Ridiculous: Hillary criticizes Trump for saying what Hillary said, just seconds before!

We all know the media is left-leaning but wow did they prove it last night during Hillary’s soporific impromptu presser about the Chelsea bombing. Pay attention to Hillary’s statement, and then the very first question asked by a reporter.

Watch below:

Hillary literally calls the attacks “bombings” and then seconds later, a reporter asks her if it was wrong for Trump to call the attack in Chelsea a “bombing.” I mean you just can’t get more obvious here! And she wasn’t the only one – on Twitter, a bunch of pro-Hillary “objective” reporters also berated Trump for calling Chelsea a “bombing” and completely ignored when Hillary did it. Pretty amazing stuff huh?

Also notice how haggard and exhausted Hillary looks!! I’m hearing from my sooper-secret sources that her internal organs are imploding alongside her internal polling…

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