Republican Lauren Boebert makes waves in DC after she announces she will be carrying her GLOCK in Congress

Newly elected Congresswoman Lauren Boebert just made waves in DC after she announced she would be carrying her Glock on her in DC and in Congress. She released this ad over the weekend:

After releasing her ad, the DC police chief said he’s going to reach out to Boebert to make sure she’s aware of the laws and restrictions in DC, claiming she’ll be subjected to the same ‘penalties’ as any other American unlawfully carrying a gun:

Why would he assume she’s going carry a gun unlawfully? In fact, Boebert was on Fox and Friends this morning and mocked the newly appointed DC police chief’s statement, asking if she announced she was going to drive a car in DC, would his first order of business be to reach out to her to make sure she knows the driving laws in DC?

Boebert says she’s already taken the concealed carry classes in DC and the process of her getting her concealed carry license is underway. Which means she’s already well aware of the gun laws in DC.

As a bonus, if you watch the interview to the end, you’ll hear Boebert say she will be objecting tomorrow with her House colleagues to the electoral votes of at least two states. I think I’m really gonna like this congresswoman!

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