Revenge Of The Nerds: Terrific, Toe-Tapping Anti-Bullying Ad Makes Hilarious Point Like A Boss

No seriously, pretty much exactly like a boss.

(ht Gizmodo [natch])

Oh if only kids knew how true this can be. I mean just think, Bill Gates has been the boss of thousands of people. I’m guessing he wasn’t the star quarterback growing up. Dennis Kucinish is someone’s boss. Matt Kibbe is someone’s boss! I’m not anyone’s boss though. So … I guess I should steal your lunch money or something?

Anyway, please consider this your Sunday Open Thread.

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24 thoughts on “Revenge Of The Nerds: Terrific, Toe-Tapping Anti-Bullying Ad Makes Hilarious Point Like A Boss

  1. Years ago, I was working for a large company downtown. We got a resume to review and I recognized the name as that of a bully in my elementary school. I proposed we hire him so I could exact some revenge. My boss was not amused but she didn’t hire him either even though he had pretty good credentials.

  2. I guess it’s supposed to be encouragement for the bullied: “I may not have power now, but I will someday.” Actually, bosses don’t always have a lot of power. I picture some of these bullies grown up become union thugs, the kind that lean on you to vote the way they want, the kind that beat up that vendor at the Tea Party event, the kind that wants to get home addresses of employees before a vote to join the union.

  3. Maybe I’m not your boss, but that’s my big truck your f’n Lexus is stuck behind when you’re in a hurry to get to that big meeting.

  4. You’ll be my slave? You’ll be my pet? What the f…? Are you kidding me? So, these kids are motivated to succeed because they can get revenge? Absolutely horrid ad.

  5. Doubt the ad works. Do you really think bullies won’t bully because this ad tells them that their victims will grow up to be bosses.

    For young OWS types, the ad could motivate them to bully.

  6. A coworker who went to a college known for its academics but not its athletics once told me his school’s chant when they were being crushed in football by the cross-town rivals was “That alright, that’s OK, we’re gonna be your boss someday!”.

  7. Not the way I handled bullies, back in my high school and elementary days, but I guess this would be effective. (And, in retrospect, I think my approach could’ve been a little excessive, but I see it as a lesson learned.)

  8. IMHO the new “bullies” will be the previous bullied………….revenge and hatred can lead to an unhealthy outlook- teach the bullied to stand up for themselves in real time with self confidence, not with revenge and hatred for a later date with their tormentors. Festering feelings are a burden that continues to grow. There are many students who would defend the bullied if they were left to their own devises.

    1. I doubt very much there are many nerds who carry unhealthy thoughts of revenge from being bullied into adult hood. I didn’t get that from this Vid I just thought it was pretty durn funny. I also doubt there are very many bullies with the mentality to worry about adulthood or the consequences of their behavior. Bullies in general are pretty stupid.

      1. Some of the bullied don’t carry it to adulthood, they act out before then in revenge/violence and sometimes with the ultimate revenge, suicide IMHO.

  9. Imagine this anti-abortion video:
    1. Queue the moving, heart-touching music.
    2. Scene 1: Fade in to a proud mother, beaming with pride as 22-yr. old daughter (in cap and gown) prepares to give valedictorian speech at graduation… daughter, who is radiant with happiness, steps up to the mic and is about to give her speech. Then, as she looks at her mother, she fades and disappears. Move to mom’s face as it goes from unrestrained glee and pride to horror and sadness.
    3. Scene 2: Fade in to mom cooking in the kitchen when she hears laughter and barking coming from the backyard. She walks over to the window, looking out at emerald green grass, blue sky and abundant sunshine. Her 8-yr. old daughter is bouncing around with the dog playing their favorite game with a ball. The daughter’s hair gleams in the sunshine. She catches her mom’s eye and smiles. Then, slowly she fades and disappears. Cut to mom’s face as it moves from joy and contentment, to confusion, sadness and loss.
    4. Scene 3: Fade in on mom, holding her 1-yr. old daughter in a blanket in the child’s stuffed-animal-adorned bedroom. Mom is rocking her baby daughter in her arms, easing her into her nap. Mom is nuzzling the baby’s hair with her nose, obviously smelling and enjoying her soft curly hair. As she bends and slowly extends the sleeping baby girl to her crib, the baby opens her sleepy eyes and looks up at her mom… then fades and disappears. Mom is stunned and heartbroken… slowly falls to her knees, bows her head and sadly, clutches the still warm blanket to her chest. Fade to black.
    5. Words appear on the screen: If you are Pro-Choice… please choose life.

      1. Thanks! My wife laid the foundation for the idea and I ran with it. I can ‘see’ it so clearly… and I had to stop a couple times because it made me tear up. I appreciate your support of the idea. 🙂

  10. I worked at a company 40+ years ago wherein one employee constantly picked on me. I told him “one day I may be your boss”. A year later I was and the guy quit that same day.

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