REPORT: EPA’s Lisa Jackson resigned over the release of secret emails

Well this story all of a sudden got juicy. Apparently the Justice Department has agreed in a lawsuit to release 12,000 emails from Lisa Jackson’s alias email account where she went by the alias ‘Richard Windsor’. The attorney that went after the emails says it’s no coincidence that she resigned:

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FOX NEWS – A Washington attorney suing the Obama administration for access to alias emails sent by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson claims that a recent decision by the Justice Department to release thousands of those emails next month contributed to her resigning Thursday.

Jackson, in a brief written statement, said Thursday she is leaving the EPA after four years on the job, for “new challenges, time with my family and new opportunities to make a difference.”

The agency did not offer an explanation. But Chris Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said the scrutiny over the alias emails is clearly a factor.

“Life’s full of coincidences, but this is too many,” he told “She had no choice.”

Horner and CEI earlier this year had sued the EPA for documents pertaining to Jackson’s use of alias email accounts. She was said to operate under the name “Richard Windsor” — the use of those accounts has since drawn the scrutiny of Republican members of Congress, as well as triggered an audit by the EPA inspector general.

According to court documents, the EPA — represented by the Justice Department — two weeks ago agreed to release as many as 12,000 emails pertaining to the CEI request beginning by Jan. 14, at a rate of 3,000 documents per month. The court accepted the schedule last week.

Horner said the increased scrutiny on the alias account, coupled with what those emails might contain regarding the administration’s alleged “war on coal,” likely contributed to Jackson’s announcement Thursday.

“She, by her action, told us that these are records she doesn’t want the people to see,” Horner said.


(h/t: PJ Tatler)

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59 thoughts on “REPORT: EPA’s Lisa Jackson resigned over the release of secret emails

  1. That isn’t shit..Obama picked up a $500 million dollar bribe from Google for something.. I am assuming it was for the Benghazi ‘Early LDS faggot/Scientology faggot gets the petroleum’ or the no bid contract let out by the dept of homo security to spy on the general public of the USA.. Why are google’s satanic faggots spying on the citizens of the USA? Those sexual deviants should be registered with DOJ , not watching men in the shower and shitter.. They have been waiting for me to shower for hours now..

  2. Topping search results for ‘Richard Windsor’ is ‘Richard Windsor’s Spanking Blog’, which suggests that this story may get even more interesting.

  3. Another politician allowed to be above the law. And they think those of us that actually try to respect the outrageous laws that these people pass are going to get us to give up our guns. These politicians do not have a clue. Read my lips, “we will not comply”.

  4. Orangeone is right. Rice will be give another title at a different desk. That will allow Obama to buy her silence. The so-called resignations over the Benghazi debacle should tell us something. Job security in the federal government has reached the point where you can’t lose your job even if you resign. (We should check to see how many retirees and dead people are still on the payroll.)

  5. Good! One down, many more (inert activity) to EXHUME from the premises and send to another resting place. Because it surely should not be on or near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  6. Wasn’t there other alias e-mails being used as well as meetings taking place in secret at the White House?

  7. You know us Palin supporters wonder why there aren’t dozens of reporters and requests for readers to read the e-mails.

    1. You know why, she’s an Obama lackey and ‘the media’ will do all they can to bury this story. If it wasn’t for Fox News and here, we wouldn’t know anything about it.

    1. Cheaper to eliminate the agency and layoff 100% of those employees without unemployment or continuing health care benefits.

  8. I’d ask what exactly the leftists at the head have against fuels other then what cavemen used, but it all boils down to their favorite three letter word…TAX.

  9. Keep catching these crooks red-handed.

    Resignation isn’t enough… jail is the ticket (and a lengthy sentence) for all these crooks.

  10. If people were to see everything this administration has been involved in they wouldn’t have to resign because they’d be run out of town first. Having said that Lisa must have done something Obama did not like because he has decided, unlike Susan Rice, to let her go.

    1. That was a spectacle hard to describe. The left made utter fools of themselves in that vicious attack against Gov. Palin and yet they didn’t blink an eye, think a thing about how pathetic they looked…nothing. Truly, the left are brain dead, heartless and their souls sold to the lowest bidder.

    2. I was thinking exactly the same thing. Do we have a “truth squad” ready to go over this hack’s e-mails? If we don’t, we should. Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end for this administration.

  11. Chris Horner knows what’s at stake. The EPA is after fossil fuels. Coal is their #1 target. The useless twit Lisa Jackson is just one cog in the Obaminites drive to impliment a carbon tax on all Americans. The bee-yotch tried to keep the EPA’s agenda hush-hush by using alternate email addies. Thanks to Horner and other smart people like him, Jackson and her egregious cronies are about to be exposed for the scum that they are. Seeing as how all vampires and roaches hate the light (of truth) she runs away and hides under the rubric of “new challenges and family.”

  12. And another member of the MOST corrupt administration in US history bites the dust!
    (If I were her I would stay out of dark, lonely places for the rest of my life!) Now if we could only get the goods on the devil in the White House! Fat chance of that, I’m sure.
    He throws others under the bus, he does NOT get thrown under the bus!

  13. Hopefully she is just the first of many! These people should end up in jail and they probably won’t, but at least we can remove them from government!!!

    1. Maybe someday we’ll all get a fashion show from these people. They can walk the catwalk and show off the latest in stylin’ orange jumpsuits.

  14. All of a sudden the DOJ is complying with a court order? What’s up with that? Why doesn’t Obama just shut that down for Eric Holder? Are too many people asking too many questions? Is the corruption getting to be too much even for the DOJ? I am somewhat hopeful, but maybe after the election of a second term for this un-American poser the Republicans are starting to realize the they have to do something to save the Republic. Or not. The wheels of Justice move so slowly.

    1. The documents will be fully redacted (blacked out) just like the Fast and Furious, Benghazi and every other Barky Boy scandal. Nothing to see here, she will be promoted to a different post.

  15. She is taking the fall for widespread subversion, directed and coordinated form the highest levels.

    She should be prosecuted, however we are dealing with competing crime syndicates.

    1. Hey now, hang in there sDee. Issa is going to see justice served over Fast and Furious yet. Just you watch and see.

      1. I like your optimism, but I fear the Repubs are not that much cleaner than the Demunists. In other words, I think they’ll cover for each other, in the end.
        We the People are on our own for the most part. American Revolution II coming soon?

      2. F & F is now cloaked in Executive privilege. I would be shocked shocked if it ever sees the light of day.

      3. Issa will see justice for Fast and Furious when? When hell freezes over? The same for Benghazi? If he was serious, they would have continued hearings all through the Christmas recess.

  16. War on Women? More like the Women’s war on the American taxpayer. Between Pelosi, Hilda, Hillary, Boxer, Waters, Collins, Snowe and others we can’t take much more from the women. Sorry, I left Obama and Reid (the top women) off the list by accident.

    1. You left out Sheila Jackson Lee & Frederica Wilson, means you’re probably a racistbigotnativistneoconhomophobeislamophobe. Bad, very bad.

      1. Dang, that’s an awful big word; is it fatal? It is there anything you could take for that, or do they just put ya down..?

        1. That word pays homage to all of the Victim Groups meticulously groomed by thee 0bama Camarillo and Basij, aka MSM. I don’t think that I left anyone out.

    1. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

      That Washington is the District of Criminals should not be a surprise to any thinking person.

  17. But…but.. wouldn’t she be safer from Papa Doc 0bama’s big
    black Canadian death bus, in place within the EPA, under the
    faux shelter of the DOJ wing?
    Without that cover, she’s dead meat on the hoof, wandering
    through a DMZ with bells on her ankles.

    1. LOL……’ve got a couple of good comments: “Papa Doc obama…” and “…wandering through a DMZ with bells on her ankles.” Those are funny!!!

      1. Richard Windsor … hmmmm … did Lisa Jackson come out of the closet? She does look like a man in a woman’s body.

    2. I’m surprised Obama didn’t give her “executive privilege” like he did Holder. She must not put out…

    3. Just look at the fake dismissals in Fast and Furious and Benghazi scandals. She’ll be given a different position with a higher salary just like in those cases.

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