Remembering 9/11: A day we should never forget

I was in Rocky Mount, NC on September 11, 2001, about 135 miles east of where I hailed from back then. I worked for a textile company back then as part of their computer tech support and I was at one of our textile plants that morning troubleshooting some issue that I don’t remember very well. Actually there is much about that day that I don’t remember very well.

As I was working on a computer that morning I noticed people gathering around a small TV they had in the plant and I went over to see what the commotion was about. My heart sank as I watched images of a plane fly into one of our buildings in New York City. I remember feeling quite bewildered that something like that could even happen. It was so overwhelming that there was no way I could sit back down and work on that computer, as if it didn’t happen. I couldn’t ignore it. Life suddenly came to a screeching stop.

I don’t remember if they decided to close the plant that day or what exactly transpired after that, but I remember leaving the plant after a short while and heading home. I remember listening to NPR coverage back then on my trip back, trying to get more information about what happened, who had done it and why.

I got back to our headquarters building and sat down at my desk and pulled up CNN’s website and noticed they were slammed. They had so much traffic that day they had to put up a single page with minimal photos and text just to keep people informed of what was happening.

I remember that night, watching President George W. Bush come on TV, vowing to find those responsible. I remember wanting him to slam his fist on his desk and show some presidential passion, some anger that this could have happened. Looking back I know without question that he felt those passions and so much more.

I remember the days after that, still feeling bewildered that something like that could happen. The smoke from the towers seemed to never end as it filled the air over that portion of New York City. I remember the photos of people covered in concrete dust and the cars that were nothing but empty burnt-out frames.

It was still difficult in those few days after 9/11 to do my job. I remember having conversations with colleagues about whether we thought something like that would happen again, and when. I just knew something else would happen, at least that was my prediction. But in the following days and weeks and months, nothing happened. I wasn’t sure why at the time, but was very glad that I was wrong.

Turns out I wasn’t wrong. We just happened to have a President and Commander-in-Chief who meant every word he said on the day the towers fell, and made sure that we weren’t attacked like that again under his tenure.

And it is with a feeling of gratitude that I write this post, that thanks to his leadership as President and Commander-in-Chief, our brave men and women pursued our enemies and kept us safe. Even to this day his leadership echoes into the present as we’ve been able to stop many more terrorists thanks to the infrastructure that was put in place after 9/11.

I’m not sure where you were on 9/11, but one thing I remember from that day is the feeling that I was connected to all of my brothers and sisters across this great nation. For a moment in time nothing else mattered as we all unified in the days afterward. It was a great feeling.

I’ll leave you with the famous video of President George W. Bush with his bullhorn in New York City on top of a car, reassuring Americans that not only could he hear us, but that our enemies would soon be hearing from all of us:

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181 thoughts on “Remembering 9/11: A day we should never forget

  1. A very moving article, Scoop. Thanks.

    Been a long busy day today. Haven’t much time for the Internet due to traveling and work, but wanted to let folks know I was thinking about you all today. I think everyone who hangs out here (well, nearly everyone, I should hope) represents the kind of neighbor others go to when times are hard; so much like the kind of people who will always be remembered on this day. It’s people like you who help me stay confident we can overcome the problems we face as a nation and as a family of people who believe in the American legacy of Liberty.

    While I spent some time this afternoon—up here in Michigan, where the sky was exactly the way it was in New York eleven years ago—thinking about the events of 9-11, I was surprised I did not dwell on the tragic and terrible aspects. My thoughts were only on the reasons why we have come together, here, and in other places around the country to stand up for America, like so many did after the buildings’ collapse tore down the illusion of our invulnerability. I had thoughts on the future we are preparing to build in the aftermath of these recent years of the left’s raw desperation to attain power. For aftermath it is, like an echo of the tragedy eleven years gone. (An echo more due to the failings of the right to reign in the excesses of prosperity-driven largesse, than it was to the immature, magical thinking of the left—the parents left the room, and unsurprisingly, the children took over).

    But now I see a new toughness out there. Unlike the crazed and abusively lied to young men who nervously shoot, shout, and run around in the Middle East, I see here the kind of people that would hold the line in some attack, when the hope of surviving it was lost. The kind of people who would stand in the torrent and face front, knowing they had the better reasons for what they are doing. The kind of people who are fully prepared for war but even more prepared for mercy.

    That preparation is what will carry the day. I trust in this as I would trust in each of you not to falter when the time should come to show why free men always win. While nothing is certain regarding November, I feel we will cross a threshold either way. One aimed directly at a new beginning, and one aimed at a costly effort to erase the destruction done to the American Moment. I see we are prepared now for either outcome, at least mentally, and that’s good. One road is going to require maturity, discipline and restraint; the other may require more than most should ever be called to give.

    Eleven years ago today, many showed that regular Americans do heed that call. And that is why I know we will prevail.

    A good evening to all, and may the blessings of God be with you.

    1. Dear K-Bob, just clicking on like doesn’t do justice to your eloquent and inspiring comment. People will hear you loud and clear.
      Thank you.

  2. 9/11 is a day that will be forever etched in our memories. My heart and prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones that day.

    And I thank all of our brave men and women who have fought the fight for our freedom!

    May we NEVER forget the evil of Islam!
    May we NEVER forget 9/11!
    God Bless America — My Home, Sweet Home!!!!

  3. My sister woke me up that morning when we lived in Southern California after the first plane had hit. I was in shock. I remember they showed images over and over on television. George W. Bush was ordained by God to be President at that time. I was thankful for his words of resolve. I was awed by the people on the plane that prevented yet another building being hit by their act of heroism.

    Many American flags were flown on cars after that and pictures of yellow ribbons with the words “United We Stand” abounded. It was a positive feeling to have everyone so supportive of the United States at that time.

  4. I recall driving to work late, after seeing the second plane hit and knowing for sure it was terrorism, and assuming it was islam again.
    That was a day spent glued to the tv in horrified disbelief. What remains is the heartbreak of victim’s families, heroism of the responders, and the feeling that we were all in this together and would prevail. Despite the revisionist attempts of the islamicist sympathizers, this administration, the lsm and present day cowardly Western elites.

    I’ve thought since that day that President Bush will be remembered as one of the best American Presidents, top five for sure. You get wierd looks and arguments when you say this, but to heck with that. He was the man for that time. Wish he still was POTUS. History will be fairer than some of us are today, as long as we win and get to write the history.

  5. Many of you know that I am a huge fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd,
    here is a song by them that I love. I cant even keep a count of how many times I watched the video or listened to it.

    Perfectly titled ” Red White and Blue”

    1. Pretty good song. I’ve not heard it before… About half way in I knew I wanted to hear it again… So now it’s sitting in my computer music folder for future playing. 🙂

    2. “Well, my hair’s turning white. My neck’s always been red. My collar’s still blue.”

      Yep, you pegged me. Great song.

  6. September 11 2001 is a day we will never forget. The tragic images are forever burned in my brain and the pain is seared in my heart.

    Even with some of his other downfails, I to this day applaud President George W Bush for his honor, dignity, and the way he respectfully handled the crisis guiding the citizens of our great Nation.

    He showed us how a President leads in a time of great trouble.

    God Bless America, and please give us strength.

  7. Back in 2001, I was working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. On September 11, 2001, I had just gotten off the midnight shift at the Nuclear plant and arrived home at about 8:00 am. I turned on the TV to catch the stock futures for the day before I hit the sack. Instead of financial news, I got an image of one tower burning, so I sat down to see what the details were.

    It wasn’t long after that when the second tower was hit while live on TV. I sat in horror while both towers burned, people horrifically were jumping from them and subsequently they collapsed, one at a time. I spent the entire morning and half the afternoon in front of that TV set and called off work for that next night. To this day, it is too painful for me to watch replays of that event.

    My two sons were 16 and 18 at the time. That day brought home to me the value of our loved ones more than any day or event ever could. I resolved that very day to spend the rest of my life completely absorbed and involved in their lives, as we can never know when the Lord will decide to take each one of us home.

    It took me almost 6 months, but I was able to retire early from my career, to ensure that I could devote all my time and my life to my children, and subsequently my grandchild (born nine years later). It is a decision I never regretted, but I am so sad that it took such a horrific event to make me see the true value of our loved ones.

    It is a choice that all those families of the fallen people from the towers and the planes will never be able to have. May God have mercy on them and give them comfort in their pain.

    1. Man, I had the same thoughts about ever viewing any documentaries of footage of that day. I bought the DVD a few years ago on 9-11 (It ran in the movie houses and was talked up a lot. I Forget who did it). Still can’t muster up the ability to watch it.

      You are right about the importance of loved ones. After the two Gulf Wars, I made it a point to always know what was coming because I didn’t want my kids to be wasted in some stupid, political war (like Afghanistan has become). That’s why I began reading the founders again, and studying hard on the philosophy of economics and political systems. I just have to know. And more importantly, know WHY I know.

  8. Love him or hate him, at least George Bush was a LEADER. He rallied the people and many of us looked to him for inspiration to carry on at a very difficult time. I’m thankful that George Bush was president during this awful time and not the current occupant of the White House. I always appreciated President Bush….I didn’t always agree with him or some of his policies, but I respected and appreciated him for being a genuine and caring human being.

  9. I was teaching a leadership course at Home Depot HQ that fateful morning. When we realized what was happening, we stopped class and most of us gathered in the main auditorium and watched this unfold on live T.V. – it was projected on a large movie screen.

    My blood stills boils over this.

    God bless the families of those affected and may the good Lord keep our first responders safe, along with our brave military.

    God will judge all the terrorists souls over this outrageous evil.

  10. Just saw the New York tribute to the 3000 Americans who were murdered by savage, hate-filled, racist, blood-thirsty, arrogant Muslims.

    Interesting to note that the chief feature of a plaza, which contains no public toilets, is a waterfall, where water in pumped over the four sides of a hole in the ground. Makes a huge flushing noise. Is that a tribute to Flushing NY?

    Joe dipstick, the current president says that the murders of 3000 Americans by people who still hate everything this nation stands for will creat unity. He is so unbelievably obtuse, small minded and moronic.

    I picture the first steroidal lady, muttering. “All this for a few thousand dead crackers?”

    Makes me want to…

    1. Get a load of this. According to the opinion piece that was the HEADLINE on this morning (the anniversary of 9/11 no less). Turns out, most terrorist attacks are now perpetrated by “far-right extremists”. Here’s the last paragraph:

      “Some politicians and much of the public continue to believe that the threat from terrorists comes from violent jihadists, when in reality far-right extremists pose as much or possibly even more of a threat, something that we would do well to consider on the 11th anniversary of 9/11.”

      (Thanks to Megan Braun, Fatima Mustafa, Farhad Peikar, and Umar Farooq for their research help.)

      Seriously? I think their “Researchers” (Fatima, Farhad and Umar) must have scoured the archives of Al-Jazeera for their data.

      Here’s the full story:

        1. You got that right. There’s an unspoken rule in our car that when that song comes on the radio, it immediately gets cranked way up. Me and my 9 year-old daughter then proceed to belt out the entire lyrics with Toby. Thank God it’s so loud that you can’t hear how bad we sing (especially me). It’s priceless when she gets a little crap-eating grin on her face after the “we’ll put a boot up your ass” line.

          Predictably, Toby caught a lot of crap for that song.

  11. I was finishing up packing, sitting on the living room floor and watching the morning news at my friends house. I was scheduled to fly out of Manchester, NH to LAX that afternoon. I had originally planned to take the United flight from Boston to LAX, which I had done many times before but my friends did not want to drive me to Boston. I would’ve been on that plane had it not been for them not wanting to go to Boston. I didn’t fly out till the following Sunday, waiting everyday with suitcase packed to go. I will never forget that whole week of saddness.

        1. Survivors guilt. It’s a bitch but you’ve got to believe there is a reason we were spared. I don’t know why. That is well above my pay grade.

          1. That’s what I was going to say. Had a similar feeling about a month after coming back from RVN. Still nags. We know how you feel Celestial.

            1. That is part of what I believe Heaven is about. These feelings go away with no haunting echoes. If only….

      1. Ya me too – all my friends and family were calling me that morning because they knew I usually took that flight. It was several days before it sunk in that I could’ve been on it. Thanks to my friends for changing my plans.

  12. I was so proud of this man and remember thanking God that it was W. and not Al Gore at the helm. There was another impromptu moment at the White House when he responded to a reporters question. With his eyes beginning to fill he said, Listen, I am a loving man, but I am a man with a job to do, and I intend to do it. I don’t see that clip much anymore but it is one I will remember forever. I knew then, that he had what it took.

  13. I don’t now if I’ve ever shared this on TRS. The Fall semester of 2001 I took a class at college called, “Arab-Islamic Civilization”. It was a night class and we had finished our 3rd or fourth class (can’t remember exactly) before the 9/11 attack. I remember the following class after the attack, everybody entered the room and sat down, you could hear a pin drop. You can imagine the amazing irony of taking a class on Arab-Islamic History the same semester as the 9/11 attacks! The teacher began the class by asking for the students to share their feelings. One student stood up in the middle fo the room, I think he was a muslim, and said – I’m paraphrasing – “I think those men who flew the plane into the buildings were brave heroes.” My jaw dropped to the floor. He continued, “They left their families and gave all for allah”. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so angry in my life! I was so angry the rest of that night was a blur. Like sDee said, What I learned about Islam I learned a lot more after the 9/11 attacks!

    We Will Never Forget!

      1. Mike I was wondering as I was writing this story what your response would have been if you were in the class and you confirmed it.

        I don’t remember exactly what my response was I think I responded by calling them cowards, but honestly that whole class was a blur after his statement. I don’t deal with anger well, because it’s not an emotion I entertain much – it seems to shut me down some.

        1. That is a coping mechanism for some warriors. I always used anger to keep me warm and motivated and strong when I was serving. I became good friends with anger. Not everyone can do that and it can be tough to shut off. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to go quiet and inside my own head since that trick is not useful in civilian life. I have no doubt that it will prove to have shortened my life but it worked and I’m still here. That guy wouldn’t have finished his sentence.

            1. I worked then and now in Montgomery County, Maryland which shares a common border with DC and remember very well that for months after the attacks there were news stories of muslims working in stores, 7-11’s and the like making similar anti-American comments and having American civilians drag them over counters and whupping some butt. That was when there was an American Flag on every home and car across the country. I agree, I wouldn’t have been prosecuted.

      1. Nope, just some coward punk spouting his crap in the safe haven of this country’s ivory walled liberal bastions.

    1. I think I’m going to send your comment to my prayer group! Not all of them are naive, but those who are need to see your story. And did I mention that the ones who say WE need to be more tolerant are also the liberals in my group? Go figure.

      1. Like I told MiketheMarine I don’t remember much of the class that night. I think most of the students, who were young – I was in my 30’s (late bloomer) – just sat their speechless. I think I responded by telling this kid that his heroes were cowards, but honestly, I was so drunk with anger, I may have thought those words and not actually said them out loud.

        Here’s another incredible element of that class. I swear to you this is the truth, the teacher was a retired military intelligence officer who specialized in Middle east affairs.

          1. I remember one advice the teacher gave us if we were ever traveling to the Middle East. He asked the question, “What would be the safest room to be in in a 3 story apartment building?”

            Give up?

            The answer is the second story room on the end. That way someone can’t easily climb through your ground floor window and if you had to leave quickly you can exit down the side stairwell and exit the side exit doors.

            I know this all sounds surreal. Looking back it almost seems like a dream.

      1. AbC, When I registered for this class my view of Islam was about the same as any Eastern religion, like Hindu, Buddhism, Sikh, etc. After 9/11 it quickly changed.

    2. Serious blood boiler, there! I’m not sure what I would have actually done at the time, CH. I do know that I’d be more on the side of a physical response. I’d hope I could temper it, but even this many years later, I’m not sure I could do it. I used to read about inner peace and meditation and other sorts of mental states. Never really got there, myself.

      I prefer a good woman, good friends & family, good music, good hooch, and the tools that go with properly observing the Second Amendment. That’s inner peace for me.

      “Outer peace” would be showing jihadists exactly what I think of them.

  14. My son was 9 months old. I fed him with tears streaming down my face. When I saw the second plane, I knew it was islam. I had been praying for two missionary women… you might remember them ( ) for their release. I had read some about islam before then and I knew some of what they were possibly facing.
    I still have the news papers from that day and the days to follow. I have taught my son and will continue to teach him and anyone who will listen about the evils of islam, what they did and continue to do. Some people want to forget, some people want to claim that happened because of a hateful radical group and that islam is peaceful. Too many in our government have embraced our enemies even as our boys and girls are still dying fighting for us to hold on to the freedoms we have left.
    I will continue to speak against islam for the rest of my life whether people want to hear it or not.

    God bless those families who lost loved ones on this day 11 years ago, God bless those who have lost a loved one who gave their lives in the days since. God Bless our troops now and bring them home safe, and God help our nation.

    1. In the months and years that followed 9/11, I heard the arguments about whether Islam was a “Religion of Peace.” I knew very little about Islam, so I never was quite sure who was telling the truth. One day, I found a copy of the Koran at a used book sale. After reading it, I have absolutely no doubt that the terrorist attacks of 9/11, as well as the many attacks before and since, were driven by the hatred in that book. One of the most repeated themes in the book was how Allah was going to punish the non-believers.

      I, of course, don’t believe that every Muslim is hateful. However, hate is so fundamental to their holy book, I don’t see how this conflict will ever end. The only possible chance for peace is for massive amounts of Muslims to denounce the hatred. I just haven’t seen that happen yet and I’m not confident that it will.

      1. I have a better idea. Read the following. It is the only thing that has ever worked and it lasted for 50 years.

        HOW TO STOP ISLAMIC TERRORISTS…… it worked once in our History…

        Once in U.S. history an episode of Islamic terrorism was very quickly stopped. It happened in the Philippines about 1911, when Gen. John J. Pershing was in command of the garrison. There had been numerous Islamic terrorist attacks, so “Black Jack” told his boys to catch the perps and teach them a lesson.

        Forced to dig their own graves, the terrorists were all tied to posts, execution style. The U.S. soldiers then brought in pigs and slaughtered them, rubbing their bullets in the blood and fat. Thus, the terrorists were terrorized; they saw that they would be contaminated with hogs’ blood. This would mean that they could not enter Heaven, even if they died as terrorist martyrs.

        All but one was shot, their bodies dumped into the grave, and the hog guts dumped atop the bodies. The lone survivor was allowed to escape back to the terrorist camp and tell his brethren what happened to the others. This brought a stop to terrorism in the Philippines for the next 50 years.

        Pointing a gun into the face of Islamic terrorists won’t make them flinch.

        They welcome the chance to die for Allah. Like Gen. Pershing, we must show them that they won’t get to Muslim heaven (which they believe has an endless supply of virgins) but instead will die with the hated pigs of the devil.

        Now, I have seen that some history prof. denies that this happened but in the same article of denial he claims that muslims don’t have any issues with pork. Yeah , right.

        1. You know what mymarine? Even if this weren’t a true story (I really don’t know if it is or not as I’ve seen this before on the net, but haven’t enough knowlege to know for sure) but even if it’s not, it’s a danged good way to do things now if we had a commander in chief with an American Loving spine.

        2. Quite a story! A true warrior realizes the need to understand his enemy. Not just his strengths but his vulnerabilities. Islam has plenty of vulnerabilities. If they ever faced an enemy that decided not to play nice with them anymore, that would be the end of Islam. I pray that the U.S. and the West in general wakes up one day and decidedes to fight this enemy without tying its hands behind its back.

          I truly feel Western culture is at a cross roads. We have vulnerabilities as well that need to be worked through or we will eventually perish. I’m refering to cultural vulnerabilities. The confusioin so many have with being tolerant and being suicidal (i.e. as Robert Spencer says “tolerance of the intolerant is suicide)

    2. A very fortunate boy – very fortunate to find a a parent’s love, protection and teaching. I am certain he will stand with you, and on his own, need be.

      We must stand together against islam – for them it is an eternal fight.

      1. Wish the West would really deal with them once and for all, and bring an early end to their eternity.
        Thank you too for sharing the sadness of your father’s passing, sDee, very moving. A wonderful man. Looks like you take after him.

  15. I was in 10th grade when it happened and it was during band class. One of my band directors walked out of his office and said that a plane had hit one of the trade towers. Back then, I didn’t know a thing about the trade towers or why it was important. To me, they were just another skyscraper in new york. All I cared about was me and my hometown. Whoever said “Ignorance is bliss” is moron, because there is nothing blissful about being left in the dark, so I apologize for my ignorance. At the time, it all sounded like a horrible freak accident, that you would hear on the news everyday. And then not a couple minutes in the band director walks back out of his office and said the second plane had hit the other building. We basically stopped what we were doing as he brought out the TV and turned on the news. When I went to my next class for history, she spent her time explaining why this was an important situation and about the trade towers, and that this was indeed a terrorist attack. Spent the whole class time asking questions we needed to ask. During my free period, most of the classroom were huddled around the TV watching as the news kept repeating the incident unfold. By that time, I didn’t want to watch anymore. I’ve seen enough and I didn’t want to torture myself having to see that event play on and on. I was ready for reality to sink back in, with the regular programs running at their daily schedule. There is so much pain one person can handle, before he has had enough.

    God bless all of the victims and their families that had to go through that horrific event. It changes our lives forever. But you know what? I say change can be a good thing (sometimes) Instead of being broken down the day after, we actually united as one on that day. We knew we weren’t going to let them cripple us, instead we held our heads up high and said, “God Bless America” Thank you George Bush for standing with your people. This is the opposite of Obama’s “United” rhetoric.

    1. You need not apologize. In fact, I’m sorry you had to absorb that lesson at such a young age. Our country failed you as a child.

    2. Don’t feel bad, when I was that age I was ignorant about alot of things too. I didn’t care about politics or what was happening in the world. I suspect most people were like that at that age. Luckily we have all matured since then.

  16. I was asleep at the time when I got a call from my friend in Canada telling me my country was under attack and to turn on the tv. I’ll never forget that day, it was shocking and surreal. Looking at the footage now is still very eerie.

  17. On the first Sunday following the tragedy of September 11th, 2001, Carter Conlon delivered this soul-stirring message at Times Square Church in Manhattan. The sermon was titled, “Run For Your Life”

  18. President Bush was the right person in the Oval Office for 9/11. Only god knows if it were Carter or Obama. I am 100% sure in my thoughts Bush screwed up going into Iraq. We could have gone straight to Afghan. and bombed the crap out out of it and had Seal teams, Marines, Special Forces, etc, etc putting a bulls eye on bin Laden and every joker that smilled over 9/11. My son served in Afghan and we paid dearly there.

    1. I served from 1988 till 1994 and going into Iraq was the right thing to do. Have you ever smelled a village wiped out by mustard gas? Do you remember that the only reason Iraq didn’t have nukes yet was because Israel bombed the reactor the damn French were building for them? Don’t buy the MSM’s version. Hussein had to go. You should have seen the torture and rape houses in Kuwait and Iraq.

      1. I’m still not convinced Saddam Hussein didn’t have some involvement in the 9/11 attacks. The 9/11 report originally included some evidence to that effect that was eventually removed because some people on the panel didn’t think it was conclusive enough.

        In particular, I’m thinking of the testimony by a Czech intelligence officer who was doing surveilance on Mohammad Atta on his final trip to Europe before the attacks, and observed him meeting with an Iraqi official or minister at some airport (I think it was in Vienna).

        1. Do you remember the painting the army found in one of sadam’s palaces of him smoking a cigar in front of the burning towers? He certainly helped fund it if nothing else. That’s reason enough for me.

      2. Exactly. Once I saw the giant check Hussein was holding, to give to the family of a suicide bomber in Israel, I was convinced he had to go. I never once believed the whole WMD arguments were even necessary. He violated the terms of the peace accord that Marines dies to procure. That was reason enough to roast his hairy hide and end all pretense of negotiating with those lying sacks of jihad.

    2. We went to Iraq because Colin Powell lied to Pres Bush and Congress about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. Looking back, Powell was setting Bush up so O’Bambi could take office. Bros they are.

      1. Iraq DID have weapons of mass destruction. Many of them are still buried out in the desert. Sadam mustard gassed the Kurds just a few years before and we did find yellow cake while we were there. You haven’t a clue beyond what our communist propaganda arm has told you.

        1. Whatever.  Even Powell has later come out to say Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction and none have been found.

          1. He is lying. Have you ever seen the videos of the Kurdish villages he wiped out? How did he do that? With his magic wand? Do you know that the French were building him a nuclear reactor that Israel bombed right before it was done? Did you know that he was burying his fighter planes in the desert. All of this was reported here in the US once upon a time.

            1. Again, if I believed the printed word I would worship the MSM. It’s easy to level a village, Hitler did it for many years.

              1. It’s interesting that you believe the stories that there were no WMDs, but you claim the stories that there were are just stories. All we have here is the printed word. I can’t hand you a box of yellowcake. It seems you made up your mind and now are picking and choosing what ‘stories’ to believe.

                Why believe Powell and not Sada? Why believe the stories of the satellite images, the Russian professionals in Iraq, the Iraqi witnesses, the US military, the European experts, even Wikileaks? Just believe someone who has a political agenda and ignore the wealth of information that shows otherwise.

                It’s your choice. We won’t change your mind here, only you can determine what’s true and what’s ‘just a story’ in your own mind.

                1. Actually there just might be video of Powell’s presentation to Bush and Congress somewhere in the archives.  It was telecast on regular TV.  I didn’t read it, I watched it.

                2. So if you watch someone say something, you believe it, no matter what, but if you read they said it, you don’t believe it. I suppose you believe everything you hear Obama say on video then, is that correct?

                  The point isn’t whether it’s printed material compared to video. It’s whether something is verified or not. The problem is, you ignore the video that you don’t want to believe and declare as truth that which you do want to believe.

                  Sounds to me like you’re already hooked by the LSM. Too bad for you.

                3. I certainly believe testimony before Congress.  I have never believed Obama but will cast a vote for him now.  Better the devil I know than the RINO I don’t.

                4. Do you also believe what Eric Holder said before Congress? What makes you think that, just because they are in front of Congress, under oath, that they will tell the truth?

                5. Never in my widest dreams did I think a high-ranking member of the US military would lie to the President and Congress.  My military family didn’t raise me to believe military officials lie.  I’ve learned that indeed that happens and all to frequently.  And no, to answer your ridiculous question, I did not ever believe Holder was telling the truth or any of the other Obama appointees and have defended my position to many a liberal.  Lawyers are highly-trained and well-compensated liars.

                6. I watched and read with great intensity the beginning of the Iraq war and I sure remember the convoys of trucks and people going into Syria. There were many reports that Saddam had shipped loads of WMD to that country before we went in.

                  Does anyone remember that except me?

                7. Why vote for someone you perhaps know is an enemy of the United States (you call him a devil)? If you don’t want to vote the Romney/Ryan ticket, why not just refrain from voting? Why vote for someone who is bent on and has been systematically destroying our country? To call someone a devil and say you will vote FOR him sounds evil to me.

                8. If he were, why not say he’d vote for Gary Johnson? Twice on here he says he will cast his vote for Obama.

          2. It’s interesting that people believe what they choose to believe. That’s what the Lame Stream Media counts on. The narrative is to change history and continue to push the meme that Iraq had no WMDs. Satellite images show the vehicles moving them to Syria, a top Iraqi General admitted that they had them, and we have subsequently found much in the desert. When and if we ever go into Syria to protect those WMDs, we may well find the Iraqi labels on them.

            The media buries these stories and the alphabet channels never put it on the 6 O’Clock news. If the media doesn’t say it, it isn’t true. Sad, very sad.





            1. And yet Syria has not been attacked. The question is why?  Taking the position that the Iraqi General admitted having them, why didn’t he ensure their destruction?  Again, taking your position that WMD existed, why so many accusations about the Iraq war being wrong?
              The US believes Pakistan has been harboring Al Qaida but has not been attacked.  The question is why?  Just today even Yahoo has two articles on the Pakistani doctor’s interview with FOX.  So how does that happen, on the anniversary of 9/11 no less?
              And no, I do not watch the MSM. But I did watch Powell before the President and Congress.  Lots of questions for evidence from Congressional members, double speak in response.  Powell was trusted and thousands of US service personnel died.  Powell then supports O’Bambi while claiming to be a Republican.  Inquiring minds want to know why.

              1. With Obama, who is controlled by Valerie Jarrett (born in Iran), as President, is it no wonder Pakistan and Syria have not been attacked? And what does that have to do with whether the Iraqi had WMDs or not and whether they got rid of them to Syria?

                How do you think that Iraqi General would have ensured their destruction years later?

                The same voices that said the Iraqi war was wrong are the same voices that claimed it was right, before they said it was wrong. Doesn’t dismiss the facts of what we were talking about, either way.

                As to Powell, I have now heard you speak both for and against him. He has said they had WMDs and then he said they didn’t. Seems like he’s not a voice that can be trusted either way.

                It makes me wonder if you even know what your position is. Or perhaps it’s just printed words?

              2. I vividly remember reports and video of convoys of trucks going into Syria and Iraqi people seeking refuge. It was reported that these convoys were carrying WMD’s and in due time, these reports just seem to vanish into thin air.

                Thank you for posting this, I thought I was the only one that remembered this or that it was just so long ago that I was mistaken.

                1. Thank you Howard.  It’s hard to imagine how many wars there have been in my lifetime.  It truly is not the country my father and grandfather fought in the world wars to protect.  And that’s sad.

            1. Televised even (regular TV) and the sitting President and Congress believed him.  Many Republicans asked for proof and were rebuffed by the Democrats.

        2. Yes, he did – a lot of them went to Syria, proof of which is the panic now about what the warring arabs there will do once they find them. Wouldn’t be surprising to find Syrian villages wiped out in a similar manner by al-Assad.

      2. Many people, both r’s and d’s knew there were WMD. Those which weren’t sent to Syria were buried. US just brought the last of the stockpile of yellowcake out and sent it to Canada. It was the right thing to do. I’ll never be convinced that what Bush did was a wrong choice, as our boys and girls rid the world of a truly evil dictator who if given time, would be as dangerous to the world as Iran is now.

          1. So you agree we should have gone to Iraq but just wish we had leveled the place? I’m just trying to understand your position on this.

            1. The point I am trying to make, albeit it unsuccessfully, is that the President and Congress were not told the truth by Colin Powell, for whatever Powell’s reasons were (wanting to improve his military career by starting a war, undercutting Bush, etc) not that invading Iraq was wrong.  If you are going to war, get in and get done.  If you look at the 1st Persian Gulf war, our military was told to stop short of the mission.  The result, more decade long wars and thousands of US and allied forces killed.

              1. You clearly weren’t paying attention during the post-9-11 days if you bought that truckload of nonsense. What is this, make up your own history day?

      3. There is a 1991 tape recording of Saddam Hussein meeting with his staff where he says “I want to make sure the germ and chemical warheads, as well as the chemical and germ bombs are available to the ‘concerned people,’ so that in case we ordered an attack, they can do it without missing any of their targets.”

        Georges Sada, second-in-command of the Iraqi Air Force, claims these WMD’s were transported to Syria shortly before the second Iraq war. He wrote a book about it entitled Saddam’s Secret’s. An award winning Syrian journalist confirms this and there is satellite imagery to support these claims.


        1. An educated American. Nice. Keep dropping those nuggets of knowledge my friend. You are right on. Funny, aren’t surrounding countries worried about Syria using those very weapons today?

          1. Thank you for the comment. Apparently Syria has the most advanced chemical weapons program in the middle-east. They are generally friendly with there neighbors except for Israel. Right now the concern is that Assad might use these weapons on his own people. There’s also the possibility they could be used against Israel, either directly or indirectly through Hezbollah.

            1. Funny how he didn’t have a trial isn’t it.  Similar to Bin Laden or the American that O’bambi had murdered without a trial.  After watching the 60 Minutes episode Sunday, wonder if Bin Laden is truly dead.

            1. Whatever.  If I believed everything in the newspaper, I would stick with NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC instead of searching out the truth on your site. If you look at my history, I have high LIKE ratings.

                1. Well you have convinced me to not only vote for Obama but switch my financial support away from Romney to Obama and also volunteer for Obama.  Clearly what they say about Conservatives is true.
                  Have a great day!

                2. Your belief is incorrect. What I have learned today is that conservatives are passive-aggressive bullies and liberals are blatant bullies.  Better the enemy you know that not know.  I’ve voted republican for several elections but no more.

                3. Sad you waste your vote for personal, individual assumptions of bloggers. You should vote according to the policies of the candidates running, but the vote is yours to waste or not waste as you see fit. Just don’t complain when your sideways vote helps elect Obama again and you don’t like the results of that action. Much like children, you have to be held responsible for your actions.

                  It’s just a shame that many people don’t take the responsibility of voting as serious as they should.

                4. No need to over react. Everyone is entitled to their view here. Frank debate is welcome by me. Don’t go off and join the enemy because of a spat over WMDs and who had them and when. Remember we’re trying to save the future USA not the past one. WE need all the votes we can get. I’m sure you realize only too well that a vote for NObama is a vote for disaster. So stay on board, put down this to a spat and carry on fighting the good fight. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

      4. That may make for good comedy, but Powell wasn’t convinced we should make a fuss over WMD. He didn’t want to deliver his speech to the UN, but was assured by the lowlife, lying, miserable piece of crap, Villepin that France was on our side in helping to get Saddam to step down, by showing a unified front of nations prepared to go to war if he didn’t.

        And if I haven’t said it in a while, F*** France.

        Powell was against the whole process, but did his duty.

        Of course, he’s become a bizarro-world Obamatron since then. (Probably/maybe in response to getting backstabbed so badly by Villepin.)

  19. I live in a little town outside of NYC, about a 20 minute ride into Manhattan without traffic. My town is only 1 mile long and 2 miles wide. We lost 5 people on September 11th, three in their 20’s, one in his 30’s, and one who was 42.

    I am part of a prayer group. Every year around Sept. 11th we hold a prayer service for the victims and pray for our 5 community members by name. I kind of lost my mind this year when the conversation afterward turned to our need to be more tolerant of Muslims in this country. I reminded these people that WE’RE NOT the intolerant ones. THEY attacked US for no other reason than their intolerance of our culture. They live and hide among us, acting like our friends and neighbors. I reminded them of the NYC bomber, whose own wife did not know he was a terrorist.

    We may not have a perfect history, but for the most part, we Americans, who come from cultures and religions from all over the world, co-exist here pretty peacefully. Compare us to the Muslims, who kill EACH OTHER because of their individual factions/tribes. They’re not even tolerant of each other!!

    September 11th is never too far away from my memory. I don’t need the anniversary to be reminded of it. I drive by the library every day and see the 9/11 memorial to our 5 victims. Their senseless deaths, their grieving families, children without fathers, parents without daughters and sons — all caused by the intolerance of people a world away.

    May the victims rest in peace. May they know they will never be forgotten.

    1. “”the conversation afterward turned to our need to be more tolerant of Muslims in this country. I reminded these people that WE’RE NOT the intolerant ones. THEY attacked US for no other reason than their intolerance of our culture. They live and hide among us, acting like our friends and neighbors. I reminded them of the NYC bomber, whose own wife did not know he was a terrorist. “”

      Thank you.

  20. I was working at a large hotel in Niagara and when I got to work, heard that a “small plane” had crashed into the World Trade Center. When the reports started getting more ominous, we all gathered around the TV in our staff room, watching in stunned silence at what was unfolding before our eyes. It was checkout time for the guests, many of them American, many traveling by car across the bridges to return home. I had to go up to the front desk not long after the Pentagon was attacked; word was just filtering down that all airspace had been closed, that all borders had been sealed, that many of our guests could not get back home.

    One woman started crying, wondering if she would have a home to go to, as she was from the NYC area. We hard jet fighters scrambling in the distance from the air force base just across the river. The hotel’s controller wept openly as he heard about the Pentagon; he lost several friends that day. The company I worked for lost their hotel at the World Trade Center.

    For the rest of the day, staff and guests walked around in a fog; the phones were silent, there was no conversation as we watched the horror unfolding before us. We just didn’t know what to say or what to think. The silence was deafening, as the normally busy airspace (tourist helicopters) above Niagara was silent. It seemed the whole world was silent as we were glued to the TV.

    Out of all of the reminders of 9/11, the one thing that haunts me the most to this day is the voice of the Air Traffic Controller trying to raise Flight 93 on the radio. Every time I hear his voice, it’s a reminder of the selfless act of some very brave people who stood up to evil and sacrificed their own lives for their country.

    Out of the 2,996 victims on 9/11, 26 of those people were Canadians. Today is a day to always remember how the world changed that day, to put politics aside and to never forget the people that were lost that day.

  21. RIP all those who fell 11 years ago today. You are not forgotten. We remember your families in prayer as they walk through today and we know they still grieve and feel the pain of loss.

    May the Lord bless us and keep us safe.
    Isaiah 41:10

  22. I have clicked a “like” for everyone but make no mistake. There is absolutely nothing about today that I like.

    PS. I miss you W. The last President that I call my own. We, troops, never doubted how you felt about us and we love you for it. Thank you, Sir.

      1. I woke up at 0400 this morning angry and ready to tear some heads off. I couldn’t figure out why till I turned Fox on. Somehow, PTSD and my subconcious mind keep this very close to my concious mind at all times. It just bubbles there like a festering sore.

        1. It is a haunting and infuriating reminder. And, I think, that is how it must be for me.

          Damn those who whitewash islam from this day.

          1. I understand. For an overly aggressive, trained fighter this is the type of thing that really challenges me. I’ve crossed the line here a time or two with words I probably should not have used. On days like this, it is even tougher. I agree with you about islam. It must be outlawed just like naziism was. muslims have been killing Americans since the 70’s but we still have idiotic people, like Sandra Fluke, who think Saudi Arabia is a decent country. They ae tribal barbarians who all do deserve to die. I don’t say that lightly. People will argue that there are good muslims. I counter with, why isn’t there a global outcry from muslims to stop this insanity? Because they all support the jihad. Our lives will improve greatly if we stopped kowtowing to the world and get back to kicking butt and taking names.

            1. “Because they all support the jihad”

              They would not be muslims if they did not. Violent jihad of death, or cultural jihad of submission. It is war none the less, and the fate the same, for those who do not fight.

          2. “Damn those who whitewash islam from this day.”

            If you haven’t seen the “2016” movie, I suggest you go.

        2. I took the subway into the WTC on 9/11. I walked through the towers on my way to my office adjacent to the towers. I felt the impact of the first plane. I watched the second plane hit the south tower. I watched people jump to their deaths. Even worse, I heard the screams of women on the street as the people jumped. I can still hear them like they were yesterday. I’m haunted by those memories that we can never forget.

          In the days that followed 9/11, I can’t tell you how comforting it was to know that our president and our military stood ready to respond to our enemies and keep us safe. I never had a single doubt that we would “put a boot up their ass”. I truly can’t thank you and the rest of the young soldiers that responded so courageously.

          1. Thank you. I only wish I could take the sounds and smells from you. I know, fist hand, how a scent or sound can put you right back in that place as if you never left.

            I am sorry we all had to go through it. Some of us had a good idea of what we were getting into but not civilians. I think that is the hardest part. Knowing that minds and souls of those that survived have been forever shattered.

    1. I miss W as well, Mike. I have a large collection of 9/11 documentaries and loast night, I watched an interview Dubya did with NatGeo last year. Listening to him describe the events of 9/11, how he led the country not just on that day, but in the days, weeks and months after September 11th, showed a President who genuinely believed in freedom, who was (and still is) a Patriot, who knew who who the enemy was (and still is) and took the fight to them.

      I miss seeing him and Laura the the ceremonies, as they symbolized what a leader was, unlike the current resident.

      For you, and the rest of the troops, Dubya was a true Commander-in-chief.

      1. I miss W, too. This clip symbolizes him to me. He made a very American speech that day, not only to rally the responders that were working at Ground Zero, but to encourage the entire nation. I didn’t always agree with his administration, but I do believe he was a real leader. It’s 11:30 EST and Mr. Obama still hasn’t spoken about the attacks on our embassies today. Such a contrast between these two men.

  23. My father came to America with but a suitcase after the war. He had seen his country fall to the Nazis and spent the war at sea. Not a greater patriot could you find. He worked tirelessly in the shipyards around New York to do his small part to rebuild America after the war.

    Late in the afternoon on September 11th, I got a call that he had doubled over in pain that day and was taken to the hospital. He did not come out.

    All I need to know about Islam, I learned on 9/11.

    1. Your Father obviously appreciated “The American Way”

      He is exemplary of the type of immigrant that America appreciates – Men like HIM helped to build this Country and we appreciate Him


      It is sad that our system has fallen apart to the point that it allows immigrants to abuse our system – with the blessing of the liberals -who care only to maintain power at the expense of American greatness

      All the other ways of governance seem to be failing and WE must stop our fall so the efforts of MEN and WOMEN like your family and MY family do not go to waste

      WE ALL must do everything possible to save America

      It is unbelievable that WE must again fight to save our Country – BUT it is obvious that
      the American Way is truly under attack by Islam and other forces – some from within our borders

      Some say it sounds fanatical – but then again THEY have initiated the response and THEY ARE the fanatics

      We need a NEW LEADER to handle all the tasks at hand

      Please do everything you can to protect OUR America !

      God bless the souls of those who passed on that day.

    2. God bless you SDee and all those who lost friends and loved ones on 9/11.
      Our hearts and prayers are with you!

  24. We were living in a trailer house back then, my son was in school and my daughter was 4 and still at home with me. We were watching PBS morning, cartoons and Sesame Street, and I had to get ready to go watch my son and his schoolmates on the playground. Just before we left the house at 10:30 am, I happened to change the channel to CBS or NBC (we only had 3 channels) and saw the coverage. I listened to the radio all the way in to town, shocked, worried, checking the sky. When we got to the school, the children were assembled in the lunch room, first the older kids, then 40 minutes later the younger ones. The principal told the older kids that we were attacked in New York city by what looked like a terrorist attack, and airplanes were grounded, and so on. One of the kids raised his hand and said, “Are we all going to die?”

    The principal said they shouldn’t worry, but to pray for the people in the towers, it was believed at that time that upwards of 10,000 people may have perished.

    For 2 or 3 years after that, off and on, both of my children, when drawing for entertainment, drew planes flying into skyscrapers.

  25. Please pray for a dear friend of mine that we lost on 9-11. He would have been 42 today. He was one of the happiest people I knew, I pray he is sharing that happiness in a far better place.

      1. Thank you. And also a thanks for your service to our country.

        It’s hard to believe that Gen Xers grew up to deal with this.

        1. Thanks for mentioning Gen X-ers. First laugh I’ve had today. I remember growing up and being told that we, Gen X-ers are all a bunch of overly serious a-holes.

          Turns out, God knew what he was doing with us. LOL

          Thanks again. I needed that.

          1. Really? I remember being told that Gen-Xers were the first “slacker” generation. That, we didn’t really care about anything … don’t you remember the hand wringing on Time magazine or some such LSM rag? LOL.

            We are definitely more conservative than our previous hippie parents (I thank God that my parents were immigrants so they never had to “find themselves”). Also, the indoctrination wasn’t at full tilt back then, so many of us “escaped” it. Plus, the majority of our formative years was with Reagan.

            1. Hahaha. I remember growing up, I wasn’t very different from the way I am now. Anyone that said anything negative about us I just figured they were morons. LOL

              We perfected grunge. This I know. Hell, I still were “grunge” outfits.

  26. On this Anniversary of the world’s worst terrorist attack.

    God bless the victims of 9/11
    God bless their families and friends.
    God bless the first responders, fire, police, ambulance.

    God bless the Military who are in harms way on our behalf fighting the good fight for freedom and for love of country.

    God bless the military spouses and families who worry each day for their loved ones who serve this great nation.

    God bless the United States of America!

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