REPORT: Never Trump Republicans preparing to back BIDEN

According to a report in the DC Examiner, Never Trumpers are preparing to back Biden in an effort to defeat Trump in the general election:

Republicans opposed to President Trump are quietly preparing to support Democratic front-runner Joe Biden, backing that could materialize in the primary as he attempts to fend off a surging Elizabeth Warren.

Some Republican operatives active in Never Trump circles are discussing what form support for Biden might take and the timing. Groups such as Stand Up Republic, co-founded by prominent Never Trump Republicans Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn, could target disaffected GOP voters in key micro-battlegrounds with finely tailored advertising in a bid to boost Biden in the Democratic primary.

Biden, 76, is the most likely Democrat to receive measurable support from the Never Trump crowd, most of whom quickly concluded that the president does not face a realistic threat from the three Republicans challenging him in the GOP primary in 2020.

“Biden is probably the only plausible candidate the Never Trumpers could support,” said Jim Dornan, a Republican operative in Washington who maintains relationships with anti-Trump Republicans.

The idea that Never Trumpers would vote for Biden over Trump really says something ridiculous about them. I know Trump can be hard to take at times, but he governs from the right and at the end of the day that’s what matters.

What if Elizabeth Warren wins the primary?

Some Republicans in this community, who believe Warren’s policies are a different sort of extreme than Trump but equally dangerous to the country, might channel their opposition into helping one of the president’s long shot primary challengers or get behind an independent candidacy, should one develop. Other Never Trump Republicans insist that the label means exactly that.

“If it’s Elizabeth Warren, that presents a real problem because she may have a lot of plans, but most of them are terrible,” said Sarah Longwell, a veteran GOP operative and outspoken anti-Trump Republican. “Being Never Trump doesn’t mean abandoning conservative sensibilities,” she said.

“Never Trump means what it says: Never Trump. Under no circumstances can you embrace that man coming back to the White House,” countered Jerry Taylor, who runs the Niskanen Center, a centrist Washington think tank that has become a gathering spot for anti-Trump Republicans. “Most Never Trump Republicans that I traffic with are of the mind that any electoral outcome that doesn’t return Donald Trump to the White House is a good outcome, save for the wild card of Bernie Sanders.”

Elizabeth Warren is essentially the same as Bernie Sanders, at least from where I’m sitting. I don’t know how they could vote for her, or really any of them to be frank. The ones left are all running on a very radical socialist agenda.

I suspect what will actually happen is that enough disaffected Never Trumpers will try and run someone on the right as an independent candidate in the general so they won’t have to vote for any of these Democrats. I know they don’t like to hear it, but that would still be a vote for whichever Democrat wins the primary because there’s no way an Independent bid will win the presidency.

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309 thoughts on “REPORT: Never Trump Republicans preparing to back BIDEN

  1. So they are all mentally challenged…If it’s Liz it’s a problem…coming from the mouths of ignorant people and these ignorant people will give us Liz! A-ho#$s

  2. Never trumpers want Joe Biden appointing Ruth Ginsburg’s replacement to the Supreme Court.

  3. Biden is all in on crap like the “Equality” Act, which buries religious freedom.

    Now maybe he would be ineffectual, but he should by no means be allowed in the White House.

  4. These slime are not republicans. They are democrats wearing rino clothing. So they hate Trump but love gropey, dopey, sloppy joe. They own joe’s perverted groping of women, his insane comments, his obamacare, joe’s ties to white nationalists and the kkk. Throw all joe’s baggage at them and let them defend it.

  5. Seeing this should enrage and embolden conservative and libertarian voters to oust the back stabbing GOP RINOS in 2020.

    1. All of them should be made to tell us how much better we all were under the regime joe biden was part of. Ask them to defend fast and furious, Benghazi, the iran deal, obamacare, the war of cops. They should all be made to tell us why they, as “republicans” support that.

  6. The idea that Never Trumpers would vote for Biden over Trump really says something ridiculous about them.

    We’ve known they’re ridiculous for around 3 years. Every once in a while, they pop up here to remind us.

    1. I understood at first. I didn’t like Trump at all in the beginning but I still voted for him in the general election for obvious reasons. Not just to defeat Hillary, but Trump was the only candidate that was even standing for ideas I agree with (even if I thought he was a faking liberal). IOW…he was our only chance.

      But Trump has proven that the “liberal” snow job was completely wrong. He has governed from the right for nearly everything. Some people say he’s still a lib but looking at his record….they’re wrong. So what if he’s faking just to be President (which is ridiculous)….he’s governing from the right.

      1. I was an NT in the beginning, but in the end I decided to pull the lever for Trump. Would I have preferred Cruz? Sure. But when it came down to Trump and Hillary, I feel a whole lot better that he won than her. I have a much more moderate approach to Trump now, and often find myself defending him more times than not. I don’t like everything else does, but I recognize that we can survive Trump. I’m not so certain we can survive a democrat president given how far-left that party has gone.

        1. I think the left is going off the edge out of desperation. Pelosi is going to be the sanest person in the party before long.

          I think the reason we end up defending Trump more often than not is because the accusations are Kavanaugh style. Just…plain…stupid and baseless (lies).

      2. I still don’t really “like” Trump. He’s grown on me a little since November 2016 and I laugh at the apoplectic leftists who scream at the sky because of his presidency; but I still think Trump’s a lying sales-cheesy blowhard who couldn’t coherently explain Conservatism to save his life.

        What I will say in Trump’s favor, though, is that on some level he wants to do mostly Conservative things and the evidence is in the record of his administration. That’s got to be good enough for me until we have an opportunity to get someone better in there.

        Plus, I do think there has been tremendous value in the way that he has exposed and attacked the leftist media. I think that the bias of the media was lost on a lot more of the public, but now it’s so obvious that there’s no way for sane people to deny it.

        1. I never did like Trump and don’t to this day. I do however like some of the things he’s done.

          Like you I think his taking a sledge-hammer, seems to be the only kind of hammer he knows, to the media benefits the country. Anything that knocks the stuffing out of those arrogant, corrupt, liars is fine with me.

          I have less respect for the media than I have for politicians – and I have little to none for politicians.

      3. There’s an article at FOX about the Brits putting money and hope in Hillary swooping in and taking the Democratic nomination.

        1. You’re referring to the current nomination right? I didn’t figure there would be anyone getting behind that wench again.

  7. These Republicans are as fake and stupid as the Democrats; Biden would be a disaster but they would vote even for Ocasio if she was the alternative due to their hate.

  8. I voted for McMullin in 2016 because Trump didn’t have a conservative record I could justify voting for, but being in Texas it didn’t really matter. But NOW we can point to many (not all) policies that have been more conservative than I ever imagined. McMullin and crew are INSANE and butthurt for doing this. I am a #TrumpRecordVoter.

  9. I know of an entire site of Trump haters that speak favorably of Biden, Beto, and a couple others. Yes, they are ridiculous……..and worse. They would rather destroy America and support Socialism than admit Trump hasn’t been a horror. Hate is a horrible, destructive emotion.

    1. I’ve been there too and left for pretty much the same reasons you and TBF mentioned — they have literally been driven insane. I tried to reason with them and got a few agreements for my trouble, but they are all into pretzel-twisting logic to justify voting for what they say they hate.

    2. I was just looking that site over to see if they would go that far and sure enough I found this comment: “There is no new party, it doesn’t exist. Next year we are going to be asked to give Trump 4 more years, or a Democrat. Those are the only two choices, and only one of the two are going to be President in 2021. I choose any Democrat over Trump.”

      They are insane if they think voting for a progressive far left president is better than voting for Trump.

      1. Amazing @Watchman74:disqus that they now openly admit there are only two choices. The disgusting things some of them have said to me ( and others ) about having sold our soul to vote for Trump when there really was no other choice. Oh the hate with the binary choice they threw when over and over again like banging a head on a wall it’s truly binary OUTCOME. It’s either an R or a D that will be the President and putting a check mark and another parties name as part of a user name won’t make it so. Better chance of a rainbow farting unicorn flying over my house in the next hour.

        1. Yup, they are always going on about it’s not binary (their favorite word), and yet the outcome is always binary. It was either Trump or Hillary, Republican or Democrat. Anything else is a throwaway vote. But they can’t see the forest for the trees.

        2. I’ve never been to that site and don’t even know the site name but it sounds to me that they’re not conservatives to even begin with.

          1. They aren’t yet some of them think they are and some even call themselves Christians but would have no issues with the butt guy mayor over our president. It’s not just TDS or NT it is an absolute sickness as mentally ill as the Clinton crowd. Smart woman @Nancy to avoid them all but just looking around I see they love to come here. It will only get worse.

    3. You know, I went there for a little while after 2016. I got so sick of the fighting here. Every day was a slug fest for a long time. At first it was acceptable, but then a lot of people started going left. The very thing we are supposed to be fighting against. Whether that be in the Dem or Repuke party. Now I do not worship Trump. Never have and never will. But to rake the man over the coals for every single thing he does got old real fast. If the man went to the bathroom sitting down, they’d gripe. Then if he went standing up, they’d gripe.

      I haven’t been back in about a year. Now this doesn’t mean every single person there is like that, but a good part lost me. So now I kind of feel like I don’t really have a political home since I’m not firmly in a camp. I’m just 100% anti leftist. And I guess that’ll have to do.

      1. Boy, do I hear you. Pragmatism can be a curse. There is plenty I could say in a lot of these comment sections, but I don’t because I know I would be flamed out of existence. It really bothers me that so many people can’t seem to internalize the fact that the country — and their lives — is/are currently perched on a razor’s edge.

        1. That is true. We are walking a very fine line anymore. And I’d just rather fight leftism wherever I see it and call out any who are falling into it. If that means I catch some flack, then so be it.

      2. Well I for one am glad to have you back @txbullfrog:disqus I never posted over there but admit I read quite a bit to my horror I have to run but just wanted to say Hi and to tell you and I’m thinking of @disqus_ql7qMWYHR0:disqus and you and all Texans especially with weather predictions. Hope it effects none of you.

      3. Very nicely explained. Thank you. I know you’ve had a few difficulties here in the past, too, and I really hated it when it happened. I think the love of and passion for our country is strong here, yet we all tend to have different levels of feelings for Trump. Those differences often lead to disagreements and arguments that can sometimes, unfortunately, get out of hand. And, there are a couple hot topics right now causing arguments and strife. But, all of us here will vote for America, our Constitution, and our freedoms in the end. Overall, our love of country is stronger than their hate of a flawed man.

        Just, beware of the trolls and fly by’s we seem to be picking up!

        1. We have it all here. People who are pro-Trump to a fault, people who are anti-Trump to a fault, people who are pro-Cruz to a fault, people who are anti-Rubio to a fault, people with an irrational hatred of constitutional conservatives like Rand Paul and Ben Sasse, people who can’t admit when someone like Lindsey Graham happens to be on the right side of an issue, people who were convinced Evan McMullin was a conservative, etc. and it can be ascribed to tribalism and/or pride most of the time.

          1. It would be good for America. For too many election cycles, most votes were cast for the wrong reasons. A vote for America is truly a vote for all of us.

        2. Yeah I did get into a few arguments. Not as heated as some that I saw, but still enough for me. I’ll keep an eye out for them. Anymore I just move on past people like that. All they really want is a response and to get you worked up.

      4. A lot of times when people are discontent with a forum and they break away, they take the most extreme malcontents with them. When the extreme malcontents are allowed to dominate the new forum, the resultant cacophony of irrationality is to be expected.

        We have some die-hard Trump lovers here, but we also have some TDS trolls. Fortunately we also have a bunch of skeptical Conservatives in the middle who are taking it day-by-day and issue by issue in order to rationally make sense of the political happenings.

        1. Taking it day by day is exactly where I’m at. I believe it will stay that way for quite a while too. I would prefer for that to change and for those of us doing that to be able to have some confidence going forward. But I think we’ll have to wait on that.

        2. It was the extreme malcontents that established and run the forum. I can really only name two that truly fit the “discontent” category.

          1. I can think of a few over there who used to be able to have a reasonable discussion; but who have spent so much time in the bubble that they claim to believe Christine Blasey Ford and the rightness of her cause to take down Kavanaugh.

  10. Guess their PO’d that their 401K’s are earning +20% as opposed to the measly 3-4% of the Obama years.

    Can’t people see how better off things are than just a few years ago? What a bunch of morons.

  11. So how does this change anything? They were not going to vote for Trump anyway., so who cares? I always considered them liberal anyway. What a pathetic bunch of losers. Are these people paying attention to what the Democrat platform is, and why are they so butt hurt over Trump? That is really telling when you are willing to vote for the senile candidate in the Democrat Party. Get lost.

  12. These “Republicans” will vote in the presidential election for the same person that Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, AOC, Ayanna Pressley, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Adam Schiff, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Milano, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Chuck Schumer, Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow, Fredo Cuomo, Don Lemon, Alyssa Milano, and Cecile Richards will be voting for.

    These “Republicans” actions and names should be written down and forever remembered. Their betrayal is colossal.

  13. “but he governs from the right and at the end of the day that’s what matters.”

    Not to those people. Many of them don’t really want governing from the right, even if it comes in a more palatable package. They want open borders and big government almost as much as any Democrat. Throw in some wars and some tax cuts and they’re happy as can be.

    The ones who hate Trump to the point of supporting Biden are the same people who thought that George W. Bush was their ideal president.

      1. I would at least understand backing Walsh or some other primary opponent.
        This just tells me they are the worst kind of RINO.
        Never, EVER, go against the party.

  14. At this point they should just start calling themselves democrats, because the line between NT and liberal has become indistinguishable.

  15. It’s bad enough to not support Trump, and much worse that they’re going to support Biden. A lot of people don’t believe voting for the lesser of two evils is valid (not that I think Trump is evil), but there is a clear distinction between Biden and Trump and Trump FAR MORE benefits Never-Trumpers and aligns with their ideology than Biden.

    It’s unfortunate that NT’s are willing to cut off their noses to spite their faces.

  16. I’m not always in favor of Trump’s ego but he hasn’t been close to terrible enough for me to not vote for him.
    Never Trump is a little immature. Biden would be the best choice because at the end of the day, he is an “old dem” and doesn’t subscribe to the hard left nonsense he pretends to during this primary. That being said, he could die in office so his VP pick could be a lefty and that makes never Trumpers really pathetic.

  17. The NT crowd, for the most part are liberal, so this doesn’t surprise me. However, I don’t understand why people think Biden is a moderate because he has drifted so far to the Left during the primary he’s not going to find his way back.

  18. “I know Trump can be hard to take at times…” – Truer words have never been spoken Scoop, but I disagree that he consistently governs from the right. He’s more schizophrenic, jumping all around, but THANKFULLY he has landed on the right of issues, no thanks to Conservatives in Washington in his ear giving us voice.

    That said, the headline should read

    REPORT: Democrats and Moderates, some of whom even joined the Republican Party preparing to back BIDEN.

    You may dislike Trump to his CORE (that’s me) and find him a detestable liar (also me) but NO WAY could you sell out your principles of preserving Liberty to back a guy that says he wants to make ILLEGAL any gun that holds more than one bullet (his word, I would have said Round).

  19. Never Trumpers must not have two brain cells to rub together. Lol!
    It must suck being so bitter that willing to throw away the country.

    1. Those people get endless appreciation from the media. That’s one of the things they desire most, superficial recognition.

      1. They have much in common with the Hillary folks who are still convinced she won – if not for Russia! It’s is simply the inability to act like an adult and understand that sometimes you just don’t get your way.

        Even considering voting for Biden tells me 3 things – they aren’t Conservatives, they aren’t Republicans and they aren’t in their right minds.

  20. More proof that their intelligence is pathetic. The citizens were never thir top priority. It is and always be their AGENDA first and never what is good for all of us. It is sad that are country is losing its first, second, fourth amendment’s and none of that is becuause of Trump. Never in my lifetime have I seen the wackos become mainstream, than now. People are so disconnected, and we have more tech than ever before.

  21. Clearly there are Ds, who feel their party is a radical, pathetic joke, are ready to back President Trump?

    Does Trump increase his black and Hispanic support? Moderate Ds leaving their party?

  22. I can believe that “Never Trumpers” who were leftists anyway might do this. But real conservatives would never back those radical leftists. They have grown worse year by year.

  23. “Most Never Trump Republicans that I traffic with are of the mind that any electoral outcome that doesn’t return Donald Trump to the White House is a good outcome, save for the wild card of Bernie Sanders.”

    How are any of the other candidates any different from the “wild card”? Including Biden.

    These people are a bunch of temper tantrum, high-chair pounders who are no different from that screaming woman who couldn’t handle that Hillary didn’t win. They’d rather see this country go downhill again just to spite Trump.

  24. why don’t they just switch parties? This, more than anything, should show the public that many Republicans aren’t serious about their platform. They are serious about the swamp. They are serious about K street. They are serious about themselves.

  25. We need Biden around. Who else does a fun drunken Villages dance and tells a guy in a wheel chair to stand up and take a bow? It’s pure comedic gold.

  26. The article reveals that NT means different things to different people.

    As I’ve said ever since 2016, and still some people can’t and won’t listen, that NT has been taken over by people who exploited it for their own vanity and for leftist positions. This is the way that the left works, folks. They’ve done it to various Christian denominations. They’ve done it to non-profits like the Salvation Army and the YMCA. They’ve done it to businesses like Gillette.

    It’s the same thing here: attack, take over, hollow out, subvert.

    The Cruz people, the original Red State folks, and so on have no interest in pushing leftism.

    Again, I will never vote for Trump. That does not mean I will vote for a leftist or a progressive. Biden is no moderate. I will never vote for him, either.

    1. Brewster’s Millions. Vote none of the above. Of course that backfired for Richard Pryor and he had to drop that program because he was going to get elected for a role he didn’t want.

  27. Is anyone concerned about who Biden’s running mate (VP) might be? Because, let’s be honest…if he were to win the Presidency, he won’t be running the country it will be whoever is the VP. So, before y’all jump on the Biden train, you might wait and see who he will pick as his VP if he gets the candidacy.

    1. Can you imagine…..the Mooch??? This election is already giving me nightmares. However, I do not think Biden will get the nom; even the Dems realize he’s not all there.

        1. I can’t remember….did we get that passed, criminals being allowed to vote? Did that get slipped in somewhere when I was paying attention to something else?

  28. The D party is godless, believes in infanticide, thinks your son or daughter deserves no due process when accused of a baseless, scripted crime with the backing of almost all of the major mob/media in this country.

    Trump should, in a sane country, win 40 states in 2020.

    Joe Biden if was a R would have had his career in politics destroyed 40 years ago. The man is an embarrassment.

  29. It’s quite possible if the NT find a person to run as an independent, they could take as many votes from the dem as Trump especially if it’s Warren. Many parts of the country has blue collar Dems who aren’t as radical as the nutters running their party and may be loooking for an alternative as well.

  30. “The idea that Never Trumpers would vote for Biden over Trump really says something ridiculous about them. I know Trump can be hard to take at times, but he governs from the right and at the end of the day that’s what matters.”

    Truer words were never spoken on this site. It’s a darn shame that many posters here cannot understand that.

    1. lol, sure. As the Trumpers immediately denounce, disavow, and swear they have always hated the Mike Lee’s and Justin Amash’s because they dared once to vocally disagree with Donald. But no, it’s the other guys that are the scorned lovers.

      Sheesh, projection much?

    2. They are in fact, remember back when Trump supported Dumbocrats like the Clintons? He was one of their favs in those days…

  31. I know Trump can be hard to take at times, but he governs from the right and at the end of the day that’s what matters.

    *laughs in gun control document his White House put out*

    That being said I already have my candidate of choice for 2020. I plan to vote for the one person I respect the most among the choices presented thus far: Myself. Voting for Biden is just dumb.

    1. Instead of wasting your afternoon going to the polls, why not treat yourself to a spa day…. It’s just as productive as your present plan and a much better use of your time.

      1. Of the people in the race so far, DinoDoc (your favorite poster) of the DinoDoc Party is the only one worthy of my vote.

        1. Not arguing the validity (read sanity) of the statement, just pointing out the reality. You can accomplish the exact some result from a message table versus standing in line at your local polling place…. But you do you…

          1. There’s other races in 2020 the DinoDoc Party might not be competing in. Our platform of bringing back dinosaurs isn’t applicable to all contests.

  32. Good, weed them out. RINOs have done too much damage to a genuine conservative movement. No use for effete elites – they stand only for themselves and are a drag on the new GOP. Bye.

  33. Never Trumpers lost the war for the GOP decisively.
    Its’ gone for them never to return.
    In no way will the GOP move back to globalist positions.
    Time to form a new party.

  34. Never Trumpers believe in WASP privilege.
    Trump supporters believe in WASP values.

    Huge difference because the WASP values tent is open to everyone. And I mean everyone. Don’t get hung up on the “white” part – it is just the color of our original Founders and early institutions – including the Southern Democrat slave owners.


  35. Nobody involved in original coining of the phrase NT or who initially pushed the concept of NT (a personal declaration, not a movement) is involved in this. NT started by writers at Red State and The Resurgent. They have nothing to do with late comers who only glommed on later like Rick Wilson and William Kristol. Even they never supported a Democrat.

    The folks the DC Examiner is talking about are like Nicole Wallace, Steve Schmidt, David Frum, et. al who voted for Zero at least once and who endorsed Hillary in 2016.

    All of the original NT folks were ardently opposed to and critical of Hillary. None of them are backing Biden or any other Democrat. This is just propaganda, misdirection, and lies intended to cause division among conservatives.

    1. Never Trump such as it was died in 2016. I’m amazed that it continues to live rent free in the minds of so many people given how easily it was crushed after that dumpster fire of a primary.

      1. Exactly. There is not a single originator (of whom I am aware) who persisted in their personal declaration once this president won the election. Most of the prominent ones have since said they will probably vote to re-elect this president.

        …but the attacks continue, even by folks who were NT.

  36. Like Obama before him, Biden will be a figurehead president. That’s what the globalist on the left and right want more than anything. A moronic golfing Magoo presidency, when you think about it those terms. Can you think of a better candidate than Biden?? I certainly cant.

    1. Exactly, which is why they don’t even care that he is becoming senile before our very eyes. They just need the office. Biden would just be a figurehead.

    2. Exactly. Look who he picks as VP if he’s nominated. That will be the person who’s really running the show.

        1. Yep. They had a meeting and it’s pretty clear there was a deal struck even though both refuse to talk.

      1. Me too. Not so much pro-Trump and will vote for the man although I still don’t like him but think he’s better than any of the alternatives. And he’s done some things I like.

        1. Precisely. #NT was a statement of principle. Unless one chucked their principles out the window over the last couple years, abandoning conservatism for progressivism, they didn’t start suddenly becoming Trump supporters.

          1. But more fence-sitters then are supporting Trump now. I just hope it doesn’t turn out like the second obozo election.

    1. True story, I was an ABC voter… “Anybody But Clinton”… Having supported my senator Ted Cruz in the primary.. However having seen the demonrat field, I will support Trump 100%, loudly and proudly this cycle.

  37. I was a Never Trump conservative in the last election. That was the time to be one. This time is different. Trump has had almost 4 years in office. I’m going to vote for him this time because he’s done a decent job and because the Democrats are too radical and insane. There efforts to make Trump look bad, have only succeeded in making him look like a statesman.

    1. Trump maybe incompetent and/or crazy… but somehow it works. IT WORKS! He isn’t any worse morally than half our former Presidents.

      Personal disdain for his style shouldn’t be put ahead of the good of the country, and Trump is multiples better for the country than any Democrat now presenting themselves.

      Plus, the Supreme Court and the chance to kill the activist court is worth ten more years of Trump crazy.

      Putting Trump’s crazy against Democrat crazy… Trump is the best choice for sure.

  38. I’ll be voting for Trump again next election and for the same reasons. He’s far from perfect or ideal, and I would prefer a different Republican at the top of the ticket, but he is definitely better than the Democratic nut-job alternatives, including senile, creepy Uncle Joe and Fauxcahontas.

  39. The Examiner piece likely oversimplifies things in terms of actual voting outcomes. The Never Trump movement is heterogeneous in nature, even as core principles (not all of which are held by all Never Trumpers) behind the unwavering opposition to Trump include his ethno-populist ideology, statism (intervention in markets through protectionism and bullying of private companies), fiscal profligacy, lack of fitness for office, etc.

    The Democratic Party spans from center-left to left on the ideological spectrum. Centrist and center-right Never Trumpers may well wind up supporting Biden, should he become the Democratic nominee despite differences that exist in various policy areas. There is only a very low prospect of meaningful support for Warren and a near-zero prospect of support for Sanders.

    Conservative to very conservative Never Trumpers will probably be more inclined to sit out the election and/or support an independent candidate should a suitable candidate enter the race.

    In a free election, options to sit out or cast ballots for alternatives to the Democratic and Republican nominees are available to all voters. No voter can or should be coerced to support a candidate they find unacceptable, just as a consumer is not compelled to buy a product/service he or she finds unacceptable for his/her needs or defective.

    Very few Never Trumpers will accept the almost certain appeals of a binary election that will arise at some point. Such appeals could be especially loud should Trump continue to flounder in the polls as the campaign draws toward a close. Never Trump voters rejected such appeals in 2016. They will almost certainly reject them in 2020, as the fundamental dynamics for their opposition to Trump have not changed.

    1. What constitutes coercion… someone’s opinion that differs from your own seems to be an insult to NeverTrumpers… of which I was once one. I have a bracelet.

      I see no downside to the people who put their own hatred of an admittedly uncouth man over the good of the country voting for Biden… they voted for Hillary and it amounted to a hill of beans.

      1. What constitutes coercion…

        Well, saying things like, “If you don’t support X, then you’re necessarily supporting Y” is pretty friggin’ coercive. Denouncing them as traitors, cucks, or any variant of “other tribe” is the same.

        It’s meant to appeal to fear, to demonize, and to humiliate. All are coercive in nature.

      2. Opinions are not coercion. People can feel free to share their thoughts, opinions, etc.

        The notion that people “must” support Candidate X or Candidate Y, if it is enforced, would be coercion. The U.S. electoral system is not coercive. It is a free system. People can vote for any candidate on the ballot (major party or other party/independent) or choose not to vote. That was my point.

    1. I was reading your post and was going to comment on it. You made some important points. I’m not sure what happened.

      1. I welcome you to the DinoDoc Party. Our goal is to provide people with a T-Rex with which to ride to work or terrify their enemies.

        1. Traitor. A vote for dinsoaurs is a vote for Biden. You must support Trump. You do not have a choice. Your principles don’t matter. Your decisions are not your own. Party loyalty or to the gallows with you.

  40. You know, the more time I spend around Trumpers (mostly here at TRS), the more I understand why anti-Trumpers would want to vote Democrat.

    It’s to spite the Trumpers. I don’t agree with it,but I get the spite. Especially today.

    Trumpers are no different than leftists. They want everyone in their echo chamber. And when you’re in there with them, that desire to blast reverberating decibels in there that just to deafen them?

    I’m not saying I’m for it – but I get it.

    1. I was a never Trumper. I am not anymore. The alternative(s) to Trump are downright terrifying. I love my country and don’t want it to be ruled by a bunch of insane Socialists/Communists. I know my history, and that NEVER ends well. As a Christian,conservative, prolife, pro Second Amendment, anti-climate change hoax etc etc, the left would just love to deal with me, if you know what I mean. They are already making noises to that effect. I love my country and my
      children and grandchildren. I don’t want them to have to live with what the left has planned for them.

      1. The alternative(s) to Trump are downright terrifying.

        Not all of them. I kinda like this Max Abramson guy so far, what little I know of him at least.

        There are good alternatives to Trump among the conservatives and libertarians. But voting for a progressive – whether it’s Donald or one of the Democrats? There’s no recipe for winning on any of the things you care about there.

        1. But they cannot win. I want someone who can beat whatever Commie the left puts up. Common sense. Too bad common sense isn’t.

          1. Not with that attitude they can’t. (That was my whole pitch earlier, that is apparently verboten.)

            And it’s how the DC establishment controls you. They know you’ll accept garbage that is contrary to your principles and values, because they know you’re more afraid of the other side winning than you are courageous enough to stand up for what you believe in. It’s a hell of a racket they’ve got with that, and it’s why the same people keep staying in power over and over and over.

            The “safe bet” seems like the best choice because you don’t lose big. But you also don’t ever win anything either. For that, we have to be willing to take a risk. We’re not, and the Establishment know its it. And they exploit it to their benefit, and not ours. And this nation will never recover as a result.

  41. If some people don’t like how things are done here, you are free to leave. Go start your own blog. This is a private site and can be run the way the owner or others authorized think it should be run. Isn’t that what you say about twitter, facebook, google?!!!

    Just Saying

    1. Absolutely. That’s why you’ll never see me complain, or go running to mommy government to desperately wail about unfairness demanding that they Do Something!™. And it’s why I have no problem with Facebook/Youtube exhibiting bias. It’s their site. They can do with it as they please.

      Glad to see you got one right for once. Blind squirrels and all that.

      1. Absolutely. That’s why you’ll never see me complain, or go running to mommy government to desperately wail about unfairness demanding that they Do Something!™. And it’s why I have no problem with Facebook/Youtube exhibiting bias. It’s their site. They can do with it as they please.

        Glad to see you got one right for once. Blind squirrels and all that.

          1. Little Willy, Willy won’t
            Willy won’t, Willy won’t
            Little Willy, Willy won’t go home
            But you can’t push Willy round

            Willy won’t go, try tellin’ everybody but, oh no
            Little Willy, Willy won’t go home
            Little Willy, Willy won’t go home
            But you can’t push Willy round

            Willy won’t go, try tellin’ everybody but, oh no
            Little Willy, Willy won’t go home

  42. The man is obviously senile, plus he’s had two brain surgeries… good grief… and that’s not even policy reasons not to support him.

    I don’t think they can actually be Republicans anymore they should just admit that to themselves.

  43. “Being Never Trump doesn’t mean abandoning conservative sensibilities”… Wrong — these people are 100% anti-conservative losers willing to see America destroyed because Trump lives rent-free in their miserable heads.

    1. Being pro-Trump means supporting progressivism. Sure, it’s the populist/nationalist variety, but it’s progressive all the same. Rooted in collectivism, and designed to be imposed by force rather than by reason.

      This is why #NT existed in the first place. To support Trump, you had to abandon conservative principles. Maybe not conservative goals – but absolutely 100% unequivocally the principles. #NT couldn’t, and wouldn’t, do that.

      Some people decided that the goals mattered more than the principles. I, for one, say it’s the other way around. This is, incidentally, the long-term and possibly fatal damage Donald has done to America. We used to be kinda 50/50 divided between right and left. Now you can barely tell them apart, but for their goals. And conservatism has been marginalized to effectively irrelevance in America.

          1. Let’s do that with everything including dealing with co-workers and supervisors. But, people should write-in a candidates name?

          2. Would you kindly state the major conservative PRINCIPLES that Trump has violated while taking into consideration the bloated budget that he had to sign with a “you know what” at his head in order to reopen the government last January and while considering the fact that he can not accomplish all thinngs in the first 2 years in office?

    2. The definition of Conservative is Orwellian. I long ago gave up on the figuring out what people mean when they call themselves Conservative… I think it just means: “people who agree with me on everything.”

      Therefore it is meaningless.

      1. Conservatism is individual liberty, limited government and fiscal conservatism, but that’s too hard to remember for people who want to have an opinion on everything, but no basis for their beliefs.

      2. Which is why, while I register to vote as a republican so that I can vote in primaries, I am not a republican. I believe in small government, low taxes, am against abortion, am a strong second amendment advocate, am for states governing themselves but not to the point while they put the health of citizens in jeopordy (sp), believe in a strong secure border, constitutionalist judges, etc.

  44. These fools are willing to ruin the opportunity to have a constitutional conservative nominated SCOTUS for the next three to four decades. Not to leave out more constitutional judges through out the federal system.This traitorous behavior on their part is inconceivable and unforgivable.

    1. “This traitorous behavior on their part is inconceivable and unforgivable.”

      It absolutely is, and great post by the way. It’s just so sad that these Never Trumpers — who refer to themselves as “staunch conservatives” — would choose to pass up an opportunity to vote for someone (Trump) who could appoint conservative judges that would serve for many years to come. You’re so right. It’s both inconceivable and unforgivable.

      1. Their claim is pure hogwash. No “staunch conservative” would ever vote for a Democrat. If you can’t support the Republican then sit it out or vote 3rd party. But even considering voting for a lame-brain like Biden is unconscionable.

      2. Thank you. It’s such a wonderful opportunity. I hope they don’t blow it. I’ll be lucky to be around in 20 years. But I too love our country and I want future generations to have the same great opportunities and freedoms I have been blessed to enjoy. Just think how extremely fortunate we are to either be born here or immigrate here and become a US citizen. Wow how great it is that. We won the lottery already.

        1. You’re very welcome! And you’re right, we’re blessed to be living in a country where we still have freedoms, although that’s being slowly eroded by the Socialists/Democrats.

  45. Even if I were a dem, I wouldn’t vote for an older man who will be in 80s to replace an already old man nearing his mid 70s for POTUS, that’s dumb.

  46. Still #NeverTrump, and I never vote for Democrats. If you’re seriously considering voting for Joe Biden, you’re not on Team Red any more.

    1. If a conservative withholds their vote for Trump in 2020, after he has governed from the right, what makes them more principled than an establishment or moderate NeverTrumper?

      1. I’m pretty sure the article talking about the gun control blueprint the White House put out is still on the first page of The Right Scoop.

      2. I live in a red state (Georgia). If Trump can’t win Georgia without my vote, he won’t win re-election.

        If Trump was actually governing from the right, he wouldn’t need Ted Cruz correcting him all the time.

        1. All due respect, but you’re dodging the question. Obama won the county where I reside (twice), but that wouldn’t justify a decision to stay home on election day. A RINO Congressman wins our district with 70 percent of the vote every election, and that doesn’t justify a decision to stay home on election day either. Otherwise, we never would have been part of electing one of the most conservative members of the Senate. We should appreciate what Trump has accomplished, because he’s proven to be a much better option than the status quo (McCain, Romney, Jeb, etc.).

        2. Governing from the right? What presidency have these folks been watching for the past 3 years? Trump has to be badgered into not doing something liberal every week.

      3. Many of us would disagree with your premise that he has governed from the right. He just parted ways with his national security adviser for not being liberal enough with Iran and seems to want some form of gun control. Throw in prison reform, spending (he’s admitted he doesn’t care about the debt), and tariffs, Trump’s governing record is more center-left.

      1. Have some dignity. If you’re going to stand against the President in 2020, don’t desperately remind everyone you’re still on ‘Team Red,’ which is a pathetic term in itself. Anyone who intends to vote for Joe Biden is the definition of a RINO, and any credible conservative would condemn them for even suggesting it.

  47. Well, well. Never Trumpers are now going to vote for Crazy Joe? Thank you! In the D primary, I want Joe to win. Then I really want Trump to mop the floor with old crazy Joe in the match up. It’s my dream come true.

      1. Who are you kidding? If it were a choice between Joe Biden and Lindsey Graham, you’d be the same browbeating moron on a quest to, Save the Republic!

        1. No, I’m really not. Nobody who was #NT could ever vote for a Democrat. That’s directly contrary to what #NT was. The reason they couldn’t vote for Donald is the exact same reason they couldn’t vote for a Democrat.

  48. So what is the choice here: Vote for America Again vs vote for criminals, pedophiles, traitors and the communist NWO. As simple as that.
    Biden is a shoo-in and the only thing that the Cabal expects from him are numerous pardons for the Obamas, Clintonians, Kerry, Gore, Bushs etc….etc……..the real problem will be Biden’s running mate who will give us a big surprise….

    1. I don’t agree that Biden is a shoo-in. I just spent a week with my very lib brother and sister-in-law. She especially hates Trump. Neither of them would ever consider voting for anyone but a Dem. So they have to pick one.

      We watched the last debate together (well I made it about 2 hours). They haven’t made up their minds, they are not thrilled with any of them. But they have eliminated a few. And Biden is one of them. They agree with me that he has lost it and is not capable of the job.

      FYI, they have also eliminated Bernie, Beto, and Harris (“what a phony!”).

      1. I explained myself poorly. What I think is that the whole “debate TV show” is just for entertainment. The Cabal wants Biden no matter what. He is a reliable corrupt guy with a good name recognition. The Dems Mob primaries are a hoax. We had this hoax with Hillary and we will have it again with Biden.

        1. I see your point, but people do vote in primaries. It should be interesting to watch. I think the Dem Party is in deep trouble because the Cabal (as you so aptly put it) is so disconnected from the VALUES of the average liberal.

          Also, even if they manage to get Biden, the real candidate will be the VP pick. Because it’s obvious that Biden will be deemed incompetent if he were ever elected.

          1. Yes, but you know what it means to vote in the Dems Mob Party- Primaries……it is just a show. The Cabal has already pledged delegates for the favorite puppet and if these are not enough they will “arrange” the number of delegates or produce more ballots…… like they did with Bernie Sanders. And I am 100% with you that the running mate from Biden will be the key. The Dems Mob is actually happy that the people can already observe a sick or weak Biden because this will make the “removal” even easier when they don’t need him anymore.

    2. Biden can’t win the nomination unless the DNC rigs it because the base is now radical left and Biden can’t compete with Warren, Sanders and the rest.

      And if they rig it for Biden, George Soros will be pulling the strings because BIden is an idiot – he only opens his mouth to change feet!

  49. If Donald Trump’s Tweets are enough to drive you into the Democrat camp then it is doubtful you were ever a Republican.

    Just say’n.

  50. Hopefully the never-Trumpers will have the fortitude to come out publicly with their support for dimensia poster child Biden or any of the other whackjobs. Let that hate fill them with rage and consume them with anger.

  51. It’s so blatantly obvious that Never Trumpers are liberals, so why do people keep calling them Republicans?

  52. With 94% of Republicans supporting Trump + many Reagan Democrats voting for him… I doubt the NT fools will impact the election. Favoring Socialism because you don’t Trump’s tweets or demeanor is IDIOTIC.

  53. By not voting at all does nothing to help , it gives the demon-rats another chance God forbid to get back in the White House. The 2016 use of but it’s my principles is a cop out. JMHO.

    1. Agreed…it is Trump or nothing. But honestly it would not surprise me if Trump’s “democrat” side comes back out once re-elected, as he is a social liberal who thinks red flag laws make a difference where criminal murderers are involved.

      1. Lets hope he stays on the path he’s been on. I just saw a short video of the wall being constructed, looks like it’s coming along pretty fast PTL !

          1. It’s sad to see a grown man who can’t grow up and get past your hate , TDS will eat you alive. BTW don’t reply to me again or I’ll be forced to block you , we have zero reason to communicate, I won’t forget how you treated me and others on RS .

        1. Sure, but we have no idea whether this is “new” wall or replacement wall that was designated before he ever took office…snails work faster than our government. sigh.

        2. Nana, was it the impromptu demonstration he gave at the Otay-Mesa border near San Diego yesterday where he and a border control agent explained how the new wall is being constructed? I saw that live, it was fantastic!

          1. I sure hope so. If he does not get the entire fence built before the democrats cheat him out of another 4 years, it would be a shame.

    2. The only difference between a Democrat getting in the White House and Trump staying there is that the goals shift. Either way though, we get a progressive president. No bueno.

      1. I agree. The problem is that as a nation and as conservatives is we can’t fight progressive politics when we have populist-progressive disguised as a Republican in the White House.

        1. Off hand I can’t think of a single Republican president, disguised or otherwise, who didn’t, to one degree or another, advance the progressive movement. They all have because they all understand that deep down, where nobody likes to talk about it, almost everyone wants to have their vote bought and paid for.

          1. You are probably right, Dave…and if that is true, let’s designate the state of Texas as the only conservative state, as real Texans hate government involved in our lives at all. And let’s ship all illegals, liberal progressives, democrats and rinos to anyplace else – their choice. I am confident that Governor Abbott, along with We The People of Texas, can quickly build the wall separating our state from Mexico, NM, OK, AR and LA…we are already on our own power grid. I think a Lone Star Passport is a GREAT idea!

  54. So they’re enabling the Communists to take over this country.

    These are NOT “Republicans” and never have been – just like John McCain.

    1. and Kristol, Romney, Graham and the rest…they should be ejected from the GOP or else a new actual conservative party needs to be created and grown in America.

    1. Evidently, the liberal progressive sect has stolen the term, “Never-Trump,” because you are right. Trump is far from being conservative, so the RINOs for Biden have exposed themselves for the liberal progressive liars they are. Sickening.

        1. Having a hard time reading and comprehending, are you? Ignore me – you have no clue what I think. I am blocking you, rickey

  55. This is disingenuous at best…more lies from the commie-socialist democrat party and their associates, the RINOs. “Never-Trumpers” are conservatives. Anyone who would throw-in for Joe Biden is an idiot liberal progressive liar and cheat. Period

  56. They only claim to be never Trumpers.

    Who would believe that with hillary as Potus we would Kavanaugh and Gorsich along with oil dependency?

      1. except the never trump leaders did vote and campaign for Hillary, maxboot, jennifer rubin, bill kristol, joe walsh, about a dozen other #TDS GOP…

  57. So, what say all of you NeverTrumpers, who crawled under ground when the Mueller report exonerated Trump? You know who you are, you of the “Federalist” in your moniker. SooperMex, are you going to support Biden too?

    1. Trump wasn’t exonerated in the Mueller Report. Read it for yourself. Don’t take Trump’s, Barr’s, Tucker’s or Hannity’s word for it.


    2. Mueller is a Russian spy. And he only exonerated Donald of collusion. He was silent on the pee tape, which is the real killer.

  58. If the libertarian party had nominated Evan McMullin I would have voted for him at the time, but if he is opposing Trump so much now that he would support a democrat loon, that is despicable.

    No democrat must get anywhere near the white house. EVER

    1. If Bill Kristol is supporting a candidate, there’s no way in hell they’re a conservative. No offense, but I’m not sure why that was so hard to understand in 2016. If you’re going to opt out of the binary system for any reason, voting for an establishment candidate defeats the point entirely.

      1. I live in a state where my vote was irrelevant anyway. I wrote in Cruz on principle. I will happily be voting for Trump in 2020, however. I had a ver ylow bar for him and he has exceeded every expectation (except for the bad ones – I feared he would veer left as well, which he seemed to want to do a few tims but caught himself and didn’t)

  59. So, the NTs will vote for Biden in the open primaries… and believe their vote will make a difference in the General Election?

      1. I doubt it… many people voted for the first time in their lives. Both in the primary and general elections.

  60. What we have here is an incorrect definition of republican. The politicians mentioned in this article are RINOs (a.k.a., zombie Demoncrats).

  61. I thought the never trumpers had 3 guys running already as ‘conservatives’
    what about those poor souls??? go ahead back stupid biden…….nobody gives a damn what you morons do or think

  62. As many others here have pointed out, I might not like Trump and still don’t intend to vote for him, but Hell will freeze over before I would even consider voting for any Democrat, let alone the likes of Biden. 99% of my problems with Trump stem directly from the things he has in common with them, so this would be like buying bacon because you’re sick of eating pork.

    A few months back, I saw one of my most devoutly anti-Trump FB friends appear to suggest he might consider backing Biden. I asked him straight out, “What was your problem with Trump, again? I’m getting confused.”

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