Republican Senator getting disgusting threats, abusive and vulgar phone calls before Kavanaugh vote…

The left is really trying hard to turn Senator Collins away from voting for Kavanaugh, so much so that some are leaving her vulgar and abusive voicemails, sending her wire coat hangers, and threatening her in a number of ways:

NBC NEWS – The campaign of pressure on Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, to oppose the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has escalated to include vulgar phone calls, shipments of wire hangers sent to her office and a questionable high-dollar fundraising drive against her that her office likens to extortion.

Some callers have been particularly abusive, according to recordings obtained by NBC News from her office. The profanity-laced voice mails reveal the anger over Kavanaugh’s nomination and, potentially at her should she vote to confirm him.

One caller on Friday, September 7 at 6:11 p.m., left a message saying, in part: “If you care at all about women’s choice, vote ‘no’ on Kavanaugh. Don’t be a dumb bitch. F*** you also.”

In a second voice mail, the caller calls Collins “a feckless, feckless, feckless woman standing there letting Trump and his appointees steal the right to choose what women do with their bodies. And you stood by, ‘Oh, I don’t know. I’m so naive.’ F*** you. F*** you.”

And in a letter sent to her Portland, Maine office, the writer on August 9 says that “EVERY waitress who serves you is going to spit in your food, and that’s if you’re lucky, you f***ing c***! Think of that every meal.”

The left isn’t just calling her and writing emails and letters, they are also threatening her with a million dollar crowd sourcing campaign that will go to her opponent if she votes for Kavanaugh:

On another front, the “Be. A. Hero” campaign has raised more than $1 million in a crowd sourcing campaign in an attempt to pressure Collins to vote against Kavanaugh.

Organizers say that donors to the fund will get their money back if Collins votes against Kavanaugh, but if she votes for him, it will be donated to a potential opponent in her 2020 re-election race, according to the organizers Mainers for Accountable Leadership and Maine People’s Alliance.

The campaign is led by ALS patient and father Ady Barkan who has been pleading with senators to uphold health care protections.

But Collins says she’ll not be swayed by any of this:

Collins’ office calls the effort an attempt at bribery.

“Bribery will not work on Senator Collins. Extortion will not work on Senator Collins. And anybody who thinks these tactics would work on Senator Collins obviously doesn’t know her,” spokeswoman Annie Clark said in a statement. “Senator Collins will make up her mind based on the merits of the nomination. Threats or other attempts to bully her will not play a factor in her decision making whatsoever.”

Well people do know she has a record of being a RINO squish and honestly, that’s why they are targeting her so much.

I hope she doesn’t fold against these disgusting tactics by the left. I suspect she won’t, but you never know with her until it happens.

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