Rioters burn cities, try to shoot, blind, set cops on fire, KILL a Trump supporter — why won’t media ask Harris about BAILING THEM OUT??

We have talked about how nobody asks Biden any tough questions. Well the press don’t ask Kamala Harris ANY questions. If they were honest, fair, truthful press, they’d ask HER about her fund to bail out criminal rioters, given the violence and mayhem across the country, that’s been caught on video, and is driving even liberal Democrat mayors to ask for Federal help.

But they aren’t. They don’t even TALK about it. And Bernard Kerik wants to know why:

“Nobody is talking about Kamala Harris purposefully, intentionally getting people to donate money to a fund that bails out rioters that were involved in arson and murder.”

Here’s more on these bail projects.

Kamala’s favorite bail fund put a violent offender who sexually assaulted an eight-year-old girl back on the streets. Nobody is asking her about that.

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