UPDATED – Report: Paul Ryan preparing to endorse Romney


The Daily Caller is reporting that Paul Ryan may be endorsing Romney pretty soon:

DAILY CALLER: A reliable source tells TheDC that a Paul Ryan endorsement of Mitt Romney is imminent.

The timing seems to fit. Rep. Ryan wrapped up his Presidential Trust Duties today. The House just passed his budget. And with the Wisconsin primary right around the corner on Tuesday, Ryan’s endorsement could be doubly effective.

What is more, coming on the heels of Sen. Marco Rubio’s endorsement Wednesday night, this would be yet another example of the conservative establishment coalescing around Romney as the inevitable nominee.

So far, Romney’s campaign has failed to respond to multiple emails and phone calls. I’ll update this post if I learn more.

I read some of the comments last night on Rubio’s endorsement. Look, the way I see it is that people are very antsy about beating Obama. He must be defeated. No ifs, ands or buts! Right now Romney is clearly the leader and some see him as the inevitable nominee simply based on delegates. He has a huge lead and some big blue states are coming up which many speculate he’ll win. He has a good chance of getting to 1144 and thus they want to get on with the party unity and get behind our candidate.

I get that, I understand it and I don’t begrudge them for their endorsements. I happen to disagree, but I won’t suggest that they aren’t conservative or that they are RINOs. That I believe is a mistake. Rubio wants to fix this country as much as the next guy. If you think that his endorsement says otherwise then you need to get your glasses checked. And if Ryan follows suit and endorses, fine. I understand the predicament.

At the end of the day if Romney is the nominee, I will support and vote for him. There is no way I’m allowing the current anti-American, anti-Israel president who wants to sell out our missile defense and our allies to get reelected. No way in hades.

But for now, I’m still running hard with Santorum because I believe he is the better candidate and if Newt will drop out, it may give him the edge he needs to beat Romney in some of these blue states. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Oh, and as for you who say we’re hurting Romney by not supporting him now, just two words: SHOVE IT!


UDPATE: BuzzFeed reports that Paul Ryan has called Santorum to let him know he will be endorsing Romney:

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, the icon of the anti-spending movement in the Republican Party, has communicated to former Senator Rick Santorum that he will endorse Mitt Romney, according to a source familiar with the conversation.

Ryan’s staff called Rick Santorum today as a courtesy to announce the news. The announcement from Ryan himself is expected this weekend, most likely during one of the Sunday shows, the source said — and in the run-up to the Republican primary.

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