REPORT: Trump sends Kushner to find out “what’s going on with Drudge”

Trump has noticed that Drudge isn’t as supportive as he used to be, rather that he’s become far more anti-Trump in recent months. And he’s sending Kushner to find out what’s going on with Drudge:

DC EXAMINER – President Trump wants his son-in-law Jared Kushner to check in with Matt Drudge, the publisher of the Drudge Report, about him pushing anti-Trump content.

“What’s going on with Drudge?” the president has been asking allies according to a report by the Daily Beast on Saturday. Trump has singled out Kushner to “look into it” and talk to Drudge about why he is highlighting anti-Trump content on his typically conservative news aggregation site.

The request follows House Democrats’ continued impeachment push, and Trump’s attempts to cluster media allies to defend himself. The president has not yet lashed out at Drudge publicly, but he has not been shy about going after Fox News staff that fail to tow the party line.

The president’s reluctance to go after Drudge could be that his site holds the influence to set media narratives in both conservative circles and the broader media landscape. People who have spoken to Trump also said he generally has respect for how Drudge operates his company.

I believe the most simple answer to explain Drudge’s switch is that he has secretly sold his ’empire’ to…Bill Kristol!

Seriously, I don’t know the answer. It would make sense that he sold it to someone. But if that’s the case I doubt even Kushner would find that out because I’m guessing they’d want to keep it a secret to keep as many people coming as possible.

Or maybe Drudge has just decided that he’s had enough of Trump and prefers socialist Democrats to win next year?

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