Right-wing twitter HIJACKS lefty hashtag #MyWhitePrivilege, hilarity ensues!

Soooooo someone persuaded white people who are liberal to post their alleged stories of white privilege under the hashtag “my white privilege.”

Most of them are in response to this tweet:

This is what you got:

I had white shop owners follow me around in their store. I survived.

I mean, yeah it’s annoying, but it’s not really up to KKK or Nazi standards of racism, now is it?

Louisiana? OK, I believe this one, but the cop was probably black.

I mean, he coulda been on acid and dreamed it up. Also, I’ve been pulled over and not had my car searched. Not just white people, buddy.

This happened to me too. I’m not white. So….?

This liberal wants a trigger warning for a hashtag:

And then the right took it over:

Tim Pool is popular on the right these days – he started off as an Occupy Wall St. lefty:

And then of course, there’s this right-wing extremist’s entry:

What a racist jerk!!

So this is what I think about the concept of “white privilege.” I do believe it exists. I do believe it helps many people. Clearly, it doesn’t help everyone, as you are, no doubt, about to yell at me in the comments. But that’s how generalities work. In any case, I just think that if there such a thing, it’s not a massive conspiracy that oppresses minorities so much that we are unable to get ahead. For the vast majority of minorities in this country, they have nearly every opportunity as everyone else. We should all be proud of that as Americans. And where IS unfair inequality or injustice of any kind towards any race, even white people (!), we should all happily stamp it out.

Actually, this reminds me of what I wrote for Fox News Latino a long time ago – it’s about how minorities deal with the police. Check it out here and let me know what you think.

Also this guy won the hashtag:

Dang bro.

So that’s it for Saturday, I hope you’re having a great weekend!

Have yourself an open thread – here’s some comment fodder:

It’s Batman’s 80th birthday!! I found this entry particularly heart-warming in the hashtag:

Then he up and got arrested:

This is not good:

This however IS good:

And this is hilarious:

The onanistic channel is very angry that they aren’t getting their due.


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