Report: Obama informally partnering with Iran to not back Israeli attack

Once again Obama is trying to protect his own interests instead of what’s best for the world siding with Iran over Israel:

YNET NEWSWashington reportedly sends Tehran indirect message saying it will not back Israeli strike on nuclear facilities as long as Iran refrains from attacking American facilities in Persian Gulf

The United States has indirectly informed Iran, via two European nations, that it would not back an Israeli strike against the country’s nuclear facilities, as long as Tehran refrains from attacking American interests in the Persian Gulf, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday.

According to the report, Washington used covert back-channels in Europe to clarify that the US does not intend to back Israel in a strike that may spark a regional conflict.

In return, Washington reportedly expects Iran to steer clear of strategic American assets in the Persian Gulf, such as military bases and aircraft carriers.

Israeli officials reported an unprecedented low in the two nations’ defense ties, which stems from the Obama administration’s desire to warn Israel against mounting an uncoordinated attack on Iran.

The New York Times reported Monday that US President Barack Obama is promoting a series of steps meant to curb an Israeli offensive against Iran, while forcing the Islamic Republic to take the nuclear negotiations more seriously.

One of the steps considered is “an official declaration by Obama about what might bring about American military action, as well as covert activities that have been previously considered and rejected,” the report said.

Several of Obama’s top advisors believe that Jerusalem is seeking an unequivocal American statement regarding a US strike on Iran – should it actively pursue a nuclear bomb.

Israel hopes such a statement is made during Obama’s address before the UN General Assembly on September 25.

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217 thoughts on “Report: Obama informally partnering with Iran to not back Israeli attack

  1. Lets see…Obama sides with Iran…he refuses the mention of God at DNC convention…has Imam cleric do the call to prayer at convention…originally refused Priest…gee ya think he could be a muslim??? Maybe it’s not off the mark after all to question his birth certificate…

  2. More and more this evil man scares me. I’ve always thought he despises Israel as well as America . Every action he has taken in the middle east has put Israel in danger, from Mubarek to Quadaffi to allowing Muslim Brotherhood in the people’s White House. He has Samantha Powers advising him who hates Israel. He has Valerie Jarret who has communist ties and who is also Iranian born. Obama is friends with Rashid Khaledi and others who have ties to the PLO . Come on , it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see he surrounds himself with people who despise Israel. When Obama sits there looking at Netanyahu in the White House , his face says , I’d love to smack you upside your head ! Obama is so dangerous for the world. Watch the movie 2016 , you will understand Obamas smile is nothing but a mask to fool the people.OMG2012

  3. Those who lead from behind usually have a knife (or a gun) in their hands. Watch out Israel, you are about to be stabbed in the back.

  4. Making a deal with the Devil will only gain you a lost soul Obama. No loss for you since you are already bought and paid for but the rest of us in America would prefer to keep our souls. Back Israel you fool!!

  5. Everything with Obama is political, including sacrificing loyalty to an ally in a strategic place just to preserve his election chances. He has “bow waved” virtually everything past the election that could play against his re-election chances. He may wake up one day and realize that he does not want to inherit his own debacle that has been set up for 2013. Pathetic. It boggles my mind why any Jew in America would consider voting for him when he throws their heritage (and in some cases, mother) country over the transom to enhance his own agenda.

  6. Begging Iran not to attack US interests only shows weakness. Besides Iran wouldn’t likely honor whatevery they may tell the obamessiah’s emissaries.

    I think the following from is more likely. That Iran’s surrogates do at least some of their dirty work – by attacking US as well as Israeli interests.

    Hezbollah leader: Iran would strike US bases in response to Israeli attack

    Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah says Iran could hit US bases in the Middle East in response to any Israeli strike on its nuclear facilities — even if American …
    Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah says Iran could hit US bases in the Middle East in response to any Israeli strike on its nuclear facilities — even if American forces played no role in the attack.

    Citing information he said was from Iranian officials, Nasrallah told a Beirut-based television station that if Israel targets Iran, America bears responsibility.

    At the same time, Nasrallah said he does not expect Israel to attack Iran in the coming months or forseeable future. Nasrallah also repeated a warning that Hezbollah could cause widespread destruction if it came into conflict with Israel again, but he denied that the Shi’ite group has, or would ever use, chemical weapons. Nasrallah said Hezbollah has rockets that could hit what he called Israel’s “weak points,” including economic, industrial electrical, chemical and nuclear sites.

  7. We can expect to kiss our butts good bye if dear leader continues on this path. I pray the Lord knows that although this man got “elected” not all of us want anything to do with him or his anti Israel policies. Those who Bless Israel will be blessed, those who curse Israel will be cursed.

  8. OK you guys have had your fun with JG. He’s not going to give up, continues to make stupid, uninformed comments and ask questions that should tell you how uninformed he is (or he just doesn’t want to know the truth).

    I checked his profile before I even commented on JG’s first comment earlier. One comment he had made is that he is not a Christian, so that should give you a clue. He seems to be a Paulbot to me.

    Stop already! He’s just here to stir things up, and not interesting in learning the truth.

    1. Lol, true. It’s tough for me to ignore him because I feel like I’m letting him win. Not true, but still.

  9. Obama IS a clear and direct threat, not only to Israel, but to the security and safety of the United States…

  10. b.o. has more in common with mr I will not run for office muslim brotherhood leader of Egypt than we can imagine. b.o. does not care if our military is in harm’s way. Maybe I’mbad already told b.o. to mind his own business and maybe I won’t or maybe I will bomb your uniformed infidels.

  11. While all this goes on, America is now getting ready to forgive a debt to Egypt and be part of large financial package with the IMF.

    Obama is not down yet. Win or lose he will do his best to take America down.

    May God help us.

    1. More wasted billions for the retrograde cultists – but hey, it’s for the Bro’, so that’s OK. Not.

      That Lagarde witch is working with zero to bring down the US$ so the UN’s new world currency can be shoved down our throats – then it’ll all be over, the NWO will reign. As planned.

    2. Yeah, the same Egypt where O encouraged the Arab Spring, now being run by the MB, while staying silent when the people of Iran were screaming for our help and O was silent. When you put all of the pieces together of what has happened over the last 3+ years, it starts to make more sense. Not a picture I thought I would ever see!

      Perhaps O was being honest when he said his plan is working. Unfortunately, none of us knew what the plan was exactly! Now that we are getting a clearer picture, it is truly frightening, not just for us but for the world.

      1. Remember how troubling it was that zero did nothing about N. Korea’s missiles … and then right after the Iranian Green Movement was ignored. It was so un-American it really got my antenna quivering.

        His plan is working alright. It just isn’t anything good for anyone in the world.

        1. And the security leaks? I’m sure those weren’t by accident. I swear, everything he has done is the complete opposite of what an American president should do, whether on the home front or abroad. The list goes on and on how treasonous he is. We should all be scared, very, very scared of what he will do next.

          1. He has acted anti-American because he ain’t American. Regardless of where he was born he is not American at heart and I believe his heart is with Islam.

          2. I don’t think there is anything accidental about this treasonous regime. That frightens me more than anything. They are proficient in their destruction of all we hold dear. We have learned quite a lot about the many subversive actions but it is mind boggling to know it is probably only the tip of the iceburg. It will take a monumental, sustained effort to eradicate the roots of the cancerous tumor afflicting our massive government.

        2. It’s not even good for Obama. He has been anti-Israel while saying he is pro-Israel. He can’t pretend forever and it will become more obvious when crap hits the fan. He hoped to not be obviously outed before November, but the heat’s on him now and he’s not going to make it. He’s busted.

          1. Yup. Like Maxine stated, we should all be very scared by what he intends to do next. Thank God that many of us have our eyes open and more are waking every day.

            Praying for Israel, her leaders and her people.

  12. The Obama administration and the Clintons can go suck eggs! This is so abhorant to America’s principals that it is antithetical to our founding !! This is anti-semitism to the max, IMHO! BHO, proving once again where his bacon is buttered!!!!!!!

    1. Not quite, George Washington in his farewell address advocated free trade with all and alliances with no nations. He also warned about the dangers of friendly nations influencing the American people.

      1. That may be true but NATO was formed as a united front against communism. Maybe it has outlived it’s purpose since the cold war is over, I’m not sure. But I don’t think we can survive as a nation without alliances any more.

        Not trying to be against you. This is really something I’ve never thought about…..having a nation with no allies. Are you saying you agree with Washington or were you just pointing out what he said?

        1. Are you saying you agree with Washington or were you just pointing out what he said?

          I’m not a Paulie.

  13. I can assure you Obama HATES Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama hates everything Netanyahu stands for, he hates that Netanyahu is a real man and a leader which is two things Obama will NEVER be.
    Obama is nothing more than a petty adolescent wanna be dictator..

    Obama would stand aside and watch if he thought Israel was going down and laugh .

    No doubt in my mind..

    1. I will never forget the contempt on Obama’s face when Netanyahu was lecturing him on foreign policy and/or Israel’s security. He probably felt like a child being scolded for getting an ‘F’ on his report card. I’m sure Netanyahu has no love for Obama, either. Difference is, Netanyahu can laugh at Obama for being an incompetent turd. Obama cannot do the same.

  14. Israel should not hope for anything from zero, at the UN or anywhere else. They’ve seen his true colours. His re-election is more important to him than Israel, period.

      1. Even though things are kinda calm right now and he’s not pushing a big agenda, I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of what he is going to do before he leaves. I have a feeling the October surprise is going to be a doozy. I just hope we aren’t caught flat footed.

    1. Seems like he would lose the entire Jewish vote if he doesn’t support Israel. Of course, the backstory would need to get airtime from the corrupt media.

    2. Exactly, and Obama put his re-election above Israel’s existence right to their faces. If they didn’t wait until after the election to attack Iran they would not get our help. He had the nerve to base our support behind a war effort entirely on his re-election bid. That is a very, very dangerous man that will do that.

      1. That’s why I use the term psychopath instead of sociopath – the latter is less dangerous. Wow, the whole world has to pay for his childhood neglect, eh?

        Must say you have fought the good fight tonight, kong, magnificent! Your patience was limitless with JG, whom I wrote off as a troll after he asked for ‘evidence’. Well done – I admire you and the other posters who persevered for your good sportsmanship.

          1. If you were getting frustrated, pefectly understandable, it didn’t show. You did great.

            I just read this at Debkafile about one of the results of zero cutting back on the military exercises with Israel – seems Israel’s window to defend itself against Iranian weapons has been reduced from 14 minutes – but it doesn’t say what the revised notice period is. So, the number of dead in a worst case situation is now far greater.

            Either zero knows he’s losing and is pulling out all the stops to do the maximum damage before he goes, both domestically and abroad, or it’s all a bluff and something big is gonna go down with the US as back-up. But that would only be if zero thought it’d help him with the elections IMO.

            Meanwhile, “the guided-missile cruiser USS Mobile Bay, one of the biggest in the world, left San Diego early Saturday headed for the Persian Gulf with a battle group led by Washington-based aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis”, also at Debka.

            Debkafile is an Israeli news outlet that used to be criticized for its purported use of inside information – but its filings were often found to be fact-based and in recent years it’s become a good source. Here, with the Stennis report in the update bar on the left:

            Good night!

            1. Lol, don’t take this the wrong way, but….you really know how to scare the hell out of someone.

              Seriously, we need to be informed as much as possible. Thanks for the link.

              Obama is undermining Israel and the comments from Dempsey about Israel not being capable of carrying out the needed operation was a strategic betrayal. This is all coming to a head at the worst possible moment in history….while Obama is at the helm. Then again, that might be exactly why this is coming to a head. Iran is opportunist.

  15. Hard to say if this is true or not. It’s unrealistic to believe Iran will just leave us alone if we promise not to back Israel. If the BO administration honestly believes that why are there at least two aircraft carriers and who knows how many subs in the Persian Gulf? That makes sort question the validity of this story. I think Israel will attack with or without American support, and the moment the Iranians try to block the Strait of Hormuz we will be drawn into the conflict rather the BO administration want’s to or not, so why not support our allies (for once)?

    1. I think the idea was to give the green light. Leave us out of it, and you can do whatever you want, but if you attack American sites, then I will be under pressure to respond.

  16. Can this Obama guy be a bigger idiot? Don’t attack us and we’ll leave you alone? Can you spell out WEAKNESS any louder? These are extremist Muslims. They must be besides themselves at how stupid this guy is. The US is siding with Iran. WOW!

    1. They’re liberal because liberalism disarms their hosts. They are situationally liberal and not sincerely liberal. Egalitarianism, diversity, secularism, weakness for theeeee but not for meeeee.

  17. Well, this just goes to show ya what kind of coward our so-called president is. What a low-life piece of used toilet paper! Guess Moochelle isn’t gonna let his rumored ‘nads out of her purse for anything.

  18. IF this is true. America has gone from “walk softly and carry a big stick” to “walk backwards and throw away the stick.”

    Here or another blog, there was an article saying that the US was heavily monitoring Israeli military movements and communications. I was thinking sarcastically, “yea, so we (this administration) could warn Iran of an impending attack.” I would not put it past the current nimrods currently running the US to do something like that.

      1. I find it utterly amazing that such treasonous behavior is now believable. We truly live in bizarro world…

        1. Just until January 20th, my friend. I just wonder what Obama’s going to do the last couple months on the way out.

          1. My constant, worried refrain, kong. It scares the hell out of me.
            He should be placed under arrest on the evening of November 6th, and confined to a military barracks to be dealt with on charges of treason. That’s my dream, anyway…

            1. Mine, too, but unfortunately it’s not going to happen.

              I’d like to know why it’s not impeachable when he refused to enforce our immigration laws. He took an oath and betrayed us and our laws. That’s just one of many impeachable things he has done in my view. Fast and Furious comes to mind and the list could go on and on.

              1. Yeah – while R&R work on the real duties of the Presidency, another phalanx of investigators will need at least four years or longer just to finger the policies and people who’ve been doing the damage downstream at the bidding of the WH. It’ll be horrifying, of that there’s no doubt.

                1. Yeah, the mess is going to be hard to clean up. It will take years to rebuild trust with our allies, years of trouble coming from the rise of Islam through the Arab Spring, and the internal mess is going to be a nightmare. Hang on. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, and I think we will find out a lot that we are unaware of now.

  19. This just shows how weak and vulnerable we are in the Persian Gulf. We have a carrier fleet permanently stationed in the Gulf and 15000 troops stationed in Kuwait. 100000 Marines and Soldiers tied up in Afganistan. Their security is severely comprised if war breaks out. Supply of Afganistan troops is dependant on Pakistan and Russia. WTF Over. The Gulf is not the place for 1 or 2 Aircraft Carriers if war breaks out.

    Carriers are offensive weapons that are meant to operate 100s of miles from AO in the deep blue ocean. Are there any Squids out there that can back me up? I could be wrong.

    1. I personally don’t believe that had anything to do with Obama’s decision. I think he would abandon Israel even if all of our troops were here at home. He has been anti-Israel from the beginning while claiming he’s the most pro-Israel President in history.

      Of course, it’s just conjecture….but I believe it.

    2. A carrier never goes anywhere without escorts. A carrier group is devised to protect the carrier at all cost.. That’s why they are there, to project American power in any region necessary.

      With Obama as CIC there is no telling what could happen though..

      He is an unreliable ally and I am quite sure no other friendly world leaders trust him least of all Benjamin Netanyahu I would hope..

      What would happen if Israel attacked Iran and Obama ordered a carrier group to provide support to Iran?

      Would Navy command in the gulf follow an order for such a thing?

      WE MUST get this guy out of office ASAP.

      1. I’ve wondered those things myself. One of Obama’s advisors said (while we were in Iraq) that if Israel sends jets to Iran we should shoot them down. That should scare the hell out of everyone and it tells me for sure which side Obama is on.

        If this report is true and he’s supporting Iran through the back door, when the crap hits the fan he will probably do it openly. Question is, will his orders be obeyed?

      2. What if the military commanders simply provide US hardware and support to the attacking Israeli’s without regard to what Obama orders or what comes out of the pentagon? What are the liberals, uniformed sycophants and an impotent moron in the White House going to do?

        The President ignores the Constitution and even ICE employees on the border tell him and his bitch ho Janet to stick it. He’s a joke, a limber neck, a slobbering, squealing pig of a fool!

        If a US military field commander or two commanding a task force in the Persian Gulf tells Obama to shove it, what’s he going to do? Call out the TSA or the OWS? Dial 1-800-BLACK PANTHER? Would Obama expect the American people to rise up and support him? He’s a walking corpsman as it is!

        Take it from them! Depose them all!

        1. Then we have a real crisis on our hands, one Obama might actually be hoping for.

          He could then attempt to take the next step in total control..

      1. Israel isn’t an ally. We have no treaty with them. Their interests are not ours, nor ours theirs. Period. No wars for Israel.

        1. JG, most of us here at Scoop consider Israel a HUGE ally. I have no idea why you would think differently, but it doesn’t matter. You will not change hearts or minds here, so you might as well move along to your other bogspots before you start arguments that you cannot win. Just some friendly advice. Save yourself some keystrokes.

            1. We needed Israel to counter communism in the region throughout the cold war. They have a market economy approach. They help us with intelligence and our operations and projects in the Middle East.

              Israel is alone amongst 21 or 22 Arab states that want them annihilated. You want to allow the Islamic states to destroy a free market society over religion? You don’t think we are also on that list? I promise you, we are.

              1. Israel helped with the Cold War? I’m afraid you’re mistaken. They passed our nuclear secrets (acquired by Pollard) to the Soviets, thereby undermining our entire strategy.

                What do I care if Israel is alone? I don’t live in Israel. I live in America.

                1. It’s your right to not care, but it does effect you whether you like it or not. We get intelligence from Israel and they help keep the Middle East from becoming pure chaos.

                  You obviously did not read the article I linked to. It lays out why Israel is important for our Middle Eastern policy. You don’t have to agree with it, but you can’t say no one presented a point of view that solidly refutes your notion that Israel doesn’t matter.

                2. And that is so comparable to the muslims in the entire region surrounding Israel that behead Christians and other non-believers.

                  Ok, let’s assume you are right. Let’s say Israel has none of our interests. You cannot deny that there are many arab states around them that want to kill every last person in Israel, and they will do it if given the chance. We are a big barrier between Israel and them. Not that Israel can’t defend herself, but we stand for freedom and against genocide. You are telling me that you don’t give a damn if another holocaust happens and if millions of people get exterminated like bugs. Is that your position?

                3. That will be his position right up to the point the genocide reaches his front porch. Then he will scream, “who will protect me now?”

                  You know, I probably will, but I may also spit.

                4. It appears we have the reincarnation of Chamberlain here. He has taken Paul’s positions to the extreme. I don’t see any arguing worth the effort. Help yourself, though. 🙂

                5. Given that, as per Dempsey/Mullen/Panetta, Iran is a rational actor, there is no risk of a genocide. Anyway, Israel has nuclear weapons. She can defend herself just fine. You people need to stop being so hysterical.

                6. “Iran is a rational actor, there is no risk of a genocide.”

                  Ahmadinejad is not a rational man. If you’ve ever listened to him speak I don’t believe you could say that with a straight face.

                7. Ok, then why do the “real” shakers allow him to sabre rattle putting themselves at risk? If they do not support his positions and threats, why do they let him be a loose cannon?

                8. So because some over zealous Jews spat on some Christians you want to want to condemn all of Israel? Do you think ALL Jews agree with that? No. In fact, Israel shows more religious tolerance than the rest of the middle-east where Christians are routinely killed.

                  You should care about the middle-east, this is where the majority of our oil comes from. Modern

                9. You don’t know where the oil comes from when you pump it. There are more states we get it from than what you listed. Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iraq, Brazil, Kuwait, Africa (not saying it’s a state), South America (same thing) and more.

                  Christians are routinely killed in the Middle East.

                10. LOL! Suddenly the air has a whiff of Ron Paul’s cologne. He wears Neville Chamberlain’s “Indifference,” I hear.

                11. There aren’t that many Christians in the United States, sadly JG. Have you forgotten what happened on 9-11? That was part of the Islamic revolution against our country that continues to this day.

                  Christians are persecuted all over the world, JG. It is promised in Scripture. II Timothy 3:12 You have already proven that you are one of the people in this country who is not a Christian by saying you don’t care what your Creator has to say about Israel. Their nation was chosen by God and my Saviour was born a Jew in the land of Israel.

                  Yes, the United States is broke, but allowing Iran, an avowed enemy for years of our country, to continue with their nuclear weapons plan is to invite death to even more Americans. But maybe you don’t care about that either?

                12. Do you have any clue? Are you a Christian? I only ask that because you seem to care that Christians are not always treated so well by orthodox Jews. America and every other nation will feel things once the middle east boil over.

            2. I ask you many times stop listening to Ron and Barrack. You keep doing it, what are we going to do to you now. We can ‘t talk cos you’re in cloud 13th. We’ll wait for tomorrow jg, at the mean time my friend, put away the pipe.

        2. First, if this story is true and I do say IF, it would not negate an Israeli attack. Second, Israel is not ally? What are they then exactly? Israel is our only true friend in the middle-east, the rest are either frenemies or enemies . Israel is the only democratic nation in the middle-east, that is reason enough to be allies. Third, Israel doesn’t start wars. Look at all the past conflicts and the Arabs ALWAYS started the conflict. I’m afraid you wont find much support for your position here.

          1. Well said, watchman. That troll rolled out the classic, but by now so very old, tactic of expecting us to provide ‘evidence’, impertinent little twit. Let him find his own damn evidence – if he has a clue how to do that.

          2. Grow up. Nations do not have friends. Nations have interests.

            What do I care if Israel is a democracy? I’m not that fond of democracy. The United States was never intended to be a democracy (A republic, if we could keep it).

            1. “Grow up. Nations do not have friends. Nations have interests. “

              We have interests in states that are not our allies. Your “grow up” comment was really pretty stupid and shows how ill-developed you are to understand foreign policy.

              You need to just go back to your mother’s basement and subscribe to Ron Paul’s newsletter, because there’s no reaching you.

              1. No. If someone sees relations between nations as one of “friends”, that person needs to grow up. Nations have interests.

                1. In no way does helping Israel serve our interests. Exactly opposite. It makes the entire region drip with hatred for us. We have no business over there. Best to let them alone.

                2. So the muslims hate us because of our support for Israel. You, too, are an infidel. No turning our backs on Israel is going to change that. I don’t choose my friends based off of threats from their enemies…..the same enemies who also hate us because of our western values. The United States cannot stand alone as the only free nation with democratic and free market values. We must support others that have the same values, despite what anger it brings from their enemies.

                3. I give you credit. You’re not a “hit and run” troll. You at least stick around and defend your positions.

                4. Friend is just another term for ally.

                  Do we not have interests in Pakistan? Are they our enemy or friend? Do we not have interests in China? Are they enemy or friend? Afghanistan, Iraq, France, bla bla bla. Many states are definite enemies but we have interests there. We get oil from states that are definitely not our allies. Venezuela, for one.

            2. The United States is a democratic republic.

              Do you care about what your Creator said about Israel?

              “And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” Genesis 12:3 (NAS)

                1. That’s very, very sad. After we die, we all will face the Lord as Judge. You will be held accountable to your Creator for all the rebellion you have displayed against Him in your life, including your attitude toward Israel.

                  I challenge you to think about the fact that life is brief for all of us here on earth and ask yourself what happens after you die?

            1. Nah, he’s just a troll and does not care about any links we send his way (he won’t read them – that would require learning). We are wasting our time with him and I suspect that’s his goal – hit and run (probably a Paulbot to boot).

              1. Yeah, but I can’t help myself. If I ignore them I feel like I’m letting them believe I can’t refute them.

                1. Oh, I agree. The responses are more for everybody else rather than for him, when you can see he’s not interested in the truth. I find it hard to leave it alone, too, even though the moderators tell us to be cool and walk away. That’s probably my first downfall, lol.

                2. Well, to be fair, he’s really not “defending” what he wrote. He’s clarifying or re-stating it more than anything else. I don’t see much defense for what, on its face, smells a lot like bigotry.

    1. You might want to clarify your comment. I seriously doubt that PM Netanyahu is going to wait for the OK from Obama to protect his country from being wiped off the face of the earth, as they have promised. It will be a shameful day for America if we sit back and watch it happen. That’s not who we are!

      1. As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey has said, Iran is a rational actor and there is no evidence that it is pursuing or has made the political decision to pursue nuclear weapons. Israel is not going to be wiped off the face of the earth. You can calm down.

        1. Go peddle your tripe elsewhere… There is nothing rational about Iran’s current ruling regime.
          Only a fool would believe they have no intention of building nukes..

          And yes , that means I am calling you a fool., probably more a useful tool in reality.

            1. Don’t think he is a troll but if he really believes Iran is not pursuing Nukes he is greatly overestimating his own intelligence..

              1. Both Dempsey and Mullen (the prior Chairman of the Join Chiefs of Staff) and Leon Panetta have asserted – again and again and again – that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program and in addition has not made the political decision to acquire nuclear weapons. Further, all three above assert Iran to be a rational actor. This is the conclusion of our own military.

                1. Well then hells bells it must be so…

                  Heaven forbid our intelligence sources get anything wrong… / sarc

                  I guess we will all see sooner or later …

                2. A very weak argument. You’re demanding war when our military is saying it isn’t necessary because “they might be wrong”. That is insane.

                3. I am saying Israel has the right to protect herself from a regime that has sworn to wipe them off the face of the earth multiple times in public..

                  I am saying if I were Israel I would not trust the current U.S. administration farther than I could spit.

                  I am saying only a fool would believe that Iran is not pursuing the development of Nuclear weapons.

                4. Your basing your argument on the word of agenda driven politicians.

                  It does not get much weaker than that..

                5. It shows that there is a failure in leadership from the very top on a massive scale.

                  You might ask Joint Chief Dempsey about that if he is not too busy shining obama’s shoes..

                6. The army isn’t moving in the right direction. More soldiers commit suicide than are killed in combat. The military is spread thin, worn down and not at all ready to fight another war. None of this changes that the assessment of our military re: Iran.

                7. The question you should ask is why are the Iranians willing to risk being bombed, having there scientists assassinated, embargoes, sanctions, and sabotaged via stuxnet just to develop nuclear energy when they have the oil reserves to produce all the energy they need. Why are they so secretive about it? Why bury there nuclear facilities so deep if it’s so benign?

                8. quote from JG in response to Watchmans thoughtful questions:

                  “National pride. Iranians are among the most nationalistic people on earth.”

                  Well, give you an B+ for effort… Content sucks though.. pretty weak. D-.
                  I’m only being nice and giving you 1/2 a grade point for creativity on the content portion.

                9. You are trusting lies, JG. Furthermore, the United States have in the past been considered the great satan by Iran and we are currently considered the great satan by the current leadership in Iran- they consider us their enemy. They are conducting an Islamic revolution:


                  They are still calling us the great satan:


                  Iran doesn’t like America anymore than it likes our ally Israel. They are pursuing nuclear weapon capabilities:


                  Stop burying your head in the sand.

                10. Why do they call us the Great Satan? Why should I care what bad names people call my country? I’m not a very sensitive person. I can handle it.

                11. Look at the first link to find your answer- they are in an Islamic revolution against us. We are considered an infidel nation because of our Christian heritage. They are our enemies, whether you are blind to the truth or not.

                12. Your Ron Paul schtick is nothing new, and every time that anti-Israel silliness comes up here it gets decimated because it has no internal consistency, other than the basic xenophobia of the Jew haters.

                  You need to consider that you’ve made your point; when it gets repetitive, it becomes spam, and spam gets deleted.

                  Bizarre, unsupported assertions like “Israel isn’t an ally or a friend” are clearly antagonistic, and are considered “trolling for a fight.”

                  Please review the Comment Policy if you wish to continue participating in the discussion here.

        2. Iran is a rational actor and there is no evidence that it is pursuing or has made the political decision to pursue nuclear weapons.‘ – jg

          Thank you Mahmoud for your input. Iran has stated flat out that they want to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth (ahhh, but that comes from a rational ‘actor’).

          Iran has reached 20% enrichment on their Uranium. Only reason for anything over 20% is nuclear weapons (or maybe just something for the collector, hmmm?). Not quite commercial, eh? Even the corrupt UN is starting to come around that they have a nuclear weapons program.

          Time to stick your head back in the sand.

        3. Well I guess because Gen Martin Dempsey said so we can all rest assured. Yes we should trust the rational Iranian who sponsors terrorism, oppress there own people, took hostage 52 Americans and imprison innocent hikers that accidentally wonder too close to there border. Yes they sound rational to me.

          1. Dempsey has shown that he is just another politician in the Obama administration..

            Sucking up to his boss…

            1. He is a professional soldier and the head of our armed forces. He has spent his life serving our country. To assert he’s a politician because you disagree with the assessment his subordinates have provided him is the height of cynicism and vapidity.

          2. You have absolutely no idea how our nation is perceived by the rest of the world, do you?

            Iran didn’t say it planned to wipe Israel off the map. Iran doesn’t have a mouth (or voice). The sitting President of Iran said “regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time”. Not “we will wipe Israel off the map”. Nuance. His point of reference was South Africa, which didn’t literally fall into the sea but had a change in administration.

            You people need to calm down.

            1. Ah, so it’s more important for the rest of the world to love us than to fear us. Wrong. Our enemies respect us through our might and out of fear. Trying to appease them is looked at as weakness and is exploited.

              You’re going to take the crazy man’s explanation of his quote instead of the translation by one of Iran’s own English translated broadcasting channels? They used the phrase “wipe Israel off the map”. Ajmajinedad followed saying he was misunderstood….even by his own people.

              I find it amazing that you take his word for it.

              By the way, no one thought Hitler was going to invade Europe, either…..but he did.

        4. Your ignorance abounds when it comes to Iran.

          And here is a Biblical prophecy in regards to Israel:
          Zechariah 13:8-9

        5. Iran a rational actor? What’s rational about a nation that follows an ideology which sanctions and mandates warfare against unbelievers, particularly if they’re Jewish? What’s rational about a nation that has made aggressive statements about how it intends to wipe Israel out? What’s rational about a nation that helps jihadists with terrorist training and equipping with IEDs and other weapons?

          You’re just being a Neville Chamberlain, and you know it. Rational actor? Gimme a break. You’re a know-nothing imbecile who’d rather stick his head in the sand.

  20. Even this article says “reportedly”, which means it might not be true. I will hold off my explosion until I find out one way or the other, but……

    If this is true Obama just took a leap that put the U.S. on the side of our enemy and the civilized world’s enemy. I want to scream and deport the illegitimate bastard right now, but to be fair I’m going to wait…impatiently….for the verification.

      1. Lol, you are right. Great follow-up.

        EDIT: Of course, that was him personally. Now he is dragging us into his insane ideology.

    1. O’bambi didn’t put the US on the enemy’s side, he put himself and his Obamabots on the enemy’s side. Our military will not follow his illegal orders and allow Israel to be destroyed.

      1. I agree with you but I’d like to hear a clarifying opinion on the second of two scenarios.

        (1) They are ordered to attack Israeli interests or property, which I can see them refusing to do.

        (2) Coming to Israel’s aid. They can’t do it without orders or even go to the Gulf.

        Our military can’t do anything about being forced to let it happen while we stand by and watch. Your opinion?

        1. I think the military will take over and defend Israel.  The military knows they have the support of American citizens to do so.  Congress is the one to declare war, just haven’t researched to see if it takes both the House and the Senate.  My hope is that the Republicans are already on top of this and have a plan of action ready to go.

  21. I read this yesterday where the hell is the media?, thats why the media is so despised including fox. I promised to not watch any of the coverage of the DNC because even Fox is complicit in the effort to reelect Obama.

    1. I find it hard to believe that Fox would not be covering this unless it has not been verified. Even this report says “reportedly’, which means it might not be true.

      I guess we will find out soon whether this is fact or rumor.

        1. I would like to see it covered, but I’m not sure exactly how the rules go (as far as sources). Maybe it’s not a good idea (for the news channels) to report on it until it’s verified as true or false. If it’s false Fox would be vilified for doing what MSNBC does….making things up or taking word of mouth as fact.

            1. Ummmm….uh…hold on, I’m thinking. I’ll get back with you.

              Lol… MSNBC, CBS and NBC definitely don’t need them.

  22. Wow, we’re siding with an enemy of this country against our staunchest ally in the region. I understand that obama wants to protect our assets/interests in the region, but I’m not so sure if that’s the correct approach. He has basically cut Israel off at the knees. But they may just attack Iran anyway and then our bases in the region will be attacked by Iran. That’s a difficult situation for anyone in my opinion.

    1. If this is true, Obama is abandoning Israel and asking Iran to leave us alone. There’s a time to fight and there’s a time to stay out of it, and this is not the time to turn our backs on a great ally, especially when the security of the world depends on it.

      Regardless of whether or not he wants to protect our interests, we do not turn our backs on a big ally…..ever. I hope this isn’t true.

      1. This is not the time to turn our backs on a great ally….
        Consider the thought process of dear leader that he would trust amidinnerjacket to NOT attack American interests even if they agree. Do we really think that mahdi loving demon would keep any promise to the “great satan”?

        1. No, and I don’t recall any dictators keeping their promises to us.

          Obama doesn’t want to involve us in something that would force him to take sides before the election. He won’t admit that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. These should be no-brainer positions, but he is trying to appear nuetral. If he was actually pro Israel he would not do this and would side with Israel. I believe the only thing standing between Obama and flat out taking sides with Islam and Iran is the election….which is why he’s trying to postpone any announcements of his position until after then. He must be exposed before the election.

    2. Beyond the personal political ramifications of Iran attacking American assets in the region, I am not confident that Obama actually has any patriotic/national concern in protecting our interests.

    3. This makes me think that the current administration has NO CREDIBLE THOUGHT about how to deal with these folks, whether they be “our allies, or our enemies”. What a bunch of Hooouey!!!!! They seem to think that by lieing down, they will be respected!???? Even if they have EVER dealt with anybody of different ethnicity, they WOULD know that to be weak is NOT done, if you want to make the deal!!!!

    4. Do you really believe his reason is to protect this countries military? Whoa cowboy where have you been? He is anti Israel & anti American military. Dempsy the Joint Chief of Staff leader is also an Obama parasite.

  23. This is being reported also on Arutz Sheva and Reuters. It seems that Israel is playing it down. I find this the most important news in a while. A truly cowardly, wicked administration.

    The American Jews that are strong Democrat/Obama supporters do not voice strong support for Israel. It seems that the true Christians are the strongest supporters of Israel in the USA.

  24. Wonder if this will convince the Jews that Obama is anti-Israel.

    I know we’ve asked the question a hundred times before… How on earth can the Jews continue to support this monster?

    1. Sadly, the same way blacks and hispanics continue to support the lies and political imprisonment of the socialist-democratic party. They rely on “emotion”, not “logic”.

    2. Nah the jews will not even know about this, the media is trying to cover for Obama every time they can.

      1. That’s right, they won’t. My whole family is NY Jews, more or less, and their trusted media sources are the NY Times, CNN, 60 Minutes, etc.

        The funny thing is, they’re all poster children for Dennis Praeger’s exhortation to Jews to “preach what you practice.” In their personal dealings they are all very conservative, yet they vote Democrat time and again.

          1. It’s not stupidity. I think it’s a mixture of willful ignorance, actual ignorance fostered by the MSM, and peer-pressure. In the main, I think it’s due to the false narratives created by the MSM, and by the nonstop distortion and obfuscation of facts. It’s impossible to overstate the influence of the establishment media: The Times is still regarded as *the* paper of record — the most serious of news sources. Same goes for 60 Minutes. These people are educated, but they’ve all received their education at institutions controlled top-to-bottom by leftists. You’ve all read about or seen videos of liberal professors using their bully pulpit to indoctrinate their students and to ridicule the Right. So you have all these people, among whom number most of my friends and family. They’re based on the east and west coasts, and they are almost all Democrat. There are certain views that are accepted without questioning: gun control is good, because guns kill people; Roe v. Wade is sacrosanct, otherwise women will be dying from backroom abortions performed with coat-hangers; Bush stole the 2000 election, lied about Iraq WMD intel, etc.; global warming is a dire threat. Granted, there is a degree of cognitive dissonance involved, as my friends and family all travel extensively, drive whatever cars they please, and consume red meat. When they get together, they talk about how stupid the GOP is (which I have to agree with, usually, though for different reasons), how Gov. Palin is the dumbest woman alive, how the GOP caused the recession with the wars in Iraq, etc. They’re not stupid people at all: they’re doctors and lawyers and dentists — you would trust them with your health or your most important legal papers, because you’d recognize their smarts and skills vis-a-vis their professions. But politics is another matter. Sitting amongst them as the odd-man-out, I have an almost impossible task: Trying to break through the layers upon layers or half-truths, logical errors, and outright falsehoods is damned near impossible. And so they reinforce each other’s views, and continue to vote Democrat while I shake my head at the outrage of it all.

            In short, Breitbart was right to focus on the MSM: they, not ordinary people who vote Democrat (many of whom are, in fact, conservative with regard to how they live their lives), are the enemy.

            1. It sounds like what you’re saying is they’re smart in their chosen profession, but they have no common sense. Do they need another 9/11 to wake them up?

              1. I don’t know what it would take to wake them up. I really don’t. They’re still talking about stuff like abortion — abortion! The debt is set to hit $16 TRILLION and this is what they’re talking about. There’s a great article by Victor Davis Hanson on PJ Media today called “The Terrifying New Normal”. It IS terrifying what’s going on. I am firmly pro-abortion — that is, I believe abortion should be kept legal. That said, I think Roe is a terrible decision that violates the Constitution; the issue should go back to the states, and stay there along with gay marriage and marijuana legalization, etc. But even if I were radically pro-abortion, and I felt an absolute need to stuff abortion down the throat of every damn American from sea to shining sea, am I thinking about the issue now? No! It’s the farthest thing from my mind.

                But those are my friends and my relatives — most of them, anyway. I love them, they’re good people, and, as said, by and large they are conservative in how they live their lives. They just vote like fools. What it will take to wake them up is anyone’s guess. 9-11 woke me up — 9-11 was like a permanent infusion of Grade A Godfather-strength Italian espresso straight into my bloodline. No one had to hold a gun to my head to make me seek out information re Islam, to force me to face unpleasant truths that I wish weren’t so — I was interested, because I sensed something was wrong in what we were being told. Likewise, I look at the debt, I see the lack of jobs, etc., etc., and I have a similar instinctive response: something isn’t right. And I have educated myself and reached what I feel to be logical conclusions, one of which is that the NY Times, CNN, and the rest of the MSM do not so much report the news as hide, manipulate, and manufacture it. Why other people haven’t done this is, again, anybody’s guess. It drives me up the wall — I have to make a deliberate effort to push the thoughts out of my mind or I’ll give myself a 24/7 migraine… as is evident, I’m sure, from this rant of an answer to your question, which I’m also sure is all but identical to the rant that you have to stop in your own head, so you can take a break now and then to enjoy a book or a movie or just relax with a cup of coffee.

                Probably my favorite “waking up” story is that of neo-neocon — don’t know if you’ve ever read it, but it is worth your time, for sure. neo-neocon and I come from the same cultural background — Jewish, northeastern, educated, formerly “liberal”. Like me, she is surrounded by friends and family who will not wake up, who do not react to the absurdity peddled by the MSM — the willfully blind, in other words, which is what you’d have to be after four years of this nightmare to go pull the lever for Barack Obama. So far as I can tell, she’s had about as much luck as I have had in sounding the alarm. God help us.

                1. I am glad that you can see the truth, and hope more American Jews also see it, but your explanation just does not seem to ring true in all aspects.

                  It just seems that American Jews are more politically ideological than religious-minded. I mean how else can one explain the way they ignore the plight of Israel in the face of annihilation by a known terrorist state that has vowed to wipe it off the face of the earth.

                  It seems they care more about so-called progressive values than about actual Israeli lives.

                2. How doesn’t it ring true? As I see it, most people are low-information voters. The people I’m talking about, those who rely on the Times, CNN, 60 Minutes, etc., regard themselves as high-information voters — or at least sufficiently high-information voters so as to vote responsibly. Some of them are politically active, and are every bit as confident that their view of reality is correct as I am with regard to mine. In my opinion, someone who relies on the abovementioned MSM sources is a kind of low-information voter, as so much of what they know is incomplete, skewed, or in some cases outright false. Yet the aura of respectability surrounding the Times and the other sources they favor is for them like the aura surrounding an Ivy League education: it makes them the Gold Standard, the yardstick by which everything else is judged. If you listen to Rush Limbaugh with an open mind, it’s pretty evident that most of what he says is common sense — which is logical, because most of conservatism is based on common sense. What you get from many in the social circles I’ve described, however, is a phenomenon that echoes the postmodern assertion that Truth is relative. It’s a perfect outlet for cognitive dissonance — it really is like a pressure valve release. Otherwise logical people, individuals whose manner of living is overwhelmingly conservative with regard to the major aspects: how they spend and how they save, how they educate themselves and their children, and the care they take of their families. Even those who fail to create a pro-family atmosphere for their children recognize their failure — it bothers them. It’s the phenomenom so often noted by Theodore Dalyrmple: the relativistic attitudes they endorse in public they do not endorse when it comes to their own families and selves.

                  My closest friend, whom I’ve known since I was 15 and he was 14 (I’m now 39), is one of the most intelligent and well-read people I’ve ever known — and I know quite a few well-read, intelligent people. He sees what he wants to see, and there’s no dissuading him from his views. That’s just how politics seems to me, in large part, I think, because of the mechanations of the MSM: everything is so distorted and incomplete, and so much is left out of the narrative, that truth really is relative. Simple questions such as “What happened?” (e.g., with regard to the housing bubble) become cloudy to the point where nothing is ever resolved by debate. My friend left me a long message about a month ago explaining how, according to a very sophisticated book he read, Fannie and Freddie were responsible for a tiny percentage of the financial crisis — in other words, the argument made by the right, that the government’s compelling banks to make loans they never would have made if guided by responsible business practices alone, is a gross exaggeration. So what’s the upshot? I felt like but didn’t bother asking my friend. If Fannie and Freddie were of such neglible impact on the financial meltdown, there’s no pressing reason to reform them, right? Let’s find the real cause or causes — those which had a major role in causing the financial meltdown — and take care of them. Of course, the reason why I long ago quit answering my friend’s messages and emails on such subject is that, whatever his reply may be, the upshot will be the same: the thing will be deemed too complicated for “easy answers” such as, e.g., privatising Freddie and Frannie and abolishing HUD. It’s the same thing when we used to talk about the border: every solution proposed that might possibly work, he dismissed as unworkable. Does he want endless illegal immigration? I don’t know. He’ll tell you he doesn’t, but so what? His effective answer is to do nothing, or to say that nothing can be done. It’s exhausting having these conversations.

                  I always like to cite Christopher Hitchens as a perfect example of the absurdity of political disagreement. Hitchens was man of profound intellect and learning, yet for most of his life he was a self-declared Trotskyite — that is, a communist. He never stopped dreaming about how to implement a collectivist society, notwithstanding the abundance of evidence that leftism just doesn’t work. Europe’s “soft” socialism doesn’t work, really on any level. Mark Steyn et al have very grounded, logical explanations as to why the more socialist a society becomes, the more it enervates itself and even begins to depopulate. Hitchens review of Steyn’s America Alone was by and large favorable: he acknowledged that Steyn was describing important truths that the West should face. But he still supported Obama in ’08, he still bought (and sold) the ridiculous lie that an experienced, successful former mayor and current governor of America’s most energy-rich state was a blithering idiot. Like Bill Maher — another intelligent man, though not as intelligent as he thinks — remarked the other day: Paul Ryan is considered an intellectual leader within the GOP, and yet he shares the same views with that bimbo Sarah Palin. When I read his comments I laughed, because in my view they indicated the truth to be the exact opposite of what he was suggesting: i.e., that Gov. Palin is no bimbo at all, but, on the contrary, is intelligent enough to see and share the wisdom of what Paul Ryan (and Thomas Sowell, et al) has been saying.

                  In short, I don’t see how what I suggested doesn’t ring true. The people I know were educated by institutions that advocate leftism, they get their information from the MSM, and they live in enclaves populated by others similarly educated and “informed”. Add to that the hostility with which conservative views are met, and you have a very secure bubble. I’ve lived in NY most of my life, have lived in L.A., and am soon moving back to California, and I will tell you right now, just as I do here, I will do there: I will stay on the margins of political discussions because I don’t want to injure myself professionally. And why wouldn’t I conduct myself this way? If ever any of these liberal Democrats changes their political stripes, it will not be due to anything I say — it will be because some event or events woke them up.

                3. I can understand young people being brainwashed by the public school system and the MSM, but anyone over 30, should be able to see past the BS.

                  My point was really that American Jews are flat-out too intelligent to not see who the enemies of Israel are, both here and abroad, but are so ideologically cemented to the Left that they are willing to throw Israel to the wolves.

                  This unholy marriage with the Left has been long-lived. Just how long can a whole ethnic group be hornswaggled without their intelligence/honor be questioned?

                  Again, I really hope to be proven wrong come November.

                4. Re their caring more about progressive values than about actual Israeli lives, I don’t know. What I do know is many of the people I describe care deeply about Israel. Many of them visit there often, and have friends and some cases family who live there. You must understand, none of their news sources tell them that Obama is anti-Israel. Maybe a trickle of news gets through the information barrier, but it isn’t steady enough to make them realize Obama is hostile to the Jewish state.

                  Maybe if the L.A. Times released that tape they’ve been hiding for the past four years… *maybe*.

                5. I feel the way you do. I watched something tonight about 9/11 on the History Ch. A military member on one of the doomed flights called and left a message for his wife, before the plane crashed into the World Trade Center. It was heart wrenching. At the end of his message, he said, I’ll see you when you get there. He meant heaven. I couldn’t watch anymore after that. I was left feeling so angry that anyone could vote for someone named Hussein after 9/11. If we’re ever attacked again, i hope the MSM is ground zero. I think it’s only fair, since they peddled this fraud onto the country.

      2. Yeah, and that sucks. If it’s true, I hope the alternative media burns up the media and forces the lamestream media to report on it because they can’t hide it any more (which they will do for as long as possible).

    3. If the watch the lamestream media there is going to be vague coverage of this if any at all. If they don’t expand their news resources they deny themselves the truth.

    4. Because the Jewish descendants here feel no connection to Israel. It is a secular country that has been under attact since it’s inception and the Jews that live here are glad to be out and feel, well, good riddance to the middle east.

      1. Exactly. Unless Jewish people came here directly from Isreal they have no connection to Israel. There is nothing that ties them to Israel except that other Jews live there, but they don’t really care about that. It’s like all the “cultural Catholics” in society today. Pelosi says she’s Catholic yet she supports abortion and forcing the Catholic Church to fund contraception, etc. etc. She’s Catholic in name only and honestly if it were as big a deal as it used to be I bet she would be ex-communicated from the Catholic church. Not that she would care.

    5. Why is it that everyone keeps forgetting one significant FACT: Jews, who were the PRIMARY force in the 1917 revolution Russia then emigrated to USA and brought communism with them. Those that were “smart” enough to escape Lenin/Stalin cabal, that is. And since then they drilled that idea of communism into their children in a perpetual circle. The rest of us, those who ended up behind the Iron Curtain and fully experienced the full brunt of “communism” are ardent conservatives and probably the most conservative voting block in USA today. What you see in Hollywood and NY these days are descendents of Jews who were first to embrace Marx, they still do, unfortunately.

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