REPORT: Fox News is splintering over TRUMP and Hannity isn’t happy about it…

A new report by Gabriel Sherman suggests there are growing divisions within Fox News over their relationship with Trump.

And the reports are that Hannity believes the Murdochs are out to get Trump.

Here’s more:

HAARETZ – Gabriel Sherman reported in Vanity Fair Tuesday that internal divisions are arising in Fox News’ coverage of U.S. President Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump’s alliance with Fox News has been one of the few constants throughout his shambolic presidency,” Sherman wrote. “But in recent days, that bond has shown signs of fraying.

“Reporters are telling management that we’re being defined by the worst people on our air,” Sherman wrote, citing a senior source in Fox News.

Sherman added: “Sources said [Sean] Hannity is angry at the Murdochs’ firing of [Roger] Ailes and Bill Shine,” and that Hannity believes “the Murdochs are out to get Trump,” suggesting he may leave the network in the future.

Some of this rings true to me. Remember the other week when the media was hypocritically bashing Fox News because some of their hosts have a close relationship with Trump? It wouldn’t surprise me if that caused indigestion among some of their reporters, who don’t want to be defined by those relationships.

Further, it’s common knowledge that the Murdochs are far more liberal than was Roger Ailes. I suspect they don’t like being defined by this either.

But there’s one big thing that gives me pause about all of this: ratings. As far as I know, Fox News is still kicking everyone’s butt in prime time ratings and much of that comes from their pro-Trump viewership these days. I seriously doubt they want to put that into jeopardy by making any drastic changes.

That’s just my two cents.

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121 thoughts on “REPORT: Fox News is splintering over TRUMP and Hannity isn’t happy about it…

  1. From a pure business perspective there is no question that it would be suicide for Fox News to become another far left news outlet. It’s not like Fox News is a strong advocate of conservatism, but they’re the only major TV news outlet that hasn’t gone far left either.

    1. I hate to say it , but considering there is nothing they won’t do to take down POTUS, they can care less about ratings. Just look at CNN, MSNBC, Hollywood, et al. All of these people are about to be exposed and when that happens, they won’t even be able to walk down the street. John Podesta, Clinton Foundation, Epstein Island, Haiti, Human Trafficking, Children, and rituals involving so many high profile people in Government, Politics Hollywood. The ones that have been screaming the loudest are in an all out panic, and could care less if it all went down in flames. Their biggest fear is a public awakening. CNN has less viewers than cartoons, yet the attacks and flat out fabricated accusations have long passed the level of insane. These people truly are sick…

  2. Well we all know it’s sacrilege for some Fox folks to have a close relationship with Trump. Never mind Democrats enjoy such a thing with how many folks from CNN, ABC, et al?

    So what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander.

  3. At the end of Tucker Carlson’s program Wednesday night he said “this program is going off the air.” What is that all about (?).

  4. Foxnews is run by the leftist Murdock sons, who has no desire to stay a conservative news outlet, and is incrementally moving radically left.

    I have said this many times, Breitbart needs to create their own cable broadcast news network to counter the far left media outlets, including FoxNews.

    Take Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Judge Jeanine, etc from Fox, bring in top talent from the conservative web outlets, and they will become #1 in their first few weeks.

  5. Sooper I hope you are right that the Murdochs are more concerned about keeping the ratings than leaning liberal. But it sure isn’t looking too good with Judge Jeanine being slapped down for telling the truth. 😡 ok

      1. Nothing, would be an upgrade! Hulu, Amazon Prime, Blaze TV, Netflix, Starz…….anything beats cable!

  6. A “shambolic presidency”. I seem to recall President Trump was elected in a free and fair election. He won the Electoral College legitimately. Nothing “shambolic” about it.

    Perhaps, the “shambolicness” comes from the reporters own opinion, which would be amazing and unheard of in today’s “shambolic news” environment! NOT!

  7. Is Fox really news? I don’t think it is. They present news stories and then go directly to their opinion panels. Rarely, do they simply present the entire story and let the viewer decide. They’ve tried to find an equilibrium between being news and entertaining.

    There’s no doubt Fox will shift left and possible further left of center. Perhaps center of the entire left spectrum is where they’ll end up. That will create problems for getting news. Obviously, we know if the news was allowed to come out, we’d have a more conservative country, today.

    Many of us here are Constitutional Conservatives living in a Statist World.

  8. I see it the same way as Scoop about ratings being the one thing keeping Fox from joining the Dem/Media complex. At least for now. But I think the Murdoch kids probably want more Shep than Hannity, in general.

    If they slow walk the transformation, as they have been doing, it could lead to a virtual flip to the left within 3 years. A state where Hannity will be honoring his contract, but refuses to visit the main Fox building in New York, or even talk to management or other Fox personnel, except through lawyers.

    It’s no surprise that Beck is now talking to Hannity. Hannity needs to be planning an exit from Fox, regardless of the current status.

    I’m no fan of Hannity. He really irritates the h*ll out of me. I think he was a fool to decide Cruz couldn’t beat Hillary. But he’s on the right side of history, he’s a patriot, and he’s a strong ally of the Constitution as the Founders intended it.

    *This* is what The Reagan Rule is about. Staying in the caucus with people who you may only agree with 80% of the time.

    The Reagan Rule does not mean you should allow an otherwise good guy like Mike Lee to drastically screw up, “Just this one time,” because you agree with him 80% of the time. Same with Rubio’s Gang of Eight. Same with John McCain and his screwing us on Obamacare.

    [ Lee still has a chance to not go down in history like John McCain (who deserves an “Arm Monument” like Benedict Arnold’s “Boot Monument”). I hope Lee is paying attention. ]

    So I’ll stand with Hannity on this, the same as conservatives and constitutionalists are now standing with Trump.

    1. @k-bob I agree with most of what you said here but disagree with some of it. However, I stand with your positions 97% of the time so I’ll go with you here.

    2. Your logic finds no dissent from my own. I fear the possible loss of FNC from the conservative trenches. Where oh where can we turn on a national scale?

    3. I’m confused. You say you don’t like Hannity. Do you want him to leave and thus make Fox less conservative?

  9. Where was the complaining when Obama sent Talking Points to MSNBC and CNN? I hate when corporations give in to liberals and not conservatives. Trump is doing nothing wrong and Fox has enough Trump bashing going on all day. This is sickening.

  10. OT – President Trump is in my state of Ohio right now. He’s been really funny. He is at the tank plant in Lima.

  11. The people who are identified with Trump aren’t the journalists — it’s the entertainers, like Hannity. And Hannity LIKES being identified with Trump.

    These rumors have been circulating for some time. Last time around, they were paired with the rumor that Trump was going to start his own network, and that Hannity would be the jewel in that crown along with Bill O’Reilly. The rumors will come back around again in a few months. If Hannity is truly all THAT unhappy there, he could probably start his own network with some of his uber-wealthy buddies. And yet, Hannity is still on Fox. I think he’ll be there for some time, barring any Pirro-like dust-ups.

      1. Unless the wind starts blowing the other way. If something comes out that’s so damaging to Trump that even his staunchest admirers can’t take it, they’d do an about face so quickly it would make your head spin. I’m sure there will be people who don’t think talk show hosts act like that, but if you remember that rancher making his stand was the darling of all the conservative talk show hosts until he said the wrong thing and Hannity,his staunchest ally, dropped him like a hot rock. They can turn on a dime if they feel the need.

    1. Hannity is entertaining but that’s a good thing. Have you ever watched Russian news casters? Hannity is engaging and gives us the truth. He’s one of the good faces of Fox.

  12. Is a journalist objective, and impartial? No, if they use phrases like “shambolic” they are shills for the left.

  13. The reporter’s ‘shambolic’ story sounds really trustworthy…

    Isn’t the Associated Press suppose to report news, not rumors?

  14. I don’t watch FOX and I can’t feel one bit sorry for Hannity. Dude, you stopped being a Conservative voice when you went over to Trump completely.

    1. Doesn’t mean they should be turned over to the wolves. The only threat to freedom of the press is the leftist campaign to take out Fox News.

      1. Disagree. FOX hasn’t been unbiased itself. I find other sources for Conservative leaning news and have for quite some time now.

        1. No one’s disputing those two points, but how do they make the FNC expendable from a constitutional standpoint? If progressives are allowed to take out one news organization, what would prevent them from coming after your preferred news source?

          1. In what way? By buying into it? Seems to me that’s what’s been done here. It doesn’t make them expendable. It makes them part of the free market. If progressives are allowed to buy into something what shall we do about it? I believe that Mark Levin started CRTV, which joined up with and became Blaze TV. Point is there is no law against progressives buying into a corporation and doing what they want with it. How about ‘don’t sell’ or ‘sell out’?

  15. I suspect the children see themselves as activist millionaires and must fulfill their duties to the left idealogies they hold.

  16. I seriously doubt that either of the baby Murdocks are concerned about ratings. They have boatloads of daddy’s money that they’ll never live long enough to spend. It’s all about keeping their ultra libtard wives happy and attending all the trendy libtard parties. If FNC goes down the crapper because they become another CNN, it’s doubtful they’ll lose one minute of sleep over it.

    Of course the only ones happier over the demise of FNC than the democrats will be the RINOs, they’ll no longer have to pretend they care about conservatives and our issues. Oh well.

      1. @dr-strangelove Ah go ahead and intend it this time. After all destroying Trump is the Left’s #1 agenda right now. The pun is very appropriate.

    1. Re: The RINOs, isn’t Elaine Chow (sp?) on the board of Fox and now Paul Ryan? I don’t have cable and haven’t watched Fox News in ages but catch tidbits so I thought Fox is a RINO channel. Is there anyone on that is actually conservative? That’s not a challenge to you. I genuinely cannot think of a conservative on Fox save Mark Levin having a Sunday show.

  17. Since when have bad ratings EVER stood in the way of advancing the narrative of the left?

  18. Murdoch’s sons are pretty much running (and ruining) FOX now. It’s not about “fair and balanced;” it’s about pushing the station to the far left. Notice that pretty much all the hosts that are getting fired or hammered on are those who lean right.

    1. @SheerPolitics As I said below, with Disney as their sugar daddy, they can forget about profits and pursue the agenda.

      1. @dr-strangelove And that agenda is to shut down all opposing points of view, especially Constitutional Conservative ones.

        1. @Paladin Not just to shut down opposing viewpoints, but to make everyone think alike.

          1. @dr-strangelove Well I don’t think that’s going to work because now they’re turning on each other for not being in lockstep thought like with the Trannies.

              1. @dr-strangelove True. Once the do away with the Right, the Left faction with the most power will eliminate or assimilate everyone else. It’s history repeating itself.

                1. @Paladin And if history is any indication, those who are the biggest activists right now will be more likely to get a bullet in the back of the head than a seat at the table.

  19. This is terrible! My whole life hinges on Handiwipe’s happiness!

    BTW, Shambolic is one of my favorite bands.

    1. I already tune out anything with Jerry Rivers, Wan Williams, Shep Smith, and Chris Wallace. I will not be tuning in to see Aunt Esther, even with her new makeover. A few minutes of Fox Business may just do it for me.

      1. I get all of my Pox here or at Daily Wire. That’s plenty. In fact, a while ago I got Handiwipe’s radio show and I put on a heavy metal station for a little peace and quiet.

        1. Typically when Hannity is on the other folks to which I listen are not on. Fortunately my CD system has a feature that will randomly play cuts from 20 albums. Sometimes after listening to tunes for an hour I wonder why I bother with talk.

  20. There are already a couple that come to mind both though are still very young. One is OAN (One America News) and the other is BlazeTV. BlazeTV is a merger of Glenn Becks tv platform and CRTV which is Mark Levin’s platform. I’m thinking that if the Murdoch’s choose to keep going down the liberal road then it would be a perfect opportunity for either one of those networks to be the new conservative go to network. I also would expect others like Shapiro’s Daily Caller to either try for the slot or partner with one of the aforementioned networks. This would be too good an opportunity to miss!

    1. My pipe dream. A truly conservative nation-wide platform available from the cable & satellite providers. Still entertaining hopes for FNC, but am getting worried with the new management.

  21. Conservatives are kicked off Twitter, shadowbanned, or have their tweets deleted.

    Facebook throttles purchased adds of conservative posters, limits feed exposure of conservtives, and outright bans us.

    Fox is only SEMI-conservative, and the entire MSM is screeching autistic noises at their relationship with Trump.

    At some point a true free speech outlet has to be made available. It can’t be left and more lefter all the time. Something has to break right.

    1. They are out there but demonized. You have to be willing to be called bad names if you use them (like alt right or neo nazi)

      1. That’s a lesson a lot of people need to learn. You can be correct, or you can be popular. One rarely ever gets both.

        Go ahead and downvote this post everyone.

  22. The Murdoch children caved when CAIR called… so they pull Pirro off the air. She’s a commentator, not a journalist.

    Now this… “It wouldn’t surprise me if that caused indigestion among some of their reporters, who don’t want to be defined by those relationships.”

    You have to be an IDIOT if you confuse a political commentator with a hard news reporter/journalist. Notice how the Murdoch children hired Donna Brassiere? The woman gave debate questions to the Clinton team… who would get hired after that in the real world!?

    1. Exactly.

      Fox is beating the tar out of every other cable news outlet, so Fox is going to try and be like the rest? Idiotic.

      Maybe what needs to happen is a true free-market, conservative outlet needs to be made available. Just imagine the ratings….

      1. @Texas Chris Pox has a sugar daddy now, they can $#!+can fair and balanced and promote the agenda.

  23. First of all this was in Vanity Fair so not sure if it’s true. What I’ve learned is just because it sounds true doesn’t mean it is. However, the Murdoch boys are liberal and they’re trying to remake Fox into a liberal network. This will be their downfall.

  24. I agree but liberals are emotional and not logical. They’re more than happy to blow up a good thing on principle so we will have to see…

  25. Sorry if a new agency is always one position then it really isn’t broadcasting new.

    All Trump all the time is not news. He is just a man.

    1. @ozzy All Trump bashing is what CNN and MSNBC do ALL THE TIME. So, if Fox has some people with the opposite view it’s a good thing.

  26. Mmmm, sounds to me like Sean could be bucking for a pay raise. “You guys don’t like Trump enough, I could just leave and take my ratings crushing show somewhere else if I don’t feel the love…”

    I don’t know if Fox could survive losing Hannity from the lineup. The guy has been about the hardest working guy in the cable news industry the past couple of years to keep Fox on top. It used to be so easy with O’Reilly as the flagship, but without either O’Reilly or Hannity?

    Who is going to seriously tune in just to see Laura or Tucker? They just don’t have near the personal charisma that O’Reilly had. Hannity overcomes his lack of natural charisma by just out-working everyone, but I don’t see Laura or Tucker being willing to do that. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe they could surprise me.

    1. Where would he go if he leaves? I don’t see anyone hiring him except maybe OANN, which I don’t get with Comcast.

      1. Doesn’t really have to go anywhere. He’s already had one of the top radio shows for decades, and has all his book writing and book royalties. Plus, look at O’Reilly – he’s re-emerged with his paid membership website where he’s apparently killing it.

        And there’s always Blaze/CRTV – maybe he and Glenn Beck could finally bury the hatchet. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

          1. A couple of times. And Shawn said years ago he wanted out of NYC and would like to move to Texas.

      1. Oh really? Shows how much I know! Since I threw out the TV’s over a decade ago, I just get the clips on places like TRS. I assumed Hannity was the one that was still crushing the ratings.

    2. @tomnewman64 Hannity is struggling against Rachel Maddow, either barely beating her or sometimes losing to her for the night. Laura and Tucker actually win their time slots comfortably. Fox News needs to develop younger talent.

      1. Well, my bad then. That’s what I get for assuming I know what’s going on at a network that I don’t hardly watch.

        1. Hannity still gets okay ratings, but he hasn’t gotten the ratings that O’Reilly got. I think Fox News expected him to do a better job anchoring their primetime lineup. Hannity’s the Ultimate Warrior to O’Reilly’s Hulk Hogan.

          1. I agree. O’Reilly is just naturally charming and interesting and draws you in even if you disagree with him. Hannity just works really hard, and has great guests, especially Sarah Carter.

  27. I guess the advertisers leaving is have an effect. Ratings dont seem to matter when there are virtues to be signalled.

  28. I heard on Red Eye Radio this morning that the lady from CNN who got the questions for the democrat debate was going to be teaming up with Hannity. Not sure how true that is or if I understood correctly but if it is the blending of the two party system against regular people continues.

      1. That’s not going to last. I watched Hannity last night and Donna Braille
        acted like the typical left wing loud mouth. She spent her whole time talking
        over Hannity, avoiding questions and thinking that if she talks louder and faster
        (BTW a sure sign of someone lying) she is doing well. I thought I was watching CNN.

        1. @nygino But the whole point of having all those leftie dorks on Fox is to expose them and their dumb arguments. At least it’s better than CNN et al who will only have a conservative on if they can find one to agree with them.

          1. Unfortunately leftists are like ants: first there’s one, then there’s two, then the picnic’s ruined.

        2. @nygino She was on Brian Kilmeade this morning. I turned off the show. I usually like him, but I will not listen to that b***h.

          Alan Colmes was far left, but he and Hannity got along personally. I can’t see the same with DB.

    1. Donna Brazile has been hired as a guest commentator on Fox, and appeared on Hannity’s show last night in one segment as many other guest commentators do. She is hardly “teaming” with him, certainly nothing like when he teamed with Alan Colmes.

      And Fox having regular lib guest commentators is nothing new. Remember Jehmu Greene, Kirsten Powers, etc, and of course, Juan Williams?

      1. That’s why I said not sure if I understood correctly as it was about 2:30 AM when I heard it. There’s still the credibility issue she has for releasing the questions before a debate. Do they think she’ll regain credibility by being a commentator for Fox?

        1. Credibility with whom? She doesn’t have any chance with conservatives, and she’s home free with Lefties.

      2. I can’t think of anyone more loathsome that Juan Williams. Williams is CANNED, gets hired by FOX and accepts position to criticize fox.

      3. DB is totally unwatchable for me. I will change channel when she is on. Talk about additional ruination of FOX.

        1. @democratsrfubar How can she have any credibility after what she did at CNN? I can’t understand what Fox was thinking here. She’s a cheat. She’s a liar. They gave her a seat on their network. Incredible.

      4. @nc-checks-and-balances I thought I heard him say something about her doing his show 1x per week. I wasn’t watching. I was just listening while doing other stuff. I could have misunderstood.

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