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107 thoughts on “Rep. Allen West lectures the media: You need to call out this president!

  1. Awesome. But why isn’t Allen West running for president? America desperately needs HIM. Not one of the four RINO’s currently in the lead for the GOP nomination.

    VERY well said Mr. West!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but I fear the media doesn’t care, what they don’t see though, is that there is no true open and free press in a socialist/communist society, and that’s what’s coming!

  3. OMG excellent comments. He has hit the nail right on the head Obama.
    Wish more of our politicians would speak up like Congressman West. I am proud to be in his district when he talks like a real man.
    God bless America

  4. The Palin/West concept is not done until we/they say it’s done.

    Take it a step at a time lads, be of good cheer.
    we fight for the right of this country held dear.

    Sarah is the best thing that hasn’t yet happened to this country….
    F**k you, Coulter

  5. OH Allen, you’re just so well meaning BUT CLUELESS bout the MSM ,you just don’t get it do you?!!! The MSM are obama’s watchdogs and they all have the same agenda to DO ANYTHING TO GET HIM RE-ELECTED AND STOP/SLANDER/ATTACK ALL WHO OPPOSE HIM!!!

    1. Like your comment. Allen West talks tough, but then did something stupid himself like voting to raise the debt ceiling. You are right that the MSM will do Obamas bidding. I want to see Congress have the guts to take this President to task and investigate all the corruption. When will Congress do its job. The MSM will never do its job and to call them out is barking up the wrong tree. I am tired of the inaction all around MSM AND Congress.

  6. ALLLL RIGHT! Yeah!

    Added to the other video wherein West called for Holder’s resignation, it looks as though Congressman West is planning on making waves until he gets something changed for the better. God bless Allen West!

  7. How I wish Allen West or Sarah Palin or both were running for the presidency !!!
    What a HUGE difference between this man and all the men vying for the Republician nominee !
    Having stomped on the oil sands project Keystone pipeline, your prez has done away with 1000s of well paying jobs that the project would create in the USA. Now, here in Canada, we are already making plans to sell our oil to China and India. Buyers are in plenty, but we were trying to be selective and above all we were being good neighbors. The kick we got from you guys is still smarting and will smart for months to come.

    1. Don’t worry. The White House Weasel won’t shining that Presidential chair with his brains much longer. He’s got a date with a ballot box blowout.

  8. The media in this country is the real problem. If it weren’t for the liberals in the media we probably wouldn’t have this destructive force in the WH today. The socialists/commies like Obama are what they are–but if the media doesn’t do it’s job of calling these people out and instead is actually covering for them then they are worse than the loony left who are tearing away at the foundation of this country.

  9. allen west porn… gotta love it!!!

    good for him for calling out the media like that. that is DESPERATELY needed, as media bias is huge. the only way to stop it is to speak out on it like west did!!

    we love you allen west!! please be pres or vp!!!

  10. It’s time we draft West into the Presidential campaign, at this point it is not his choice to decide not to run, he must, America needs him.

  11. WOW! That, my friends, is a display of leadership! Confident, to the point, not wavering!

    Some on here have questioned some of my comments regarding the current crop on candidates we have and asked me what I’m looking for.

    This….is… This is a leader! Proven. Patriotic. Loves the constitution and hates our enemies!

    Romney, Newt, Cain, and (can’t believe I’m even mentioning her) Palin do not know the level this guy is on.

      1. She’s not proven by any stretch of the imagination. West is confident, Palin isn’t. West has an intellectual mind, knowing his history, Palin doesn’t. West served in the military for 22 years, palin didn’t serve a day.

        When west comes away from an interview, he comes away owning the reporter. palin comes away like an incompetent school girl.

        There’s NO comparison between West and Palin. When West speaks his intelligence commands respect, when Palin speaks, she sounds like a goofy, giddy girl at her 3rd grade friend’s slumber party.

        1. John, get real. I like West, but Palin is not stupid. You try to do what she has done for this nation over the past 3 years. Both are great and I would be happy with either as my President

  12. Truth, Honor & Righteous Indignation. The prescription for what ails America.
    West is perfect in this, as always!
    Thanks Scoop!

  13. And now you know why West is the enemy #1 to the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid agenda because he can hurt them deeply with two things they will never have… the truth, and honor.

  14. Allen West is the leader that we need I am just sadden that he does not feel ready to run for president. I really think he could win.

  15. Well said and on point. Allen West is a hero!
    The media is culpable and should be held responsible for their bias that is contributing to the destruction of this country. If the media outlets simply did their job in reporting the facts, just the facts, the American people would make informed decisions at the polls based on truth not biased spin.
    As ratings for many networks have suffered and FOX has risen more people are informed but I would like to see more happen to networks that report false journalism that truly does harm to this nation. The truth alone would sink this administration.

    1. And I. Shall we dance?

      I clicked on your profile. I can’t make me eyebrows go down now!

      Momma always said, if you keep making that face, it’ll stick like that.

  16. Yep, Allen West porn! LOL. Spot on as usual. Why can’t we seem to get a guy like this as a candidate. He’d take Obama to the woodshed.

  17. Oh boy. I can’t wait till the day this guy runs for the White House. Then we wouldn’t have to be settling for Romneys and Gingriches and dare I say it, even Cains.

  18. There is simply no one else like him. Col West, we need you in the race. We need sense and sensibility. You, Sir, have repeatedly revealed that you see and recognize the ills facing us. Why, oh why, will you not accept your new assignment?

    We don’t need another beaten-up politician. We need an honest fresh view, a commitment to the truth and a real concern for America and Americans.

  19. Folks – This is what a leader sounds like… I say for those that may have forgotten that particular sound.

  20. RIGHT ON, Allen West RIGHT ON he sure looks and sounds like a GREAT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE TO ME !

  21. West IS awesome

    He is not a Pansy like most Republicans – He has a spine!

    We need more Republicans to raise their voices

    The media is disgraceful – What are they afraid of? They know what’s going on!

    WAKE UP America! The media is guilty of protecting this administration – Why?

    Do your job!

    Where is Reagan when we need him? – May he rest in Peace – I doubt he is

    1. Yeah Joe, remember that Reagan spoof last week where “Reagan” said, “I was spinning in my grave so fast I burrowed back up to the surface.” 🙂

  22. I’m feeling nostalgic…Palin/West 2012! Oh well it was nice to say 3 months ago, but sadly, it was short lived.

  23. If Allen West decided to run for president tomorrow… I would be behind him 100%!!!

    We need more representatives who can call it like it is!!

  24. As far as I am concerned this man just set the new MINIMUM STANDARD for Republicans. Lift your greedy faces out of the public trough republicans. Stand up, Face the tyrant. Condemn him for things he’s done with every breath.

    Frankly, I was a little disappointed with West’s fellow Floridian and potential VP, Marco Rubio. Yesterday he urged Republicans to support immigration more strongly. It didn’t exactly feel like blackmail, but it was certainly a darker shade of gray. I can’t picture West recommending that we sell out on any issue to get votes.

    For me, today is the first day of the New Republican party and Alan West is the First Member.

    1. I have supported Rubio and will continue to, and I agree that these guys are not in the same league of leadership.

      Rubio is a political animal – West is the political animals’ worst nightmare.

      (and yes Rubio’s words were slippery – he knows the illegal alien scam is going on but he has to pander. If these guys want to get tough on immigration they just need to enforce the laws and stop the “diversity” programs that are flooding our Republic with islamist subversives)

    2. I saw that too sir. I think you misrepresent what he said. He did NOT say support immigration more strongly. He said support LEGAL immigration. He also said the GOP might consider softening the anti-immigration rhetoric in favor of positive legal immigration rhetoric. You have, perhaps inadvertently put words in his mouth that he did not say. That is not very sanitary.

      P.S. You do have a silvery tongue though 😉

      1. OK, then it wasn’t just me who thought he was stressing “LEGAL” immigration. I should have scrolled down a little further to see your reply before I replied.

      1. I agree. Rubio was speaking of LEGAL immigration But why is he bringing up immigration as a new “plank” in the platform when we already have a position?

        Legal immigration= Good. ILLEGAL immigration – BAD. What can be added to that position?

        I am not attacking Rubio’s character, patriotism or abilities. I am only questioning his motives.

        If he had said, “Here’s where the Republicans are going wrong on immigration and to improve our position I suggest that we do so and so….” I would have come away with a different attitude.

        A sudden upsurge in interest or commentary by Republican candidates on “immigration” is going to sound like pandering. Such a move will be an insult to the thousands of Latin immigrants who are staunchly conservative and who came here to escape repression by communists. Such a move will merely “alienate” immigrants who are on the fence. These people grew up in countries that were overrun by communists. They know when some fool is pulling the old “bread and circuses” scam just to get elected.

        Maybe the Muslims believe that the enemy of my enemy is my friend but like both the Old South Democratic party and the college girls at “OWS camp” have learned:

        “When you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”

        What Rubio could have done is bring out people who have immigrated legally and are staunchly conservative. There are many. They are Cuban, Russian, Bulgarian, Nicaraguan, Latvian, British, etc. ect…

        He could have said, “I would like to introduce to you immigrants who came here because they wanted freedom. Maybe you haven’t met real, first generation Americans but here they are, they live in your neighborhoods, they work in you factories, they cut you lawns and THEY LOVE AMERICA. Do not forget them, Republicans.”

        If he believes that by aggrandizing Rubio, the Republicans will curry favor with the immigrant vote, then he is truly living in a bonfire of the vanities.

        1. That’s alot of “couldof shoudofs….just my opinion, but maybe you’re reading too much into what he said? I could be wrong and surely do value your judgement.

  25. Would love to see LTC West hold a Q&A press conference. Only the most ignorant left wing enablers would ask him a question, the rest know they would be eaten alive.

  26. Yes!!!
    I think I just blew my proverbial political load all over my keyboard!
    I am still a little upset at West being the first of the Tea Party elected to fold to democrats on the debt ceiling nonsense but the wound is slowly healing.

    1. Dittos…

      Concerning the debt ceiling, West simply hit the proverbial political bump in the road… as a newbie in Congress.

      As with Herman Cain and his own “newbie” status as presidential candidate and the political bumps in the road, it seems to me that on the issues of the current political season, Allen West is on target 99.999% of the time.

      Yes, on target 99.999% is a pun intended…

      Hurrah West
      Hurrah Cain


  27. Way to go Congressman West! Your candor and patriotism is a welcome “change” to the “hope and change” rhetoric of the left!

    1. Enlighten me please, if you are referring at all to the incident when he was serving you are dead wrong, he did the right thing and I would venture to say that 99% of the troops would back him on that..

      That Holy Grail perfect candidate does not exist.

      1. I’m not sure what it is. They haven’t made it up yet.

        Judging from the history of black conservative men, I’m guessing that it will be sexual harassment.

        1. I would be willing to bet that the leftist have already assigned some drones to investigate West and Rubio looking ahead to 2016 and beyond….

          1. Digging up the truth is far too much work and totally unnecessary. I’m sure they have multi-purpose bimbos (MPB’s) that can simply be launched against whoever emerges as representing the people and has a chance of getting elected. Whoever was behind Buyalick in line is on deck.

            Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

          2. I don’t believe Rubio is a “natural born citizen” being both his parents were not born here in the USA. Same goes with O himself…….his father, or who he claims his father to be was NOT a citizen………..and the dems, dear old Nancy, signed off on him………………hmmm hmmm hmmm

        2. “He’d make a great president. It’s too bad that he’s got too much baggage… I’m not sure what it is. They haven’t made it up yet.”

          This is the bestest line ever. Can I use it?

        3. bobnus, you are 100% correct imho. The democratic smear machine has probably come up with pre-fab scandals for every conservative that could possibly run for president for the next several elections. Thats how the kenyan kommunist made state senator, US senator, and president. Hillary had her own smear machine going against obama to get the nomination. I’m guessing she shut it down when he told her, ‘knock it the hell off, I’ll make you sec of state when I win.’

    2. All the leftists baggage obama has didn’t seem to keep him out of office…

      I wish Allen West would run too! smile.

  28. If America had a president like LTC. West, the left around the globe would simultaneously explode. The vitriol and reactions would hit heights that would make being “Palined” look like kindergarten class.
    Wish he would have ran, got the nomination and then gutted bo in debates. Even if he didn’t win, it would have just been a pleasure to watch.

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