Reince Priebus smacks down the “War on Women” meme

Earlier today Reince Priebus sat down with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts to discuss the fictitious war on women. It took all of three seconds for the hackery to begin. In the arrogance typical of the left, Roberts expected Priebus to “walk back” his previous statements on the war on women, to which Priebus responded:

“I’m not going to walk back, I’m going to double down on it. This war on women is a fiction the Democrats have created, and the real war on women is the war this president has put forward on the American people by not following through on his promises, by having women disproportionately affected by the economy”

Take a look:

I’m glad the RNC is focusing on jobs rather than allowing the Democrats to reduce all women to a uterus for political gain.

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39 thoughts on “Reince Priebus smacks down the “War on Women” meme

  1. “I think the term is pro-choice.” Don’t try and church up abortion. Pro-choice is pro-abortion you idiot.

    Reince smacked that idiot down. He’s way better than Michael Steele.

  2. Is it just me or was that announcer of the news just spouting the Obama talking points? This one was really getting the gag factor up there. This one got a four out of five on the barf bucket scale. Of course since they all seem to espouse the same thing in the MSM then my hash tag of Zombiemorons is appropriate.

    1. Female children in particular. Abortion is the real war on women, a war that has had far too many casualties.

  3. give em hell Reince !!! On Wisconsin !!!!! many great people fight many great fights out of Wisconsin

  4. I’ll give RP credit: he takes no crap. But why does any Republican go on these ridiculous liberal shows?

  5. There’s a lesson here: Democrats, liberals, leftists, etc. believe their views are normal/mainstream and anything that differs is extreme and indicative of a psychological malady.

    1. Agree, Thomas definately put out an air of opinion that the right was crazy for not supporting abortion. And that anti-abortion laws that have gone up are anti-women even though there are thousands of women who are anti-abortion.

  6. Why do you liberals think women are meditating on their ovaries when the job market is in the tank, gas and energy prices are rising, Iran is going nuclear, the dollar is falling, inflation is coming, the housing market is more dismal than ever and our schools are failing our children????

    1. Because EVERYTHING libs know and stand for revolves around Roe v. Wade. It is the cornerstone of the party platform.

      1. That is a very important point. I’ve maintained for years that the post-2000 election polarization, and the calls that Bush “stole” the election, were all about Roe V. Wade.

  7. “I reject the premise of your question!”….that is a phrase EVERY Republican must learn right now, and must use often when dealing with pinko press morons! Not to mention, when they bring up this nonsense crap about how many this-and-that legislations have passed (I know that is not a word, but you know what I mean) taking this or that “away” from women they should be SLAMMED with a retort about WHY Democrats want to run on social issues when clearly the economy, a war, energy, jobs, and national security are much more pressing issues. WHY do you Democrats want to drag us back to 1950 when women were viewed as a group who needed special protection???

  8. Well done Reince! He is getting good ,now if only some of the “FU I am not taking your dumb left theory as fact and getting defensive, Obama is a Miserable FAILURE” attitude could rub off on Romney we may be OK

  9. The GOP should dismiss the leftist attacks and bring the discussion back to what obama has done to America. The GOP must not play the leftists game and stay focused.

  10. I am really disliking the GOP at this point, but that guy is a very good spokesperson. Very good at untwisting the BS and does pretty well when he tries to re-focus the conversation.

  11. Reince Priebus smacks down the “War on Women” meme ‘

    Fantastic RNC! More of Reince on “Lame Street”, please. Truth is Stronger than Lies!!!!

  12. Oh, man….I don’t know if Obama’s losing the so-called war on women. From what I understand, this bullcrap is increasing his support from women. I would hope women are smart enough to see what the Democrats are doing to lie to them. I think the majority of support he gets from women are the single ones with kids….and the reason is obvious.

    1. It’s increasing his support from women in polls that skew 11 points in favor of democrats. And he is winning by a hair…..among registered voters 9 months before the election instead of “likely voters” which is a far more predictive polling sample. I wouldn’t get all worked up about it.

      1. Of course not, but I can just imagine what fact twisting accusations are going to come in the next few months.

  13. This is great… more Republicans need to learn how to confront the Democrat media complex’s leftist/progressive narrative and argument staging, and nip it in the bud. Priebus did just that when he returned to the “pro abortion” “pro life” classifications that this media dweeb was trying to discredit, and he deconstructed the liberal talking points in short order. Kudos to him.

  14. STFU you liberal word-burner. Couching the murder of the unborn in rhetoric as if the self-righteous left gives a damn about women is the height of hypocracy. The class warfare crap is old and tired. It isn’t just women that are affected by this lousy economy and high gas prices…its everyone. That’s Obama’s failure, and by degree the failure of nedia sychophants like those employed at MSLSD.

    Lean forward a little more MSLSD, and you can bet Obama will shove it even deeper. Morons

  15. I wish once that someone would stop in the middle of an interview like this and ask why the journolist is completely jousting them from the Democratic playbook. Is this a debate between the Democrat positions and the Republican positions or an interview?

    Just once would I love to see the interviewee stop from being pulled further into the trap. Is it an interview or a debate?

  16. We’re standing for the right of women to live, they’re standing for a woman’s right to kill her own children…

  17. I’m recently a pro-life person (because of that kermit gosnell abortion factory horror show in PA, unfortunately) but in the past I was always “pro-choice”, because I figured I would never get one personally, so “whatever, man”. My eyes are wide open now.

    I thought the way I did, because I was trained to by the constant lies of pro-choice people. “It’s only a lump of cells” being the biggest lie that gets constantly spread by the baby killers.

    This “war on women” thing reeks of desperation. Republicans are women too. How many female Democrat governors are there again? Oh right, lets not look at the “True but False” evidence.

          1. There is no good abortion story. Except maybe the movie October Baby, we have been trying to get out to see it for a week and a half.

        1. How many others? Unanswerable … absolutely horrific. The day I read about that butcher on Michelle Malkin’s website is the day I found out my son and his girlfriend were in the family way.

          Fortunately they didn’t take the irresponsible way out as many their age do today and we are blessed with a beautiful baby boy. That lump of cells bullcrap is the most egregious lie ever promoted and medical professionals have known it from the get go. An uninformed public believed it and now ultrasound puts that lie to it’s proper death.

          I was present during the ultrasound of my grandson and honestly I recognized him when he was born. I spent the day with him yesterday and treasure every moment.

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