REPORT: Michael Cohen asked Trump for a PARDON

According to a new report, Michael Cohen was fishing for a pardon last year after the FBI raided his home and businesses.

The issue of a pardon reportedly was brought up as both his attorneys and Trump’s attorneys were working together to figure out what documents were protected by attorney-client privilege.

Here’s more:

NY POST – Michael Cohen’s lawyer talked about a potential pardon with attorneys for President Trump last spring — and now the discussions are part of a sweeping investigation by House Democrats, according to a report Tuesday.

Attorneys for both sides met weeks after the FBI raided Cohen’s home, office and hotel room in April 2018 as part of its probe into campaign finance crimes, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The pardon conversation came up as Cohen’s lawyer at the time, Stephen Ryan, and Trump’s lawyers were working together to determine whether the files that were seized were protected by attorney-client privilege.

But the president’s legal team — including Jay Sekulow, Rudy Giuliani and Joanna Hendon — slapped down the idea, even though Giuliani left open the possibility that Trump could grant a pardon in the future.

“I always give the same answer, which is, ‘The president is not going to consider any pardons at this time and nobody should think that he is,’” Giuliani told the Journal, declining to say whether Cohen’s lawyer contacted him.

He said he tells lawyers, “Whatever happens in the future, that is his [Trump’s] prerogative.”

Even if Trump were considering a pardon back then, I think that ship sailed once Cohen began throwing Trump under the bus.

And this latest spectacle in the House oversight hearing has pretty much guaranteed that Trump won’t be bailing him out of his prison time.

Interestingly enough, Cohen said in his testimony that he never asked Trump for a pardon, nor would he accept one:

In testimony before Congress last week, Cohen — who pleaded guilty to a variety of crimes including campaign finance violations for paying hush money to two women to allegedly protect Trump — insisted he’s never requested a pardon from his former boss.

“I have never asked for, nor would I accept, a pardon from President Trump,” Cohen said.

A spokeswoman for Cohen said that he “stands by his testimony before the House Oversight Committee.”

Ok looking past the notion that he may have lied about it for a second, who in their right mind wouldn’t accept a presidential pardon? I don’t buy that for one second. What’s he gonna do, fight to stay in prison after if a pardon is issued?

Well, truth is he’s not gonna have to worry about any of that now.

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57 thoughts on “REPORT: Michael Cohen asked Trump for a PARDON

  1. “The issue of a pardon REPORTEDLY was brought up”.

    As always projection, with NO verification. Seems to be the normal journalistic approach, but hey, it keeps everyone riled up.

  2. If Cohen’s home, office, and hotel room was raided and his files confiscated, how was he able to get hold of the check he was waving before the committee?

  3. Look up ‘pathological liar’ in the dictionary and you’ll see a photo of this guy. I don’t think he’d be able to tell the truth about what he ate for breakfast this morning. And it doesn’t seem to bother him any that his lies can be easily disproved. Lock him up and let Trump have the honor of throwing away the key.

  4. Okay……………….now we know why he is lying! Of course he has already been convicted of lying anyway!

  5. Explains even more why he turned on Trump.

    The article said that the “discussions” are part of the investigation. So…Clinton pardoned real terrorists and that’s ok, but if Trump considers pardoning his lawyer it’s a crime?

  6. After stabbing Tromp in the back, I think that his odds of getting a pardon are rather slim.

    1. Agreed. Hey there “Noble Member” I would like to thank you for blazing a trail to show the levels/names we can achieve. Apparently 500 is the gate after 300. I have something to look forward to in the next 6 months. 😉

        1. Well I already have it down to let NC Checks and Balances know when she reaches levels, do you want me to do the same for you?

            1. My guess is 1,000 is the next mark. Considering how you’re doing we should find out sometime this weekend.

    2. He killed any pardon consideration when he was slamming Trump during the hearing. Fortunately his testimony actually helped show there is no Russian Collusion but that’s just a side effect of his being a traitor to the President. He offered zero facts, and all opinion that wasn’t helpful or necessary.

  7. No one would like for a “rat” to be pardoned. I expect Manafort, Flynn, Papadopoulos, et al. to be pardoned, except Cohen. Let’s see…

  8. If Cohen ever had a chance of getting Trump to pardon him it won’t happen now. Cohen is going to prison and IF he ever walks out his life is pretty much ruined ………………. unless, of course, the Dems hire him to continue to harass other Republicans. BTW, I said IF he ever gets out because I saw a headline on Twitter the mob will whack him while he’s in there. They don’t like “rats” and he’s now considered a “rat”.

  9. He didn’t have to ask for a pardon because his lawyers did that for him and he’s now coasting by on the plausible deniability that affords him,. Smdh he’s lied many, many times but the dumbest one has to be that he wouldn’t accept a pardon from Trump, its farcical to even pretend that someone with such a history of criminal level dishonesty who stabbed a supposed friend in the back to save his own skin and who at best snitched on a friend would turn down a chance to be home free? Nope, he’s the biggest liar in DC and that’s quite a fete.

    1. His lawyers wouldn’t do something without his permission, so at the very least, he gave them permission to float the idea to Trump’s legal team.

  10. Cohen has redefined the word “chutzpah.” Didn’t he just call Trump a “racist” under oath at that Congressional hearing last week?

    This man is toxic. Stay away. Do not even respond.

    1. Cohen is like a drowning victim. He’s desperate and just grasping at anyone around him to pull down with him.

    2. Yeah with zero proof. Everything he said under oath was opinion and not fact. I hope he spends a good long time in jail – he deserves it.

    3. Hey, NC I see you made Trusted Member. Congrats! You’re only the second person I have seen make that level.

      1. @paladin WooHoo! I’m Trusted!! Thank you so much! I wish I could see it, but this will have to do.

          1. Don’t worry, Pal, I’ll still remain the same humble, sweet, adorable Trusted Member who would NEVER dream of lording it over the rest of you…

  11. If I’m not mistaken a presidential pardon wipes the slate clean, does that mean that Cohen’s law license is restored if he were to get a pardon? But as Scoop says, that ship has sailed, Cohen is the last person on earth Trump would pardon. Perhaps a president Pocahontas might grant him one. Meh? Probably not.

    1. A presidential pardon only deals with crimes against the federal government and not crimes against the state. And that is why I believe Mueller handed over Cohen prosecution to NY state prosecution. I don’t think all his crimes are pardonable by POTUS.

  12. I heard the part where he said he didn’t ask for nor would he accept a pardon, I was surprised people in the room didn’t laugh out loud. I did. His “I was a sleazy person all my life but now I am a person of the highest integrity ” persona is not believable.

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