REPORT: Trump already thinking about benching Giuliani!

If these reports are as true as they are believable, then Giuliani may soon disappear from the airwaves if he can’t get his act together. Trump is reportedly upset at the problems Giuliani is causing for him and is considering benching him:

DAILY MAIL – President Donald Trump is considering sidelining Rudy Giuliani from doing television interviews after the former New York mayor’s recent off-message media blitz.

The newest addition to the president’s legal team has given interviews which have included muddying the waters on hush money paid to porn actress Stormy Daniels.

Giuliani has also made claims that could complicate the president’s standing in the special counsel’s Russia probe.

Trump has begun questioning whether Giuliani, an old friend and former New York City mayor, should be sidelined according to two people familiar with the president’s thinking but not authorized to speak publicly.

Trump also expressed annoyance that Giuliani’s theatrics have breathed new life into the Daniels story.

It’s a concern shared by Trump allies who think Giuliani is only generating more legal and political trouble for the White House.

Here’s why…

Giuliani, first rattled the White House last week when he sat for interviews on Fox News and seemed to contradict Trump by saying the president was aware of the $130,000 payout to Daniels from his personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

He also suggested the October 2016 settlement had been made because Trump was in the stretch run of his presidential campaign.

After Trump chided Giuliani on Friday, saying the lawyer needed to ‘get his facts straight,’ Giuliani put out a statement trying to clarify his remarks.

But in weekend interviews, Giuliani appeared to dig himself a deeper hole by acknowledging that ‘Cohen takes care of situations like this, then gets paid for them sometimes.’

He did not rule out the possibility that Cohen had paid off other women.

Trump, who has denied the affair with Daniels, was angry that Giuliani had given the impression that other women may have made similar charges of infidelity, according to the people familiar with his views.

Additionally, Trump has grown agitated in recent days by replays of Giuliani’s interview with Sean Hannity, in which he said that Trump knew about the payment but that it wasn’t a campaign violation. A clearly surprised Hannity then asked, ‘Because they funneled it through the law firm?’

To which Giuliani responded, ‘Funneled it through the law firm, and the president repaid him.’

Trump snapped at both men in recent days, chiding Hannity for using the word ‘funneled,’ which he believes had illegal connotations, according to the people who spoke to The Associated Press.

As for Giuliani, the president has not yet signaled to him to stop appearing on television but told a confidant recently that perhaps Giuliani should ‘be benched’ – at least temporarily – if he can’t improve his performance.

CNN is also reporting the same story and said Giuliani’s 5th amendment comments from Sunday, which have apparently been on replay a lot, irked Trump:

Trump was irked by Giuliani’s interview on ABC News Sunday, particularly the clip of Giuliani refusing to rule out him pleading the Fifth Amendment, which has since played on a near-constant loop on cable television.

I suspect that Giuliani had gotten an earful from Trump in recent days. And if he disappears from TV altogether, now you know why.

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