REPORT: John Roberts fought to the bitter end to convince other justices to leave Roe in place

A very unshocking report came out this morning from CNN that suggests that John Roberts lobbied his counterparts on the Supreme Court hard to leave Roe v Wade in place.


In short, the reporting suggests that the May leak of the Supreme Court draft thwarted Roberts’ attempt to sway his constitutional counterparts.

Some are suggesting that Roberts himself leaked it. I find that implausible, but who knows. Maybe it was a last ditch effort by a clerk under him to pressure these five justices who voted for Roe v Wade.

But I think a more compelling argument is that an activist clerk leaked it, hoping that all the pressure on the justices would overwhelm them and they would change their mind. The only problem is that it apparently backfired.

Whoever might have leaked it, I just want to know if anyone here is surprised that John Roberts, the savior of a very socialist Obamacare, would fight to convince Alito, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Barrett to change their vote and keep abortion legal in America.

That question was rhetorical because I know you aren’t. This has unfortunately become the reputation of John Roberts.

The good thing, at least for the most part, is that Roberts has lost his ‘swing vote’ ability and now he’s relegated to lobbying them behind the scenes. And in this case, to no avail.

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