REVEALED: Justice Department exonerated Mike Flynn but prosecutors didn’t tell him about it!

It turns out that the Justice Department had actually exonerated Mike Flynn of any Russian collusion but didn’t tell him about it, nor did the prosecutors who got him to cop a plea:

SARAH CARTER – A bombshell revelation was barely noticed at National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s hearing Tuesday, when his counsel revealed in court the existence of a Justice Department memo from Jan. 30, 2017 exonerating Flynn of any collusion with Russia. The memo, which has still not been made available to Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell, is part of a litany of Brady material she is demanding from prosecutors. The memo is currently under protective order and Powell is working with prosecutors to get it disclosed, has learned.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan presided over the hearing Tuesday and set a tentative Dec. 18 sentencing date. He told the prosecution and defense that the sentencing date could be moved depending on the outcome of requests for Brady material requested by Powell and how the case will unfold in the upcoming months. Sullivan also noted during the hearing that the Brady order takes precedence over the plea agreement.

The existence of this memo means the case against Flynn will likely get dismissed:

Powell will likely seek to have case dismissed for ‘egregious’ prosecutorial misconduct and withholding of exculpatory material.

“Judge Sullivan is obviously taking the Brady issues very seriously and clearly told the prosecutors that his Brady order stands regardless of the plea agreement or the plea,” Powell told “If the prosecutors here were seeking justice instead of a conviction, General Flynn would not have been prosecuted. They have been hiding evidence that he was exonerated in early 2017.”

Powell noted the extraordinary misconduct of the government during the hearing. She also said that Flynn would have never pleaded guilty if the government had disclosed the Brady materials before the original trial that she is now demanding. There would not have been a plea if the prosecutors had met their Brady obligations, Powell argued before the court.

Powell’s discovery of the memo shatters not only the narrative that was pushed by former Obama Administration officials regarding Flynn but also the ongoing narrative that President Donald Trump’s concern over Flynn’s prosecution amounted to alleged obstruction.

It’s the height of irresponsibility to hide something like this from Flynn, and quite frankly it sounds malicious.

If this memo is all that it’s being reported to be, the case shouldn’t just be dismissed. There should be action taken against these prosecutors who I presume worked for Mueller.

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71 thoughts on “REVEALED: Justice Department exonerated Mike Flynn but prosecutors didn’t tell him about it!

  1. Only in America today can the illegal immigrant have more rights than an American Citizen – – – This is just despicable and needs corrective action.

  2. Unclear how this memo, written after the alleged crime took place, would qualify as genuine Brady material sufficient to warrant a dismissal. Sullivan understandably takes a tough stance on Brady violations, but nothing about this memo would be relevant to whether Flynn lied about an interaction with Kislyak.

    Also, did they not tell his original lawyers about it or has she simply not received it yet? If it’s subject to a protective order, then it almost certainly changed hands already, otherwise there would be no need for a protective order.

    1. He was forced to lie based on lies given to him. I hope he sues someone for everything they have. And Sidney Powell is probably one of the best their is…

    1. They’re having too much fun with the Bolton story. I remember how they dogged Bolton when he announced joining the Trump administration. The TDS was extremely strong during that time. Now they praise Bolton as if they were supportive of him all along. Nobody is fooling anyone.

    2. A lot needs to happen before this blows up in anyone’s faces. And honestly, based solely on what’s written here about this memo, it’s difficult to see how this case ends with anything other than Flynn being sentenced.

  3. Government prosecutors need to be held to the highest possible standard. Their power to destroy innocent lives is outrageous.

    1. Shocked, Shocked I say. If you saw my face right now, you would see shock.

      This the same Judge that exonerated Ted Stevens for the same misconduct by some of the same prosecutors. I really believe we are seeing a troubling pattern and that every case that these prosecutors were party to should be reviewed with a fine tooth comb. This seems to be their calling card – prosecutorial misconduct. Judge Sullivan needs to make an example of these POS.

  4. That poor man and his family have probably been going through hell over this and they couldn’t see fit to put his mind at ease? Deplorable! If he can sue them, he should.

  5. Something very sinister occuring in DC. Can’t put my finger on it. But it’s becoming increasingly clear we have a very sick government.

  6. Weissmann’s stench is all over this revelation, it’s been his operating procedure for his entire career. Enron being the prime example. That POS should have been disbarred decades ago, yet he survives under the protection of sleazy democrat politicians. If this story is true Weissmann needs to be disbarred immediately and ordered to pay every penny of Flynn’s legal expenses. Hanging would be too lenient for scum like Weissmann.

  7. Hope Sidney can do this. Flynn has been through the ringer. He pleaded to lying to the FBI…..well, Comey lied and he’s still walking around. Double standard at play.

    1. Not to mention that the FBI said that Flynn didn’t lie. They charged him anyway and let pathological liars on the left go free without even a slap on the wrist. “Wipe it….what? With a cloth?” That bitc* lied enough for 100 of us put together and we’d still go to jail.

    2. You can’t lie to the FBI … but the FBI can lie to you. That already doesn’t seem very fair.

      But somehow, there doesn’t seem to be any law against the FBI Director lying to the president’s face.

      Which Comey did. Repeatedly.

      Talk about double standards. People can go to jail for lying, sometimes inadvertently, to the FBI. But the FBI apparently is not obligated to tell the truth to the president.

    1. The next 3 generations of his family should never have to work a day in their lives after suing federally & individually after this horses***

  8. If this memo is all that it’s being reported to be, the case shouldn’t just be dismissed. There should be action taken against these prosecutors who I presume worked for Mueller.

    The precedent, as outlined in Sydney Powell’s book, suggests that the action taken will be promotions or lucrative private practice partnerships.

  9. Not only should it be dismissed the prosecutors should be disbarred. That’s an abuse of power and setting him up.

    1. …and those involved in the fake Russian collusion fiasco must go to prison…let’s start with the person without whom all of this could not have gone forward….HILLARY CLINTON! LOCK HER UP!!

  10. Every step of the way, the press, democrats, etc. have treated this man like trash. He has lost everything. After 3 years, HOW does this man rebuild?! Sickening. May God bless him and multiply his future and fortune.

  11. This all makes me so damn mad
    if they can do this to a 30 yr General we are in big big trouble
    dismiss the charges and let this man have his life back…..and a JOB at the white house
    barry obama tried so hard to destroy him rumors are because Flynn knows a lot….he is smarter than dumbo barry

    1. Giglio material is material that would be relevant to impeaching the credibility of witnesses.

      Brady material is material that suggests the possible innocence of the Defendant.

  12. If I remember correctly, I predicted back in 2017, after finding out Judge Contreras and Strzok/Page were buddies, that General Flynn’s case was going to be dismissed.

    I’m glad Flynn hired Powell. Judge Contreras should be investigated as to why he accepted a guilty plea; knowing full well General Flynn had been exonerated. And why Contreras recused himself after accepting the plea.

    Mueller and the rest of his shysters should be disbarred, tarred, and feathered. Remember, they’re not “exonerated.” Mueller and his team set that standard.

  13. None of this makes sense to me, same as trump obstruction. There was no crime. The accusations are fraudulent. Why is the justice dept still prosecuting ? Why doesn’t Barr tell the prosecutors to drop the whole mess ? Who do they work for ? False statement to FBI ? Seriously? Every darn democrat, fbi agent, obama official, and beaurocrat involved has blatantly lied & they all continue to live freely plus perpetuate the hoax & coup. And we the taxpayers pay for all of it … time to remind the feds who they work for … justice for the criminals or the tax return gets lost in the mail

  14. Prosecutors usually get away with a certain level of malfeasance. But I was surprised when the Duke Lacrosse Team members rape case resulted in prosecutor Nifong being disbarred and jailed.

    1. Obviously the evidence against Nifong was so strong and damaging that it warranted his immediate arrest, conviction and incarceration.

      I’m still angry over how that slimy gutter snipe, Al Sharpton was never held accountable for his race baiting, malicious lies and slander.

  15. There are two words to describe the why and how of the level of judicial maleficence perpetrated by the government along with the prosecutorial misconduct in this case and they are, Bob Mueller and Andrew Weissman.

    Weissman’s name is attached to the highest crimes and misdemeanors perpetrated by the senior administration members of the Obama cabal, including Obama.

  16. Not only should the case be dismissed but the prosecutors involved should also pay reparations to General Flynn in the amounts of all of his legal fees.

    1. And lost wages and a little something extra for the infamy that has been heaped upon an honest man of integrity.

  17. Oh, he’s gonna get everything he lost back and then some, I’ll wager… and then I’d throw those asswipes in prison, forever revoking their ability to do this to anyone else…and even MORE heads would roll if they were in the know…and did nothing.

  18. If I was King for the Day I would impose a reciprocal sentence on the prosecutors based on what they attempted to do to Flynn
    a) Fine them into bankruptcy,
    b) Destroy their livelihood ability by taking their law licenses away,
    c) Put them into prison for the length of time that they were attempting to put Flynn away for.
    Prosecutorial miss-justice has to end. The Mueller Band of Partisan Destroyers need to be pay dearly for the good of the country.

    1. How about those who pulled their strings? While they ARE culpable for what they did, this entire attempted coup traces THROUGH Barry-um to darker hands still.

  19. Against whom does General Flynn file suit to seek to recover his good name and reputation and his life’s work and fortune? To what lengths will all those avengers of just causes who refer to themselves as ‘journalists’ go to undo the massive damage they have done to this man who has devoted his entire adult life to making this country safer and better for everyone?

  20. It isn’t irresponsible, it’s criminal. Forget maliciousness, it’s criminal. I hope someone has to pay big time to replace all the attorney’s fees Flynn had to shell out. BTW, how come writers here at RS never use their real names? And why doesn’t Soop write more of the articles? Just askin’…

  21. The devil is in the details here, so I wouldn’t want to predict too much. For example, I think the document referenced exonerates Flynn from being considered a foreign agent. I think there’s another one from way back that confirms he did not violate the Logan Act.

    Technically, the charges against Flynn are for lying, not the Logan Act or being a foreign agent. So the prosecution can argue, and is arguing, that the other documents were not material to the guilty plea.

    Problem is, they used the threat of charges for being a foreign agent and accusations of violating the Logan Act to pressure Flynn into pleading guilty to the charge of lying. Then part of the plea deal included an agreement that Flynn was not entitled to further discovery.

    Which set up a nice Catch-22: The prosecutors argued they didn’t need to give Flynn that information before giving him a plea deal, then they argued that once he accepted the plea deal, he wasn’t entitled to that information.

    The problem for the prosecution is that the Judge, Emmett Sullivan, has responded that he is not bound by the plea deal, and that he issued an order for the prosecution to turn over all Brady (exculpatory) material that pertains to Flynn’s case. And if the prosecution thinks the exculpatory material is not relevant to the charge, they need to give it to the judge, and let him decide whether or not it’s relevant.

    Let’s not forget that at the last sentencing hearing before Sidney Powell took over as Flynn’s attorney, the prosecutor essentially accused Flynn of being a foreign agent. These documents prove that they knew that was false literally years ago.

    Sidney Powell’s argument is that Flynn would never have pleaded guilty if this evidence had been given to him in the first place.

    I still think the case against Flynn will ultimately be dismissed for prosecutorial misconduct. It’s just too soon to be sure. But the judge was very interested in the claims that the prosecution was hiding information, and I suspect the judge already suspected as much.

    1. So supposed lying to the FBI when you are in the Trump administration is a crime, but when the heads of our Alphabet departments of our government, sit and lie to congress, it is OK? SWAMP.

    2. The judge has been very disinclined to convict Flynn almost from the beginning. I think he knew about more information than was being made publicly available.

  22. There’s been an update to this story, though it may take a while for all the details to hit the news.

    The current story was based on Sidney Powell’s public motion that accompanied the one filed under protective seal because it contained some potentially confidential information.

    The government has reviewed and redacted the one filed under seal to strike out a few names, but most of that one is now public, except for those redacted names. That gives a better look at some of the information Flynn’s attorneys are looking for.

    One is any evidence that Joseph Mifsud was spying on Flynn in 2015. Mifsud was the man with connections to Western intelligence that Mueller suggested might be a Russian spy instead.

    Another thing asked for is any contacts between Clapper and David Ignatius at WaPo. Remember that it was David Ignatuis who broke the story about Flynn talking to the Russian ambassador based on leaks from a “senior US government official.”

    They’re also requesting any information from previous investigations into Flynn, including any FISA warrants and any national security letters. I suspect that’s the classified information that the prosecutors are trying very hard to keep away from Flynn’s attorneys. Previous investigations that came up empty would obviously suggest the government was literally “out to get” Flynn, and kept launching investigations until they could catch him on something.

    I suspect some of this will go nowhere, but the more information that gets pried out about Flynn, the more obvious it becomes that this was a very politically motivated prosecution.

    And the biggest Obama scandal of all.

    1. Worth noting also.

      I was wondering what about Mifsud brought him into this motion about evidence. But at that dinner party hosted by, I believe, Stefan Halper, where Flynn was accused of being too friendly with a Russian historian woman, Mifsud was present, and may have been involved in planning the dinner party.

      That could be relevant, if that dinner party was really a setup for spying on Flynn, as it appears to have been.

      That would confirm both that Mifsud was primarily connected to Western intelligence, not Russians, and suggest that his contacts with Papadopoulos were part of another setup.

      Remember that Muller tried to spin Papadopoulos having contact with Mifsud into Papadopoulos having contact with a suspected Russian spy.

      I guess at least the “spy” part is right, but Mifsud seems to have been working for and with the US government.

      Edit: Sorry, getting my dinner parties mixed up. Mifsud was at a different dinner party, hosted by Russia Today in Moscow. I don’t know if that one included Stefan Halper or the Russian historian. If not, then Mifsud would presumably have played a more significant role as the US government spy.

  23. “It’s the height of irresponsibility to hide something like this from Flynn, and quite frankly it sounds malicious.”

    Irresponsible, no. It is sanctionable conduct. Besides procuring the dismissal – with prejudice – of the case against Mike Flynn, those behind it should be facing discipline from the court and the relevant bar associations that license these hacks. This was NOT done through inadvertence, and even if it was, it is grounds for the dismissal of the case against Mike Flynn.

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