REPORT: Empire cast members FURIOUS at Jussie Smollett, want him written off the show IMMEDIATELY — and that just happened!

It was reported that Justin Smollett went directly to the Empire set after his court appearance yesterday, where he apparently told the cast members that he’s totally innocent.

But some of them don’t believe him and are furious at him for potentially damaging the show’s reputation.

They want FOX to write him out of the show immediately and fire him because he doesn’t deserve to be on the show any longer:

TMZ – Jussie Smollett betrayed the trust of his “Empire” coworkers and damaged the show’s image, and now several cast members want him written off immediately … according to our sources.

We’re told many of the “Empire” actors are “f**king furious” and feel if FOX honchos don’t fire Jussie, he should quit on his own … because he doesn’t deserve a spot on the hit show.

The feelings of animosity stem from the fact everyone on set had Jussie’s back after the “attack,” but in light of the new evidence police have laid out … many of them feel hurt and embarrassed.

We’re told almost everyone on set is worried about how Smollett’s damaged the show’s reputation … and could continue to do so if he remains part of the cast.

Smollett still has allies on the show, which has led to arguments:

Now, our sources say there are still some cast and crew members who believe Jussie’s telling the truth because they can’t fathom him pulling off a hoax like this. We’re told arguments have erupted over how best to handle the situation.

It seems Smollett is well aware of the dissension on set. TMZ broke the story … Jussie showed up on set Thursday after the madness outside the court and apologized to everyone, but insisted he’s innocent.

We’re told he’s changed his number because certain pissed off cast members were blowing up his phone. He’s only given his new number to the people still in his corner.

Ok as I’m writing this post, word has just come out that Smollett will be axed from the show’s last two episodes:

Well there you go, problem solved.

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39 thoughts on “REPORT: Empire cast members FURIOUS at Jussie Smollett, want him written off the show IMMEDIATELY — and that just happened!

  1. Empire was done to normalize homosexuality in the black community just like Modern family does the same to the white and Asian and Hispanic community. They just do the message differently. One through black entertainment and the other through comedy. Same goal different application.

  2. Hope he has a nicely built up savings acct. Those legal bills and upcoming fines aren’t going to pay themselves!

  3. Guess Smollett never thought about just working harder and more diligently to rate a higher salary? If he was in demand because of talent and temperament he could reasonably demand a higher salary because people would be more than willing to pay him a higher salary. But nooooo, he had to go all juvenile socialist and act like a spoiled brat who thinks the only way to get ahead is to lie and cheat because the ends justify the means and all that. Well, like socialism itself, such a stratagem is not only unworkable but in the end leads to nothing but pain for all involved. Hopefully (but not counting on it) ol’ Jussie learned something out of this.

    1. What do you expect? He’s effing GAY! Absolutely nothing NOTHING works using the gay concept including human relationships! If you don’t believe me take a look around where you are right now and show me one ONE thing that works using the gay concept? JUST ONE!! Does a bolt fasten to another bolt to hold something together? Or a nut to another nut??? NO! You can’t because it doesn’t exist and this is whole fiasco is further truth that the gay concept WILL NEVER WORK!!!

  4. And how was Roseanne Barr treated by ABC … for much less? And what actions did she take toward her fellow cast members?

  5. Think of what the morally bankrupted idiots on the left are still buying from the democrat propaganda media. Their eyes were opened just a bit. Question is, are they going to roll over and go back to sleep or wake up and smell the cofffee about being so completely brainwashed?

  6. Play around, lay around, Jussie. Did you really think you would get away with this? It was stupid from the start…and, for God’s sake, why did you use a check to pay your partners in crime? Sheesh, how utterly moronic.

  7. He’s pulling a Ralph . They will all do this going forward. Even from the jail cell (which he is not going) they will deny and lie…All testing to watch how people will react. Saul Alinsky teaches well!

  8. At the very least he should be suspended and then if proven innocent could be brought back to the show. Don’t think that’s going to happen but with the liberal courts they’ll probably find a way to go easy on him. 🙁

  9. “…there are still some cast and crew members who believe Jussie’s telling
    the truth because they can’t fathom him pulling off a hoax like this..”

    Tells you how stupid liberal actors are. He didn’t pull it off!!

    1. What are they saying? I saw Harvey saying they didn’t see it coming. Uhh the very first time I read this story I was suspicious. It all sounded too convenient and over the top to be true.

  10. Its shocking that anyone at all on set is standing by him but I guess some folks are just dumber than rocks and are so married to the idea of racist Trump supporters being responsible for all of the ills in the world that they are willing to make fools of themselves by backing up this demonstrable liar.

  11. As Rush pointed out yesterday, it really appears that Smollet thought he had a free hand to get away with this so much so that he even wrote a check as part of the scheme. Could it be that his intersectional status resulted in liberals everywhere constantly pandering to him making him think he’s above reproach? None of these people deserve special treatment even though they want it.

  12. Such hubris. They’re worried that the fool damaged their gig, but I’m sure they don’t give a damn about the groups (explicitly or implied) that were villified by this stunt.

  13. Empire was never a show worth watching anyway… If the producers of this show had an conscience or class, he would be cut out of the show immediately

  14. ‘RACIST !!! HOMOPHOBIC !!! WHITE SUPREMACIST !!! MAGAite !!! Empire cast members FURIOUS at Jussie Smollett …’


  15. Actions have consequences. Stupid, dangerous, criminal actions have serious consequences. Time Jussie learned that.

    How on earth can anyone still believe this fool?

  16. Maybe he’ll (his character) get the beating he was hoping for/deserves when they write him out of the show.

    PS – Can we PLEASE be done with this guy? He doesn’t need anymore publicity.

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