Rep. Jerry Nadler tells crowd full of kids that humans may see ‘MASS EXTINCTION’ within FIFTY years

If you thought you had seen the worst of the remarks delivered at #ClimateStrike on Friday, guess again. Rep. Jerry Nadler, talking to the crowds in D.C. consisting of, and “led” by, hundreds of kids, teens, and young adults, foretold their doom within their own lifespan.

Yes, a Democrat (whose party is trying to win an election) claimed that ALL LIFE ON EARTH could be EXTINCT within fifty years. But hey, GUESS WHAT! You can PREVENT it by VOTING DEMOCRAT!!!!!

Nothing left but bacteria and a few plants unless you vote for Democrats.

But hey, remember, it’s the REPUBLICANS who are fear-mongering, right?

The climate panic is a cult. And a scam. It doesn’t matter what the science says about the climate, because that’s not why they are doing it. And it doesn’t matter what the science says about how to save the future, because they aren’t trying to save that, either.

This a political movement and ideological cult. And it’s getting more dangerous every day.

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