REMINDERS: Terror in America is from the right according to MSM/Dems. But …

All we hear ever is how veterans are a huge domestic terror threat, the right is a huge domestic terror threat, people from the right are the biggest danger, masculine men are toxic, conservatives are scary racists, and on and on. But yet our streets are filled with violence from BLM and Antifa, rioting for almost 2 years now, storming government buildings, trying to burn them down, attacking police and civilians, demanding white people surrender their property, harassing people in bathrooms and at restaurants… this list goes on for miles and it includes Waukesha.

Read the whole article about Brooks here.

Who is the source of domestic unrest and violence in America? The same people who want to defund the police to make it easier to get away with. The same people on city councils saying they won’t punish crimes anymore. The same people teaching elementary school kids to hate each other based on skin color. The left.

Here’s some reminders.

Yet this is what the establishment and elites keep telling us:

Because the right is a threat to centralized power, and the left is the architect of it. That’s the reason. The domestic unrest is targeted, designed not to take down the idea of an overbearing government, but instead to destroy citizen government so it can be replaced by authoritarian leftism.

That’s. The reason.

Oh I forgot one more reminder. They call January 6 an “insurrection” and Trump talking about voter fraud “The Big Lie.” Those are both propaganda. And the reminder? Only one person died on January 6 and she wasn’t killed by “insurrectionists.”

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