REPORT: Fox News is splintering over TRUMP and Hannity isn’t happy about it…

A new report by Gabriel Sherman suggests there are growing divisions within Fox News over their relationship with Trump.

And the reports are that Hannity believes the Murdochs are out to get Trump.

Here’s more:

HAARETZ – Gabriel Sherman reported in Vanity Fair Tuesday that internal divisions are arising in Fox News’ coverage of U.S. President Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump’s alliance with Fox News has been one of the few constants throughout his shambolic presidency,” Sherman wrote. “But in recent days, that bond has shown signs of fraying.

“Reporters are telling management that we’re being defined by the worst people on our air,” Sherman wrote, citing a senior source in Fox News.

Sherman added: “Sources said [Sean] Hannity is angry at the Murdochs’ firing of [Roger] Ailes and Bill Shine,” and that Hannity believes “the Murdochs are out to get Trump,” suggesting he may leave the network in the future.

Some of this rings true to me. Remember the other week when the media was hypocritically bashing Fox News because some of their hosts have a close relationship with Trump? It wouldn’t surprise me if that caused indigestion among some of their reporters, who don’t want to be defined by those relationships.

Further, it’s common knowledge that the Murdochs are far more liberal than was Roger Ailes. I suspect they don’t like being defined by this either.

But there’s one big thing that gives me pause about all of this: ratings. As far as I know, Fox News is still kicking everyone’s butt in prime time ratings and much of that comes from their pro-Trump viewership these days. I seriously doubt they want to put that into jeopardy by making any drastic changes.

That’s just my two cents.

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