REPORT: Angry Democrats say “the President WON this one” in his fight with The Squad

Democrats are reportedly very frustrated over Trump’s recent fight with The Squad because they believe Trump won this round. According to Jake Tapper, who spent some time with Democrats yesterday, they are saying what Trump did was politically brilliant:

Wow. That’s some admission coming from Democrats, even if it is anonymous.

They also believe Trump is taking them off message and that is hurting them politically:

Other House Democrats are angry Trump forced them to defend The Squad:

They are upset because they feel The Squad has been unjustly attacking Democrats and yet they’ve now been forced to defend them:

And lastly, incase you noticed some numbers were missing, Democrats are dreading Omar’s bill defending BDS and are just praying she doesn’t say anything anti-Semtitic:

Based on this reporting Democrats sound like a frustrated mess, all because Trump took on The Squad. Amazing.

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93 thoughts on “REPORT: Angry Democrats say “the President WON this one” in his fight with The Squad

  1. This is why you don’t make excuses for these people in the first place. You just denounce them outright, and then keep on doing so.

    I will not suffer a racist just to bolster the numbers in my camp. Nor will I a prog. I am flatly against them. I always have been, and I always will be. They say politics makes strange bedfellows? We to hell with that. I ain’t climbing into one with someone who has the clap.

  2. The Dems should be worried. Their constituents are looking at them like they’re dumbasses. Why aren’t they fighting Pelosi? Why aren’t they condemning the Squad for their BS? Not that I’m complaining. 😉

  3. Trump still needs to let them kill each other: whenever he opens his mouth, he unites them. It’s going to backfire at some point.
    I do find it humorous on one front – how quiet have the 452 Democrat/Socialist candidates for president been the last two weeks! Hahahahaha.
    They know to shut up. Shows you something…

    1. I don’t think it unites them. Pelosi still doesn’t like them, but since she won’t squash them the entire party is being connected to these women and that’s a good thing.

      1. I agree to a certain extent but it would be far better if he didn’t weigh in. Trump is no Reagan. He’s not exactly eloquently picking up independents in this fight. He’s just firming his base. Watching the Dems tear into each other is far more important.

        1. I don’t know, Ronbo. It seems counterintuitive, but somehow it’s working for him.

            1. I wouldn’t use that word, Teflon. Bill Clinton was Teflon because he had lots of bad deeds but nothing stuck.

              With Trump it’s different. Trump just DOES things differently, says and does things that any previous president would never think to do. Things that would sink any politician’s career. He gives it to you straight, not focus grouped, not ghost written. And yes, sometimes it comes out cringeworthy. But he doesn’t seem to mind because it’s just Trump being Trump. And that’s nothing to apologize for.

              The best part is he often says in his rallies (he said it last night too) that he doesn’t speak for himself but he speaks for US, the American People. And I believe he does. That’s why it works.

        2. I don’t agree. Of course he’s no Reagan but these women wouldn’t be the focus if Trump didn’t prompt the media to do it because they pounce on anything he says. Unfortunately for the left and the media they cannot save the women from themselves. Even Democrats don’t like these women for the most part.

          These women are so bad that I don’t think it will hurt Trump by going after them.

  4. I think it was a great strategy too. The MSM would ignore the extreme positions and comments from these women if Trump didn’t put it in the spotlight. Since the Democrat party won’t put them in their place they are identified by these vocal women.

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  6. The Squad sounds so militaristic. I’m going with Tide Pod Squad. It better illustrates the maturity of the current, young gang of four.

  7. This is Pelosi’s fault. She should’ve read these women the riot act in the beginning. Now she’s stuck and so is her Party. Trump knows what he’s doing…….Pelosi doesn’t.

  8. Just goes to show….

    Forget Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

    Send your kids to Wharton. 🙂

    1. No, all the Never Trumpers on the right have told me that doesn’t exist, so it can’t be real.

  9. This 2020 Presidential Race is over.The Democratic Congressional Forces no longer want to be identified by their name nor district where they represent.Jake Tapper, whenever he receives any of their comments he will now Identify them as Anonymous Source 1 through 237.Great job Jake,keep their identity a secret, unless of course let us know when they F..k up.

  10. Keep it up Mr. President. Every time one of those ignoramus gals open their mouths, let the entire democratic party have it with both barrels until November ’20!

  11. REPORT: Angry Democrats say “the President WON this one” in his fight with The Squad

    Some needs to tell this to Ben Shapiro…..

      1. They’re still operating under the politics-as-usual ideology. But Americans are pissed, and especially right-leaning Americans.

        I guess we finally got tired of being called racists…

  12. Trump won this and now the poor cry babies are saying he made it about all of us…It is about all of them. They haven’t introduced a damn thing other than we hate Trump. Love it!

  13. And President Trump once again shows the spineless RINOs how you fight the Left… many on the Right were “appalled” by Trump’s tweets. Rick Wilson, Kristol, Ana “Pendeja” Navarro, Nicole Wallace, Ben Shapiro!, et al. need to understand one thing, President Trump is not your typical, checkered-pant Republican… he’s teaching our side how to take the fight to the Left!! Trump has made the “you’re a racist” accusation meaningless! By exposing the hypocrisy of the Left.

    The good thing about President Trump is he’s going to continue tripling down on making the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse, the face of the Democrat Party!

    1. Speaking of anti-Trump people, Ben Shapiro is an AWFUL talk show host!

      His mouth moves a mile a minute and he actually says nothing.

      I can’t listen to him for more than 30 seconds before getting a headache.

    2. The left has never faced an opponent that fights back. They melt like the flakes they are in the face of opposition. But on the other hand, they will never stop.

    3. Yes, but the talk of the right was how dumb Trump was for sticking his nose in the Dem civil war and that 4d chess doesn’t exist or if it does, Trump is not capable of it. Then we get a post like this explaining the genius of Trump and he still won’t be given the credit he deserves. Orange man bad!

      1. The idiots would rather have George W. Bush who stood silent and never fought back against the democrats and their media. He gave us barack hussein obama.

        1. GWB was (and is) a sweet man but the fact that he refused to fight back spoke highly of him as a gentleman but hurt our country terribly. Our opponents have no qualms about taking advantage in any way they can and for this reason they loved his sense of decorum.

          Trump, OTOH, feels no such constraints, and the Left is freaking out because they’ve never had to face an opponent like him before.

    4. I don’t know Rick Wilson, but Ana Navarro and Nicole Wallace are no longer on the Right. Their TDS has completely flipped them.

      As for Shapiro, I haven’t heard his take, but he always comes around.

  14. So, Trump does indeed play chess on all kinds of levels LOLOL! He really does even though he has been mocked here using the “multi-level chess playing.” I mean, if even the dems can see it…..hello

    Sadly, no rhino or other republican would have had the guts to do this. Trump was definitely born for such a time as this.

    1. He’s a skilled manipulator. Too bad that he’s not a better leader who could get the Repukelicans behind him.

      1. I don’t know about that. Seems he has more now than ever. Oh yeah, he lost that Josh whatshisname…

    2. Trump presently appears to have the Dems on the ropes, but the Republicans are still barely helping or supporting him.

  15. You silly Dems, you let the 4 women of the apocalypse lead the way because you are powerless now.
    I say it was a long time coming and well deserved.

  16. It’s funny…the other night Ben Shapiro was castigating Trump for attacking the 4 saying that there was a growing rift in the democrat party and (because of Trump’s tweets) Trump united the democrats.

    However, as their own party has admitted–now they’re married to the stupid comments made by their freshman colleagues.

    There’s 4D chess being played here, Ben. Try to keep up.

  17. Remember how anonymous GOP did the same thing to Cruz and the other tea party types in politico articles? Haha

    Jake is doing a solid for his DNC friends by reporting this and trying to get the terrorist sympathizing squad to shut up. I hope they destroy the entire Democrat party.

    1. Yep. My local TP had one, one, racist peckerwood show up to our 4/15/08 rally. He kept shouting “get a noose” every time Obama was mentioned. We called the cops and had him removed. Zero tolerance.

  18. It shows how correct we were to condemn all of the white supremacists that loudly supported Trump early on. It also has been important to hammer anti-semites. The David Duke types are always excoriated on the right.

    We have several right side “pundits” (more like talkers-with-a-following) who flirt with crossing the neo-Nazi/white supremist line, but always keep just short of it. But that’s been going on for ages. (For example, Pat Buchanan has always done that.) But they are not mainstream Republicans.

    Democrats were fools not to castigate the radical nutjobs in their midst. It won’t be easy to shake off their misguided support of them, no matter how many times they scream “racist!” at Republicans.

    Trump’s rhetoric left a mark.

    1. The nation literally had to fight a war, and 650,000 Americans die, to convince Democrats to relinquish their 150 year history of racism.

      Yet here we are, another 150 years after that war and the Democrats are, again, defending racists…?

      And I 100% agree on the GOP ousting the racists. Recall the kicking out of King earlier this year. And we libertarians have done the same with folks like Chris Cantwell. Dude went full Jew-hating neo-Nazi after claiming he supported Hayek, Mises, Rothbard… all Jewish…? Nope, booted him to irrelevancy.

      Zero tolerance.

  19. AOC and the two diseased muslim animals are the new leaders of the democrat party – the ‘Death to America’ party. Even though liberals would like us to believe otherwise – the vast majority of Americans love our country, and want what is best for her. It was wise for Trump to point out who officially sets the democrat agenda – and how that agenda is not supported by Americans.

  20. The fact this country has people that sent Mullah Omar to Congress, AOC, and all these people is shocking. In NO other country you get elected by hating on your own country openly.

      1. Only western countries hate themselves. Something’s gone screwy with western civilization.

  21. Trump still needs to tie the commie squad to the democrat presidential candidates. The coup de grace.

    1. That’s dangerous. The moderate that denounces them may win the nomination, and only a moderate Dem can beat Trump.

      Better to wait for the nomination to be clinched by a radical, say Lizzy Shittingbull, and then ductape them all in a bundle.

  22. I wish the Dems would put as much effort into uniting this country as they do trashing Trump’s policies and character.
    If only….

  23. Why won’t the Dems just vote against bills furthering the agenda of this Gang Of Four? Why do they feel
    they have to defend Jew-hatred and America-hatred and all the other vexations these freeks delight in
    Is it because in fact all the Dems hate Jews and America, too? Otherwise, why are they so spineless? They
    complain to a jerk like Jake Tapper but in the chamber they let the Four rule them. If they lose
    one, two, many elections in 2020, will they finally stand up to these hye nas?

  24. Well done, Mr. President.

    Now that they are on the ropes, kindly deliver the knock out blow.

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