Remember the Iraqi mechanic who sabotaged an American Airlines plane? He might have ties to ISIS

Earlier this month we told you about an Iraq-born American Airlines mechanic who was charged with sabotaging an airplane before it took off. It was said that he was upset about stalled negotiations between American Airlines and his mechanics’ union. But now it turns out that he might have ties to ISIS:

Prosecutor say he had ISIS propaganda on his phone and a brother in ISIS:

A Miami aircraft maintenance worker who allegedly tampered with an American Airlines plane over the summer has possible terrorist ties with the Islamic State, prosecutors said in court Wednesday.

Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, 60, is being held without bond after a judge ruled that Alani posed a flight risk after prosecutors argued that the mechanic had a brother who was a member of ISIS.

Alani, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Iraq who has worked as an airline mechanic for 30 years, allegedly had ISIS propaganda on his phone, Assistant U.S. Attorney Maria Medetis said. A video depicting people being shot was allegedly sent from his phone. Alani also told the individual he sent the video to that he wanted Allah to cause harm to non-Muslims, prosecutors say.

Two witnesses also told prosecutors that Alani mentioned to them he had a brother who was in ISIS, but gave conflicting accounts according to the prosecutor.

An American Airlines coworker claimed that Alani said he had to go to Iraq to visit a brother who was a member of ISIS, but a roommate alleged Alani said he had to go because his brother was kidnapped.

Investigators found no evidence of the brother being kidnapped on the phone, nor did prosecutors provide evidence of a brother in ISIS.

I said last time that Alani would have a hard time convincing people that he didn’t have ulterior motives. And that was BEFORE the ISIS propaganda and the possible ISIS brother.

I really hated to make assumptions just based on his name and his country of origin, but now it’s really looking a lot more like this is a legitimate case of terrorism. And I’m glad prosecutors aren’t scared to go this route because…you know, islamophobia.

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21 thoughts on “Remember the Iraqi mechanic who sabotaged an American Airlines plane? He might have ties to ISIS

  1. This low life has been doing his dirty deeds for quite a while. Not the first airline where he’s been caught trying to sabotage the mechanics of an air craft. Why wasn’t he jailed the first time??

  2. It’s why the evil one chose “American” airlines.

    Since 9 11, I’ve been praying that all of these evil plots against us would be found out & stopped before anything happened. Jesus taught us in the Our Father how to pray. Deliver us from evil…this is what all of us need to ask for every day!

  3. When this story first came out many days ago I said that this was his way of going to Allah. He wanted to sacrifice/kill all those in that plane so he can be with his Allah. His body maybe on earth but his spirit and mind is with Allah and Allah will embrace him and take a tour of heaven when he dies. Now the story is true

  4. Let’s give this guy a break. Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani is a good Irish name. So he had ISIS propaganda on his phone and a brother in ISIS. Anyone could have put that on his phone while he laid it down on the strip club bar. Couldn’t any of us have a wayward brother who is a black sheep of the family who could have joined a nefarious fraternal organization? I mean come on!

  5. It’s okay, RS. No need to be afraid of admitting that you profile people, after all, it is that same practice that keeps Israel safe.

  6. I wonder what American Airlines’ vetting process entails and wonder the same about the other airlines and wonder since the federal government is so entwined with this industry as it should be, is there a vetting done through it as well?

      1. And got hired on with American after that? Just wow. That’s really scary. Who makes these decisions? (that’s a rhetorical question of course)

  7. “He might have ties to ISIS”

    You mean, like all muslims? Every single member of the ‘death cult of islam’ has ties to ISIS – ISIS is islam – islam is ISIS – this is a simple fact.

    1. Ironic, because one of my sisters is a hostess at Sky Harbor and goes through TSA every work day. Even though they know her, she can’t bring a bowl of chicken soup for lunch.

  8. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, 100% certain it is a duck. Do not feel bad that you were suspicious of this man’s motives, it is called discernment.

  9. I knew it!!!! I had a gut feeling that this was terrorism in the making. I heard this on the radio late afternoon but couldn’t find the story anywhere so thanks so much for posting it.

    This makes me really mad! As I posted before, my kids & granddaughter flew in & out of FL right after this, and they were cancelling flights due to “possible mechanical issues”. Thank you Lord that they caught this guy before anything happened!

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