REPORT: Roger Stone talked to Wikileaks, knew about podesta emails before it went public…

The Washington Post has a new report out on Roger Stone, saying that he communicated with Assange and new about the Podesta emails well before they went public:

WAPO – In the spring of 2016, longtime political operative Roger Stone had a phone conversation that would later seem prophetic, according to the person on the other end of the line.

Stone, an informal adviser to then-candidate Donald Trump, said he had learned from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange that his organization had obtained emails that would torment senior Democrats such as John Podesta, then campaign chairman for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The conversation occurred before it was publicly known that hackers had obtained the emails of Podesta and of the Democratic National Committee, documents that WikiLeaks released in late July and October. The U.S. intelligence community later concluded the hackers were working for Russia.

The person, who spoke to The Washington Post on the condition of anonymity because of the ongoing federal investigation into Russian campaign interference, is one of two Stone associates who say Stone claimed to have had contact with Assange in 2016.

The second, former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg, said in an interview Monday that Stone told him that he had met with Assange — a conversation Nunberg said investigators for special counsel Robert S. Mueller III recently asked him to describe.

Stone says it’s just not true:

In an interview Monday, he again denied that he had any advance notice about the hacked emails or any contact with Assange. He said he only recalled having one conversation with anyone in which he alluded to meeting the WikiLeaks founder — a comment he said he made as a joke to a long-winded Nunberg.

“I wish him no ill will, but Sam can manically and persistently call you,” Stone said, recalling that Nunberg had called him on a Friday to ask about his plans for the weekend. “I said, ‘I think I will go to London for the weekend and meet with Julian Assange.’ It was a joke, a throwaway line to get him off the phone. The idea that I would meet with Assange undetected is ridiculous on its face.’’’

Stone said he does not recall any similar conversation with anyone else.

“The allegation that I met with Assange, or asked for a meeting or communicated with Assange, is provably false,” he said, adding that he did not leave the country in 2016.

Assange also says it’s false:

Through his attorney, Assange — who has been living in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London since 2012 — told The Post in January that he did not meet Stone in spring 2016. His attorney was unable to reach Assange Monday evening for further comment.

WikiLeaks has denied any contact with the longtime Trump adviser.

“WikiLeaks & Assange have repeatedly confirmed that they have never communicated with Stone,” the organization tweeted in March 2017.

Stone says it is provably false that he communicated with Assange. I think that’s probably true given that phone records and passports can be obtained to prove whether he’s lying or telling the truth.

And even if Assange did tell Stone that he had obtained the emails and stone turned around and told Trump, the emails were already obtained, so I’m not sure exactly what the collusion would be.

The bottom line is that Mueller has to prove Stone had contact with Assange. Until that happens, all we have a is a flakey source and an anonymous source. Just not seeing a lot here at the moment.

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