Retired NYPD cop brutally explains what police have to go through in what is now a THANKLESS job

A retired NYPD officer from the Emergency Services Unit took to Twitter this week to explain just how difficult and awful the job is for a cop by explaining the brutal and gory details from his own experience.

It’s tough to read, but it’s incredibly insightful:

I really thought he was going to jump on a soap box about the way officers are being treated now, but he didn’t. I think he just wanted people to understand just how difficult their jobs are in the face of all the negativity toward police officers right now.

Men like him are truly made out of a different cloth than many of us, because there’s no way I could do that job. And especially now, in this toxic anti-cop environment, hell no. And that’s the biggest concern of mine. Officers are already walking away from their jobs because of the hatred politicians and activists are putting on them with this racism/defunding movement. Sad to say but if this keeps going like it is, there may not be enough money in the world to keep cops on the force as crime skyrockets, no matter how much they want to ‘re-fund’ policing.

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