Rep. Allen West grills official on new political disclosure requirements for federal contracts

Rep. Allen West is trying to understand why the White House is forcing disclosure of political donations prior to federal contracts being awarded:

Go West!

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61 thoughts on “Rep. Allen West grills official on new political disclosure requirements for federal contracts

  1.  First of all, remove the Hon. before this Gordon guys name.  Don’t you dare use the public for your ill gotten political gain. This is beyond disgusting and anti American.

  2. Although it does make sense for West fans to want to see him remain in Congress to utilize his amazing oratory skill– it makes more sense to move him right to the front of the line. Not just because we need a true fearless patriot with oratory skills, but also as an example to other would-be conservative politicians that taking the right stance will be rewarded. 

    1. I heartily agree.

      We are in a war for our freedoms.
      The enemy is occupying the White House.
      It is time for a field promotion for West, to put him where he can do the most good.

      Whatever he could do by remaining in Congress, would be exponentially multiplied by putting him in the chief executive position. 

  3. Col. West ties Mr. Gordon up in rheorical knots. Gordon states that the information gathered will not be used in the decision process. Then why is that information needed at all?

    It’s plain to the rest of us, and Gordon’s evasion of the questions tells us everything we need to know about it.

    Great job, Col. West. Keep up your good work. We need more people like you in Washington.

  4. honorable gordon, my azz! The loophole to keep dems in power! OHH, i’m sorry you did not pay tribute to the emporer, so you do not get the project!

    1. Exactly.
      And Emperor Soetoro has already shared his outlook with us about “punishing his enemies”.
      This EO is one of his ways to put that into practice. 

  5. this is a serious issue, with all the government contracts being implemented in ALL departments of our government.  We think the NEA works as a funnel to the democratic party – this would be bigger funnel  than even that, and political allegiance should never be a qualifier to a government contract!! Look what this administration did to the GM dealerships just a few years ago!!  Honestly, this administration is nothing if not obvious in their intents!

    1. “Look what this administration did to the GM dealerships just a few years ago!!”

      I’m so glad you mentioned this.
      A lot of people don’t know that one of the first things that happened after Obama rescued GM, was the wholesale closing of the GM Dealerships which were owned by Conservatives.

      Chicago-style thuggery! 

  6. honestly i am not extremely familiar with what they are talking about, but it was fun to watch the guy west was debating squirm!! he lost this debate.

  7.  Why is it that ex-military officers often get these contracts? Because the contracting is an inside job. For it to be an inside job, there has to be some connection between the bureaucrats and the contractors. Political donations could be one of the ways that it happens, rather than straight up kickbacks.

    Why do people tend to put a halo on these politicians heads? He made some good speeches and got elected. If someone is good speaker, and is articulate, all he has to know is what people want to hear, and you could have Allen West.

    All I need to know is that he was a career military officer, who contracted for private jobs in the war that he was executing. Now he is wanting to know why the public might want to know about political contributions and how they might be connected to contracts? That’s a no-brainer. All contracts and company owners should disclose any political contributions that were made and could be connected.

    1.  Ex-military officers win some contracts because they have the needed expertise and practical experience to fulfill the contract requirements. This draft EO is not about informing the public about the contractor it’s about this administration or any other using that contribution information as a basis for deciding who gets awarded a contract. If you as a citizen are aware and active in looking into these things you can get all the information on a bidder or contractor with a FOIA request.

      1. Exactly. So, me, as a concerned citizen, I’d supposedly be counting on the Inspectors General to do their job and watch for corruption in the process. Also, I could always take it upon myself to dig. Something bloggers will be doing more of in the future, I believe.

        Of course, we have an Administration that believes in “outing” people’s political contributions, and firing IG’s for doing their job.

      2. I am sure there is some truth to them being qualified to do certain things in a police state run by military. That is just another thing that bothers me. Nothing we are doing is on the up and up, and the whole system is full of corruption.

        Anything the government does is political. Full disclosure of all interactions between government and contractors is the best rule. If anyone uses something to discriminate, then they can take their case to court, rather than advocating for non-disclosure.

        1.  “police state run by military”? Wow that’s some seriously dated garbage. Let’s try another angle, say you own a steel mill and you want to bring in someone to help increase production and efficiency. Who are you going to go to? Someone with 20+ years in the steel industry or someone who ran a grocery store?

          1. Are you saying that we are not using our military to run a police state in these countries? I get the part about hiring qualified people, I am just saying that the whole thing is corrupt, and contracting isn’t any different than anything else where huge amounts of money and politicians are concerned.

            I am not sure what you mean my “dated garbage”. When you disarm a population, shoot anyone who might have a gun, and raid homes on a regular basis without a search warrant from a legal process that makes you prove probably cause, that is a police state run by the military. When you add the fact that it is a foreign country doing it, it makes it just that much more insane.

  8. This EO is Chicago politics period.  It’s pay to play and it is intimidation to any potential GOP donors with the end goal of suppressing donations.  How much in foreign donations did POTUS receive? His credit card donation policy was an open door to questionable donations, transparency with this Administration is nothing but a game. 

  9.  We have a Marxist in chief and he is now gathering info to build his kill list and all those on the list will be deemed un-American and will be watched and when the time comes will be gathered up and sent to re-education camps or like Billy Ayres and his group said will have to be eliminated up to 25million back then in the late 60’s early 70’ how many would that be today…..better wake up folks…..

    1.  Because the population almost doubled since that time, I believe about 50,000,000 – unless his/their parameters have changed – then who knows???

      1. And I think we could probably double that figure.
        Why would they want to keep the people over 50 alive who do not agree with them, and who remember the facts about history that they seek so desperately to cover up & rewrite?  

        1. Personally, I think you are a lot closer than the number I used. Sad to say, it could be even more – for the reasons you stated. 

          Also what easier way is there for evil, Godless people to ‘fix’ the Social Security ‘problem’?

  10. Just another way for the thugs in the white house to pick winners and losers.  Of course any contributions to conservatives is not going to win you any favors with Obama and his crooks running our government today.

  11. Unfortunately the defense procurement system is already broken it has been for some time. The simplest and cheapest solution would be to handle it like this, say you as the military want a sidearm for the troops;
    Now taking bids for a new issue sidearm.
    1. Semi automatic
    2. Caliber range: 9mm Parabellum (min) to .45 ACP (max)
    3. Magazine capacity: determined by caliber 15 rounds to a minimum of 8 rounds
    4. Weight:Maximum 2.5 pounds
    5. Cost per unit:650- 750 US Dollars
    Prototypes to be submitted for testing to DOD with all relevant bid information, Prototypes to be submitted to full DOD standard firearms test, winning entry must be ready to go to production within 6 months of acceptance date with initial order delivery to begin no more than 4 months after that date.
    Keep it simple and straight forward none of this awarding contracts on paper prototypes that can never be built. You tell the contractor this is what we want and this is what we expect to pay if you cannot do it, do not apply. No bringing plastic mock-ups and requests for funding, bidders build the working item for delivery on their own dime not the people’s dime.

  12. This whole EO proposal is a thinly disguised way of drying up donations to conservatives…pure and simple.
    This is Obama’s way of saying:
    “If you donate to Republicans, you will be punished.”

    It is more Chicago-style thuggery.

    LtC. West was masterful in his persistent questioning of this Decepticon scum.
    I loved it.

    Allen West for POTUS 2012!

  13. Typically the criteria is called out in Section M, L of the RFP. So, it would be juicy to see what the Ex Order proposes to change in the FAR or DFAR. Unless it is truly valid, it will be shot down in a Source Selection Panel. 

  14. So it’s not a criteria, then it doesn’t need to be there, UNLESS some administration is going to award contracts to it’s pals.  Oh noooo, that couldn’t be it, could it?
    What a bunch of two-bit, sleazy, double-dealing, backstabbers.  This administration is so transparent, you can see right through them.

  15. Rep. West can smell BS a mile away.  Would someone talk him into running and defeating Zero.

  16. He’ll disclose others’ stance, but “isn’t comfortable”  stating his own?

    1. I’m a defense contractor. Let me explain how bad this is!

      Lets say the Army needs ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) support in Iraq. They open a bid, three companies bid for the contract. Co. A can do it for $10 Mil, Co. B for 12 Mil, and Co. C for 14 Mil. Each company however provides different specifics that a government contractor officer must weight to determine which company wins the bid.

      Now with this “new” law. Each company must now includes their political contributions…so……Co.A contributed to 8 Republicans, Co. B contributed to 9 Republicans, and Co. C contributed to Obama and 6 democrat’s…

      First…who should win, and
      Second what the hell does it matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Exactly!  And his repeated (4 times I think) assertion the this information WILL NOT be used as criteria for selection is transparent in itself.  Of course it will be used…used to favor Obama/Dem supporters and punish everyone else.  There is absolutely no validity to his “the public wants to know” argument”.  That information, if it has any bearing at all, can be ascertained after the award. Frankly I don’t see how it provides anything enhancing transparency before or after…it’s just not relevant.  The purpose of the BO’s EO is obvious and tyrannical. The so called Honorable ??? must have felt like a fool trying to defend it.  Where does BO find these zombies.

  17. Ha I loved that look that West gave at the very last second as he pushed his Mic away and he reclined back. Watch it again. It was that “this is a crock of crap” look. Love it!

    1. Yeah, I caught that too.
      It was an obvious display of his disgust for this POS. 

    2.  I wish he would have said what was clearly on his face,”Then what the hell are you doing here taking up the people’s valuable time, get out of here,go back to your boss and tell him to send someone down here that can answer our questions”.

  18. If not part of the evaluation criteria, but later part of public record, why have it disclosed BEFORE the selection.  Go, West, go.  Good job.
    West asked twice and could not get an answer:  “What was the impetus for this Exective Order?”  West asked the right question.  Gordon is unable to answer or to discuss the matter intelligently or with a straight heart and mind, focussed on the issue.  He is decoyed in his brain and his heart by the apparent crookedness of this E.O.

  19. If not part of the evaluation criteria, but later part of public record, why have it disclosed BEFORE the selection.  Go, West, go.  Good job.
    West asked twice and could not get an answer:  “What was the impetus for this Exective Order?”  West asked the right question.  Gordon is unable to answer or to discuss the matter intelligently or with a straight heart and mind, focussed on the issue.  He is decoyed in his brain and his heart by the apparent crookedness of this E.O.

  20. Rode that weasel right to the ground!… West is a bulldog in debate, never loses focus.

  21.  Lest we forget:  this is the Obama Regime.  Headed by the same person that proposed to enter into fascist arrangements with what he called “patriot corporations”.

    This would give special treatment to companies, that, plain and simple, catered to him and went along with the program.  He has already been involved in these unethical practices, with the formation of the insurance & pharmaceutical companies that became beneficiaries of ObamaCare.  It should not surprise anyone that he’d want to find out what companies believe in what, and what politicians they support, before allowing them to participate in the marketplace, like everyone else.  

    Now this guy that was questioned by the LTC was a true weasel.  Twice, he gave the same non-answer to a straightforward question, once in the beginning, then, again, at the end.  His claims of people gaining more faith in the bidding/contract awarding process by telling everyone what a company’s political ideology is is absolute horse crap.  Clearly, its nothing but a proposed mechanism to filter out any corporate entity, or individual, that isn’t liberal.

  22. IF the Obama administration is so concerned about ‘transparency,’ then why, pray tell, does it not comply with all the freedom of information requests from Tom Fitton’s Judical Watch?  Can someone please ask that?  What a sham! 

  23.  Seems like every time I hear the word ‘transparency’ I get the feeling that someone is sneaking up behind me with a knife? Yea, I know it doesn’t make sense but everything this administration does, doesn’t makes sense to me. Transparency is new liberal talk meaning – it doesn’t matter what you want or think, you’re too stupid to grasp these concepts and reality. We have to do what is best for you, again, you are too stupid to understand, we’ll let you know what we are doing AFTER we are done and it’s too late for you stupid people to do anything about it. Now shut-up and go away.ransparency is new liberal talk meaning – it doesn’t matter what you want or think, you’re too stupid to grasp these concepts and reality. We have to do what is best for you, again, you are too stupid to understand, we’ll let you know what we are doing AFTER we are done and it’s too late for you stupid people to do anything about it. Now shut-up and go away.

    1. The Obama lapdogs, himself included, use “transparency’ right and left now because they know it is an issue.  They learned from Alinsky to control the narrative.  Not only do they get to intimidate with this move, they also think they are diffusing the situation by being the ones mentioning it (transparency)–they continue to think that the population is stupid.  Hopefully we can wake up enough of the ones who are still a little slow and get this country back on track fixing everything this fraud has wrought on America.

  24.  “I’m not in a position to comment on the draft executive order”, Then why in the world would you be in front of a committee for the sole purpose of commenting on said executive order.  Thank you Mr West for pressing this man on wanting to add more bureaucratic levels of stupidity for the whole “Transparency” shenanigan.bureaucratic levels of stupidity for the whole “Transparency” shenanigan.

  25. what a joke…call for transparency from an administration having so many unelected czars???

    1. I agree. As much as I would love Mr West to run for President, we need a man like him in Congress, especially on the committees that deal with the armed forces. Sure there are others there on the hill that have been in the military in the past but non in the new era of the military. Mr West would however make an amazing Secretary of Defense. 

      1. I’d love to see Mr. West become Speaker of the House before he works his way up to the top of the political ladder.  Sure, there are a lot of folks that want him to be POTUS ASAP, but I’m willing to sit back & enjoy watch him take as long as he feels he needs to get there.

        1. Is it not clear now that climbing the “political  ladder” is a fool’s game for Conservatives

          We had an anti-American Manchurian candidate with an extreme Marxist background inserted into the White House by a corrupt media, Soros, UN globalists and Islamists.

          Good will not triumph over such evil by playing their game.

    2. Under normal circumstances it would be ideal to pull together a broad team. But this election is America’s last stand to stop the Progressives, red and blue. 

      Congress is now irrelevant because Obama and the DOJ have centralized power in the executive branch (e.g. EPA regulations, firing of IGs, issuing Treasury notes without raising debt ceiling, ignoring court rulings, printing money).

      Also, observe that the Republican establishment has not challenged any of the serious violations by the regime and are actiually part of it. For example if the Republicans really wanted to wield their House power to stop Obama, they would have made Michelle Bachmann Speaker, not Boehner. The DC power elites wear both donkey and elephant suits. They all pay lip service to the Constitution and hate true conservatives like Bachman, West and Palin.

      Just as they did with Michelle Bachmann, tying up a strong innate leader like Allen West in the Kabuki Theater we call Congress, is exactly what the Donkey and Elephant Progressives alike, would love.

      America has been attacked from within and they are not observing political rules. Strategic fronts have been lost to them. Freedom’s time is short. We need warriors, not politicians.

      1. I agree 100% with everything you said.

        Some realities:

        1. Unless a strong Conservative jumps into the race with clear leadership, courage and moral clarity, Obama will be a 2 term president. Polls right now mean nothing. This should strike fear in every conservative. If you think he’s bad now, wait until he’s a lame duck with a fist full of Executive Orders.

        2. If we don’t take the WH we must take the House and Senate with solid majorities to at least slow down Obama and the Marxist takeover of America. We will need guys like West in the House and hopefully a few more to limit the damage Obama can do.

        As of right now, the GOP establishment doesn’t get it. Nobody in the current field can beat Obama. We need someone who will take the gloves off and go at him without flinching. The MSM is already attacking Newt and Mitt with hit pieces.


    3.  I have been thinking that all along.  God has put him there.  He is allowing himself to be used as God’s vessel.

        1.  It is really heartening to me that so many who believe are stepping up and leading by first asking God for counsel.

  26. gordon is not ‘honorable’.  He’s talking jibberish!  West is absolutely right to ask him about this. 

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