Riley Gaines smacks down Laura Loomer after she doxxed her address

Riley Gaines smacked down Crazy Laura Loomer today after Loomer doxxed and published her address on Twitter. Loomer has since deleted the tweet.

Despite being deleted, I did happen to find the tweet archived. Thankfully the screenshot that Loomer posted is truncated at the archive site and doesn’t show Riley’s address.

Below is what Loomer said:

Gaines responded that Loomer needs to work on her ‘investigative skills’ and corrected the record:

Your “investigative skills” must not be as good as you constantly tout. This was posted Oct 19 by the Boston Globe. Plus, it wasn’t a secret anyways. I joined Desantis in South Carolina for an event earlier this year and was compensated for my time. That’s how it works.

Who’s gonna tell her I was also offered a paid spot by Trump’s team prior? Cry harder that you kiss his butt for free.

And if Trump wins the primary, I’ll be all in, because this country needs fiscal, social, and foreign policy conservative leadership. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that. And I’m not in the business of caring whether one person/a base “likes me” when our country and freedoms are at stake.

Let it be remembered that Laura Loomer said girls and women’s safety, privacy, and opportunities aren’t that important. To her, being “loyal” to a man who barely knows she exists takes precedent.

And as for posting my address (even if it is public record) when it could’ve easily been blacked out, that’s low even for someone with as little class as you.

Btw, I’ve never seen myself as a victim and I’ve surely never claimed to be a political expert. Far from it, but I can proudly say that my election record isn’t 0-2.

Loomer is a completely whack job. She goes after anyone who isn’t 100% supporting Trump. Just look at her timeline and you’ll see she’s even attacking Mark Levin too.

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