Rick Perry in New Hampshire: I’m here to win!

I caught the tail end of Rick Perry answering a few questions today in New Hampshire. What interesting about this clip is that I found myself starting to warm up to Perry again after listening to it. He sounds great as he answers these questions, even the question on the Texas Dream Act. I think he’s really starting to find his legs in this campaign.

He does clear up one thing on the Texas Dream Act that his opponents have attacked him with, and that is that the illegals do pay the entire instate tuition themselves, just like other instate students. This is something I’ve always known and wondered why he didn’t make this more clear in the beginning. No matter how you feel about the Texas Dream Act, it would be something very different if Texas citizens were also subsidizing this instate cost for illegals in a way that’s different from how students normally pay for college tuition costs. In other words, there’s no special subsidy given to illegals for the instate rate, which only applies anyway if they’ve been a resident of Texas for three years and have graduated from a Texas high school. I think at this point for me, I’m done with this issue. I know what it is and it could have been much worse.

He also does well answering a birther question as well as one on repealing gay marriage in NH. His sense of humor even comes out a few times in this clip:


Two other things worth noting. Perry released a new ad today that has people talking:

Also, as he signed paperwork to register for the New Hampshire primary with the state motto: Live Free or Die:

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