Rep. Tom Cotton at CPAC – US Fighting a war Against Radical Islamic Jihad

Rep Tom Cotton is obviously a good man and a stellar patriot. But if he thinks that the U.S. is Fighting a war ‘Against Radical Islamic Jihad’, then he is slightly off the mark.

Via Jihadwatch:

National Review – Freshman Arkansas congressman Tom Cotton, a rising GOP star and an Iraq War veteran, criticized today the idea that the U.S. is fighting a “war against terror.”

“We’re fighting one war and it’s a war against radical Islamic jihad,” Cotton said at the Conservative Political Action Conference. “It’s not a war against terror alone. Terror is a technique or a tactic . . . It’s a war against specific people, radical Islamic jihadists, who are trying to using terror to defeat the United States.

Negative. We are fighting Islam itself. Islam has declared the Third Great Jihad against us (see AQ Reader for more info). This Third Great Jihad had its beginnings in the 1979 Revolution in Iran. The other two jihads began in the time of Muhammed in the 7th century and lasted until their defeat at the Gates of Vienna in 1687. But for the lionshare of the past 1400 years, Islam has declared war on every non-Muslim on the face of the planet.

“Iraq and Afghanistan, as much as we might see those as distinct, are just two battle fronts in that war,” added Cotton, a former Army officer.The congressman said he was sometimes concerned that Obama thought the United States was involved in a “law-enforcement campaign,” not a war….

“The president, I worry,” Cotton said gravely, “is returning us a law-enforcement construct, the kind that prevailed in the 1990s before the 9/11 attacks.”…

Neither Obama or the rest of the public understand that this is a real war, that will continue to be fought in one small and large battlespace after another until the leaders of this country bother to study the Muslim field manuals:the Koran, the Sira, the Hadiths and the manual of Sharia law which is called in Arabic Umdat as-Salik wa ‘Uddat an-Nasik – the Reliance of the Traveller and Tools of the Worshipper.

Terror is just one tactic. The stealth jihad – Using our western system of law to sabotage us from within is another tactic.

The endgame here is the subjugation and enslavement of the world until none but Allah is worshipped. It is a supremacist Nazi philosophy. Only instead of the state being god, Allah and Muhammed are their gods.

Turning this conflict back to its pre-911 law-enforcement construct is the stupidity of failed old ideas again.The endgame for Islam is contained in the Hadith: Allah’s Messenger said, “I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: La ilaha illallah (none has the right to be worshipped but Allah), and whoever said La ilaha illahllah, Allah will save his property and his life from me.” – Sahih al-Bukhari 6924

And our endgame is what again? Lead from behind, cut defense and run while engaging in word-burning and obfuscation of the very same tenants that the Jihadis quote back to us? The wolves are guarding the hen house.

“It’s little surprising,” Cotton remarked, “that the American people are war-weary when their commander-in-chief is the weariest of them all.”

Obama could care less if his bretheren take over the entire world. He isn’t war-weary…he’s got the same goals as Islam…the destruction of the US.

Rep Cotton means well. But he needs to educate himself more on the topic. By the way, there is no radical or non-radical Islam. Islam is Islam. Period. There may be moderate Muslims. But there is no moderate Islam despite what the stupid thug John Brennan says.


Short brief of Rep. Cotton’s comments:

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113 thoughts on “Rep. Tom Cotton at CPAC – US Fighting a war Against Radical Islamic Jihad

  1. A message for the PaulBot isolationists or noninterventionists:
    “Anyone who clings to the historically untrue—-and thoroughly immoral—-doctrine that violence never settles anything I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonapatre and the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler would referee.
    Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forgot this basic truth have ALWAYS paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.”
    —–Robert Heinlein

  2. In response to those who criticize Cotton for saying “radical Islam” etc., I think he might be trying to take a page from the Alinsky playbook. What do we see leftists doing all the time, but tying to separate Conservatives/Republicans into ‘people we can work with’ and ‘wackos’. This encourages  those who don’t want to think of themselves as ‘wackos’ to compromise with the left.
    So, maybe some people are trying to fight Islamists in a similar way: separating radical jihadists from ‘moderate’ muslims. There are billions of muslims and it can be helpful if we can enlist the moderates, aka the ones who have grown up surrounded by western values, to marginalize the jihadis.
    Do I believe that ‘moderate’ muslims also want to take over the world and subjugate it all to the Caliphate? Yes. But I’m not against splintering them up first – and may turning some away from their misguided faith. I’d rather a billion muslims would become Christians than try to fight them all.

    1. PNWShan Anyone who wants to take over the world and suppress the people isn’t moderate.

  3. I just refused to watch that Jihad movie on another thread here at Right Scoop because in the first 60 seconds of it it says that MOST MUSLIMS do not support Jihad.  Where are the facts?  Where are the polls?  Has anyone here seen any valid documentation that supports this?  Maybe in America where we have VERY FEW Muslims…who were born here and do not want to disturb there wonderful life here may not support it but you can take it to the bank where Muslims in poverty stricken countries support it at almost 100%.  What have they got to lose?  Nada….and if we believe bullarkey like what Brennan is trying to project in that Jihad is not a holy war of terror then we are in for a rude awakening.

    1. suzy000 Most Muslims don’t support terrorism. Do you think all Muslims are terrorists? First, you are very stupid if you think so, and secondly, you are a bigot to call everyone a terrorist without even knowing them. If you think that MOST MUSLIMS are terrorists, you must present facts. 
      There are polls done in the Muslim world, and they found that less than a majority of Muslims “support” terrorism. 25% of young Muslims “support” suicide bombings. That is a dangerously high number, but it is less than 50%, thus it is a minority. “Most” means “majority.”

  4. Islam will be defeated.The Lord himself will bring about their destruction.They will be wiped from the face of the earth.Their days are numbered.

  5. Radical Islamists fight with USA, murder non-muslims, and our gove pretends nothing is happening….

    1. Phhh  France has multiple zones within it’s borders that travel to by non-Muslims is discouraged . Two questions………. first, why ? Second, why can’t I visit Mecca ?

  6. I to am tired of hearing about radical Islam from politicians who think terrorists are a separate entity from other Muslims.  There are two kind of Muslims and neither of them are interested in living peacefully with non-Muslims. There are the terrorists who participate in terrorists acts and there are the Muslims who immigrate to other countries and abide there peacefully while trying to undermine the rule of law, until they have sufficient numbers to force their host country to succumb. The only reason Islam can even be called a religion is because they do believe in and worship a God, but to even suggest Islam is a religion of peace is naive and dangerous. Any western country that wants to survive needs to stop all Muslim immigration to their country.

    1. cabensg  From The Constitution of Medina 622 CE – article 17 No Jew will be wronged for being a Jew & article 18.  The enemies of the Jews who follow us will not be helped.

  7. Great clip and good for Cotton. He gets it. This ‘war against terror’ nonsense has diverted the issue and the public perception from Jihad to some nebulous concept with faceless, nameless advocates and prctitioners. He nails it.

  8. So Tom Cotton says we are fighting radical Islamic jihadists, and you say he is wrong? Are you condoning jihad or trying to push it under the rug? To say we are fighting a war with Islam is hateful and wrong. You are condemning every Muslim to the status of enemy. You obviously didn’t take much time to consider the non-violent, non-radical Muslims who aren’t enemies of America.

    1. WaiGuoGuizi You obviously haven’t studied the subject much nor did you read the entire thread.

    2. WaiGuoGuizi You cannot be a Muslim if you don’t believe in the Koran. The Koran does not teach peaceful co-existence with non-believers.There are no peace loving Muslims, there are only those who don’t participate in terrorist acts but support them and those who do participate in terrorist acts.The only Muslim you will ever hear speak out against terrorism are those who are no longer Muslim.

    3. There are 2 types of Muslims, (1) the active ones that murder innocent people; and (2) the passive ones that arm and fund the active ones.

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  10. Islam, the religion of pieces of people all over the place. Kaboom. Jesus: “Love your neighbor” Mohammed: “Subjugate your neighbor.”

  11. For many years I thought the 200,000,000 man army spoken about in Revelations would almost have to be from China, but it’s obvious to anyone it will come from the ME, .ie Muslims. They will, at some time, attack Israel in force, and just as promised, the G_D of Abraham will “open up the earth, and swallow them.”

  12. “Neither Obama or the rest of the public understand that this is a real war” Oh yes he does, but tragically for the nation, he’s on the wrong side…

  13. And by the way, any elected official who parrots that jihadi garbage is NOT a conservative, is not someone who prizes America and works to perpetuate its greatness, but is rather someone who has bought into the lie of liberalism: that all cultures are equal.

  14. I agree with you, 911Infidel. While our “leaders” fight the GWOT, Muslims are entrenching themselves in the West and working relentlessly (through the UN and the OIC, principally) to undermine free speech, both here and in Europe; their goal is to make criminal any speech that disparages Islam, any speech that tells the truth about Islam. Meanwhile, our “leaders” welcome with open arms Muslim immigrants to our shores to further erode and destabilize American culture. Our “leaders” need to be taken to the  woodshed for a good smacking.

    1. It seems that most of us don’t understand that Islam is not exactly a religion that must be respected.  It’s one, ugly, ball of wax that cannot be separated.  Legal, social, cultural and religious are bonded because they are inseparable.  We separate those concepts  here and that is what is going to do us in if we do not educate ourselves.  Too many are willing to accept political correctness or enforce their political correctness on others.  All the ‘isms’ are beginning to form around Islam.  Slowly, but surely all the hate mongers began to find each other.  They are now in positions of power.  CIA, WH, State, Justice, etc. and we are arguing the finer points of Islam.  It’s time we recognized it as treason and treated it as such.

  15. The reality is that Islam first declared war on us in the late 17th century. We fought the Barbary Wars in the early 18th century as a response to the Muslim nations of the Barbary Coast of North Africa attacking our ships. They made it a habit to attack any ships that were not Muslim. They would take non-Muslims to sell as slaves, or offer to ransom them back to their families. 
    The Barbary States demanded that the U.S. pay tribute (protection money) to them before they would stop their piracy. When Thomas Jefferson asked the Tripoli Ambassador to the U.K. what gave his country the right to make such demands the Ambassador replied that the right was found in the Koran. Muslims had the right, and duty, to attack any nation that has not submitted to Allah. 
    That’s what we’re dealing with. Things haven’t changed since that time. All that has changed are the tactics, the weapons and the weak Western politicians who are more afraid of getting some bad press from standing up to our enemies than they are of us losing our freedoms.

    1. Oops. Got the centuries wrong. That should have read: 
      “The Reality is that Islam first declared war on us (the United States) in the late 18th century. We fought the Barbary Wars in the early 19th century as a response to the Muslim nations of the Barbary Coast of North Africa attacking our ships.” 
      Sorry about that.

  16. Well said 911Infidel.  Dear leader is anything but war weary.  How can one be weary when one is on permanent vacation while our troops are fighting in increasingly obnoxious and dangerous situations?
    Cotton does mean well as many who recognize the islamic part do- but the key here is islam.  Jihad is all they know, all they teach, all they live for.  There is no such thing as a radical muslim. They are either followers of their ideology or they are apostates.
    What makes this so hard is that our military are fighting the physical jihad over there, but too many are blind to the very real stealth jihad over here. And you are SO right. They are using our Constitution against us, only to tear it up and replace it with sharia.

    1. JohnDuncan1Congress isn’t the subject…And so what? Islam is most definitely at war against us. You obviously haven’t studied the subject much.  Islam has been at war against the world for 1400 years. And how many of those “conservative” Muslims are playing the same game as Suhail Khan? Its called maruna, kitman and taqyiya.

      1. 911infidel JohnDuncan1 Islam is not at war with America.  You’ve got more chance of being struck by lightening than being killed by an islamic terrorist. Also, the United States is funding Islamic terrorists in Syria and Libya.  They’re useful allies and hardy fighters.  They were against the soviets too and the United States government radicalized them by distributing jihadi text books in afghanistan (look it up).  In many ways radical islam is a creation of the West.  
        Most muslims are good people and natural conservative voters.  Some of the best Tea Party activists are Muslims who believe in religious liberty.

        1. JohnDuncan1 911infidel Wrong again. Islam IS at war with us. But you just go right on with that dellusion of yours. And you want want to test out your “lightning” theory on the 20,000+ victims of Islamic terror since 9-11. Or the 3,000 victims of Islamic terror on 9-11. Most Muslims for your information are sympathetic to the jihadis. They’ll either give zakat to the jihadis or verbal support of some sort or another…since “jihad” – war against the unbelievers is incumbent on ALL Muslims. That jihad can be civilizational jihad or quitaal. You might try reading up on the topic.

        2. 911infidel JohnDuncan1 I am not belittling the victims of terrorism.  I want it to stop as much as anyone but it won’t be stopped by invading Muslim lands and having a perpetual war against them.  This just creates more hatred. The 9/11 Hijackers came from Saudi Arabia and were not happy with United States military bases being in their country.

        3. JohnDuncan1 911infidel Creates more hatred? Oh you mean like all the kill verses in the Koran and the Hadiths? Or do you mean verses like” The ebnd of the world cannot come until all the Jews are killed. Until the rocks and the trees cry out “Oh Muslim there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him”.
          Huh? Muslims got plenty of hate comming from their own books…and from their Mosques and Imans. 80% of which are Salifist or Wahahabi. Get with the program.

        4. 911infidel JohnDuncan1 And who spreads the Wahabism? The US backed government in Saudi Arabia.

        5. JohnDuncan1911infidelThey may believe in religious liberty for now, so they can turn public schools into madrassas and build more mosques, but once they become stronger, they will take over just as they have in Europe.  Just as they have in Deerborn and Murphysboro.   You might want to read Muslim Brotherhood’s Process of instituting Sharia.

        6. JohnDuncan1 911infidel Once again a diversion on your part. That the US backs up Saudi is not the issue. That the Saudis continue to export their Wahabbiist brand of Islam IS the issue. It is from Saudi Arabia that the Arabs came from who conquered large parts of the middle east and are respionsible for the deaths of 600 million people. The US has NOTHING to do with that. Islam DOES have everything to do with that. Now go buy a clue.

        7. 911infidel JohnDuncan1 If the US withdrew their support from that disgusting regime in Saudi Arabia it would collapse and there would be a revolution.

        8. Don’t worry, sad sack.
          We will be fighting them here, on our own soil. At least some of us will, I suppose you’ll be bending over for them.
          Better wise up and quit slinging your ignorance.

        9. JohnDuncan1 911infidel Which wouldn’t stop nothing. There is two branches of Islam: Shia and Sunni. Iran has vowed to use atomic weapons once they get them in order to plunge the world into chaos which is in keeping with their MUSLIM eschatology. Without Saudi, Turkey would take over the Sunni world. Or maybe you missed the headlines regarding the Arab Spring? Did it ever occur to you that the Arab Spring is the first step in reviving the Ottoman Empire?

        10. 911infidel JohnDuncan1 The Iranian leader has a fatwa against atomic weapons and anyone who goes against it risks execution. Their nuclear project is to generate electricty and relieve their dependence on oil.  They have every right to do this under international law. Iran has never invaded or attacked anyone

        11. JohnDuncan1 911infidel LOL That’s rich dude. That’s called taqyiya..cultural lying. The nuclear program in Iran goes on unabated except by a samll explosion at Fordow and Stuxnet and its varient. But you go on thinking that way. Oh and you ignored the part about that whole nuclear program is all about bringing about the Mahdi? Yeah. You sure don’t know squat about the subject.

        12. 911infidel JohnDuncan1 And the US gov’t has not murdered anyone? no civilians droned to death recently in Pakistan with Obama ordering it? Hmm?  Oh, they don’t matter because they’re brown and have muslim names

        13. JohnDuncan1 911infidel dear leader is a pos’ I’ll go along with that.  But what about all the Christians being murdered by muslims every day?  What do people worshiping in their churches do to deserve what muslims do to them?
          Face it. These people hate because they follow blindly after an evil ideology.

        14. JohnDuncan1 911infidel Try not diverting from the subject  and stay focused. I know that seems hard to you…but give it a shot. The subject is the Third Great Jihad.

        15. 911infidel JohnDuncan1 Why won’t you talk about the drone strikes and the murder of Pakistani civilians? Do you think that’s a cause for them to hate the American gov’t headed by the drone striker in chief, Obama?

        16. JohnDuncan1 911infidel  I just have one question for you John; Why do you hate America so much?

        17. MacWell JohnDuncan1 911infidel I don’t hate America.  I hate the government in DC. They are not America.

        18. JohnDuncan1 MacWell 911infidel John, there is no point arguing with people like 911Infidel. Read his past blogs, they are all about hating on Islam, as a whole. No common sense left in 911Infidel. You question them and it turns in to you hating on soldiers or America. You ask them about drone attacks and the government aiding rebels, then it comes back to you hate on soldiers and America again. They just sound like Democrats who call anyone questioning their policies or Presidents as ‘racist’. It’s a joke to be honest.

        19. JohnDuncan1 @911infidel Here we go with the brown people crap. You argue like a liberal. Losing an argument? Well, then lets start using emotions. You hate brown people with funny names. I’m sure we hate children and education and hate the poor and the elderly. That’s what’s next right. 911 tore your ass a new one so just give up and save face. Too late.

        20. JohnDuncan1 911infidel Tell that to the Christians and Jews in Muslim countries! You guys have a hard time staying on point and should all study the various forms of fallacious argumet as you fall into those traps constantly.

        21. JohnDuncan1 911infidel Have you ever met or spoken with a Christian from the Middle East?  Especially, a minority Christian such as a Copt or the Assyrians in Lebanon?

        22. deTocqueville1 JohnDuncan1 911infidel It hurt just to read these guy’s comments.  The cluelessness is out of control.

        23. PhillyCon JohnDuncan1 911infidel Once again a non-sequiter. Have you bothered to read about the subject that you are trying to talk about? Answer: No you haven’t. You haven’t a clue. Come back when you get one.

        24. PeterLeaman1 JohnDuncan1 MacWell 911infidel  Peter?, is it?
          Well Peter, I have a question for you. Can you actually compare a people with the ideology of Islam, who have no compunction at the killing the innocent men, women, and children that Islam has stacked up over the years, as compared to a civilized nation/religion/system of government, that police it’s adherents to conform with the natural laws of humanity?
          You wish to make that argument?

      2. There is not one serious Islamic scholar or cleric who has
        declared war on the United States and Congress has not declared war on
        ‘Islam’ or indeed anyone for 60 years.  So there is no war.  There is
        just fearmongering and islamophobia that we’re going to stamp out
        because Muslim Americans are good allies for the conservative cause and
        for ridding us of Democrats

        1. JohnDuncan1 Every serious Islamic scholar in the Middle East has supported the jihad against the US. WTF are you talking about. I read their translated speeches constantly. Geller isn’t welcome because she nailed Suhal Khan and Norquits for being the stealth jihadists that they are. 
          Islamophobia? LOL. That’s rich.

        2. 911infidel JohnDuncan1 Grover has been a dedicated conservative activist for 30 years and is widely respected. For anyone to attack him or his wife is outrageous and not welcome at CPAC or indeed any conservative gathering.  We are trying to reach out to American Muslims not spread Islamophobia

        3. JohnDuncan1 911infidel Norquist is nothing but a jihadist enabler. He’s no conservative so long as he continues to enable the jihadis. 
          There you go again with your liberal buzz word. CAIR invented that word. Its pure calumny.

        4. 911infidel JohnDuncan1 It’s a good word and accurate. I dont care who invented it.  I don’t care about people’s religious worship.They are all welcome into the fold. Muslims tend to be well educated and natural conservative allies.  They used to vote for Bush until he started invading their lands and now they vote for Obama.  We will get them voting GOP again if we respect them and understand them rather than denounce them.

        5. Keep attacking Grover’s wife because it just goes to show how low and hateful you are not to mention hurtful to Grover himself.  We will not accept it so either cease doing it or stay away from the GOP

        6. JohnDuncan1 911infidel No it isn’t its a made-up word to describe people who criticise the cult of death. And besides it isn’t a phobia when they really are trying to kill people. Go ask the victims in the Ft Hood Massacre…or the families of the two soldiers killed in ARK.

        7. JohnDuncan1 LOL. What a weak response. Nope won’t stop. And I’m going to keep on writing about it. Stay away from the GOP? How about drop dead? Does that work for you?

        8. 911infidel JohnDuncan1 Then you won’t mind me defending Grover who i consider a friend and ally in the comments section

        9. JohnDuncan1 911infidel Then you won’t mind me calling Norquist a traitor for allowing CPAC to be infiltrated by syealth jihadis.

        10. JohnDuncan1 911infidel Taht’s right…You “don’t care” about empirical facts and ironically you care about the Hamass front group CAIR. You are an unread, incurious logical fallacy spouting lying left liberal phony and we all know it, as you do to. No, really. Colonel Neville.

      3. 911infidel JohnDuncan1 The term taqiyya does not exist in jurisprudence. In the Sunni view, denying your faith under duress is “only at most permitted and not under all circumstances obligatory

        1. BattleCry 911infidel JohnDuncan1 You are mistaken. You should do a little more study on the topic. You can call it maruna. But it still remains as discussed in this excerpt from Raymond Ibrahim

          “Islam must seem a paradoxical religion to non-Muslims. On the one hand, it
          is constantly being portrayed as the religion of peace; on the other, its
          adherents are responsible for the majority of terror attacks around the world.
          Apologists for Islam emphasize that it is a faith built upon high ethical
          standards; others stress that it is a religion of the law. Islam’s dual notions
          of truth and falsehood further reveal its paradoxical nature: While the Qur’an
          is against believers deceiving other believers—for “surely God guides not
          him who is prodigal and a liar”—deception directed at non-Muslims,
          generally known in Arabic as taqiyya, also has Qur’anic support and
          falls within the legal category of things that are permissible for Muslims.
          Taqiyya offers two basic uses. The better known revolves around
          dissembling over one’s religious identity when in fear of persecution. Such has
          been the historical usage of taqiyya among Shi’i communities whenever
          and wherever their Sunni rivals have outnumbered and thus threatened them.
          Conversely, Sunni Muslims, far from suffering persecution have, whenever
          capability allowed, waged jihad against the realm of unbelief; and it is here
          that they have deployed taqiyya—not as dissimulation but as active
          deceit. In fact, deceit, which is doctrinally grounded in Islam, is often
          depicted as being equal—sometimes superior—to other universal military virtues,
          such as courage, fortitude, or self-sacrifice”


    2. JohnDuncan1 You do not read, do you. thereligionofpeace com, memritv org, jihadwatch org, faithfreedom org, politicalislam com, prophetofdoom net, zombieitme com, vladtepesblog com, barenakedislam com, islammonitor org, atlasshrugs2000 typepad com, colonelrobertneville blogspot com etc, etc, etc…

      1. Colonel Neville JohnDuncan1 Your right John. Either he doesn’t read or reads but doesn’t understand or is just a propagandist for Islam and the left. I vote for propagandist since he could have been spouting all this nonsense on any main stream media news show.

        1. cabensg Colonel Neville JohnDuncan1 He is a Paulbot so his view of international events is somewhat blinkered, to be kind.

        2. deTocqueville1 cabensg Colonel Neville JohnDuncan1  
          Actually you’re being to kind, but it’s a much needed trait we should all aspire to.

    1. ningrim I’m sure westerners had the same attitude in 732AD, 1571 and 1687. Sure didn’t stop them from trying and defeating the jihadis in the First & Second Great Jihads.

      1. Keep on keeping on. You are doing a good thing.
        People need to wake up to the threat. It’s funny that a lot of the ones on the political left who are afraid of a Christian theocracy fall so hard for the jihadis snake oil.

        1. famouswolf See the funny thing is I’m a conservative and hate the left.  We’re driving Muslims into the Democrat Party’s vicious hands with such hateful rhetoric towards their religion and with a foreign policy that see’s us invade their lands and setup military bases and support hated despotic regimes like in Saudi Arabia. This has got to change.  Rand Paul will change it.

        2. AmericanborninCanada JohnDuncan1 famouswolf Well we’ve been intefering in Iran since the 1950’s… we overthrew their elected government !!  That’s why they might hate America or more accurately the American gov’t in DC

        3. JohnDuncan1 AmericanborninCanada famouswolf They hate all the west, not just America. They use excuses to hate.  We could pull out of every muslim land tomorrow and they’d still hate us.  I hate to break it to you, but they hate anyone who is not muslim and will not rest until islam is the dominant “religion” of the world.  It’ll never happen, but that’s been their goal since moh received his satanic visions.

        4. AmericanborninCanada JohnDuncan1 famouswolf This hatred seems a bit irrational no?  I’m sure it doesn’t help when we setup bases in Muslim lands and drone strike Pakistan civilians to death.

        5. JohnDuncan1 AmericanborninCanada famouswolf Wrong again. LOL. The CIA agent that was in Iran during the 50’s that wrote the book about Mosedec (sp) was hiding in his room under a desk because he was too scared to go out into the streets. He lied.

        6. JohnDuncan1 AmericanborninCanada famouswolf  read my response above.  They hate because they are taught since birth to hate.  Doesn’t matter if it’s the “Great Satan” “Little Satan” dogs and apes.  Infidels are worthy of death if they don’t convert.  Pure and simply they are a satanic ideology and they live on hate.

        7. JohnDuncan1 AmericanborninCanada famouswolf Once again you’re attempting to divert from topic. Hatred? LOL. You’re getting to be a joke. You have no facts, and nothing of substance to counter my facts with. A discussion of the tenants of Islam, its history and the resultant destruction it brings everywhere in the world is anything but hatred or irrationality.

        8. True enough. But a political ideology masking itself as a religion would still be called a ‘theocracy’, no?
          And, since you mention it, what was their excuse for all the hatred and killing for the 1200+ years before the USA even existed, even as a bunch of colonies?

        9. You need to study some history.
          I don’t see Rand Paul changing anything. The only thing that will change what’s coming is for people like you to WAKE UP.
          Hateful rhetoric? Telling the simple truth and not allowing an avowed enemy free shots? Really? You may think you’r conservative, but you have swallowed a great deal of enemy propaganda hook line and sinker.
          So, tell us how the USA caused all the horror committed by Islam over the last 1500 years. Please. Enlighten us.
          And that was not done by a sect here or a group there. It was the entire culture working with one mind and one purpose. Tell me why Islam has never moderated it’s stances and gentled as a real religion-Christianity-has.
          Think, man, don’t just be a monkey and repeat what someone else told you. Islam is only a religion in the sense that some thugs want an excuse to rape, pillage and kill. Sorry, but that is the blunt and only truth about Islam.

        10. 911infidel JohnDuncan1 AmericanborninCanada famouswolf If your family was attending a funeral or wedding 911 and your family got droned striked to death and incinerated by a Hellfire missile from a Chinese drone, would you hate the Chinese?

    2. ningrim We don’t have to defeat all of them. All we have to do is make the price of attacking us higher than they want to pay. No war has ever been won by pulling your punches. If we’re going to fight, then we should fight to win.

    3. ningrim Check this out: A Real Islam Policy for a Real America, by Lawrence Auster. You can find it at The speech has a permanent spot on the top of the page, on the right-hand side.

      1. OliviaHT ningrim Thank you for posting this Olivia. I read his speech,(bookmarked the site), and am very impressed with the way he states his theory. He doesn’t waste time debating the issue, he simply points out truth.
        Which is why liberals will not understand any of it.

    4. ningrim He!! just keeping them out of our own country would be a good start. No 2. Get a non-Muslim president who stands with Israel and stops giving Muslims high tech weapons to use against us. No 3. stop supporting them. If sharia and Islam is so great let them feed their own people.

  17. Nice post 911Infidel. Islam is Islam…period. There is way too much PC c injected into the Media, education, and political posturing on Islam.

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