RIDICULOUS: Arizona must do something about these ’emergency voting centers’

After early voting was over, Maricopa County in Arizona held ’emergency voting’ in five locations that were heavily Democratic, between Saturday and Monday before the election. This was said to be at the request of the Mayor who had endorsed Sinema over a year ago, per Free Beacon.

So-called “emergency voting” is legal in Arizona, but it was handled in a very partisan way which is why it’s getting so much criticism.

Just watch as this newser presses Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes, who is a Democrat, on why he opened these emergency voting locations:

The entire back and forth is weak. Fontes couldn’t explain why they just put them in heavily Democrat areas without putting them in other areas.

But the part that got me was in the end:

Resnik: And I could have gone, without any illness and – for any reason I could have gone to one of these centers for any reason at all.

Fontes: You would have had to had an emergency.

Resnik: Are you sure about that?

Fontes: Yep.

Resnik: Uh, Democrat candidates were putting this number and address out on door hangers saying, ‘Just show up.'”

Fontes: The law says you can have emergency voting available, if a voter has an emergency.

Resnik: You weren’t checking for emergencies at the door.

Fontes: It’s not my business what your emergency is, Brahm. I’ve got HIPPA [health privacy laws] laws that prevent me from asking. You’ve got your privacy that I have to respect, and by the way, what, pray tell, is the problem with giving voters access to the ballot box? That’s my first question.

What kind of load of crap is that? Fontes admits the law says you have to have an emergency, but nobody will be checking at the door to make sure you have an emergency. So anyone can just show up – which is why Democrats were telling people in these districts to just show up and vote.

Here’s a map, via Free Beacon, that Arizona Republican Party posted showing the locations of these ’emergency voting centers’:

Arizona needs to get rid of this ridiculous law to prevent Democrats from using it to steal elections. Because that’s clearly what they were doing.

In very much related news, McSally got further behind this weekend after more counting…

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