REPORT: Ted Cruz was part of last-ditch effort to discuss National Emergency vote with Trump; ALSO McConnell says he will vote WITH Trump!

It’s being reported now by CNN that both Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz were among three GOP Senators who visited the White House last night in a last-ditch effort to discuss concerns they had over the upcoming Senate vote on the national emergency resolution.

Here’s what’s being reported:

After spending Wednesday trying (unsuccessfully) to schedule a meeting with President Trump, a trio of Republican senators went the the White House last night to present Trump with a proposal related to his national emergency declaration.

Sens. Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz were among the group of three senators who visited the President last night at the White House in a last-ditch effort to discuss concerns about the upcoming vote on his emergency declaration, sources familiar with the meeting confirmed to CNN.

The GOP lawmakers had tried earlier in the day to get an audience with Trump so they could discuss the vote, but White House staff prevented the meeting from taking place.

This is the first we’ve heard of Cruz on this issue since we posted on him saying that he would research Trump’s declaration to ensure it’s constitutional. I’m not sure if this suggests he’s against the declaration or if he’s just trying to make sure enough Republicans can vote against the Senate resolution and keep it from reaching Trump’s desk.

Interestingly enough, Trump seems to have conceded this morning to updating the law in the future:

So that’s something. Whether it is enough to turn the tide of Republicans set to vote with Democrats on the resolution of disapproval, that remains to be seen.

McConnell has said he will vote with the president on the resolution, as reported by Chad Pergram:

Well that’s good news. But it’s probably too little too late to turn the tide. Even Trump is already conceding he’ll probably have to veto the resolution:

“I don’t know what the vote will be. It doesn’t matter. I will probably have to veto,” Trump said.

We’ll be all over this later today when McConnell holds the vote for this, so check back later to see which Republicans stood against Trump’s national emergency.

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82 thoughts on “REPORT: Ted Cruz was part of last-ditch effort to discuss National Emergency vote with Trump; ALSO McConnell says he will vote WITH Trump!

  1. And to think I supported Cruz, defended him, donated to him and now he’s in bed with Graham and McConnell. Who is this guy???

  2. I haven’t heard a single pundit or commenter ask why Congress bothered to pass the National Emergencies Act of 1976.

    At the time it was passed, one or more states of emergency had been in existence since 1929, and had no such law to give any structural shape to how emergencies were handled (other than emergency clauses found in specific laws).

    In fact, the Congress in 1976 recognized in drafting the bill that,

    Enactment of this legislation would . . . insure that the extraordinary powers which now reside in the hands of the Chief Executive . . . could be utilized only when emergencies actually exist

    (Emphasis added)

    In 1976, Congress, and the people, knew that the Executive branch was exactly where emergency powers were vested. This wasn’t some hand-wringing exercise over the Constitution.

    The law was crafted to make sure official states of emergency did not continue unabated, nor un-debated. It was also crafted to give the Executive branch specific tools to use, under the provenance of law, to actually, you know, deal with an emergency.

    So anyone with a shred of intellectual curiosity needs to figure out how Congress in 1975 and 1976 was smart enough to understand this issue, but not the one that follows a mere 43 years later.

    Either humans were really stupid 43 years ago and magically gained IQ points in less than a generation (because science!), or someone is playing games today for political purpose.

  3. In this and the last two Mike Lee threads, we’ve had several folks posting something like this:

    This business of, “If you disagree with the Orange Man you are bad,” has to stop.

    Some threw in the, “While ignoring any alternative solutions,” claim.

    And in Every. Single. Instance…
    Not one actual argument against the Emergency Declaration was put forth. Just, “Stop wurshipin’ the Orange Man,” and “Ur rong.” Over and over.

    I collected several organized arguments in defense of this Emergency Declaration, introduced facts, showed the logic involved, and even a little history, and somehow these folks failed to rebut a single point. They ignore Mark Levin’s arguments on this topic as well.

    It’s all, “You’re Trump worshipers so you’re wrong.” Then a few unintentionally ironic jabs at “binary.”

    So at least it’s funny. But if you aren’t even trying, why are you here?

    1. I’m so sick of hearing people refer to the “orange man” so contemptuously I’ve started using leftist prog language back calling those comments “racist”

    2. Mike Lee voting with Mitt Romney, Murkowski and Collins…that tells me just how wrong Lee is here.

  4. Trump is expressing two truths:
    a) The NE declaration IS both legal and constitutional
    b) If congress wants to change the law they need to go back and rescind the current law created back in the 1970s that every president has done.

    But you can’t change the law because “it’s Trump.” That’s what democrats do.

    1. a) has been clear to me for some time, and b) is a pleasant surprise that the President is open to amending it and making it better.

      The Democrats are another thing like you said. If Trump was for peanut butter sandwiches the Democrats would oppose it.

  5. Even though I like Cruz a lot more than Trump, if Cruz votes to stop the legal and constitutional emergency measure I will be against him and on the side of Trump. Levin explained why this is constitutional and I am really irritated that the Republican Congress demands that this authority be theirs. They have been an abysmal failure in dealing with anything concerning border security and they demand to be able to continue failing and putting forth no effort to defend our borders. Screw them. That includes Cruz if he wants to stop Trump. He should know how big of a failure they have been.

    1. Unless Lindsey has changed his mind recently he was for Trump declaring the NE so if Cruz went with him to the WH I’m inclined to think Cruz feels the same way. Could be wrong though.

    2. Well it’s one thing being against the ED on some kind of new found principle that only seems to apply to Trump but to not recognize the problem and/or provide a alternative solution is just shows that they aren’t very serious and they really don’t care about the problem at all.

      1. @whbates And I think that’s the case. Not all of them, but I think as a whole they don’t want to solve the problem.

    3. I’m inclined to think Cruz is on the the right side of this issue. That’s how I read it. Levin has explained this multiple times to the point that it’s really easy to understand. Trump is operating within his statutory authority. Anything else is politicking and grandstanding to the detriment of our sovereignty.

  6. Trump’s strong arm and intellectually dishonest tactic of vote shaming, saying that if you don’t vote to support him you are voting with Pelosi, is precisely why I am no longer a Republican and most likely never will be again. I am not belonging to a cult where independent thought is not tolerated. Trump’s legal advisers are obviously going to agree with him or they wouldn’t be his advisers. To suggest that there is not reason to have concerns about this EO is not being intellectually honest. But that’s a thing nowadays. Why else would Cruz be beating down Trump’s door? He’s in a intellectual/political bind.

    1. Spotted that did you? Me too.

      Really preying on the tribal politics with that binary choice crap, isn’t he. It’s amazing how so few people realize that’s how this DC aristocracy really controls their American peasants.

    2. @big-j
      Yup, it’s always “if you’re not voting for this, then obviously you wanted Killary or you’re a Dem lover/Trump hater”.
      It’s truly ridiculous how this Admin has divided “our side” when in actual fact, I believe we all want the same outcome…. to preserve America for future generations of LEGAL citizens.

      And yes, how dare you have an independent thought! We should welcome both sides of the conversation, (although the left has become truly frightening) because if they are wrong, there are FACTS to refute flat out lies.

      1. Too bad nobody cares about facts anymore. Just agendas. Both sides of the spectrum.

        “New Green Deal will destroy the nation? Well, at least its heart is in the right place.”

        This is why I say we deserve what we get.

      2. Color me shocked at the insults hurled at me since I don’t bow at Trump’s feet. We live in his community and have seen how he actually lives his business life and it’s corrupt to the core.
        No amount of insults will change the facts.

        1. @lee_jan
          I thought we “should” be able to disagree without hurling insults, but apparently some on our side have adopted a new form of “shaming/insulting”, telling it like it is, or something. Can’t figure out where they picked that up from / s.

          I’m more against misleading info put out by this admin (Trump) to get everyone on board with a single thought line. Repetitive remarks/statements, over & over. Some People are so hooked they just go with the flow rather than verifying anything.

    3. @big-j Seriously? They have party whips where that’s their job. Congressmen play games with their votes all the time and do not vote the way they really want in order to fool us. And you’re worried that Trump will influence their vote? ROFLMAO!

        1. @sam Yeah I know. I try to get in the habit of directing my replies but I forget. It’s to Big J.

            1. @sam It does get confusing. This is where Disqus does so much better of a job than….whatever this is. WordPress.

              1. @kong1967
                Disqus may have had a few glitches now & then but at least you knew who responded & who we were talking to without adding their name.

                Also the further into the thread spreads it into 2-3 words on each line. The message ends up being 10 inches long.

                Notification by email is the absolute pits. Who wants all these damn emails.

                1. @sam It depends on what emails you are getting. Are you getting emails for just comments made to you or are you getting more than that? I get emails for every comment made to me only, and I want that because otherwise I have no idea someone said something to me.

                  With Disqus all of the replies to me on one topic came in one email. It just kept adding to the email. WordPress creates a new email for every comment. I’m ok with either way I guess.

                2. @kong1967
                  Just emails to me.

                  Disqus – They emailed???
                  I never ever received an email from them.

                  When I logged in, right next to my name on the thread was a round green message thing that would say 1 or 5 or 9+. I hit that & I was taken to my disqus notification page which had every comment listed. I could also respond from that page by just hitting reply.

                  I had no idea it operated different.

                3. @sam It had both ways. I’ve checked responses the way you did and through emails. There’s an “email notifications” section in your settings.

                4. @kong1967
                  I found just hitting the green button was excellent.
                  Glad I was clueless on the emails. Lol

    4. He is just spelling it out so even a senator can understand. Either you vote against the resolution or you vote with Pelosi and every single Dem – and they want open borders regardless of how much crime it brings in.

  7. You always have to remember it is not just the democrats who want open borders seeing a new block of voters to keep them in power but there are republicans as well beholden to the chamber of commerce wing of the party who want the cheap labor coming across the border.

    1. I think it’s as plain as day that the Republicans (as a whole) don’t want to do jack about the border. They had two years of complete power and they attempted to do nothing!!!!

  8. So the Koch brothers had Cruz go in and talk with Trump? All of a sudden the National Emergency Statute is important to these quislings in Congress? Where were the checkered-pant Republicans when Obama issued his national emergencies and Executive Order on DACA?

    Now that Trump is protecting US sovereignty by protecting our borders, they’re worried about it? YOU F… don’t get me started!!

    1. Were you one of the ones telling me that I absolutely had to keep voting for Republicans last November, otherwise I’d be helping the Democrats?

    2. I don’t think Cruz gets much backing from the Koch Bros. The Mercer family is (or was) his biggest contributor.

      1. @k-bob
        Correct. 11 Republican Senators received money in 2018.
        Orin Hatch the highest ar $21,200. Tom Cotton, at $200. Ted Cruz received $12,476.

        1. Thanks, sam! I didn’t want to look it up, so I was hoping my memory wasn’t short circuiting.

  9. but White House staff prevented the meeting from taking place.

    Why would they do that?

    Don’t vote with Pelosi!

    Ahh, Donald. Pandering to the lofos. Par for the course, my loud orange friend. Par for the course.

  10. The point is this is legal and constitutional and the only reason some will vote against it is because they are AFRAID of what some future Democrat president would do. It’s ridiculous!

    1. not realizing that whether trump declare or not- democrats WILL declare emergencies in the future on climate change, possibly 2’nd amendment too

      1. I think it’s funny how we have zero faith in our party and its constituents to maintain majorities in the future.

        1. i was talking about a democrat president declaring ‘national emergencies’ in the future- which they are chomping at the bit to do regardless of whether trump declares one now or not-

          1. Yes, me too. It’s like we’re already resigned to a future Democrat president. No faith in the Republican party to keep the majority of America’s votes.

            1. when i saw an itnerviewer ask a woman why she voted for a second time for obama, and her crap eating grin and reply “So i can git me sum of Dat obama money” and when asked where she thought that money would come from, and her crap eating grin response was to shrug her shoulders and say “It’s juss free, dats all”- I lost a lot of faith in American’s ability to vote based on reason- I want to be wrong- but I’m not overly optimistic after America voted for the worst president ever, not once, but twice- (actually 3 times after they elected carter)- even when millions were losing jobs, prices were skyrocketing, etc- the people only cared about gittin their ‘free obama phones’… UGGGH!

        1. that’s exactly what i said- that the dems WILL declare emergencies regarldess of what trump does- you musta read what i wrote wrong- and no- they can’t dismantle 2’nd amendment directly- but they can declare ‘national emergency’ on guns- just like NY did with their ‘Safe Act’ (imminent need they called it) which severely restricted what gns and ammo amounts they can have-

          1. @bob434 Exactly what I did and changed my reply to you. Sometimes I read too fast so please forgive me.

    2. @sjmom 0 already ran roughshod over the constitution, the next D president probably will no matter what Tromp does.

      1. count on it- they are chomping at the bit to gain power and destroy what’s left- It’s gonna be really ugly when they get back in- O started the ball rolling- the next dem will go mental on the constitution- We better hope we get SC filled with republicans- but now i hear dems are trying to put forth the idea of allowing many SC judges– which you just know they will stuff with liberal judges-

        1. @bob434 I read that also. That won’t happen until they get full control of Congress again………that’s why we have to stop them NOW!

  11. Oh goody, the Dem controlled house is in complete disarray with Pelosi trying to herd the 3 news cats in her herd and Hoyer whining about there being other news reps and the GOP decides that now would be a good time for them to duke it out too.

    Voters wanted a wall. They voted for Trump for border security. Denying them what they want and believe this country needs will not go well.

    The Republican Party never loses a chance to look like losers.

  12. Trump could always pardon manafort as a diversion and veto the bill while the democrats are melting over the pardon

  13. While “No” votes from Lee and the “RiNO Freak Show ILK” like Collins, Murkowski, etc. have ruffled some feathers, remember that the vote is SYMBOLIC.

    Trump will VETO the Bill and there’s NO chance that 2/3rds of Senators can be mustered to over-ride Trump’s VETO, so take a breath and breathe.

  14. Like so many other “laws”…if they don’t like them then change them. For now, this is legal. Some of these creeps usually ignore or skirt the laws as Obama did many times. Where were they then and where are they on illegal immigration?! They seem to ignore the laws with that. And what in the world is Mike Lee drinking?! He said sometime ago that it is legal. Now? Who knows!

  15. If the National Emergency is a legal, constitutional, option for Trump to take, then I support, even applaud his decision to take that approach. It’s obvious that most republicans don’t really seem to give a crap about the wall or the southern border – as indicated by their non-actions. So if it’s okay for Trump to do this, then the republicans need to support their president and vote accordingly.

    I’m dismayed by the dog-piling on true conservative senators, seemingly because they didn’t immediately support Trump. If they thought it was unconstitutional for Trump to do this, then I understand their actions. But many people who are smarter than me (including Mark Levin) have concluded that Trump CAN legally, constitutionally do this. So once again, I would expect them to support Trump on this action.

    1. I’m dismayed by the dog-piling on true conservative senators, seemingly because they didn’t immediately support Trump.

      That’s the TDS talking.

      No, not the Kristol strain. The other strain.

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