RIOTS: Portland IN FLAMES overnight as ANTIFA sets Apple store, other buildings on fire but it’s NOT insurrection OKAY?!

We could cover the Oakland riots, or the New York ones (where they keep releasing the rioters no matter how many times they are detained), but for now let’s just talk about the city that’s been under direct terror attacks for months as the media quietly pretends nothing is happening: Portland.

Another night, another riot.

It got real bad. Again.

Some of the aftermath.

Here’s a good question.

And they’re trying to cover it up. Remember how much the media covered the capitol riot and people who were involved? Yeah they won’t cover this.

And let’s go ahead and throw ONE in from Oakland yesterday.

It has to be said. Imagine, picture in your head, that half this much destruction were unleashed by people rightly fed up with lockdowns and restrictions? It would be ALL the media talked about for WEEKS.

Instead, we get this from the press:

How long can America allow the media to aid and abet terrorism without punishment?

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