Reporters are FREAKING OUT over new California law that will EVISCERATE journalism!

Let me tell you a tale about liberals stupidly pushing new laws to screw over corporations without a thought to unintended consequences, and thereby screwing over the small guy. And it’s coming straight of California.


Basically, what happened is that liberal California started trying to figure out a way to steal money from the massive tech companies in Silicon Valley. One way to do it is to pass laws that keep Uber and Lyft from identifying their drivers as freelancers. BUT, that screws over a TON of other people. Including freelance journalists. WHICH, are mostly liberal!

What a perfect example of how [email protected]$$ liberal elites think they know better than everyone else, and end up screwing over the people who would otherwise support them. Just perfect.

BUT what’s even better is that the journalists are completely ignoring that OTHER freelancers don’t want their industries taken over by the government. They don’t give a damn that this will hurt OTHER people, they just care that it’ll hurt them! LOL! Amaaazing.

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