active between now and November, starting with a Michigan Tea Party appearance, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. “No matter the Romney campaign strategy,” she says, “I intend to do all I can to join others in motivating the grassroots made up of independents and constitutional conservatives who can replace Barack Obama at the ballot box.”

      Also Preibus said in the interview that she was offered a prime time speaking slot.

      Well, according to a report published by Scott Conroy,on August 13, that is not true.

      The following morning, two Republican sources with knowledge of discussions between the Palin and Romney camps told RCP that Palin would not attend the convention after not receiving an invitation to speak in prime time.

      “They’ve got Ryan now, so they think they’ve got the Tea Party covered,” one of the sources said.

      Bottom line: Priebus is full of it. He is blowing smoke.

  34. I don’t know if I am right or it even matters considering we MUST defeat Obummer, but I think the GOP has a McCain/Palin memory freak out. Anal?

  35. I bet that she did not take the speaking slot, because the RNC wanted to control what she said, and she was not allowed to slam obama in her usual style. Now we just have to wait and see how she responds.

  36. I take his answer to mean that Palin was offered an evening slot, but not during the hours that the broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox) will be airing.

    For example ABC will only broadcast will only air one hour a night for three nights. I guarantee if she was offered a speaking slot in any of those three hours she would have taken it.

    1. We don’t know the speaking terms, i.e. what would she be required to say, etc.

      The problem with his statement is that he is claiming the problem was scheduling and that IMV is nonsense, given that she told Peter Boyer she was holding the 4 days open.

    2. he said 8pm to 11 pm

      Here at Ground Zero of the Republican National Convention, news that big broadcast TV networks ABC, CBS and NBC will only air three hours of event coverage in prime time may surprise those who know an estimated 15,000 journalists are expected to hit Tampa next week.

      ABC News will send several of its stars to Tampa for the Republican National Convention, including top anchor Diane Sawyer, Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos and Nightline co-host Terry Moran.

      But much of that coverage won’t make it to ABC’s prime time broadcasts, as the network currently plans only to air an hour of coverage at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the convention, Aug. 28 to 30.

  37. Scheduling issues? Please, Preibus. That’s nonsense. The Governor made it clear in her email interview with Peter Boyer that she was holding the 4 days open.

    Also, in an article published by Scott Conroy on the Monday following the announcement, he spoke to two people in the GOP who were familiar with the discussions and they said she was not offered a prime time speaking slot.

  38. Priebus sounds like he is BSing, it still sounds murky, they may have wanted to control what Sarah Palins speech would be, being that the GOP establisment are control freaks.

  39. I find it amazing that the Vice Presidential candidate for the Republican Party in the last election four years ago is not speaking at the Convention when everyone else and their dog is.
    As for why she is not speaking… my personal guess is that she did not want to as she would have had to bend herself like a pretzel to be able to praise Romney and she did not want to have to stand in front of everyone and do that. I think she thinks he is a wishy washy Establishment Republican and not truly the reformer she wants.
    I believe that there is a lot of stuff that never made the light of day that exists between the Romney operation and her and none of it is good. That is my own personal opinion. That is why she hardly ever uses his name when she talks about the election and why every time she tries to say “our candidate” and “anybody but Obama”.
    As for Priebus… as with everything that has to do with Sarah Palin…. I do not believe anything until I hear directly from Sarah Palin as to what is going on, what has happened and what is going to happen. Everything else is just bull crap.

  40. Mark Levine is annoying , he acts like he ‘s the party boss, dude your one person out of dozens that has a conservative talk show, and sorry Missouri is not the only way to 51 seats.

    1. Although I agree with everything Mark Levin says, I do agree that sometimes he does sound a little condescending and you are right he did sound like he is the big boss, and that does not help our cause, in a time when we conservatives and establishment republicans have to be completely united.

  41. I have “MOTHER OF ALL IDEAS”

    Have Gov. Palin set up a stage –

    To the RIGHT of whre Joe Biden will be –

    Let’s see who wins that BATTLE


    have a CASE of DEPENDS on the stage in plain view
    (I am so evil)

    1. I can see Skippy now, after seeing Palin across from him – “Y’all puttin’ me back in chains!!! Get away from me, you Monster Grizzly.”

            1. Wasn’t looking for a shot. You’re not worth the hollow point.

              Is that what you are doing, then, taking potshots?

    2. Thanks for the link. We know dems have no shame, or respect for the tradition of letting the other party have the run of their convention city – so R&R should make a point of scheduling three or four day days of campaign stops in Charlotte. How about Sept. 3rd. through Sept. 6th?

      Rub the dem’s noses in R&R’s crowd sizes – make ’em weep.

      1. Sounds like a plan to get plugs bumped off, and Hilary forced to replace him! Hope this gets wide circulation and they have to back off.

  42. …seemed to indicate that it never got past negotiations to an actual time slot and date.

    Yeah, I’m sure it never got past the negotiations of them saying, “Here’s your speech, read it the way we want you to” and her saying, “This momma grizzly don’t cater to no RINOs in this jungle”.

    We may never know what went on, but we do know she’ll be a voice right up to and beyond the election.

    1. I distinctly remember Sarah being asked in an interview(sorry can’t remember who’s) if she was speaking at the convention. She replied: Yes they have called and asked if she was interested. She then asked them what the details were and they said they would have to get back to her. Until then they had’nt called back. I believe this was the end of August. I don’t believe Mr Preibus is being completely honest.

    1. I dont think so, she cares more about the country than anything, and she knows that Romney is our nominee and the main purpose is to defeat Obama.

      1. I never said she didn’t support Romney but he wasn’t her first pick… It’s the only pick we have over Obama. Romney and Palin go together like Peanut Butter and Tuna Fish. Palin boosting up Romney would just make me sick, Lol.

  43. thank you mark for asking.
    preibus answered saying she was offered a spot, he did not have the exact time 8m -11 pm, it was a nite spot.
    many people can put this to rest, i like sarah she was my governor, but just because she is not speaking does not mean, the repubs stopped her, or did something, or shunned her, that is all i have heard for weeks, seems she was asked. i can’t imagine preibus going on a national radio show and lying. i will miss her speaking, but if she has something to say she will tell us. until then. viva sarah!

      1. i am entitled to my opinion, he is going to go on a national radio program and lie. ya right. sarah is a strong person, if she has something different to say, she will say it.
        for months all anyone has talked about it sarah was shunned, ignored, well preibus, said she was offered a spot, so that is ignored and now he is a liar? so people can continue to go on? no thanks.

        1. He said that the issue was scheduling. That’s b.s.

          In her email interview with Boyer she made it clear that she was holding the 4 days open.

          Also, on the Monday after she issued her statement Scott Conroy published a piece in which he said he spoke to two senior people in the GOP who were familiar with the discussions and they both told Conroy she was not offered a prime time speaking slot.

          1. i listened to what he said. i know what he said, unless sarah says something totally different, there is no reason to say he lied.

            1. Preibus has every reason to “spin” and “lie” in an effort to beat back the story line that the Romney campaign did not invite the Governor, etc., etc.

              1. Thanks for sharing how you know more about what happened than Sarah. She doesn’t need you defending her, she’s a mama grizzly. If he’s lying, she’ll speak out. So get over it.

              1. Yeah, the RNC is an establishment as they get. The RNC wouldn’t let her go. Wouldn’t be the first time someone called Palin a liar. Some people called her a liar after she said she wasn’t going to run and when she said she’s gotten behind the ticket.

          2. Please don’t be offended but is that anything like Dingy Harry’s covert witness to Mitt’s taxes?

        2. Yes he would lie. Your talking about the party,that planted two Bushbot’s ( Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt’s ) inside of McCain’s campaign in order to destroy her. Priebus is a Bushbot and he is Lying!

            1. Pathetic kimmy kimkin. It is clear that you have NO brain and that the spinal cord has taken over your quasi-mental functions.

            2. If you believe Sarah Palin has been “destroyed”, you are utterly delusional. Since 2008, Couric has lost her job as news anchor, as has Charlie Gibson, and Oprah lost viewership and is now bleeding red ink on her new gig.

              By contrast, Sarah Palin has prospered and her political influence has steadily grown among grass roots conservatives and Tea Party good government advocates. Anyone running for office would love her endorsement, since it so often leads to victory.

              No one is seeking Obama’s endorsement, especially among Dems running for office this year, as well as in 2010. They avoid even having their pictures taken with him. Several are boycotting the Dem nominating convention. Or maybe the facts are things you choose to ignore when they contradict the delusional narrative playing over and over in your little head.

              The only thing that has been “destroyed” is your ability to marry your opinions with the facts.

      2. Reince Preibus is a stand up mid western guy. If he says they offered her a position then they did. I love Sarah Palin, absolutely love her. If you listened to her last night on Greta you will have heard what she thinks about all of this and about Akin and running a third party. Sometimes I think people forget her start was cleaning up the Republican party in Alaska…not Dems. She is fearless and uncomfortable with “party” dynamics for that reason. There is nothing wrong with a little skeptisism on both serves the conservative movement well and provides ongoing CQI. We need gung ho members and we also need skeptics to question. Plenty of room for both, without calling names. They all have a part to play and purpose that serves the greater good.

    1. yes, they did stop her…..if they gave her a great time and let her speak against Obama, she would be speaking…………..common sense……..

        1. What did she lie about and when did she lie about it? I want proof and not from left-wing blogs. Real proof, not opinions.

      1. Whatever happened with the venue that Palin rented near the convention center? Has her plan to stage an event there been cancelled?

    1. In the thread people are going with an either/or scenario….

      There is an alternative:

      Nobody is lying.

      Yes, she left her schedule open but perhaps Sarah Palin changed her mind about attending at the last minute…..

      Four years ago, was a special moment, and it’d be cool for her to speak but it’s still something of a unique experience for Sarah and her family to have had that, and now she’s seeing Ryan taking up his role, getting his feet wet where she was on the campaign trail?

      To look back on that, from her POV there must be a conflict of emotions and nostalgia as well as disappointment about the negative aspects.

      Maybe it’s easier for her to step aside, I was offended that the RNC would not ask her to speak, but it seems she was invited.

      I think she wasn’t “spinning” anything,

      Priebus sounded nervous but I don’t like to think about conspiracies, maybe he was confused too, as to why she’s not attending if Sarah really vetoed going last minute which is why his answers are weak.

      Then you got the Romney campaign’s say, which Priebus would have less control over….

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